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Catholic Church Abuse Crisis is No Accident; Its a Strategy to Destroy the Catholic Church From Within

  • Catholic Church Abuse Crisis is No Accident; Its a Strategy to Destroy the Catholic Church From Within

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 22, 2018: Op Ed # 407

By clicking on the below listed link, the strategy followed by the Communist Party since the 1930s to destroy the Catholic Church from within and marginalize the Christian religion, will be revealed.  Communism teaches their fellow travelers that religion is the “opiate of the people.”    


The Communist Party USA, Progressive Marxists, Socialists Democrats, 80 Radical Left & Communist organizations funded by George Soros, Atheists, Anarchists, the left of center liberal media establishment, and their fellow travelers have joined with the Communist Party’s strategy to destroy the Catholic Church from within, and marginalize the Christian religion.  After 80 + years, the Communist Party’s long term goal with the willing help of their fellow travelers and co-conspirators listed above, is bearing fruit as follows:  


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been labeling many Christian organizations like the Family Research Center as who oppose the SPLC’s school curriculum for students in grades K-12  “hate groups.” They oppose the sexual indoctrination of children in very early grammar school grades, indoctrinating those very immature students into the LGBT lifestyles.  This indoctrination creates gender confusion, and the curriculum teaches students that the “anything goes” sexual activities is perfectly healthy and normal.  


Thousands of parents who expressed their concerns on Christian religious grounds about the SPLC sexual indoctrination of their very young children have been marginalized for daring to complain.  “Progressive” school administrators have tried to silence parents and/or tried to keep them in the dark.  In Minnesota, a group of parents who complained about the SPLS’s sexual education of their young children to county school board or elected political leaders, have been sued by the SPLC when the parents dared to fight back.  The concerned parents who complained of extreme sexual indoctrination, on religious grounds, were labeled a “hate group,” in the ongoing anti-Christian, anti-family, and anti-parental, SPLC propaganda campaign.


“The American Civil Liberties Union, vilified and sued Catholic Nuns (The Little Sisters of the Poor) in an attempt to seek an exemption from one part of the Obamacare HHS preventive-care mandate, in which the Department of Health and Human Services required all employers to provide insurance covering sterilization and birth control — including forms of birth control that prevent embryos from implanting in the uterus, thereby causing abortion; The Little Sisters of the Poor opposed those provisions on religious grounds.” (National Review 8/3/17)


“The HHS mandate garnered many press headlines, but it was far from the only flashpoint.  In several jurisdictions, Catholic Charities and other faith-based adoption agencies have been forced to abandon their invaluable work simply because they want to place needy children only in homes with married moms and dads. The Obama administration called that discrimination based on sexual orientation.” (National Review 8/3/17)

“Religious Schools adhering to the historic vision of marriage are also at risk.  They stand to lose accreditation and nonprofit tax status as well as eligibility for student loans, vouchers, and education savings accounts.  Soros' Radical Left organizations, “Progressives Marxists”, Communists, Socialist Democrats, and the LGBT community regularly equate “homophobia” with racism, knowing full well that if they can make the latter stick, it can serve as grounds for ending tax-exempt status, which happened to Bob Jones University in the 1970s because of alleged racist policies regarding dating and marriage (that tax-exempt status was lifted in 2000 as having no basis in fact).” (National Review 8/2/17)

“Consider the ACLU’s “Health Care Denied” project, launched in May 2016.  That project solicited complaints against Catholic Hospitals to form the bases of class action lawsuits.  Those lawsuits claim that because the Catholic Hospitals decline to perform abortions, “they use their religious identity to discriminate against and harm women.”  The hospitals say that is patently absurd.  The mother’s sex has nothing to do with a Catholic Hospital’s refusal to kill the unborn, and its commitment to save lives instead.” (National Review 8/2/17) 

