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ANTIFA Is Tearing Down US Historical Monuments---Leading Violent Riots On Columbus Day

  • ANTIFA Is Tearing Down US Historical Monuments---Leading Violent Riots On Columbus Day

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 9, 2017: Op Ed # 372

ANTIFA demonstrators are the violent terrorist “Foot Soldiers” for Communists; the logo on the ANTIFA flag was created by the German Communist Party.  ANTIFA’s “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement” (RAM) has been leading the coordinated national effort to deface and destroy over 350 US historical monuments.  


There is a startling parallel between today's violent ANTIFA left-wing terrorist rioters, and the brutal tactics used by the Nazi Brown Shirts, Mussolini Fascist mobs, and the Communist thugs of yesteryear.  The left of center liberal media establishment, especially the San Francisco Chronicle and the Huffington Post, have been covering up ANTIFA’s Communist ideology and affiliations.   


Today, on Columbus Day, ANTIFA terrorists are calling for violence and coordinating the plan to destroy statues of Christopher Columbus nationwide.  The demonstration is Un-American.  ANTIFA terrorists have already vandalized 5 statues of Christopher Columbus in NYC, including the larger than life statue of Columbus in Central Park.  


RAM claims slavery still exists and draws its inspiration from cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal who murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in December 1981.  RAM is calling for revolutionary warfare within the US, saying “Our historical mission is clear, we must burn down American plantations once and for all.”  That open call for violent revolutionary change, meets the definition of terrorism in accordance with 18 USC § 2331; supporting such a revolution would be treason (WND Exclusive Oct 4, 2017).


Besides leading the coordinated national effort to deface and destroying over 350 US historical monuments, ANTIFA terrorists are also targeting the beleaguered police forces across the nation. ANTIFA activists have always held a special hatred for Police Officers.  The ANTIFA slogan is A. C. A. B. ; it is short for “All Cops Are Bastards.”  ANTIFA recently participated in a protest in Nashville, TN against the Fraternal Order of Police.  TORCH is the name for the terrorist network that coordinates ANTIFA terrorists across the nation.  TORCH, explicitly compares Police Officers to “White Supremacists”. (WND Exclusive Oct 4, 2017) 


Andy Zee, who is on the Advisory Board of Refuse Fascism, is the leader of the ANTIFA terrorist organization.  Yvette/Yvonne Felarca, a middle school teacher, was the ANTIFA leader of the violent Berkley riots; she was arrested for a second time for leading violent demonstrations.  Sunsara Taylor, a Maoist, in the leadership of the Communist Revolutionary Party, was also one of the leaders of the Berkley riots.  In August 2017, ANTIFA terrorist rioted in Charlotte, VA and violently attacked peaceful demonstrators trying to protect the historical monuments: the fake press attacked President Trump for stating the demonstrators included leftist anarchists.


Woody Kaine, a member of the ANTIFA terrorist organization and the youngest son of Senator Tim Kaine, was arrested in Minnesota for participating in a violent demonstration.  He was wearing black and a mask to hide his identity.  Tim Kane, a radical leftist, was Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Vice Presidential running mate during the 2016 presidential campaign. 


Violent ANTIFA terrorists, the Revolutionary Communist Party, the Communist Party USA, Black Lives Matter, and other anarchists have been recruited and transported for 9 months to participate in OFA’s demonstrations, and will be transported to the remainder of the 400 violent street demonstrations in 42 states that have been scheduled by OFA for  the 2017 calendar year.  The violent ANTIFA communist foot soldiers are being paid $25/day by Nazi-Collaborator Soros’s Tides and Open Society Foundations.  


George Soros’ Tides Foundation and Opens Society Foundation are funding ANTIFA terrorists, while OFA has been including ANTIFA’s foot soldiers in its 400 demonstrations.  The demonstrations are against conservative speakers on campus, and in opposition to “Freedom of Speech.”  Nazi Collaborator Soros transported and paid ANTIFA Terrorists rioters, Black Lives Matter rioters, and the Revolution Communist Party rioters to go to Ferguson, MO, Charlottesville, VA, and in Berkley, California.  Hillary Clinton moved $800,000 from her defunct presidential campaign—to her new organization, Onward Together (OT).  OT used the funds from Hillary to support four different ANTIFA organizations.   


On November 4th, ANTIFA terrorists and the Revolution Communist Party will make the jump from terrorism to initiate an open violent revolution.  The largest, most violent bloody national riots are being meticulously planned by OFA to take place on November 4, 2017, because it is the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, in order to shock the nation.  Those violent and bloody demonstrations will be staged to extend for at least 4 days, with the hope they will never end (the leaders of the ANTIFA terrorists, and the Revolutionary Communist Party have recently stated, “Americans haven’t seen anything as yet”).  


The Revolutionary Communist Party leader, Bob Avakian, will join with Andy Zee, the leader of the ANTIFA terrorists, and other leftist groups to kick off a revolution in the United States on November 4, 2017.  Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolution Communist Party, wrote a pamphlet entitled “The Coming Civil War and Repolarization In the Present Era.”  On November 4th ANTIFA leftist demonstrators will be transported to riot locations, and will be paid by Nazi Collaborator George Soros to revolt against the government of the United States.  


Some of the participants in the revolution are Black Lives Matter, the Communist Party USA, ANSWER, Socialists, The Progressive Unity Fund, the Weather Underground, The Communist World Workers Party, the Communist Industrial Workers of the World, the New Black Panther Party, La Raza, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, etc. 


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.