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Lt David L Galluch

  • Lt David L Galluch

    is a combat veteran of the US
    He is running for United States
    House of Representatives
    in the state of
    Active Status:

The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is endorsing Lt David L Galluch, USNA ’12, USN (EOD) of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania the 140th endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress in 12 years, to run for Congress in the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania in 2022.  Lt Galluch is a fiscally conservative candidate who believes in a smaller, leaner federal government, lower taxes, and a strong national defense.  He will work with his fellow conservative Republicans to rein in the out-of-control spending by reckless Socialist Democrat members of Congress.  Lt Galluch is an independent thinking Republican, who will champion Veterans rights. 

Lt Galluch will work to secure the wide-open southern border and provide Customs and Border Patrol Agents the needed resources they have been asking for to prevent the over 200,000 Illegal Aliens, from 160 countries, from entering the United States each month.  Lt Galluch is running for the 5th District seat against a two term radically progressive Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA-5).  Pelosi and Scanlon believe Illegal Aliens should be given the right to vote and free medical care, while 40 thousand American Veterans are sleeping on the streets with no free medical care.

Scanlon is on the far-left fringe of American politics and is completely out-of-step with Delaware County values; she supports the far left Progressive/Socialist Caucus in the House of Representatives with Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rep Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Rep Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).  They all support the sweeping “New Green Deal”, the Socialist program proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at a cost of $3.5 trillion, or approximately $240,000.00 per household, according to a study co-authored by the former director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Scanlon and the four above listed Congresswomen are also proposing the elimination of all private and business health insurance, to be replaced by a government controlled Universal Health Care program, and according to the nonpartisan Mercatus Center at George Washington University, at a cost of $3.6 trillion, or $232,258 per household.  Scanlon voted against cutting any taxes, against closing the wide-open southern border where over 400,000 Illegal Aliens will enter the US in November 2021, voted to restrict gun rights granted by the 2nd Amendment, and voted to give 1.2 million Illegal Aliens amnesty, regardless of their criminal records.  Scanlon also voted for HR 5, the Equality Act, which eliminates civil right protections for women, eliminates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and allows males to unfairly compete with females in high school and college competitive sports.

David Galluch was born on October 24, 1989, in Buffalo, NY.  David’s family has a history of military service dating back to before the Revolutionary War.  His great-grandfather, Ashbel Ruggles, served in the French & Indian War and then commissioned as an Ensign in the Revolutionary War.  His First Cousin, Captain Isaac Bostwick, who commanded an Infantry Company in the Revolutionary War, was in one of the initial waves that crossed the Delaware River with General Washington before the Battle of Trenton.  His Second Cousin Elisha Bostwick, was a member of Cpt Bostwick’s Infantry Company and wrote one of the memoirs that became one of the canonical sources of the Delaware crossing. 

David’s first Cousin was 2nd Lt Eldad Ruggles in the War of 1812.  Captain Francis Woodbridge, USMA 1837, USA fought in the Mexican American War.  His grandfather, Pvt John Rimer, USA fought in the Civil War.  Two uncles served in WWII: Tech Sgt Venantius Kreckel, USA, and Cpl Ernest Kreckel, USA.  His uncle, Captain Peter Galluch, USNA ’90, USN (Ret) served in the US Navy for 30 years.  David was raised in Hamburg, NY and graduated from Frontier Central High School in 2007, where he played football and lacrosse. 

David received a Senatorial appointment to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD; he was sworn into the US Navy as a Midshipman on July 7, 2008.  On May 29, 2012, David was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy, and received a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors, with a major in Economics.  Following graduation Ensign Galluch matriculated at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England where he received a Master of Philosophy Degree in Economics in July 2013.

Following graduation from Cambridge, Ens Galluch reported to the EOD Diver Course at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center, Panama City Beach, FL, graduating on October 14, 2013.   He then reported to the Basic EOD Course, at Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal School at Eglin AFB, FL.  Ens Galluch was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on June 1, 2014, and graduated on September 19, 2014. 

Lt(jg) Galluch next reported to the Airborne Course at the US Army Infantry School at Ft. Benning, GA, completing the course of training on October 17, 2014.  He next reported to the Expeditionary Combat Skills Course at the Center for Security Forces in Gulfport, MS and completed training on November14, 2014.  On December 23, 2014, Lt(jg) Galluch received orders to report to EOD Mobile Unit TWO at Joint Expeditionary Base, Little Creek (JEB–LC), Virginia Beach, VA.

