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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 22, 2023

In the below listed article the FDA, in a propaganda spin, has approved the new test gene therapy Pfizer and Moderna “modmRNA” COVID-19 injection for emergency use, while the Biden/Obama administration is pushing a new mask mandate.                              

The approval occurred even though according to VAERS over 6.5 million Americans were injured with including 158,000 side effects (thousands were permanently crippled requiring constant medical care), and over 1 million Americans died from the still unapproved test gene therapy Pfizer and Moderna “modmRNA” COVID-19 injection. 

In addition, according to the European Medical Agency (EMA) over 4.9 million European were injured (thousands were permanently crippled requiring constant medical care), and several million Europeans died from the test gene therapy Pfizer and BioNTech “modmRNA” COVID-19 injection.

In the past, if only 25 recipients of injection were injured, the FDA would “immediately” cancel the vaccine campaign—when Tony Fauci took control, he scrapped that safety net, because he and his staff were receiving kickbacks from the chemical companies, and they killed and injured millions of misled Americans. 

The FDA…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 21, 2023

In the below listed article, “Now Hear This” by Capt Brent Ramsey, USN (Ret) outlines how far the 600 ship Navy of President Ronald Reagan, once the largest Navy in the world, has declined in size and strength under the Biden/Obama administration. 

The current 296 ship US Navy is projected to decrease to 293 US Navy ships by 2024.  The Communist Chinese Navy has displaced the US Navy in size; it now has the largest Navy in the world.  The Communist Chinese Navy’s 2025 projected strength is of 400 Navy combatants, 150-armed Coast Guard ships, and hundreds more of Maritime Militia, giving it an overwhelming dominant naval force in the South China Sea.

The US Navy can bring an estimated 60 ships of its 296 ships to bear in the South China Sea at any one time.  The unbalance in the South Pacific, where the US Navy and its allies (Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia) are dangerously outnumbered in the South China Sea, and the disparity is becoming more lopsided by the day.

The Heritage Foundation in its 2023 Index of Military Readiness Strength Report concluded that the US Navy needs at least 400 manned combatants and assessed the Navy’s capability for the first time as “weak.” 

Capt Ramsy analyzed the US Navy’s failed and biased Flag leadership (potential Flag selectees were first…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 20, 2023

Based upon the below listed article quoting scientists about the experimental test gene therapy COVID-19 injections advertised as using mRNA (they should never have been called vaccines according to the 100-year-old medical definition of a vaccine).  The world population were misled, harmed, injured, and killed by pharmaceutical companies, who made fortunes from the experimental test gene therapy COVID-19 inoculations advertised as using mRNA.  The mRNA does not last in the body long enough for the inoculations to be effective.  The pharmaceutical companies that created the experimental test gene therapy COVID-19 inoculations, therefore used the manufactured substance, "modmRNA".  That misinformation, which is a lie by omission, enabled use of a substance that harmed, injured, crippled, and killed far too many people as explained by European Medical Agency (EMA) in the below listed article. 

As reported in the below listed confidential document from the EU, released by BioNTech to the EU’s European Medical Agency (EMA), it was revealed that 4,964,106 adverse side events were reported by people who received the experimental test gene therapy Pfizer and BioNTech “modmRNA” COVID-19 injection.  The EMA further reported that millions of deaths occurred among people who received the experimental…

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The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is endorsing CW3 Joseph C. Kent, USA/CIA (Ret) (Green Beret)(Ranger) as the 148th Combat Veteran For Congress in the past fourteen years; he is a fiscally conservative candidate who will work to rein in the out of control spending by the radical Socialist Democrats in Congress.  He is running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District of Washington State.  CW3 Kent served for 20 years in the US Army with 11 Combat Deployments, and 2 years in the CIA; CW3 Kent resides in Yacolt, WA.  CW3 Kent is running against one term Congresswoman Marie Glusenkamp Perez (D-WA-3).  Warrant Officer Kent is a fiscally conservative candidate who will work to reduce the national debt, will support economic growth, will work toward unleashing the private sector to grow, create jobs, stimulate private sector business investment.  He is an avid supporter of Law Enforcement, will vote to strengthen the US Armed Forces, will protect the Freedom of Religion and Speech guaranteed by the US Constitution.  

