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Michael Kazanjian of Kazanjian Bros, Inc. is located at 9489 Dayton Way, 3rd Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 278-0811.  Kazanjian Bros., Inc. was founded by brothers James and Harry Kazanjian in 1918.  Michael Kazanjian is a third generation wholesale jeweler and is one of the top wholesale estate jewelers in the world.  The company supplies exceptional jewelry to retailers all over the world.  Some of Kazanjian Bros.’ clients are Christie's, Harry Winston's, Sotheby's, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany's, Neiman Marcus and the Royal Families in England, Holland, Monaco and Saudi Arabia, among others.  Kazanjian Bros has offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York City and Beverly Hills, with an associated jewelry assembly operation in Thailand, employing 200 Thais who, among other fine work, set diamonds in platinum mountings for eventual sale to fine European shops.  Michael's father and uncle (James and Harry) were considered the Deans of the international jewelry industry, a legacy that continues today in James’ sons, Michael and Stanley, and by his grandchildren, Douglas and Michelle.  They helped form the Gemology Society of the US, and Michael served on the Board of Governors of The Gemological Institute of America for many years.  Through the philanthropic Kazanjian Foundation, four of the world's largest sapphires were carved into busts of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Eisenhower and were donated to the nation in a ceremony with President Ronald Reagan at the White House in appreciation for what the United States means to the Kazanjian family.  Today they still reside in the Oval Office and are considered the "Crowning Jewels of America."   Kazanjian Bros. owns the most famous red diamond in world and has it on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.  Michael is a graduate of USC and was honorably discharged after serving his tour as an Officer in the US Navy.  He worked briefly in banking, then joined his father's firm.  Michael is a true American Patriot, who stands by the principals outlined in the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights.

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