In January 2016 Lt(jg) Galluch deployed from Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC), Virginia Beach, VA to Naval Station Bahrain as a Navy EOD Mobility Platoon Commander.  Assigned to Combined Task Group 56 with Naval Central Command Lt(jg) Galluch commanded a 16-person Combined Task Unit executing theater engagement and combat support missions facilitating Counter-Violent Extremist Organization and Global War on Terror operations.  Lt(jg) Galluch conducted and oversaw five international exchanges with regional partners (Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain) and one international exercise. 

While assigned to Task Group 56, Lt(jg) Galluch provided EOD emergency response for Naval Station Bahrain.  His unit embarked aboard the USS BOXER (LPH-4) in the vicinity of the Gulf of Aden and Yemen and provided EOD support for maritime interdiction and flight deck operations.  Lt(jg) Galluch was exposed to the threat of attack at various times throughout his transit in the region (e.g., Pakistan) and during embarked time while in the vicinity of the Gulf of Aden, and transiting the Straits of Hormuz; he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for operations during deployment.  On July 1, 2016, Lt (jg) Galluch was promoted to Lieutenant, and later in the month Lt Galluch returned to Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC), Virginia Beach.

In August 2016, Lt Galluch reported to the Navy Freefall Parachute Course at Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command in San Diego, CA and completing training on August 19, 2016.  On September 27, 2016, Lt Galluch was detached from EOD Mobile Unit TWO and reported to EOD Mobile Unit TWELVE at Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) in Virginia Beach on September 28, 2016.  

In October 2018, Lt Galluch deployed from Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC), Virginia Beach, VA to Mogadishu, Somalia as a Naval Special Operations Forces (EOD) Company Commander, augmenting Seal Team FOUR and under the command of Special Operations Command Forward – East Africa. 

Lt Galluch commanded 18 EOD operators conducting combat and Counter-Violent Extremist Organization operations.  He was the lead Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Officer for East Africa.  Lt Galluch was responsible for approving, overseeing, and conducting all counter-explosive aspects of joint operations with Somali military partners to degrade the influence of extremist and terror groups and their presence in Somalia.  He and those he deployed with were exposed to danger daily, as their compound was a frequent intended target of attacks.  

Lt Galluch was present at Mogadishu International Airport when it received indirect mortar fire, and was exposed to multiple VBIED explosions within 1-2 KM.  Lt Galluch was rated by his commander as a “top 1% officer” and received a Joint Service Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medal for duties assigned.  

In April 2019, Lt Galluch departed Somalia and returned to Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC), Virginia Beach, VA.  Lt Galluch was Honorably discharged from the US Navy on August 31, 2019.  His military awards include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2), Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, and various Campaign and Service Medals.

Following his Honorable Discharge, on September 1, 2019, David began employment with the Comcast Corporation in Philadelphia, as a Senior Manager for Strategic Development.  David has been married for 3 years to his wife, Caroline, and they are active members of the Wayne Presbyterian Church in Wayne, PA.

David is the only candidate currently running for the Republican Nomination in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.  He has been endorsed by the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, and has received verbal commitments of support from the National Defense PAC as well as most of the forty-nine municipal leaders, all of the district leaders, and the county party chair leading up to a pending Delaware County Republican Party endorsement vote this winter.

David is a member of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, VFW Post 3460 in Media, PA, American Legion Post 93 in Media, PA, Comcast Veterans Group, the Delaware County Young Republicans, a volunteer for Recovery Without Barriers in Upper Darby (serving food to the homeless and those suffering from substance abuse), a volunteer for Chester City Sweeps in Chester (conducts community clean-ups).  David is a member of the Society of the Cincinnati and his propositus is his First Cousin, Captain Isaac Bostwick, who commanded an Infantry Company in the Revolutionary War and was in one of the initial waves that crossed the Delaware River with General Washington before the Battle of Trenton.

The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is pleased to endorse Lt David L. Galluch, USNA ’12, USN who will bring to Congress private sector skills and wisdom to better solve problems in government and represent the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania and the Republic.  If you review Lt Galluch’s positions on his Web site, you would be pleased with his stands; they agree with the Combat Veterans For Congress Mission Statement. We look forward to working with Lt Galluch and are pleased that a Combat Veteran of his caliber is running for Congress.

If you have friends, associates, or relatives who know voters in the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, kindly pass this E-mail on to them, and ask them to support Lt Galluch by working in his campaign, providing financial support for his campaign in any amount, and/or by networking with others who would be willing to support his campaign.  The military is one of the few remaining institutions producing the caliber of men and women needed to restore this nation to the greatness our Founding Fathers envisioned.  We have endorsed another Combat Veteran For Congress that General George Washington would have approved of.  He is a Veteran who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including his life.”