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Combat Veterans For Congress Rein in Out of Control Spending by Administration

  • Combat Veterans For Congress Rein in Out of Control Spending by Administration

If you had the opportunity to watch Sean Hannity's evening program on April 12th on the FOX News Network, you would have been pleased to listen to the comments of 3 of the 12 elected Combat Veterans For Congress who are among the 87 new Freshman Congressional members.  Millions of voters viewed their relevant comments and principled stands that evening; on Sunday night on FOX there will be another program concerning the same issues with Freshmen Congressmen.  The nation is so fortunate to have representatives in Congress like Cong Adam Kinzinger, Cpt-AFNG (R-IL-11), Cong Michael Grimm, USMC/FBI (R-NY-13), and Cong Allen West, Lt. Col-USA (Ret) (R-FLA-22) as well as the other Combat Veterans For Congress.  The three Congressmen took firm and courageous stands on reining in the out of control spending by the Obama Administration and said they will insist on reductions in spending before they consider voting to raise the national debt limit.  In the November 2012 election, we encourage all American voters to support the re-election of these three courageous patriots and the other elected Combat Veterans For Congress listed on our Web site at, as well as the new slate of Combat Veterans For Congress we will endorse going forward.  They continue to be true to their pledge to protect and defend the US Constitution, and deserve our support for their dedication to the Republic.  Please pass this on to those in your address book who reside in their home states.