“The ACLU has also sued Catholic Hospitals for declining to perform sex-reassignment surgeries.  A headline for a California NBC affiliate read: “ACLU sues Carmichael Faith-based Hospital for denying transgender man hysterectomy.”  The Catholic Hospital was being accused of discrimination based on gender identity.  Catholic Hospitals refuse to remove a healthy and harmless uterus from anyone, whether the person identifies as cisgender or transgender.  This does not reflect discrimination based on gender identity, but rather an honest vision of the role of medicine and the proper treatment of gender dysphoria.” (National Review 8/2/17) 

In another indication of outright the bigotry against Christians, a lawsuit was filed against Obama’s DHS by the Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center, a “liberal” advocacy organization.  Heartland is “dedicated to ensuring human rights protections” for immigrants and asylum seekers—including apparently from terrorists.  Heartland filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DHS for discriminating against Syrian and Assyrian Christian refugees, preventing them from immigrating to the US for 8 years. The Appellate Judge said there was almost a complete lack of Christian refugees from the Middle East being brought into the US during the 8 years of the Obama administration, yet over 900,000 Muslim Refugees from the Middle East were brought in during that same period.  

Many Commercial retail outlets have taken the word “Christmas” out of their once seasonal greetings in December, and Christ in the manger with the shepherds scenes were rejected from public parks where they once stood during each Christmas.  “Progressive” school administrators no longer allow grammar schools to have Christmas art programs or Christmas party celebrations, and “Christmas Trees” in public places are now referred to as “Holiday Tree."

For the last 10 years, pressure was exerted on students in public school classrooms, college and graduate school students, employees in US business organizations, and employees in federal and state government bureaucracies to be “Politically Correct.”  During those same 10 years, the left of center liberal media establishment tried to “bully” the general public, into cease from using “Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” during the Christmas Season.  The public was encouraged to substitute anything with “Christmas” in it, with phrases like “Seasons Greetings”, “Holiday Cookies”, “Good Yule”, “Happy Holidays”, “Happy Solstice”, “Holiday Party”, “Winter Yule”, “Holiday Light Festival”, “Holiday Eve Church Service”, etc.  However, Christians who honor the birth of Jesus Christ, weren’t bullied and refused to be “Politically Correct”, and eliminate the word “Christmas “ from their holiday vocabulary.


A number of independent small mom and pop artistic bakery specialty shops, who always had many long time gay customers, only refused to create wedding cakes for same sex marriages, on religious grounds; they were subsequently sued by same sex couples for sexual discrimination.  Their defense was that they always served gay customers, and did not discriminate against them.  The case in Colorado became a high profile & well published legal cases, the bakery’s business permit was revoked by Colorado state agencies, they were harassed by the LBGT Community, and the left of center liberal media establishment demonized them.  The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the bakery and dismissed the lawsuit against them, but Colorado state agencies are continuing their unending harassment against the baker---now the baker has filed a lawsuit against the State of Colorado.

A Christian couple who owns Telescope Media Group (TMG) is suing the state of Minnesota in the US 8th Circuit of Appeals, challenging the constitutionality of a Minnesota Law, after being threatened with fines and imprisonment if they refuse to make films involving same-sex marriage.  They refuse to do so because it violated their well held religious beliefs.  A Minnesota’s Human Rights Act stipulates that if the owners of TMG produce films about traditional Christian marriages between one man and one woman, they must also produce films about the unions of same sex couples that violate their Christian views, CBN News reported. 


Through the last several centuries, US Military personnel raised in the Judeo-Christian philosophy have had and have given the US Armed Forces a positive monotheistic image.  US GIs were admired and respected by millions of oppressed people who were liberated from their oppressors by the US military action, and their countries were returned to them.  Members of the US Armed Forces, by definition, can’t dispute the directives issued by political appointees in the DOD who imposed the below listed anti-Christian policies, in which Flag and General Officers have been required to enforce.  Many Christian military personnel, have opposed those anti-Christian directives and policies by leaving the US Armed Forces on completion of their enlistments.  