CW3 Kent will defend traditional Family Values and will provide “true” representation for the average American voter in Washington and in the Republic.  Warrant Officer Kent understands issues facing members of the US Armed Forces and will ensure they are cared for both while serving their country on active duty, as reservists, and in their retirement as Veterans.  He strongly supports The Free Enterprise System, considers the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 1, 2023

The below listed data, collected, and carefully analyzed over a two-year period was submitted by Insurance Actuaries whose companies had to pay insurance death benefit to the medical injury claims for those who had adverse reactions to receiving the experimental test injections.

The data is irrefutable and convincing proof, that the still unapproved experimental gene therapy COVID-19 test injections did not prevent immunity to the Wuhan Virus (the test injections never were vaccines, according to the 100 year old medical definition of vaccines).

Those Gene Therapy experimental test injections killed over a million Americans, severely injured and disabled millions of other Americans, who had been unsuspecting of the lethality of the Gene Therapy experimental test injections and boosters, and how they would affect their survivability and their immune systems.   

The data listed below reveals that deaths are continuing in companies, even though injections have ceased for the most part, many of those deaths are noticeable in young healthy employees and athletes. Older people are doing fine but young healthy people have excess mortality, and their deaths are occurring suddenly.

The information is understated because many employees are no longer on the job because of disabilities. There have been attempts to conceal…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, August 20, 2023

Just days before Barack Hussein Obama left office, his administration’s Department of Homeland Security used the false specter of “Russian Interference” which was the lie created by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, as an excuse to set the wheels in motion to take control of elections by insisting that the nationwide election equipment system, “Election 3 Systems”, had to be included as part of that critical infrastructure for security purposes.  That set the stage to include the nationwide election equipment system into FirstNet. 

A year-long research project led by an election integrity investigator from Utah, Sophie Anderson, and communications engineer, Dr. Charles Bernardin, had uncovered the mechanism that was being used to connect all US election equipment systems at polling places across the nation.  Anderson and Bernardin met while working together in overlapping election integrity efforts.  After submitting countless public document requests from multiple federal, state, and local governments and collaborating with other grassroots researchers, the team realized that the federal government had created a nationwide network that can “collect and change real-time voting data at polling places” across the country from a central location.  The private network tool was called FirstNet, and like so many things that have proven detrimental to American liberty – it was sold…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, August 16, 2023

By December 2020, at the end of the Trump administration, the US Government Budget Deficit that accumulated over a “247-year period was $27.7 Trillion”.  In just two years the Biden/Obama administration spent the US Government into an additional unsustainable and unheard-of increased National Debt “of an additional $4.9 Trillion in spending”.  That reckless spending increased the National Debt from $27.7 Trillion to an unrecoverable National Debt to $32.6 Trillion.  That irresponsible and uncalled-for spending on Climate Change and Social Programs, while terminating the drilling for crude oil on government land, has created the massive inflation Americans are faced with; it is the worst inflation in over 40 years. 

That irresponsible spending is in keeping with Obama’s, and his Marxist idol, Saul Alinsky, who wrote Eight (Marxist) Rules for Radicals.  That massive new spending of $4.9 Trillion in just 2 years, by the Biden/Obama administration, is one of the eight recommended ways to change the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State by installing Saul Alinsky’s Eight Marxist Rules for Radicals.  The Biden/Obama administration intentionally increased the National Debt to such a large deficit in a short two years, in order that it will never be able to be repaid by the United States.   The annual interest on that National Debt will have to repaid by a constantly…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, August 10, 2023

In December 2022, a hidden unlicensed biolab was discovered in Reedley, CA, a small rural town of 26,000, located 24 miles outside of Fresno; it was not a sterile, well-controlled biological research facility.  It was an unlicensed Secret Chinese Communist-linked biolab operated by Prestige Biotech, in an empty warehouse.  Prestige Biotech is a Communist Chinese Medical Company registered in Nevada that acquired the equipment for the biolab from Universal Meditech.  Universal Meditech was subsidized by Gavin Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development to purchase all the equipment being used in the biolab. 

