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The Bill of Rights, Socialism, and The Free Enterprise System

  • The Bill of Rights, Socialism, and The Free Enterprise System

By Capt Joseph R. John, March 8, 2019: Op Ed #425    

The first Ten Amendments to the US Constitution make up “The Bill of Rights”.  They further define “Freedom of the Individual”, establishes "Justice”, “Insures Domestic Tranquility”, “Ensure the General Welfare”, and “Secures the Blessings of Liberty” under the US Constitution, for all American Citizens and for their posterity.      


James Madison wrote those Ten Amendments, which lists specific prohibitions on governmental power, and provides for greater Constitutional protection for ”Individual Liberties” in the Republic.  For example, the Founding Fathers saw “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion” as natural rights protected by the First Amendment.  The Second Amendment provided “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”  The Fourth Amendment safeguards citizens with the “Right From Unreasonable Search and Seizure.”  


The Bill of Rights protects individuals from corrupt ideologies such as Nazism, Fascism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Alinskyism, “Progressivism”, etc. that through the centuries have taken away individual wealth, individual freedoms, and religious freedoms from millions of oppressed people, and subjugated hard working employed people, in order to distribute the wealth they created in their lifetime, to the masses of people under their control.  


Americans need to understand who “Progressives” really are.  The “Progressive” philosophy was created in the 1840s by Karl Marx and German Philosopher George Wilhelm Hegel.  The goal of their “Progressive” Marxist philosophy can be summarized as: “A process that will lead to a change, a change in governmental rule.”  It is not about making a change in government rule with a democratic vote.


Stalin called Liberal converts to Socialism “Useful Idiots.”  Vladimir Lenin supported Karl Marxist “Progressive” philosophy and encouraged Socialists to mask their Socialism and Communism beliefs, by identifying themselves as ”Progressives.”  Since 2000, Democrats have referred to themselves as “Progressives.” 


An online poll from Axios/Survey Monkey published a report that 74% of Democrats were amenable to supporting Socialism, and a recent Gallup Poll reported that more Democrats now have a “positive view” of Socialism (57%) compared to Capitalism (The Free Enterprise System) (47%). 

Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership of the means of production, and workers self-management as well as the political theories, and movements associated with them.  The Free Enterprise System is the freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive economic system without the interference by government, beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance.  

The below listed 1944 quote by the 6 time Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of America, Norman Thomas, was an accurate prediction, that today’s Democratic Party will support Socialism: 


     “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism.  But under the name of Liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist Program, until one day, America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.  I no longer need to run for the Socialist Party of America, the Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”  


Over the past 100 years Socialist forms of government have never survived in any country where it has have ever controlled government.  In exchange for vague promises, Socialists took away the “individual freedoms” from the masses, by making “vague promises” and destroyed the economies of Germany, Russia, Venezuela, Italy, Cuba, Austria, Poland, Argentina, Vietnam, Hungry, Bolivia, Romania, Ukraine, Norway, Mozambique, Denmark, Cambodia, Finland, Sweden, Angola, China, Holland, Greece, Sudan, Czechoslovakia, France, Somalia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Tibet, Serbia, Mongolia, and Yugoslavia. 

Yet Tom Perez, appointed by Obama to be the leader of the Socialist Party (the Democrat Party of Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson), Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, the Marxist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the 50 Socialist and Communists Congressional Democrats ( ), and many of the Democrats seeking the nomination of the Democrat Party for President, promote Socialist policies. They have been encouraging millions of millenniums and Americans Citizens to turn their back on the Constitutional Republic and The Free Enterprise System, in exchange for Socialism. 


In the last 100 years, Socialism including National Socialism (Nazism) and Marxist Socialism (Communism) has presided over the murdered of hundreds of millions of innocent people in Russia, China, Cuba, Poland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Bolivia, Romania, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Somalia, Tibet, Mongolia, Yugoslavia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc. 


What Socialists (the new Democrats) will do to radically change the “American Way of Life” 

(1) Socialist say the American flag and the American culture offends them, but American welfare benefits don't offend them.

(2) Socialists call American citizens "Racists", "Nazis", and "Bigots", and call Illegal Aliens "Dreamers."

(3) Socialists increase food stamps & subsidized housing for Illegal Aliens, Refugees, and non-workers, paid for by taxing working Americans.

(4) Socialists will eliminate the Health Insurance, for a $3.2 trillion single payer Welfare Health plan, paid by taxing working Americans. 

(5) Socialists oppose the 2nd Amendment that prevents oppressive governments like Cuba, Russian, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc. 

(6) Socialists eliminated 240 years of US accomplishments in US History textbooks used to teach in public schools, and promotes Socialism. 

(7) Socialists promote “Political Correctness” and oppose “Free Speech” in public school and college classrooms and on college campuses.

(8) Socialists oppose Voter ID, support Illegal Aliens/Refugees voting, Ballot Harvesting, and encourage multiple voting by the same person.

(9) Socialists promote class warfare, racial conflict, gender conflict, Illegal Immigration, and encourage chronic unemployment.

(10) Socialists oppose the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The US President, US Laws, and US Immigration Laws.

(11) Socialists intend to replace The Free Enterprise System with Socialism and Communism. 

(12) Socialists recommend a 2% tax on the assets of successful American Citizens, punishing them for being successful.

(13) Socialists predicted in 1989 Global Warming would destroy life by 2000, to prevent crude oil recovery and western economic growth.

(14) Socialists want to take over the health care system of the American people in order to completely control Americans.