Directives imposed by “Progressive” bureaucrats in DOD prevented Christian Chaplains from reading their Cardinal’s pastoral letters from the pulpit to their parishioners (a violation of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion).  In December 2014, the US Army punished Army Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn for listing Bible verses as an “optional” resource in a suicide prevention training class.  In June 2014, a VA facility in Iron Mountain, Michigan was ordered by the Obama administration to cover the cross on the Chapel altar, the stained glass windows, and all Christian symbols.  Robins Air Force Base, GA banned the greeting “Have a blessed day” in March 1915.  A gay activist Naval Officer baited Navy Chaplain Wes Modder into answering controversial questions on homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  Because he answered from a Biblical perspective, the Navy removed Chaplain Modder from all religious duties.  


The U.S. Air Force removed “So help me God” at the end of the enlistment oath when swearing in all new enlisting members of the Air Force.  The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute’s training course teaches military personnel that the Bible and the Declaration of Independence perpetuates “sexism.”  A Northern Indiana VA facility removed the 5 service branch flags from the entrance to the facility, and replaced them with a single gay pride rainbow flag.  When these and other anti-Christian policies are relayed to family members and friends by members of the US Armed Forces, it negatively affects future attempts to recruit new members into the US Armed Forces from those communities.   

In 2008, “Progressive” DOD bureaucrats issued directives to observe and celebrate gay pride events on US Military facilities.  Gay pride rainbow flags are allowed to be flown at gay pride events on US military facilities, including at the Pentagon (that is a violation of US Military Regulations which forbids every type of political promoting events from taking place on US Military Facilities).  Another policy directed by DOD “Progressive” bureaucrats , included orders to recruit gay and transgender personnel.  Transgender personnel required multiple, and “extremely costly” sex change operations with unusually long, off-duty recuperation periods, resulting in long delays in surgical support for straight military personnel in need of surgery.  


There has been a very dark side in recruiting gays to serve openly in the US Armed Forces.  During 2012, the first full year of that policy, 14,000 straight males were sexual assaulted.  Since that first year of 2012, the number of sexual assaults on straight males has been carefully covered up by “Progressive“ bureaucrats at DOD.  Those assaults on straight males have resulted in many young recruits going AWOL in order to get away from sexual predators preying on them daily, and re-enlistments by straight Christian males have been negatively affected.  Recruiting gay and transgender recruits is negatively affecting unit retention, unit moral, unit cohesiveness, and the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces.  The failure of the service branches to meet their annual recruiting quotas is most likely the result of the robust and growing economy providing excellent job opportunities in civilian life, but it may also be, in part, because of anti-Christian policies in the US military listed above.  


The failure to properly screen out candidates applying for the Catholic Priesthood, who had pedophilia tendencies was a failing of the Catholic Church for over 80 years.  Past abuses of children by Catholic Priests have been exposed by those children in their adulthood, and the convictions of those priests have created a serious faith based problem for the Catholic Church.  Today, surviving members of the Catholic clergy who bear responsibility for abusive acts with children, and the leaders of the church who prevent the arrest and incarceration of those priests should be forced to retire.  The leadership of the Catholic Church can strengthen support by their faithful, by forcing the retirement of those responsible for covering up the abuses of children by priests.  That is one of the many ways the leadership of the Catholic Church can oppose the attempts to destroy the Catholic Church from within.


American citizens who are practitioners of all religions should join together to oppose attacks on the Catholic Church and Christianity by the Communist Party USA, “Progressive” Marxist’s, Socialist Democrats, Atheists, Anarchists, 80 Radical Left & Communist organizations funded by George Soros, the left of center liberal media establishment, and their fellow travelers.  Attacks on Christianity should be opposed by religious institutions in their public relations programs, by pastors alerting parishioners of attacks from their church pulpits, and by opposing school board members who have eliminated the fact that the Judeo-Christian philosophy was the foundation upon which the Republic was created from the teaching curriculum.  


“Freedom of Religion”, given to their posterity by the Founding Fathers, is the fundamental natural right of every American Citizen, and well-documents attempts by the Communist Party to destroy the Catholic Church from within, and the Christian Religion, must be exposed and opposed as listed above.

Catholic abuse crisis is likely no accident, but a strategy to ‘destroy Church from within.’


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.