The unlicensed biolab was piled with chemicals, boxes, refrigerators with chemicals, “20 deadly viruses”, bodily fluids, blood, tissue, thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids, and over 900 hundred genetically engineered mice that had been bred to catch and spread human viruses like the Wuhan Virus (Covid-19) that killed, injured, and crippled millions of Americans.  The deadly infectious viruses identified were HIV, COVID, chlamydia, rubella, and malaria by Fresno County Health officials.  The unlicensed secret Chinese Communist biolab had only been operating under the cover of darkness, only in the middle of night (there are photos in the below listed article). 

The Fresno County Public Health Department launched its investigation into the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, August 3, 2023

American Citizens must unify, mobilize, and “Stand Strong” if the Republic hopes to prevail against Communist China in the future.  The Chinese Communist Party has been telling its population that Communist China is at “war” with the United States.  At the same time, Biden has been telling American Citizens that the United States is in “friendly” competition with Communist China. 

For the last three years, fentanyl, supplied by Communist China to Mexico has been smuggled into the United Sates by drug cartels, through the wide-open southern border, and the fentanyl has been “killing” over 100,000+ of America’s youth annually.  At the same time, the Biden/Obama administration has been selling very scarce emergency crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), which has been reduced from 726 million barrels to 450 million barrels; the SPR is now at a 40-year low.  

The Biden/Obama administration has been selling crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to Communist China, while restricting the drilling of crude oil in the US, and restricting the refining crude oil, driving up the price of oil at the pump, while creating the worst inflation in 40 years.

Communist China has been invading the US through the wide-open southern border, with over 400,000 young military Chinese males.  Their stealthy invasion is being mingled…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 25, 2023

The US Navy has a commissioned fleet of 71 Nuclear Submarines.  There are 53 Nuclear Attack Submarines, 14 Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines and 4 Nuclear Cruise Missile Submarines.   

In 2020, 28% of the Navy’s Nuclear Submarines, or 20 Nuclear Attack Submarines were out of commission.  In 2021, 33% of the Navy Nuclear Submarines, or 23 Nuclear Attack Submarines were out of commission.  By 2022, that number had increased to 37%, or 26 Nuclear Attack Submarines, and by 2023, 40%, or 28 Nuclear Attack Submarines have been out of commission.

The Occupant in the Oval Office has ordered the Secretary Of Defense, the Secretary of the Navy, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) to focus on the administration’s specific priorities, such as Global Warming, Partisan Leftist Causes, and to aggressively push Pride, instead of putting the highest priority on getting the Navy’s Nuclear Attack Submarines that are out of commission, back into commission, so that all 71 Nuclear Submarines are able to deploy. 

The outrageous facts reported in Daniel Greenfield’s below listed article, explain how totally compromised and WOKE the US Navy has become.  US Navy Admirals push “Pride,” instead focusing on getting all the US Navy’s Nuclear Submarines back into a state of operational readiness.   Because of the way the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 17, 2023

The below listed article was written by Dr. Scott Sturman a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, Class of 1972.  In his senior year at the US Air Force Academy, he was elected by his fellow classmates as President of his Air Force Academy Class of 1972.  Dr. Sturman is on the Board of Advisors of STARRS, a group of retired military members of the US Armed Forces and civilian American Patriots whose goal is to educate their fellow Americans on the dangers of the Racist and Radical terms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) which are Marxist created ideology policies, being indoctrinated and brainwashed into every member of the US Armed Forces.  STARRS is the acronym for Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services.

