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Criminals Who Violated Federal Law to Steal The Election Were Very Sloppy And Got Caught (Revised)

  • Criminals Who Violated Federal Law to Steal The Election Were Very Sloppy And Got Caught (Revised)

By Capt Joseph R. John, December 2, 2020, Op Ed #529

The United States is in a crucible.  This is the most dangerous period in the US Republic’s 244-year history; the survival of the Republic is at stake.  There is overwhelming evidence of the assault by Marxists, Socialists, and the Democrat Socialist Party on “One Vote One Man”, and of the sinister assault on the Constitutional Republic by deep state domestic enemies, working very closely with Communist China, committing treasonous crimes against the Republic.   


Communist China pulled all the stops to destroy President Trump, because they are afraid he will do to them what President Reagan did to Russia, with trade and tariffs.  There is a preponderance of evidence of the greatest election fraud in US History which was led by Communist China and their fellow travelers in the United States.  The election theft of the Presidency of the United States had been carefully planned, war gammed, and coordinated with Democrat elected officials in six battleground states.  


On October 8th, Communist China purchased Dominion Voting Systems for $400 million, and then rapidly installed software in the Dominion Voting Machines in six battleground states, to steal votes as further explained below.  Communist China installed software that stopped counting votes uniformly at 10:00 PM in six battleground states on November 3rd, in order to then execute election vote theft to overtake President Trump’s vote totals.  The votes were transmitted on the Internet to Sycle Servers in Frankfurt, Germany, as further explained below.  While massive votes were being stolen by Communist China using the Dominion Voting Machines, massive Voter Fraud was being perpetrated in the six battleground states by domestic enemies of the United States and Democrats who committed treasonous election crimes against the people of America on November 3rd, as explained below. 


The criminals who perpetrated election theft, got very sloppy in their attempt to prevent The President of the United States from receiving the votes cast for him by millions of Americans Citizens.  Actions were taken to prevent Republican Poll Watchers from observing how votes were being counted which were witnessed by thousands of Whistleblowers, who were very upset with what they saw and experienced.  Those American whistleblowers came forward and submitted thousands of sworn affidavits that stated they witnessed voter fraud, and some of them gave public testimony before the Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania’s legislature public hearings, that can be watched in videos on the internet.  


Because of the thousands of sworn affidavits submitted by whistleblowers in many states, an objective observer wouldn’t believe that the votes counted in the 2020 Presidential election were honestly and accurately tabulated.  It was reported in the Arizona hearing that one whistleblower after coming forward, was beaten so severely that he ended up in a hospital, while other whistleblowers reported they have been threatened with death for coming forward.  


Over 83 million “Vote By Mail Ballots” were sent to every resident in Blue Democrat controlled states, whether the resident was registered to vote or not.  The massive volume of ballots provided a rich opportunity to facilitate voter fraud.  President Trump, as well as President Carter in the past, had warned Americans that “Vote By Mail Ballots” would facilitate Voter Fraud (vote by mail ballots are prohibited in Europe, because voter fraud is incontrollable).  In fact, the “Vote By Mail Ballots” made it very easy for many of the 20 million illegal aliens in the US to vote.  The testimony of hundreds of whistleblowers verified how the massive Voter Fraud took place with “Vote By Mail Ballots”.


Democrat poll watchers allowed invalidly filled out ballots to be counted for Biden (some were filled out with pencils which is a violation), and they also allowed thousands of the ”Vote By Mail Ballots” with invalid signatures to be counted as votes for Biden.  One Republican Poll Watcher was assigned the impossible task of supervising votes being counted on 100 tables in a room the size of a school gym, while 100 Democrat Poll Watchers were seated at each of those same 100 tables to supervise the counting of votes.  Because of the massive confusion generated in tabulating hundreds of thousands of those 83 million “Vote By Mail Ballots”, over 4 weeks following the November 3rd election, nine Congressional races have still not been determined.  


According to the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, 1,462,302 of the 1,823,148 absentee ballots mailed by the state to the residents in Pennsylvania were returned to the Registrar of Voters to be counted as having voted.  However, the total number of mail-in ballots actually counted in Pennsylvania was 2,589,242.  That means that 1,126,940 more mail-in ballots were counted as valid votes, that had never been sent by the Registrar of Voters to Pennsylvania residents to cast votes.  Yet those 1,126,940 illegal votes were counted as having validly voted in the election.  It is so obvious that “One Vote One Man” was exceeded by 1,126,940 or more votes in Pennsylvania.


According to Trump Campaign Attorney, Jesse R. Binnall, there is evidence that in Nevada, 40,000+ people voted twice, which would erase Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s lead in Nevada.  It was also reported that 23,000 Absentee Ballots were mailed to out of state voters who no longer lived in Nevada.


UBS Securities (75% owned by the Chinese Communist Government) secretly purchased Dominion Voting Systems of Toronto, Canada for $400 million on October 8, 2020, in order to ensure that Communist China would have enough lead time to reprogram the Dominion Voting System Machines in the 28 states where they were installed to tabulate the votes of American Citizens in the election for The President of the United States, so they would be able to manipulate the vote in those 28 states to ensure that Joe Biden was elected. 


