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Maj Vaughn Ward

  • Maj Vaughn Ward

    is a combat veteran of the US
    Marine Corps
    He is running for United States
    House of Representatives
    in the state of
    Active Status:

Maj. Vaughn Ward, USMCR of Eagle, Idaho is running in the 1st Congressional District of Idaho against Cong Walter Minnick (D-ID-1), a one term Congressman who has been voting in lock step with Pelosi on the Health Care Bill, the Cap and Trade Bill, and all other initiatives.  Vaughn Ward was born in Twin Falls, Idaho In January 1969, and spent his youth working on his family’s farm in Shoshone, ID where he developed a strong sense of the values of the values of dependability and work ethic. Vaughn was a walk-on to the football team at Boise State, where he graduated in 1995 with a degree in Political Science.   While a US Marine Officer he earned an MBA in the spring of 2002 while stationed in Washington, DC.     

Honoring his families longstanding Commitment to serve their country, Vaughn entered the US Marine Corps in 1995 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant.  He served in missions in Liberia, Cuba, Japan, and Korea.  Responding to the terrorist attack of 9-11, Vaughn joined the Central Intelligence Agency, and was trained as an Operations Officer and served in the Middle East, Africa, and Washington, DC.  He worked closely with senior government officials from the US and multiple foreign countries including Afghanistan to combat the Taliban and Al-Q’ida.  In 2006, Vaughn took a leave of absence from the CIA and volunteered to serve on active duty as a Major with the US Marines in Combat.  Major Ward led his men through a combat tour in Fallujah, Al-Anbar Province, Iraq and was awarded the Bronze stare medal, the combat action Ribbon, and other theatre service medals.     

Maj. Vaughn Ward has been endorsed by Cong Duncan D. Hunter (R-CA-52), Cong Duncan H. Hunter (Congressman Ret), the National Republican Congressional Committee, and has been selected by Republican Congressmen to be enrolled in the Young Guns Program.  If you have friends, associates, or relatives who know anyone in the 1st Congressional District of Idaho, kindly pass this E-mail on to them, and ask them to support Maj Vaughn Ward for election by working in his campaign, providing financial support in any amount, and/or by networking with others in Idaho who would be willing to support his efforts to rein in the out of control spending by the Pelosi Congress.  Maj Vaughn Ward is one of 22 Combat Veterans For Congress in 15 states the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC has endorsed.