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The Consent Of The Governed

  • The Consent Of The Governed

By Capt Joseph R. John, November 16, 2020, Op Ed #526

Two months ago, on national television, Joe Biden stated he wouldn’t declare victory until the election was independently certified; yet 4 days after the election, he delivered a speech claiming “a clear victory”.  Seventy-three million American would like to know why Democrats spent 4 years investigating the 2016 election and repeatedly said the collusion with Russians is why President Trump won the election.  Why is it that Democrats won’t allow Republicans to spend 4 weeks investigating election tampering in the 2020 election with millions of documented voter fraud?


If you click on the below listed link you will be able to listen to Sidney Powell, Esq., LTG Michael Flynn’s Attorney, discuss the Dominion Voting System that altered the tabulation of votes cast in the 2020 election.  The software system was originally created to alter voting results in Venezuela.  The Software was funded by Communist China, Cuba, and Venezuela.


The actual mathematical analysis of how the Dominion Voting System was tabulating votes cast for President in four of the largest counties of Michigan was completed by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, an MIT Scientist and Fulbright Scholar, and by several highly qualified engineer associates.  The engineers normally do pattern analysis, graph plotting, algorithms analysis, and software programing in their normal full time scientific work and research.  They plotted the results for each voter precinct by countyon each of the four graphs; the inputs were clean and the results were clean.  The result demonstrated that there were massive tabulating irregularities and Election Fraud.  Votes by precincts were tabulated and posted on a X/Y graph for each county.  As the size of the Republican voting population increased in a voting precinct, the volume of votes that were switched from President Trump to Biden in an increasing algorithm resulting in a graph that was exactly in the same weighted, predictable, perfect linear slope.  Please watch the video and listen to Dr. Shiva’s explanation of Election Fraud.

Based upon the results of the analysis and the plotting of graphs, the engineers said they could have easily written the same weighted, predictable software program that duplicated the switch in votes that they were observing take place from President Trump to Biden in each county.  The same algorithm and pattern analysis was in place for each county and can be seen by watching the above listed video presentation.  The engineers who did the analysis were members of both parties.  Their analysis was intended to reveal how the voting systems were perpetrating Election Fraud.  They wanted to contribute toward obtaining future accurate voting results; it was not about politics at all.  They said they did the analysis for the benefit of the entire nation in order to demonstrate how software programs in voting machines have been skewing the actual voting results.


The US Government determined that Dominion Voting System was involved in altering voting results.  The US Intelligence community began a search for the servers and discovered that they were in Frankfurt, Germany.  In order to gain access to the servers and have them available for use in a court proceeding, the US Government had to have the State Department work in tandem with the Department of Justice to request that the government of Germany permit the seizure of the servers in Frankfurt.  


The appropriate documents required to affect that seizure were created, signed off by the Government of Germany, and the Top-Secret operation to seize Scytl servers was approved, but the operation had to be led by German Law Enforcement.  The CIA Servers were also seized in Frankfurt because they were working with Dominion.  The need to execute the Top-Secret seizure of the servers, explains why Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was fired and Acting Secretary Christopher Miller and Kash Patel were put in charge at DOD before the operation could be approved then executed.  It couldn’t have been left to chance that someone at DOD might expose the Top-Secret operation, or that Scytl might possibly be tipped off.  The CIA Director Gina Haspel and FBI Director Christopher Wray were completely excluded from the operation. 


The raid of Scytl was executed by German Law Enforcement and US Army Special Operation Forces, and Scytl’s servers were seized in Frankfurt.  Scytl Secure Electronic Voting, SA, is a Barcelona-based company that provides electronic software for election voting systems worldwide and was improperly hosting the voting data from the 2020 US Presidential election on their servers in Frankfurt.  Scytl transmitted voting totals through the Internet to Dominion Voting Systems in the United States.  


By seizing the servers, the US Government was able to acquire direct evidence when Dominion Systems voting machines were instructed to stop counting, and document how and when it changed voting totals. The US Government will also be able to determine who gave the directions to stop counting and who initiated the algorithm that started switching votes from President Trump to Biden. 


Scytl is tied to Nazi Collaborator George Soros, World Order Advocate Bill Gates, and an autonomous Dubai-based organization with suspected ties to Communist China.  Scytl purchased software from a trio of organizations with the connections to George Soros and Bill Gates in order to develop unique capabilities to tabulate votes in U.S. elections.  Scytl’s software has proven to be vulnerable to electronic manipulation, and can be hacked to change vote totals.       


The left of center liberal media establishment is on a campaign to berate any American voter who is concerned about election tampering and do not want thousands of documented revelations of Voter Fraud investigated.  American voters have every right to question election tampering and Voter Fraud, documented by thousands of innocent Americans and Whistleblowers who were very concerned of election tampering they witnessed.  MSNBC Commentator, Mika Brzezinski, said anyone who questions Biden’s election is treasonous-----really?  The two below listed videos should be viewed by every American Citizen.  


Tucker Carlson (in one of his most powerful presentations, ever):


A video by Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, who provides a succinct analysis of what happened to America’s most cherished 244-right, the right to vote in a free and fair election:

Not one of the 50 states has certified that Joe Biden was elected, and therefore 73 million Americans haven’t accepted the left of center liberal media’s declaration that Joe Biden was elected.  Millions of voters are insisting on an investigation into election tampering and Voter Fraud.  Socialists and Marxists led by AOC and the Squad have been threatening concerned American voters with bodily harm, bodily harm of their family members, loss of their employment, and the threat of being prevented from obtaining future employment.  Those are the well-known oppressive Communist tactics of Joseph Stalin.  Chinese Communists, Cuban Communists, Venezuelan Communists, Russian Marxists, Iranian Islamic Terrorists, The Muslin Brotherhood International Terrorists, Socialists, Marxist, Antifa, Progressives, the Socialist Democrat Party, etc. have all supported election tampering.  


Is this how America's elections will be determined in the future?  Is this what the Founding Fathers wanted for their posterity?  We encourage the courts to arbitrate the documented charges of election tampering and Voter Fraud.  The courts should only allow “one vote one man” and eliminate invalid votes.  American Citizens have always wanted every “valid vote” to be counted.  The strength of the US Constitutional Republic and support for it by American Citizens depends upon their belief that the “legitimate rule of the Republic” is derived from the consent of the governed.  Without valid and accurate elections result for local, county, state, and federal offices, and for members of Congress and the US President, the US Constitutional Republic can no longer exist.


We urge concerned American Citizens to contact the Supreme Court at with a similar message:  “That you are deeply concerned about election tampering, voter fraud, and the integrity of the vote count of the 2020 election, especially with failure to tabulate the accurate votes for the President on the November 3rd election” in your particular state.  


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