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Happy Fourth of July-----God Bless The USA

  • Happy Fourth of July-----God Bless The USA

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 4, 2018: Op Ed # 392 

Each year on Independence Day, the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate, express their support for the freedoms they enjoy, and recognize the unlimited opportunities afforded them to improve their stations in life, because of success of The Free Enterprise System which built the most successful economic engine in the history of mankind.  The Fourth of July is also an opportunity for each “Patriotic American Citizen” to celebrate a second symbolic birthday.  


Countless generations of Americans fought for, and under, the American Flag.  The American Flag symbolizes the unity of Americans.  The “Flag” is flown on national holidays, above US Federal buildings, on US Military installations, on US Navy ships, over US Embassies & US Missions, by deployed US military units overseas, and by millions of Americans over their residences.  The “American Flag” symbolizes the principles upon which the Founding Fathers established the Republic, and collectively signed the Declaration of Independence 242 years ago. 


On the Fourth of July, and every day, Americans citizens demonstrate their support for Military Veterans, and members of the US Armed Forces, who at one time in their life, raised their right hand, and swore to protect and defend the US Constitution, then gallantly served in the defense of the Republic, under the American Flag.  


At one point in their lives, the members of US Armed Forces, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including their lives.”  The courage repeatedly demonstrated by Combat Veterans who served in the defense of the Republic, can be appropriately described by a quote, made in 352 BC, by King Philip of Macedonia:


            “Here is courage, mankind’s finest possession.  Here is the noblest prize.”   


If you click on the below listed link, you can listen to the Texas Tenors’ musical presentation in celebration of the Fourth of July:


Despite the threats from Terrorists to attack America throughout the year, and on the Fourth of July each year, Americans should respond by being alert to potential attacks, by supporting Law Enforcement Officers & First Responders who are willing to go in “Harm’s Way” to protect you, by flying the American Flag every day, and by joining with your fellow Americans to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, in the same way you have always celebrated it in years past.   


The Combat Veterans For Congress wish all Americans who support and respect our Republic, a secure and Happy Fourth of July!!

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