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Maj Quang Pham

  • Maj Quang Pham

    is a combat veteran of the US
    Marine Corps
    He is running for United States
    House of Representatives
    in the state of
    Active Status:

US Marine Maj. Quang Pham, USMCR (R-CA-47) is fiscally conservative, will work to rein in the out of control spending by the Pelosi Congress, and is running for the Republican nomination in the 47th Congressional District of California (the home of the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam), in order to unseat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  After Saigon fell in 1975, Quang Pham who was then a young boy, and his family came to the United States.  He became a US Citizen on November 2, 1984 and graduated from UCLA in 1987. 

  Following graduation from UCLA Quang Pham joined the US Marine Corps to support his adopted country, was commissioned a US Marine 2nd Lieutenant, completed flight training, and qualified as a CH-46 helicopter pilot.  He was the first Vietnamese American to become a US Marine aviator.   From 1990 to 1991, then Capt Pham flew CH-46 helos in support of the liberation of Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, flew Medevac missions in support of the First Marine Division, and was awarded an Air Medal for his support in combat.  In 1992 he deployed with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations capable) embarked aboard USS Tarawa (LPH-1) in support of United Nations forces in Mogadishu, Somalia; he was awarded the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Marine Corp & Navy Unit Citation, and other theatre medals for service.  In 1999 then Maj. Pham left the US Marine Corps following 6 years on active duty and 7 years in the US Marine Corps Reserve. 

In 2000, he founded and is the CEO of Lathian Health, a pharmaceutical marketing company; he is a strong proponent of the Free Enterprise System, and is the author of: “A Sense of Duty; Our Journey from Vietnam to America”, to be released in paperback by Random House in April 2010.  “A Sense of Duty” is about Pham’s service to America as a US Marine Corps combat pilot and his father’s service as a South Vietnamese combat Air Force pilot, one of the first trained by American advisers and who survived twelve years in a postwar prison camps.  Kindly read the below listed press release; Quang Pham has been enrolled in the RNCC Young Guns Program. 

Quang Pham campaign donations exceed those of Congresswoman Sanchez and his Republican opponents in the Republican primary.  If you have friends, associates, or relatives in the 47th Congressional District of California who might support Quang Pham, kindly forward this E-mail to them.  In your transmission, ask them if they would be willing to work in former Maj. Pham’s campaign, provide financial support in any amount, and/or network with others in California’s 47th District who would be willing to support his efforts to make a change in the Pelosi Congress’ legislative agenda.   Maj. Quang Pham is one of 22 Combat Veterans For Congress in 15 states who have been endorsed by the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC.