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CPT David H. McCormick

  • CPT David H. McCormick

    CPT David H.
    McCormick, USMA '87, PhD
    is a combat veteran of the US
    He is running for United States
    in the state of

Combat Veterans For Congress-----Embedded Integrity

The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is endorsing Hon David H. McCormick, USMA '87, Cpt-USA, PhD as the 153rd Combat Veteran For Congress in the past fourteen years.  Former Captain McCormick resides in Pittsburg, PA; he completed 4 years and 8 months of active duty in the US Army, which included one combat deployment.  Dave McCormick is running for United States Senator to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate.  He understands issues facing members of the US Armed Forces, will always support military personnel, and will ensure that they are cared for while serving their country on active duty, as reservists, and in their retirement as Veterans. 


Dave McCormick strongly supports The Free Enterprise System, considers the Radical Socialist Democrat Party’s agenda a threat to the founding principles of the Republic, and will work to stop the out-of-control spending by irresponsible Socialist Democrat members in the Senate who have fueled the 18 % inflation in America today; it is the worst inflation Americans have faced in 50 years.  He is a fiscally conservative candidate who will work to reduce the national debt, support economic growth, and will work toward unleashing the private sector to grow, create jobs, and stimulate private sector business investment.  


Dave will work to close the wide-open northern and southern borders, to prevent the entry of Chinese Communist fentanyl that is killing over 100,000 young Americans annually, and other drugs that are being trafficked.  He will support the US Border Patrol Agents to prevent the entry of MS-13 gang members, Radical Islamic Hamas and Al Qaeda Terrorists, Communist Chinese military personnel, Iranian Islamic Terrorists, human traffickers, and the over 350,000 Illegal Aliens invading the United States each month who are arriving from 180 countries.


Dave McCormick will work to put a stop to the to the war on US Energy, will support the United States to become Energy Independent once again, by supporting the drilling for crude oil on US government land and in Anwar once again.  He will support those policies to lower the cost of energy for families who are struggling to pay for the ever-increasing cost of gas at the pump and the cost of heating their homes in the cold winters.  

Dave will protect and defend the U S Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and will protect the unalienable rights of Americans as outlined in The Bill of Rights, their Freedom of Religion, their Freedom of Speech, their Freedom of the Press, and the right of Americans to Keep and Bear Arms.  He is an avid supporter of Law Enforcement.  Dave will defend traditional Family Values and will provide “true” representation for the average American voter in Pennsylvania and in the Republic. 

Dave McCormick is running against three term US Senator Bob Casey whose radical leftist policies are in support of the Biden administration leftist policies that have been destructive for the past three years.  Casey supports men competing with girls and women in female sports programs that allows men to have access and the use of women locker rooms and showers.  Casey supports the abortion of babies up to nine months, does not support protecting the lives of babies born alive, and does not support the mandate that doctors provide care for surviving babies of abortion.  Casey refused to support repealing of the Pistol Brace Ban, which is in violation of the 2nd Amendment. 


Casey voted for the funding of 87,000 armed newly hired IRS Agents who will threaten the average American taxpayer (he and his fellow Socialist Democrats should have instead supported the funding of 87,000 new Border Patrol Agents who are desperately needed on the “wide-open” southern border).  Casey is against the drilling and recovery of crude oil on government land which would lower the price of gas at the pump for all Americans suffering from the worst inflation in 50 years.  The cost of gas at the pump has increased from $1.87/gal when Biden was elected, to the current increased prices of between $5.00/gal and $6.00/gal in California. 


Casey supports the Biden administration’s “wide-open” northern and southern border policy in place allowing the entry of fentanyl, and other drugs (killing over 100,000 Americans annually), the entry of violent MS-13 gang members, entry of Radical Middle East Islamic Terrorists, the hundreds of thousands Communist Chinese Military personnel, human traffickers, and the entry of over 350,000 Illegal Aliens from 180 countries into the United States each month (they are entering without being checked for contagious disease which have been outbreaking and spreading nationally). 


Casey supports and voted for the out-of-controlled spending by the Socialist Democrats in the Senate that has driven the National Debt to over $34 Tillion.  Casey believes parents should be prevented from having input in their children’s school curriculum and should be prevented from having any control over what their children are being taught in public schools.  Casey supports allowing Drag Queen Story Hour indoctrinations in Public Libraries by men dressed as women who are brainwashing preschool children.


Dave McCormick was born on August 17, 1965 in Washington, PA, and was raised in Bloomsburg, PA.  Dave attended Bloomsburg Area High School, played varsity football, and was on the varsity wresting team; he graduated in June 1983.  At age 18, Dave entered the US Military Academy at West Point, NY and was on the varsity wresting team.  Cadet McCormick graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering on May 27, 1987.


On May 27, 1987, Cadet McCormick was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant Army Infantryman.  He received orders to report to Basic Airborne Training at Fort Benning, GA; he qualified for the Parachutist Badge in January 1988.  Upon completion of Basic Airborne Training, he was ordered to the Engineer Officer Basic Course at Fort Belvoir, VA; he completed the course in June 1988.  Upon completion of the Engineering Officers Course, 2nd LT McCormick received orders to US Army Ranger Training at Fort Benning; upon qualification in August 1988, he received the Ranger Tab.    In September 1988, 2nd LT McCormick was ordered to duty at Fort Bragg, NC as a Platoon Leader for C Company, 307th Engineering Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division.  


On May 27, 1989, 2nd LT McCormick was promoted to First lieutenant.  1st LT McCormick received orders to report to Air Movement Operations Course at Fort Campbell, KY and completed training in September 1989.  Upon completion of training, 1st LT McCormick was ordered to Jumpmaster Course at Fort Bragg, NC: upon completion of training, he qualified for the Senior Parachutist Badge in October 1989.  1st Lt Mc Cormick received orders to Sapper Leader Course at Fort Leonard Wood, MO; he qualified for the Sapper Leader Tab in December 1989.  1st Lt McCormick was assigned as C Company Executive Officer in January 1990. 


In August 1990, in support of Operation Desert Shield, 1st Lt McCormick deployed as Executive Officer, C Company, 307th Engineering Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg to the Western Province of Suadi Arabia.  In February 1991, in support of Operation Desert Storm, 1st LT as C Company, Executive Officer, responsible of a 120-man Combat Engineering Company was ordered into combat action in Iraq.  The company participated in mine clearing operations, ordered to destroy enemy munitions, and was ordered to oversee combat engineering support for a 3500-man Airborne Infantry Task Force.  In April 1991, upon completion of combat operations, the 82nd Airborne Division was ordered to return to Fort Bragg, NC.  


In May 1991, 1st LT McCormick was promoted to Captain.  In July 1991, CPT McCormick received orders to report to the Engineering Officer Advance Course at Fort Leonard Wood, MO; he completed training in December 1991.  On February 2, 1992, CPT David McCormick resigned his commission and was Honorably Discharged from the US Army.  CPT McCormick’s military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, the Army Achievement Medal (two Oak Leaf Cluster in lieu of 3rd Award), Ranger Tab, Senior Parachutist Badge, Sapper Leader Tab, and various Campaign and Service Medals.


In September 1992, David McCormick was accepted to matriculate in the Graduate School of Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs in the Master of Public Affairs curriculum at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey.  David graduated with a Mater in Public Affairs (MPA) in June 1994.  In September 1994, David was accepted as a Graduate Assistant in the PhD Program in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.  In June of 1996, Princeton University conferred a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs Degree on David McCormick.


In September 1996, Dr. McCormick accepted a position as a Consultant with McKinsey & Company.  In 1999, Dr. McCormick was appointed as President, CEO, and Director of FreeMarkets, Inc.   In 2004, Dr. McCormick accepted the appointment as the President and Director of Ariba, Inc.  In 2005, The George W. Bush Administration appointed Dr. McCormick to a series of appointments staring as Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security, then in 2006 as Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs, and in 2007 as Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs, until 2009.  In 2009, Dr. McCormick was appointed as President, Co-CEO/CEO of Bridgewater Associates; in December 2022, Dr. McCormick resigned his position to run for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.


David McCormick has been endorse by, National TV Host Mark Levin, Esq., National TV Host Show Sean Hannity, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, USMA ’86, Sen Tom Cotton, CPT-USA (R-AR), Sen Steve Daines (R-MT), Sen John Thune (R-SD), Sen John Barrasso (R-WY), Sen Katie Britt (R-AL), Sen Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), GA Gov Brian Kemp, Cong Jim Jordan (OH-04), Chair House Judiciary Committee, Cong Elise Stefanik (NY-21), Chair of the Republican House Conference, Cong Mike Gallagher Cpt-USMC, PhD (WI-08), Cong Scott Perry, BGen(Ret)/PA-ANG (PA-10), Cong Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), Cong Dan Meuser (PA-09), Cong Lloyd Smucker (PA-11), Cong John Joyce (PA-13), Cong Guy Reschenthaler (PA-14), Cong Glenn Thompson (PA-15), Cong Mike Kelly (PA-16), Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, Republican Jewish Committee, RNC National Chairman Andy Reilly, Former PAGOP Chairman Rob Gleason, 2022 U.S. Senate Candidate Jeff Bartos, RNC National Committeewoman Christine Torretti, PA Sen Ryan Aument (SD-36), PA Sen Camera Bartolotta (SD-46), PA Sen Frank Farry (SD-06), PA Sen Dan Laughlin (SD-49), PA Sen Scott Martin, PA Sen Tracy Pennycuick (SD-24), PA Sen Joe Pittman (SD-41), PA Sen Devlin Robinson (SD-37), PA Sen Kim Ward (SD-39), PA Rep Bryan Cutler (HD-100), PA Rep George Dunbar (HD-56), PA Rep Joe Hogan (HD-142), PA Rep Josh Kail (HD-15), PA Rep Andrew Kuzma (HD-39), PA Rep Shelby Labs (HD-143), PA Rep Tim O’Neal (HD-48), PA Rep Kristin Marcell (HD-178), PA Rep Rob Mercuri (HD-28), PA Rep Natalie Mihalek (HD-40), PA Rep Marci Mustello (HD-11), PA Rep Craig Staats (HD-145), PA Rep K.C. Tomlinson (HD-18), PA Rep Martina White (HD-170), Adams  County Sheriff James Muller,  Armstrong County Sheriff Frank Pitzer,  Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy,  Bedford County Sheriff Wayne Emerick, Jr.,  Berks County Sheriff Eric Weaknecht,  Blair County Sheriff James (Jim) Ott,  Bradford County Sheriff C.J Walters,  Bucks County Sheriff Fred Harran,  Butler County Sheriff Michael Slupe,  Cambria County Sheriff Don Robertson,  Cameron County Sheriff Doug Homan (acting),  Carbon County Sheriff Daniel Zeigler,  Centre County Sheriff Bryan Sampsel,  Clarion County Sheriff Shawn Zerfoss,  Clearfield County Sheriff Michael B. Churner,  Crawford County Sheriff David Powers, Cumberland County Sheriff Jody Smith,  Dauphin County Sheriff Nick Chimienti,  Elk County Sheriff Todd Caltagarone,  Fayette County Sheriff James Custer,  Forest County Sheriff William D. Carbaugh Jr.,  Franklin County Sheriff Ben Sites,  Huntingdon County Sheriff Jeffrey Leonard,  Indiana County Sheriff Robert Fyock,  Jefferson County Sheriff Sam Bartley,  Lancaster County Sheriff Christopher Leppler,  Lebanon County Sheriff Jeff Marley Jr.,  Lycoming County Sheriff R. Mark,  Lusk McKean County Sheriff Daniel J. Woods,  Mercer County Sheriff Tim Callahan,  Mifflin County Sheriff Jim Drayer,  Perry County Sheriff David Hammar,  Pike County Sheriff Kerry Welsh,  Potter County Sheriff Kevin Siska,  Snyder County Sheriff John A. Zechman,  Somerset County Sheriff Dusty Weir, Sullivan County Sheriff Jerrod Houck,  Susquehanna County Sheriff Lance Benedict,  Tioga County Sheriff Frank Levindoski,  Union County Sheriff Ernest R. Ritter, III,  Venango County Sheriff Eric Foy,  Warren County Sheriff Scott Neiswonger,  Washington County Sheriff Tony Andronas,  Wayne County Sheriff Chris Rosler, Westmoreland County Sheriff James D. Albert, Wyoming County Sheriff Bob Roberts,  and York County Sheriff Rich Keuerleber.


Dave McCormick is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and the West Point Associates of Graduates.  Dave McCormick and his wife Dina Powell McCormick of 5 years are the proud parents of Lilah age 23, Kate (Powell) age 22, Tess age 21, Ava age 19, Ava (Powell) age 18, and Elise age 17.


The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is pleased to endorse Hon David H. McCormick, USMA'87, Cpt-USA, PhD who will bring to the US Senate his experience in the private sector, in the public sector, his military skills, and common sense to better solve problems in government and represent the State of Pennsylvania and the Republic.  If you review former Capt McCormick positions on his website, you would be pleased with his policy positions; they agree with the Combat Veterans For Congress Mission Statement.  We look forward to working with former Capt McCormick and are pleased that a Combat Veteran of his caliber is running for the US Senate. 


If you have friends, associates, or relatives who know voters in Pennsylvania, kindly pass this E-mail on to them, and ask them to support Dave McCormick by working on his campaign, providing financial support for his campaign in any amount, and/or by networking with others who would be willing to support his campaign.  The military is one of the few remaining institutions producing the caliber of men and women needed to restore this nation to the greatness our Founding Fathers envisioned.  We have endorsed another Combat Veteran For Congress that General George Washington would have approved of.  He is a Combat Veteran who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including his life.”