The below listed article is mature, insightful, and a warning to “every” US Senator of both political parties about what General Charles O. Brown’s biased policies have done to the capabilities of the US Air Force.  The US Air Force is short of over 2000 pilots, most of those pilots were driven out of the Air Force by General Brown’s biased policies.   The “Moral”, “Combat Effectiveness”, and “Unit Cohesion” of the US Air Force is at its lowest point in its 78-year history.   If confirmed by the US Senate as Chairman of the of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dr. Scott Sturman warns the nation that General Brown will do to…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 7, 2023

By clicking on the below-listed link from Front Page Index, you will be able to watch a video that reveals the lie that Joe Biden has never had anything to do with his son's, Hunter Biden’s, business dealings.  For over 9+ years, the mainstream media has repeated the false and misleading narratives by the Obama administration and by the Biden administrations that Biden never had anything to do with his son’s, Hunter Biden’s, business dealings.  

Those false narratives have been exposed by a report by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, the testimony of multiple witnesses in multiple investigations of US House Committees, subpoenaed bank records, and by the subpoenaed record of wire transfer of funds.  Recent developments by US House Congressional Committees have shown Hunter Biden, a relapsing crack cocaine addict who failed a drug test in the US Naval Reserve in May of 2013, and was discharged for drug addiction, collected millions of dollars from business transactions for his family while traveling to at least 29 countries.  On multiple occasions, Hunter Biden flew on Air Force Two and received Secret Service protection while conducting international business deals for his family, during a 5-year period, all at US taxpayer expense. 

In September 2020, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) released a US Senate Committee’s report on…

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In celebrating the “247th Independence Day” on this Fourth of July 2023, American Patriots will demonstrate their respect for the “American Flag”, and will continue to set an example for the younger generation, of the deep and honorable respect they have for the “American Flag” that they have pride in.        

We then encourage you to click on the below listed link, to watch a video message about “America the Beautiful.”  The video encapsulates a uniquely beautiful message about what the US Constitutional Republic is truly about.

The US Constitutional Republic was established, by the Founding Fathers who respected their Creator and demonstrated their indominable courage in the face of death threats, to declare their freedom from an oppressive government, they limited the powers of any future oppressive government, while protecting the freedoms of the “Individual” as outlined in The Bill of Rights.  Elected representatives in government today must follow the example of the Founding Fathers, by focusing on protecting the “Freedoms” of the “Individual” and preventing an oppressive government from continually trying to limit the “Freedoms” all American Citizens were given in the US Constitution.

On this Independence Day and every day, American Patriots must oppose the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 26, 2023

The letter listed below, written by LTG Thomas G. McInerney, USMA'59, USAF (Ret), MG Paul E. Vallely, USMA'61, USA (Ret), and Col Andrew O’Meara, USMA ’59, USA (Ret) is timely and important.  Every American Citizen should be provided with the opportunity to read the letter listed below.  It is especially relevant for every living graduate of the five Military Service Academies and reveals that Marxist created indoctrination and training programs are now being instilled and brainwashed into the minds of every Cadet and Midshipman matriculating at the five Military Service Academies.  

The Marxism indoctrination of the US military and those matriculating at the five Military Service Academies — in the “Racist” Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion agenda, the “Racist” Critical Race Theory, the insane transgender indoctrination program, and the false portrayal of America as an irredeemably racist nation — is bigoted, divisive, racist,  hateful, and contrary to the Mission of the US Armed Forces to fight and defeat the enemies of the United States.  Those indoctrination and brainwashing programs undermine the “Combat Effectiveness” and “Unit Cohesiveness” of the US military, the qualities developed in the past that made the US Armed Forces the most effective fighting force in the world.

These Communist, Anti-God, Racist, and Marxist training programs…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 23, 2023

Please take the time to click on the below listed link and read the excellent article.  It is one of the best historical articles you will be able to read about how Communists in the United States, and in the World Economic Forum (WEF) plan to take control of the United States and ever other country in the world.  Reading it would be worth every second of your valuable time.  