(15) Socialists opposes Freedom of Religion, oppresses and eliminates Christianity and Judaism from schools, the military, and government.


There is a disturbing number of Democrat members of Congress who believe Christians must renounce their religious beliefs and affiliations in their Christian religious-based organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, if they want to be appointed to public office; one of the planks of Socialism.  Tom Perez, the Socialist Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) claimed that Republicans have an advantage because “people buy" what they hear in their Christian churches, and that voters are influenced by the church. 


Since 2000, the below listed Leftist, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Progressives, and Islam Extremist groups, that make up the “Progressive Coalition”, have been working diligently to eliminate The Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and replace The Free Enterprise System with Socialism.  Many of the below listed organizations that make up the “Progressive Coalition” have been funded by Nazi Sympathizer George Soros’ “Tides Foundation” are as follows:


The Communist Party USA, the Marxist Leninist Communist Workers Party Front “Answer”, Bob Avakian’s “Revolutionary Communist Party”, The Communist Party’s “Progressive Unity Fund”, The Communist Workers Party, The Hard Core Marxist-Leninist Organization “World Workers Party”, The Chicago based “Communist Industrial Workers of the World”, Bill Ayer’s “Marxist Weatherman Underground”, the Communist Open Borders organization “Casa de Maryland, The New Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, Louis Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitic “Nation of Islam”, “The Muslim Brotherhood, & CAIR” international terrorist organizations, Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network”, the organization planning to destroy 350+ Confederate statues “Color of Change”, the radical Hispanic Separatist Groups “La Raza” & “Mecha”, Open Borders Mexican Drug Cartel operatives, Andy Zee’s violent Marxist Terrorist group “ANTIFA”, a women’s radical group “Ultra-Violet”, the Women’s Donor Network, The Women’s March, the radical Marxist group “Act Blue”, the radical leftist labor union “SIEU”, the leftist group campaigning against Congressmen who support President Trump “Indivisible”, Bernie Sander’s “Democrat Socialists of America”, By Any Means Necessary, The Advocate Fund, The Ford Foundation, The WK Kellogg Foundation, The California Endowment Fund, The Bauman Foundation, New Media Ventures, The Philanthropy Project, Propel Capital, The Public Welfare Foundation, The Arkay Foundation, The Solidarity Network, The Threshold Foundation, the Marxist California Attorney General, Xavier Becerra.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Obama’s Socialist organization “Organization For Action.”  Hillary’s Socialist organization “Onward Together”, Tom Perez’s Chairman of the Socialist Party (formerly the Democrat Party), and 50 elected Socialists and Communists members of Congress: 

In a Socialist economy, the government has the ultimate power, and decides what the average citizen should get from a limited supply; it decides who and what should exist.  Socialism has failed wherever it has been tried, and now Democrats want to fundamentally transform The Free Enterprise System of the Republic to a Radical Socialist State.  Socialism has never been about freedom of the individual and the protection of the precious lives of the infants and individuals; it has always been about the ruthless control of the masses by a select few corrupt rulers who become the sole beneficiaries of the wealth and luxuries of a nation.

The Free Enterprise System has flourished in the western democracies and have created most of the amenities that have benefited mankind and made life easier for the average consumer.  There are no Socialist countries in Western Europe, and most support the Free Enterprise System just as the United States. The only difference is that they offer more government benefits than the U.S. does.  

The Free Enterprise System is a moral system which has created the economic prosperity in America, created hundreds of millions of jobs, has alleviated poverty, has created significant social goals, and made the Republic’s standard of living the envy of the world.  Mass production of so many products, has reduced the price of many consumer items and made them affordable for the average consumer.

Walmart Corporation is an excellent example of the benefits of what The Free Enterprise System provides.  It is “alleviating poverty by providing everyday low prices and jobs for hundreds of thousands of low-income people in the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India, China, and nine African countries.  In addition to reducing poverty with low-cost groceries, clothing and household goods, Walmart improves the lives of underserved individuals and communities with $1.4 billion in charitable giving every year, which is almost $4 million every day!” (AEI, M. J. Perry, July 13, 2015).

Over the last two years, the Trump administration’s support for the policies of The Free Enterprise System resulted in lower taxes, reduction in government regulation, reduction in unemployment to a generational low (notably among minority groups who are typically most at risk for poverty), and led the GNP to a very robust economic 3% growth rate, which has overtaken the weak 2% growth Americans experienced over the previous 8 years. 


                                          “The goal of Socialism is Communism”

                                                                                        - Vladimir Lenin


The recipient of this Op Ed should view the Communist Party USA’s (CPUSA) Web site, at in order to digest the information. Then compare the Democrat Party’s Website with the CPUSA’s recommended solutions on gay rights, unfettered immigration, renewable energy, wealth redistribution, universal health care, the condemnation of police officers, etc. – there is little discernable difference.

Over the last 100 years, Socialism has led to the subjugation and death of hundreds of millions of formerly free people in over 30 countries listed above, and developed failed economic dictatorships in those 30 countries (similar to what is happening in Venezuela today, which once was the richest country in South America); the Socialist governments also failed in those 30 countries.

Over the last 243 years, Capitalism created an economic democracy in the US.  The Free Enterprise System has been the most successful economic engine in the history of mankind.  Over the last two years, the Trump administration lowered taxes, reduced government regulation, brought back 500,000 manufacturing jobs, is reducing the international trade imbalance, reduced unemployment to a generational low (notably among minority groups who are typically most at risk for poverty), and led the GNP to a robust 3% growth rate, overtaking the weak 2% growth during the previous 8 years. 


 Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author