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Weakening the US Military Establishment Continues Unabated

We have witnessed the 568 ship US Navy that President Reagan authorized and built, being reduced to a 230 ship Navy by President Obama according to a recent Wall Street Journal’s analysis.  Obama’s actions, in light of China aggressive naval shipbuilding program.  The Department of Defense’s quadrennial review, completed by President Obama’s own Pentagon appointees, reported that at a very minimum the US Navy should not be reduced below 345 ships.   If the American people return President Obama to office, the number of US Naval ships will certainly be reduced further, in his continuing program to reduce $1 trillion from the US Military establishment, in order to employ those funds to expand his social welfare programs. 

Military retirees, reservists, and active duty military personnel will have to come up with $13 billion to cover their health care costs over the next 5 years.  While others in the nation will receive free medical care—including 20 million illegal aliens and the 48% of civilians in the nation who pay no taxes and never go “In Harm’s Way.”  In order to cover the cost of free medical care for illegal aliens and for the 48% of citizens, who pay no taxes at all, requires that the Obama Administration seeks funds for another one of its Social program, by extracting those funds from the pay of active, reserve, and retired military personnel.    Unabated 

While President Obama is forcing active military, military reservists, and military  retirees to increase their payment for health care, thus reducing their income, he is proposing $800 billion in financial support for the Arab Spring where the Muslim Brotherhood will benefit substantially (please click on the below listed link to read about that “brilliant” initiative). 

By Jim Garamone, American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Feb. 2, 2012) -- Service members now will receive imminent danger pay only for days they actually spend in hazardous areas, Pentagon officials said here today. The change, which took effect yesterday, was included in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law Dec. 31. "Members will see the prorated amount in their Feb. 15 pay records," Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. John Kirby said. The act called for DOD to pay service members imminent danger pay only for the time they spend in areas that qualify for the pay. In the past, service members received $225 per month if they spent any time that month in an area where the pay was authorized. "This is a more targeted way of handling that pay," Kirby said. Now, service members will receive $7.50 a day for days spent in these areas. Personnel who travel to the designated areas for periods less than 30 days should keep track of the number of days they are in the area to verify that they are paid for the correct number of days, officials said.

I wonder how that $7.50/day Imminent Danger Pay issued to military personnel putting their life on the line daily, stacks up with members of the Obama Administration who routinely receive $93/day per diem for working in Washington DC (every day).

We have just been informed that President Obama intends to reduce the nuclear deterrence of the US States by 80%; that is irresponsible and an unacceptable risk, following the previous reduction in the nuclear arsenal, since Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and other countries with nuclear weapons will not follow suite.  Weakening the overall strength of the US Armed Forces by decreasing the Republic’s ability to defend itself against the growing Iranian nuclear threat & their state sponsored terrorism, the growing Chinese nuclear threat & their aggressive Naval shipbuilding program, the possibility that Pakistan nuclear arsenal may be taken over by leaders sympathetic to the Taliban and Al Q-ida, Al Q-ida’s expansion in Yemen, Pakistan, & North Africa with their worldwide threat of terrorism, the Islamic Brotherhood’s expansion in Tunisia & Egypt with their threat of terrorism, and the Taliban’s expansion in Afghanistan & Pakistan with their threat of terrorism.  

The assault on the US Armed Forces by the Obama Administration continues unabated by prohibiting the freedom of speech and religious liberty of the US Military Chaplains, reducing the DOD Budget by $1 trillion which Sec Defense Panetta says “will cripple” the US Armed Forces , deducting $13 billion from the pay of active, reserve, & retired military personnel to cover the increased cost of military medical care, prorating Imminent Danger Pay will result in enlisted personnel being in danger while not being able to submit accurate information as the many days & nights merge in confusion while in combat, by reduction of the nuclear deterrence of the United States by 80%, by President Obama’s reduction to a 230 ship Navy, and by force feeding the Social Experiment on Diversity on the US Armed Forces which is marginalizes combat effectiveness, while at the same time President Obama professes to support the US Military.


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