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Op Ed # 629 Unlicensed Hidden Secret Chinese Communist-Linked Biolab Outside of Fresno, CA, Originally Subsidized by Gavin Newsom Office of Business Development

  • Op Ed # 629 Unlicensed Hidden Secret Chinese Communist-Linked Biolab Outside of Fresno, CA, Originally Subsidized by Gavin Newsom Office of Business Development

By Capt Joseph R. John, August 10, 2023

In December 2022, a hidden unlicensed biolab was discovered in Reedley, CA, a small rural town of 26,000, located 24 miles outside of Fresno; it was not a sterile, well-controlled biological research facility.  It was an unlicensed Secret Chinese Communist-linked biolab operated by Prestige Biotech, in an empty warehouse.  Prestige Biotech is a Communist Chinese Medical Company registered in Nevada that acquired the equipment for the biolab from Universal Meditech.  Universal Meditech was subsidized by Gavin Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development to purchase all the equipment being used in the biolab. 

The unlicensed biolab was piled with chemicals, boxes, refrigerators with chemicals, “20 deadly viruses”, bodily fluids, blood, tissue, thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids, and over 900 hundred genetically engineered mice that had been bred to catch and spread human viruses like the Wuhan Virus (Covid-19) that killed, injured, and crippled millions of Americans.  The deadly infectious viruses identified were HIV, COVID, chlamydia, rubella, and malaria by Fresno County Health officials.  The unlicensed secret Chinese Communist biolab had only been operating under the cover of darkness, only in the middle of night (there are photos in the below listed article). 

The Fresno County Public Health Department launched its investigation into the facility in December 2022 after a code enforcement officer saw a garden hose attached to a building that was presumed to be vacant and had no active business licenseAfter several attempts to communicate with Prestige Biotech, Fresno County officials are accusing the company of not being forthcoming with information and failing to comply with orders, such as providing a plan for hazardous and medical waste disposal.  Federal, state, and local agencies joined the investigation, including the Fresno County Health Department and the FBI.  Authorities were then able to serve an inspection warrant in March 2023.  Under an abatement warrant, the city seized the mice in April 2023, and euthanized 773 of them; court documents stated that 180 mice were already dead.

When Infectious Disease, Public Health, Licensing Inspectors, and FBI arrived to conduct an inspection of the Secret Chinese Communist-linked biolab, the lab equipment had been hastily turned off by whoever was working there, had abruptly left, and have since disappeared.  The power had been turned off, but the freezers were still cold.   Communist Chinese lab technicians disappeared quickly, leaving behind many documents in Chinese and information on the “President of Prestige Biotech” who was only available by E-mail in Communist China who claimed the lab was merely storing defunct equipment.  No one associated with the lab in the United States can be found.  

The nine-month long investigation into this illegal and unlicensed Communist Chinese biolab has been covered up by the Biden/Obama administration.  The report of this dangerous Chinese Communist biolab that had “20 dangerous viruses” that could kill millions of Americans has been intentionally hidden from the American public by the Leftist/Marxist Media Establishment that is being funded and controlled by Communist China by effectively spending millions of advertising dollars. 

The discovery of the unlicensed hidden Secret Communist Chinese biolab leads one to believe it was being set up because Communist China is planning on releasing another deadly pandemic in the United States like it released the Wuhan Virus (Covid-19) before the 2020 national election to kill, injure, and cripple millions of Americans prior to the 2024 national election, which would allow their Socialist Democratic allies to once again perpetrate massive voter fraud like they did during the 2020 Presidential election.  

If Chinese Communists were able to release another deadly pandemic in the United States prior to the 2024 election, it will also be the reason for the corrupt CDC to tell Americans they cannot go to the polls to vote.  It would be the excuse for Socialist Democrat controlled states, to perpetrate voter fraud by mailing paper ballots to every resident in their states, whether they are registered to vote or not, whether they are American Citizens or not, and to many of the 8 million Illegal Aliens that have been pouring into the United States though the wide open southern border, since Biden became the occupant of the Oval Office.  It would be the way for millions of Illegal Aliens to illegally vote using those millions of mailed paper ballots, and a way to steal another national election for President. 

Will the FBI, the Justice Department, and the Department of Homeland Security apprehend and prosecute the Chinese Communists and Domestic Enemies running this unlicensed hidden Secret Chinese Communist-linked biolab?  Are there other Secret Chinese Communist-linked biolabs being set up in other states controlled by Social Democrats?  The below listed article includes more details and photos of the illegal unlicensed hidden Secret Chinese Communist lab with “20 deadly viruses”, and genetically engineered mice that had been originally subsidized by Gavin Newsom Office of Business and Economic Development.  

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  


Illegal Chinese biolab was subsidized by Gavin Newsom


August 03, 2023

Last week I wrote about the discovery of a secret China-linked biolab in an ostensibly empty warehouse outside Fresno California.

It was, needless to say, a disturbing story. We aren’t talking about some sterile, well-controlled biological research facility that hadn’t kept up with all its paperwork.

No, this was a hidden lab piled with chemicals, boxes, refrigerators with chemicals and 20 deadly viruses, and genetically engineered mice that had been bred to catch and spread human viruses like COVID-19. It was in an ostensibly abandoned warehouse, and when the inspectors showed up the lab equipment had been hastily turned off before whoever was working there disappeared.

The power was off, but the freezers were still cold. People disappeared quickly, leaving behind a lot of documents in Chinese and a “President” who is available only by email from China. The president claimed the lab was merely storing defunct equipment, but there were live genetically engineered mice and the viruses stored in freezers.

It’s all very sketchy, to say the least. Not to sound paranoid or anything, but a Chinese biolab hidden in an abandoned warehouse with deadly viruses and genetically engineered mice discovered after a major pandemic that killed millions might lead one to wonder what exactly is going on.

At least if you aren’t obsessed with indicting Donald Trump every 3 days or so.

The latest twist to all this is that the company that originally owned the equipment before it was acquired by the current “owner,” Prestige Biotech, was named Universal Meditech, and Universal Meditech was subsidized by Gavin Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development.

Universal Meditech’s ostensible business was to develop tests for diseases, and at one point they were supposedly developing one for COVID-19. The company went out of business when its original lab burned down and Prestige Biotech acquired the equipment as a creditor.

Yet none of that explains why there was a lab up and running with experiment mice and viruses stored in unplugged by still cold freezers, and why nobody associated with the lab can be found in the United States.

No doubt Newsom’s office was simply tossing money around for “economic development” and had no idea of the shady business going on, but then again…they had no idea what shady business was going on, and apparently accidentally helped fund an illegal Chinese biolab.

You would think somebody keeps track of such things, and you would be wrong. Nobody actually cares about what the government funds, only that it toss lots of green around.

There is remarkably little news coverage of this story–The Daily Mail did a report on the findings at the lab and printed some disturbing images gleaned from court documents. But the MSM in the United States has mostly ignored the story.