The historical perspective presented in the article, shows how the United States arrived at its current tense and divided situation, and how in the future Communists will try to systemically take control of the US and other countries through the policies of the Communists in the US and in control of the WEF.  It explains how the Communists are trying to dehumanize the population of America and of other countries throughout the world.  The Plot to take over America began in 1928, when the Communist Party USA believed that racial conflict was the Achilles heel in American society that could be exploited.  They felt that black and white racial relations were the most vulnerable point in US society.  The Communist goal is to create conflicts between black and white Americans, to destabilize the US Constitutional Republic and take it down from within.  

Over the last 15 years a program was developed by Klaus Schwab and his fellow Communists and Marxists, who created the World Economic Forum…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 19, 2023 

In violation of US Federal Law, the Fourth Amendment, and The Bill of Rights the Biden/Obama administration is having the CIA and NSA purchase sweeping dossiers on millions of U.S. Citizens which the US Constitution, bars them from collecting on their own.  Collecting sensitive detailed personal information on millions of US Citizens is sinister and could be turned over to Communist China.  That information in the hands of the enemies of the United States can be used and misused in many different ways by the Biden/Obama administration’s active Domestic Spying Program to destroy US Citizen’s lives by blackmailing them, cause them emotional distress, threatening them, stalking them, harassing them, threatening the safety of an individual, public shaming them, and intentionally ruining their reputation.  

Democrat Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, to his credit, badgered Biden's Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Avril Haines, for months until she finally released the report, and its admissions are genuinely stunning.  The crux of the report describes how the Biden/Obama administration’s CIA, NSA, and other U.S. Security Agencies are purchasing enormous amounts of highly intrusive data about the activities of American citizens.  This data is so personal and that it enables a comprehensive view into the private lives of American Citizens.  It would be unquestionably prohibited…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 14, 2023 

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress took a break from writing the Articles of Confederation and passed the "Flag Resolution" stating that "the flag of the United States be 13 stripes, alternate red and white," and that "the union be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation."

On May 30, 1916, Flag Day was officially established by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson to occur June 14, 1916, and every year thereafter on June 14th.  While Flag Day was celebrated in various communities on June 14th for years following President Wilson's proclamation, it was not until August 3, 1949, that President Harry Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14th of each year as National Flag Day.

The “American Flag” symbolizes the principles outlined in the US Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers.  The American Flag is one of the great symbols of our country, a source of inspiration throughout our nations’ history, and a symbol of America’s Freedoms.  Old Glory flies over Washington, DC’s Capital building, every state capitol building, all US Military installations, US Military and Veteran Cemetery, Federal Buildings, Veteran facilities, city halls, schools, and colleges, and even on the moon. 

While the number of stars has increased from 13 to 50…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 9, 2023

The issue of military technology theft is an increasing point of tension between the United States and Communist China.  Since Obama became the occupant of the Oval Office in 2009, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a systematic campaign to send Communist students and scientists to the United States to steal military technologies and research for the transfer of US Military Top Secret Sensitive weapon information to Communist China.  (National Security: Andrew Thormbrooke: 6/2/23)    

Communist China’s attempts to subvert the US Constitutional Republic is central to its support and promotion for the placement of Confucius Institutes on College campuses and the development of the Thousand Talents Recruitment Program.  The Confucius Institutes were co-located on 13 US University campuses, their goal is to convince students to support and promote Communist China and to undermine support for the United States.  In addition to the 13 US Universities that have established Confucius Institutes on their campuses, 58 other US Universities have developed ties with, and are supporting Confucius Institutes goals.  Communist China’s Thousand Talents Recruitment Program was established to create 73 companies in the United States, which were created to employ and recruit 11,000 highly qualified scientist and talented technical researchers to work for and in Communist…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 7, 2023

It turns out, that it is the vaccinated individuals who are more transmissive, including one study from Oxford, that showed it is the VACCINATED individual who has 251x the viral load in their sinuses, than the unvaxxed individual  (one study indicated that the experimental test inoculations, that still have not been approved by the FDA, destroys the human natural immune system). 

