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Failure to Investigate the Background of Republican Candidates Running For Congress in San Diego County

  • Failure to Investigate the Background of Republican Candidates Running For Congress in San Diego County

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 14, 2018: Op Ed # 387         

A number of San Diego County Republican Central Committee members, including Carl DeMaio endorsed Omar Kamal Qudrat and John Renison Rosas to run for Congress.  In light of the below listed facts about Qudrat and Renison Rosas, their endorsements brings into question their judgement, and judgment of Chairman Tony Kravic, who aggressively lobbied for their endorsements.  Those votes were for Open Borders and for Illegal Immigration.  


DeMaio refused to endorse Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, Maj-USMCR (R-CA-50) for re-election, who wants to close the wide open southern border.  On April 20th, US Diplomat James Horn (USN), after making a speech at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club, heard the Tony Kravic extol the virtues of Ammar Campa-Najjar, the grandson of Muhammed Yusuf al-Najjar, who plotted the Munich massacre of Olympic athletes.  Ammar Campa-Najjar is being promoted by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to run for Congress against Cong Hunter. 


DeMaio publicly endorsed a Mexican citizen to run for Congress in San Diego County, whose business and home are located south of the border.  Even a casual observer is aware that drug cartels could very easily hold a business south of the border hostage to their sinister demands.  DeMaio has also endorsed a carpetbagger some of whose donors, also support the Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist Organization.  


DeMaio and Kravic have also been supporting the Log Cabin Group candidates to run for Congress, year after year; when the Log Cabin Group is not even a Republican organization.  Kravic and DeMaio continue to endorse candidates for Congress who keep losing in the General Election, because Republicans reject their choices and continue to vote for Cong Peters, to ensure the candidates that Kravic and DeMaio support don’t get elected.

This year, once again, they are supporting two candidates who are both carpetbaggers, to run for Congress in San Diego County.  DeMaio refused to endorse all three former heroic members of the US Armed Forces who were endorsed by the Combat Veterans For Congress, running for Congress in San Diego County.  Quadrat and Renison Rosas will lose again this year, because Republicans will again reject Kravic and DeMaio’s extremely poor choices in the General Election. 

Omar Kamal Qudrat is running for Congress in the 52nd Congressional District; his official residence over the last 10 years has either been in New York, LA, or DC, (we were misled on the phone by his staff, when we asked for his previous legal residence; however his auto is registered in DC).  We rejected providing any support for Quadrat, because of his staff’s repeated refusal to tell the truth, and tried to cover up where he came from.  Over the last 9 years, being truthful has been the absolute bedrock requirement for anyone to be considered for endorsement by the Combat Veterans For Congress---Omar’s staff initiated the relationship by lying.


At the end of last year, Omar Kamal Quadrat moved into a high rise apartment building on 9th Avenue, in downtown San Diego, which is not in the Congressional District he is running in.  Omar Kamal Quadrat receives donations from some supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR.  It is obvious, in the May 5th “Times of San Diego” article, that Omar Kamal Quadrat will not support a Border Wall to seal the wide open southern border.  Omar Kamal Quadrat has never voted in California, and he is not a member of the California Bar.  


Omar Kamal Quadrat is a leading member of, a left leaning “college” group in NYC.  Barack Obama is featured on’s Web site with a promotional video:  Omar Kamal Quadrat is featured as a “thought leader” on’s homepage, and it touts the fact that he is running for Congress.   Omar Kamal Quadrat shares a vacant campaign headquarters office in Imperial Beach, void of office furniture, that is also located outside of his Congressional District, with John Renison Rosas, the Mexican citizen running for Congress in the 51st Congressional District, that Kravic and DeMaio both endorsed. 


John Renison Rosas, who has dual Mexican and American citizenship, is running for Congress in the 51st Congressional District.  He graduated from high school in Mexico and in the below listed video, he calls Mexico, not the US, his “Homeland”.  Renison Rosas spends nearly all of his time in Mexico, because his cross border business is located south of the border.  Even a casual observer would understand that drug cartels could very easily hold him and his business hostage.  John Renison Rosas is an Open Borders advocate, supports illegal immigration, supports drivers licenses for illegal aliens, supports free US medical care for illegal aliens, supports food stamps for illegal aliens, supports welfare for illegal aliens, etc.  He has been accepting donations from individuals and organizations south of the border.  


John Renison Rosas' father is an elected “Democrat” County Supervisor in Imperial County.  If elected, John Renison Rosas would have a major conflict of interest, when as a Congressman he were asked to vote to fund a border wall.  John Renison Rosas has been campaigning for US Congress, south of the border, soliciting donations.  John Renison Rosas considers himself a proud citizen of Mexico---his true loyalty, by his own words, in the below video, is to Mexico; his loyalty is not to the United States of America.  

John Renison Rosas first entered politics in Mexico, he was an alternate for the Mexican Senate in 2012 representing the Radical Green Party, he was also listed as a candidate for the Baja Assembly in 2010, and over the years he has provided political support for various Mexican City Councils. 


We consider both Omar Kamal Quadrat and John Renison Rosas carpetbaggers whose support for voters in San Diego is questionable, because they don’t know anything about the problems facing American Citizens in San Diego County, and know very few San Diegans.  Most of their donors are not from San Diego, and some of Renison Rosas donors, south of the border, have questionable associations.  Qudrat has a national fundraising office, soliciting donations from supporters in all 50 states, including from supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

We continue with our support for endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, SgtMaj Juan Hidalgo running for Congress in the 51st  Congressional District against Mexican citizens John Renison Rosas who is receiving donations for his Congressional campaign for sinister forces south of the border, where he works and lives.  SgtMaj Hidalgo was born in San Diego, graduated from high school in National City, and served honorably for 34 years in the US Marine Corps.  


We support endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, Sgt Daniel Casara, USA (Ret) (Wounded Warrior) running for Congress in the 52nd Congressional District, against Omar Kamal Quadrat who is receiving donations to his campaign from some supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood Congress.  He honorably served for 15 years in the US Army, until he was medically retired as a Wounded Warrior and has lived in the 52nd since 2011. We encourage you to please view the video of Sgt Casara and President George W. Bush being interviewed together by Sean Hannity on FOX News by clicking on this link.    


We continue our support for endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, Congressman Duncan D Hunter, Maj-USMCR (R-CA-50) running for re-election to Congress in the 50th Congressional District, against Ammar Campa-Najjar who is receiving donations to his campaign from supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Cong Hunter served for 11 years in the US Marine Corps with two combat tours in Iraq and a third combat tour in Afghanistan.  Cong Hunter is running for his 6th term to represent San Diegans in Congress; he serves on the House Armed Services Committee, House Education & Work Force Committee, and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.


We request that you forward this E-mail to as many voters in San Diego County as possible, to provide them with the backgrounds on Qudrat and Renison Rosas---something many members of Central Committee, Kravic, and DeMaio who endorsed them. have not done.  We ask that you support the three endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress listed above by going to their Web sites and sending each of them at least a $10 donation.


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