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We are pleased to inform you that another of the elected Combat Veterans For Congress, Congressman Steve Pearce continues his serious commitment to support Veterans and Veterans issues.  Congressman Pearce has formed a Veterans Advisory Council in New Mexico and on March 30th his Advisory Council is promoting Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans in New Mexico.  The Advisory Council is being proactive in many other areas as outlined in the attached summary.  Since his election, Congressman Pearce has been working tirelessly to rein in the out of control spending by the Obama Administration.  We are encouraging all who review this, to financially support another patriotic Combat Veteran’s re-election in 2012.



Congressman Commended for Reaching out to Vets; Helping them in Washington 

       Congressman Steve Pearce announced his newly assembled Veterans Advisory Council.  The purpose of the council is to give veterans a voice on pressing issues.  Through the council, Pearce will actively seek feedback and ideas on how to best serve local veterans.  The Congressman’s formation of the council has received widespread and enthusiastic support from New Mexican veterans’ groups.

     “This is a tremendous plan to help New Mexico’s veterans” said Robert Cano, commander of a Las Cruces chapter of Disabled American Veterans.  “In doing this, Congressman Pearce will get the general consensus from veterans across the state, from all different backgrounds.  Our voices will be heard in Washington.”

     Local American Legion commander Clint Dozier called the council “a great idea.”  Dozier explained that “people like the Congressman need to have a pulse on local veterans’ issues, and this is a great way to do that

     The announcement today was at Veterans’ Park in Las Cruces, as part of a weekend of ceremonies to honor New Mexico’s veterans, including a welcome-home ceremony for Vietnam veterans held at the park.  Pearce is cosponsoring a bill to designate March 30th as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.”

     Pearce expressed eagerness to continue his work for veterans through this new program.   “I am pleased to announce this Veterans Advisory Council,” said Pearce.  “As a Vietnam veteran, I understand the complexity and importance of veterans’ issues.  As a legislator, I understand the need to reach out to those who will be affected by legislation and those who know the issues at hand.  This group brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to aid in the formulation of strong policy.”

     Kevin Dasing, who will serve as chair of the council, said, “I applaud the Congressman for his insight in putting this council together.  This is the first council of its kind in New Mexico, and it will be a pleasure working with Mr. Pearce to address veterans’ issues.”

     Las Cruces Vietnam Veteran Bruce Forrest said that “this will definitely help out” with the needs of veterans, “especially with all the vets out there who don’t know who to talk to or where to go to get the help they need.  With members of the council from across southern New Mexico, the Congressman will be able to help all these forgotten heroes.”

     “We must be heard as veterans,” said Cano, “and Mr. Pearce has always made sure that our voices are heard.  The Congressman has always sat down to listen to us as veterans; he listens to us.  And on top of that, his people are always easy to reach.  I am very grateful for Mr. Pearce’s work for veterans.”

     The council will meet regularly by telephone to discuss issues and problems.  On a quarterly basis, they will meet with Congressman Pearce, to present him with priorities to carry to Washington and facilitate change.

     Pearce, himself a decorated veteran, has made service to America’s veterans a priority throughout his over six years in Congress.  Pearce logged over 518 hours of combat flight in Vietnam, and was awarded the distinguished flying cross.  He separated honorably with the rank of Captain.