The study by the Cleveland Clinic, about the effects of the unapproved FDA experimental test inoculation, is alarming.  Every American, especially medical personnel should be required to read the Cleveland Clinic study (doctors, nurses, and medical technicians).  Americans have been repeatedly lied to by Anthony Fauci, the former Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation at NIAID, and his associates who received financial kickbacks from Big Pharma, as a percentage of the number of unapproved FDA experimental test inoculations that were purchased by the US Government increased.  According to the medical definition of vaccines that had been administered to human beings over the last 100 years, the unapproved FDA experimental test inoculations should never have been referred to as vaccines, it is not a vaccine, the proper medical terminology is that it is gene…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, May 27, 2023

Since General George Washington commanded the Continental Army, over forty-two million Americans have served in the US Armed Forces, under the American Flag in defense of the Republic.  In the past 247 years, in combat operations, 714,914 American military personnel have been killed and seven million have been wounded (many were wounded for life) while serving in the US Armed Forces, supporting, and defending the United States.

Each year on Memorial Day weekend we recognize and honor American Patriots who have given their “last full measure of devotion” in their service to the United States, so their fellow Americans could live their lives free from oppression.

We especially Honor American Combat Veterans who gave up their tomorrows, we also remember members of the US Armed Forces going into “Harms Way” who are separated from their loved ones, and US Military Veterans who answered the “Call to Duty” and repeatedly put their lives on the line in the past. 

On Memorial Day, the Republic’s most sacred and cherished Patriotic holiday, and every day throughout the year, we also honor the 23 million US Military Veterans who served in the defense of the Republic, then continued to serve their country in so many other meaningful ways. 

On this Memorial Day weekend, the nation solemnly pays homage to the thousands of Gold…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, May 18, 2023  

In the below listed video, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected from a life in Russia as an important Russian Communist Party Government operative, "warns" Americans of the "long term" cultural subversion of the United States that began by Communists in 1929 and is still underway.  After a long service with the Russian Communist Party, Yuri was posted by his Soviet Communist leaders to India, to work on converting Indians to Communism.  After living in India for many years and experiencing the freedoms accorded the general population, Yuri lost interest in Communism and defected to the West.  

The below listed video is a compilation of Yuri Bezmenov's lectures in Canada in which he explains the long and steady subversion of the United States by Russia’s Committee for State Security, the KGB (a terror and espionage organization that operated within the Soviet Union during the twentieth century)He explains in his lectures that it takes an extremely long time to convert a country to Communism, but it progresses steadily, and makes consistent progress.  The subversion of the United States has been steady and continuing with the considerable help of the US Communist Party (founded in 1929), Marxists, Social Democrats, Progressives, and other US Domestic Enemies.

The subversion began with the indoctrination, and the conversion of liberals in the United…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, May 15, 2023 

It took the Communist Party USA, founded in 1929, until 2020 to get Biden-Harris into the White House. The Communists already had the Socialist Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi in the House and by Chuck Schumer in the Senate to change the once Patriotic Democrat Party of Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson into the Socialist Democrat Party that is destroying law and order in the United States.  For two years with complete control of the Oval Office, the House, and the Senate, the Biden/Obama administration allowed Communist China to invade the United States.

During the last two and a half years, the compromised Biden/Obama administration acquiesced to Communist China’s infiltration of every aspect of America’s society, the economy, the Washington Deep State with their Fifth Columns, the ranks of the Socialist Democrats in Congress, and the US Social Media platforms.  The CCP has been able to infiltrate the leftist media establishment, America’s high-tech industry, Big Pharma, American universities, and as well as the Oval Office.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been making steady progress in achieving their stated goal of changing the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.  

For two and a half years, the world watched the weakened and confused occupant of the Oval Office failure to push back against an aggressive and bellicose…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 5, 2023 

A new cold war has been underway since January 2022.  At its heart is the Chinese Communist Party (hereafter referred to as the CCP) 30-year plan to subjugate the citizens of the US Constitutional Republic, and a fundamental disagreement between the US and the CCP over the structure of Asian security considerations.  Among the strategic concerns of the US Government, Congressional leaders, US Department of Defense, US Energy Department, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, US Utility Companies, and domestic manufacturers, there is a growing awareness of the acute vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid (hereafter referred as the Grid).  The threat to the Grid is posed by the new “Axis of Evil” consisting of Communist China, Russia, and the Iranian State Sponsor of Terrorism; there is “no plan or action at all” by the Biden/Obama administration to protect the Grid’s vital but vulnerable system.   

