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ABSOLUTE PROOF That Chinese Communist Cyberwafare Attacks Flipped The Results of The 2020 US Election

  • ABSOLUTE PROOF That Chinese Communist Cyberwafare Attacks Flipped The Results of The 2020 US Election

By Capt Joseph R. John, April 27, 2021, Op Ed #556

In the report which can be read by clicking on the below listed link, the ABSOLUTE PROOF is outlined that there was Communist Chinese Cyberwarfare interference in the 2020 US election, according to US and Allied Cybersecurity Experts.  The details of that interference that occurred in the 2020 US election are specifically outlined, step by step, in “The American Report” article.  


When “The American Report” opens, be sure to also click on the link to watch Mike Lindell’s film that further documents the absolute proof of the election theft in the 2020 US election perpetrated by Communist Chinese Cyberwarfare operatives who flipped votes from President Trump to Biden on November 4, 2020.  The readers should also pay close attention to the “map” near the end of the report entitled the “2020 US Election Cyberwarfare Attack Map Decoded” with electronic Cyberwarfare tracks.  


Chinese Communist Cyberwafare attacks repeatedly flipped US election vote totals from President Trump to Biden in the 31 states that employed the Communist Chinese owned Dominion Voting Machines that were connected to the Internet to be able to change vote totals.  The Communist Chinese will employ the Cyber Warfare Hammer/Scorecard with the Dominion Voting Machines to change the vote totals in the 2022 election as they did in the 2020 US election.  The Communist Chinese employed Hammer/Scorecard in the early morning of the 2020 US election, on November 4, 2020 at 6:31 AM to transfer 149,772 votes to from President Trump to Biden.   


Chinese-manufactured TCL/Alcatel Cell Phones that were distributed to Georgia State Poll Managers in the Socialist Democrat Party, were then secretly connected to Dominion Voting Machines, that in turn were illegally connected to the Internet, so Chinese Communist Cyberwarfare experts operating in Communist China could manipulate the 2020 US election results.  


Unless the Chinese Communist owned Dominion Voting Machines are removed from the 31 states, by their state legislatures, that employ those those machines to count vote total, and unless the Chinese-manufactured TCL/Alcatel Cell Phone are prevented from being brought into polling places by Chinese Communist Domestic allies in the Socialist Democrat Party, Chinese Communist interference will continue in the 2022, the 2024, and all future elections, to elect Communist Chinese domestic allies running for office as members of the Socialist Democrat Party.


It is imperative that American voters in AZ, NV, WI, MI, PA, and GA demand that their state legislatures conduct an audit of the votes in the 2020 US election, especially of the millions of “Write in Ballots” cast, that were sent to every resident in their the state, whether the resident was registered to vote or not, and to verify whether the voters who cast a vote at the poll were actually “living” residents in their state.   


The CIA, the FBI, and the DIA have ignored the detailed information of the massive Chinese Communist Cyberwarfare interference in a US election on November 4, 2020---it was so massive and sustained, that it could not possibly have been missed by the Cyberwarfare Experts in all three of those agencies.


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