The newest Yaogan (Remote Sensing) Communist Chinese Spy Satellites are overflying the US at an altitude of 3l0 miles, multiple times each day.  With clear weather, those Communist Chinese Spy Satellites can film and target US military facilities.  On January 28, 2023, in a devastating breach of National Security, the Biden/Obama administration allowed a Communist Chinese High Altitude Spy Balloon (hereafter referred to as the Spy Balloon) to continue to take photos, collect highly sensitive military targeting data, and…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, May 3, 2023 

The below listed letter, signed by 87 Patriotic General and Flag Officers, requests the leaders of both political parties in the US House of Representatives to eliminate all funding for the indoctrination and brain washing of all members of the US Armed Forces, and for the Cadets and Midshipmen matriculating at the five US Service Academies, of the Marxist created philosophy of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which includes the radical Marxist racist philosophy of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Those Marxist philosophies are being brainwashed into every member of the US Armed Forces by the “Woke” and “Mentally Weak” Secretary of Defense and the compromised and “Woke” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; they have been taking their radical Marxist marching orders from the Communist Chinese corrupted and compromised Biden/Obama administration.

The Biden/Obama administration instituted and has forced the destabilizing policy of Wokeness in the US Military, over the last two and a half years.  It is the politics of discriminating military personnel by skin color, and forcing personnel to use Woke pronouns for newly recruited transgender personnel.  At a time when Communist China is telling their population that they are “at war” with the United States, the brainwashing of military personnel in Marxist philosophy, has resulted in “Weakened Morale,” a Decreased State of Combat Readiness,” has eliminated “Unit Cohesion,”…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 21, 2023 

Downloading the TikTok App onto your phone, is like downloading a Communist Chinese Spy onto your phone.  Using Tik Tok allows Communist China to imbed Tik Tok inside your phone without you being aware of it.  We encourage you to read the below listed dangers that Tik Tok poses to the Security and Survival of the US Constitutional Republic, especially the dangers it poses to the 70 million US youth that are on Tik Tok for many hours every day.  We encourage you to forward the below listed article from the Washington Post to those you love and want to protect, especially to the youth in the nation Americans must protect.  

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


The Washington Post

Opinion  by Marc A. Thiessen

April 20, 2023

URL:  < …

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My Fellow Americans,

Only once a year, do we seek financial support to help us to recruit, endorse, campaign for, and elect endorsed Combat Veterans.  We have no paid employees and appreciate the voluntary support we’ve received for the last 13 years.  With that support and employment of our website, the most effective election tool to helped us recruit and campaign for endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, we have been able to elect 42 Combat Veterans to Congress.  The list of the 20 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress in 13 states elected in November 2021 is listed on the Endorsements page of the Website.

For the first time in 13 years, agents of Marxists, Social Democrats, and the Biden administration hacked our website, and took it down by injecting malware into it to try to “cancel our voice” and abridge our ”Freedom of Speech”.  They will continue to try to prevent the Combat Veterans For Congress from electing a new slate of Combat Veterans, and to re-elect incumbent Combat Veterans For Congress in 2024.    

For 13 years, the website was well protected from hackers by a Drupal Security System, Site Lock, and SSL Certification, even though, in some months, up to 300 hacks were attempted on the website, without the hackers being able to take the Website down.  Previously, in 2010, the approval of our 501(c)(3) was delayed for 2 years by Lois Lerner, an Obama Administration appointee at the IRS.  She tried to cancel us and prevent us from…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 12, 2023

By reviewing the below listed article, about Communist China now operating the largest navy in the world, it would be obvious to even a casual observer without military experience, that the Biden/Obama administration has not been taking the desperately needed long term defensive actions to protect and defend the homeland with a strong US Navy.  The Biden/Obama administration has also failed to protect the homeland from a devastating attack by Communist China on the US Electrical Grid with a high-altitude low yield nuclear weapon.  

The Biden/Obama administration has repeatedly told Americans the US is in friendly competition with Communist China, while Xi, the General Secretary of the atheist Chinese Communist Party (CCP), tells the population of China that they are at war with the United States, and Xi is mobilizing Communist China to prepare for war with the United States.  Despite the fact that, three years ago, Taiwan advanced $5 billion to the US to purchase 22 defensive weapon systems, the Biden/Obama administration’s State Department and Defense Department have failed to approve delivery of those weapons systems to Taiwan.

“The one thing that we know is that China is making fast preparations for war now,” Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow and “The Great U.S.-China Tech War” author Gordon Chang said on “Mornings with Maria” Monday.  Gordon Chang said, “Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 8, 2023

A new cold war has been underway since January 2022.  At its heart is the CCP’s 30 year plan to subjugate the citizens of the US Constitutional Republic, and a fundamental disagreement between the US and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the structure of Asian security considerations.  Among the strategic concerns of the US Government, Congressional leaders, US Department of Defense, US Energy Department, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, US Utility Companies, and domestic manufacturers, there is a growing awareness of the acute vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid (hereafter referred as the Grid).  The threat to the Grid is posed by the new “Axis of Evil” consisting of Communist China, Russia, and the Iranian State Sponsor of Terrorism; there is no plan or action by the Biden administration to protect the Grid’s vital but vulnerable system.    

The newest Yaogan (Remote Sensing) Communist Chinese Spy Satellites are overflying the US at an altitude of 3l0 miles.  With clear weather, those Spy Satellites can film and target US military facilities.  On January 28, 2023, in a devastating breach of National Security, the Biden/Obama administration allowed a Communist Chinese High Altitude Spy Balloon (hereafter referred to as the Spy Balloon) to continue to take photos, collect highly sensitive military targeting data, and transmit the intelligence back to the CCP, in real time, during its relatively…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, March 24, 2023

For 102 years, the Occupants of the Oval Office, members of the United States Congress, the leaders of the Department of Defense, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff once fully understood and learned the lessons on strategy, geography, and history that Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, USN presented in his article entitled “The United States Looking Outward.” Published in The Atlantic in 1890.  He argued that, with the closing of the frontier, the United States had become an island nation looking eastward and westward across oceans and stated that the nation’s energies should therefore be focused externally: on the seas, on maritime trade, and on a larger role in the world.  

The US Government understood in the age of Alfred Thayer Mahan, that the US Navy must be strong to ensure Freedom of the Seas (the concept of a mare liberum—a “free sea”—which was first enunciated by the Dutch philosopher Hugo Grotius in 1609).  At the end of World War II, the US Navy fleet consisted of 6700 ships, and for the next 20 years until 1965, the US Navy…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, March 10, 2023

In 2005, THE EPOCH TIMES acquired a secret speech given by Communist Chinese Defense Minister General Chi Haotian to high-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members sometime before his retirement in 2003.  Details given in General Haotian’s speech coincide with previously unpublished defector testimony on Sino-Russian military plans for the United States.  After you read General Haotian’s speech, you will fully understand that for the last 20 years, Communist China has been activating his plan to kill 200 million Americans in the future.

General Haotian comments in his “Secret Speech”, 20 years ago, placed the United States in Communist China’s gun sites, and CCP has been activating a plan to  “destroy the United States from within” and take control of it.  General Haotian proposed to repopulate the United States, and according to the US Border Patrol, thousands of Communist Chinese Illegal Immigrants have been flooding into the United States through the wide open southern border among the 5 million entering Illegal Aliens.  Over the last two years, 1,500,000 Got-Aways also entered the United States, which must have included a large percentage of Communist Chinese Illegal Aliens.     

The Biden/Obama administration has been cooperating with Communist China, by helping repopulate the United States.  The repopulating plan appears to be to increase the new number of Illegal Aliens entering the United States…

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