All of this information comes from a sworn legal affidavit by an Electronic Intelligence Analyst assigned to the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion; “Kraken Released”!  He reported GoDaddy registered the Website “” to a Communist Chinese host located in Hunan Province, China. Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) is tied to a group of programmers in Serbia.  The polling group, Edison Research, is tied directly into the DVS network and has a direct back-and-forth link to servers in Iran through servers in the Netherlands.  The owners of Edison Research has direct access through a private network located in Pakistan.  DVS is using “Scorecard” software, the new name for ACORN, from Obama’s ACORN scandal, the biggest Voter Registration Fraud in US History (until now)!


All of these foreign countries (Communist China, Serbia, Iran, Netherlands, and Pakistan) and Obama’s former associate ACORN, whose name was changed to Scorecard, had the ability to watch the vote counting for The President of the United States in “real time” on election day while in a foreign country, not American Citizens in the United States.  Criminals had the ability to switch the total number of votes cast from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden’s vote tally.  Criminal elements in 5 foreign countries as well as Obama’s close criminal associates had the ability to hack the Dominion Voting Machines for the benefit of Communist China’s goal of ensuring that Biden obtains the largest number of votes in the Presidential election, allowing foreigners, not American voters, to determine what candidate would become the next President of the United States.  Those 5 foreign countries colluded with Communist China to steal the election from the American voters and by so doing, changing the US Constitutional Republic forever. 

“This affidavit presents unambiguous evidence that Dominion Voter Systems and Edison Research have been accessible and were certainly compromised by rogue actors, such as Iran and China. By using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, these organizations neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020.

This represents a complete failure of their duty to provide basic cyber security. This is not a technological issue, but rather a governance and basic security issue: if it is not corrected, future elections in the United States and beyond will not be secure and citizens will not have confidence in the results.”  Sidney Powell, Esq, November 25, 2020

After careful analysis and multiple tests, the state of Texas rejected purchasing the Dominion Voting System Machines to tabulate votes in Texas elections, because of the lack of security.  It was also determined that the software could be manipulated through the internet in order to change the votes tabulated in the machine, and the software systems was completely vulnerable to hacking.     


Patrick Byrne, the multi-millionaire President and CEO of, is a very skilled computer technician who became famous on Wall Street by exposing massive fraud in stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange.  Patrick came forward to expose Electronic Voter Fraud in the Presidential election that was programmed by software into the Dominion Voting System Machines.  These machines were vulnerable to hacking and being manipulated externally through the internet to activate the election theft of votes.  Patrick stated that he is not a Republican, that he is a Libertarian, and that he didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, nor in 2020.  Patrick said his ultimate goal in coming forth and employing his computer skills was to protect the US Constitutional Republic.  Patrick further stated that if the 2020 election is allowed to be stolen by computers electronically, it will destroy America’s 244 years of free and fair elections in the United States forever, and it would ultimately result in the elimination of the US Constitutional form of government. 


By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to Patrick dissect how votes were stolen electronically in six states by criminals who programmed the software in Dominion Voting Machines to manipulate the vote count.  After 10:00p.m. on election night, Dominion Voting Systems’ Software executed a long and statistically impossible series of repeated number of vote dumps for Biden.  There were repeated vote dumps of 4,800 votes, over and over again in Georgia for Biden, and repeated vote dumps of 6,000 votes, over and over again in Pennsylvania for Biden, and repeated vote dumps were executed for Biden, over and over again in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada.  Election theft was perpetrated in the six major metropolitan areas in the six battleground states to add thousands of votes electronically to Joe Biden’s total in those states, while at the same time, votes were being eliminated from President Trump vote totals in those six states.


Naïve American voters and Sunshine Patriots who voted for Biden may not have realized that they were aligning themselves with sinister forces that had been doing everything possible for four years to perpetrate an illegal coup d‘etat to remove a duly elected President of the United States.  They aligned themselves with Nazi Sympathizer George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Bob Avakian’s Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together, Bill Ayers' Marxist Weathermen Underground, the Chinese Progressive Association, Obama’s Organization For Action, Andy Zee’s ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists, Keith Ellison’s Sunrise Movement, The Communist Party Progressive Unity Fund, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, Bernie Sanders’ Socialists, The Communist Party USA, Marxist founder Patrisse Cullors of Black Lives Matter Marxists, the Democrat Socialists of America, the Chinese Communist Party’s “United Front”, Rep Nancy Pelosi, The Communist Workers Party, The New Black Panther Party, Rep Maxine Waters, Communist Chinese Instructors at 81 US Universities in 81 Confucius Institutes, Louis Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, The Marxist-Leninist World Workers Party, Micha, Act Blue, SIEU, LaRaza, The Communist Industrial Workers of The World, Color of Change, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Eric Holder, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, and many other radical pro-Socialist and progressive organizations.   


When Obama occupied the Oval Office, the once Conservative Pro-American Democrat Party of Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson was radicalized.  Obama appointed Marxist Tom Perez to take possession of the Democrat Party as Chairman of the Democrat National Committee.  The Democrat Party soon became the Radicalized Socialist Democrat Party.  Marxist Tom Perez took “God” out of the Democrat Party Platform for the first time in US History.  Perez stated that he despised the Bible and began colluding with Communists groups listed above, who have always opposed the Judeo/Christian religious philosophy.

In 1945, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) created the propaganda press entity, “United Front” to apply pressures on the establishment in various countries and to promote Chinese Communist propaganda that would be beneficial to Communist China.  The “United Front” has always operated within foreign political parties on colleges campuses and in corporations to mobilize popular support for the CCP and to indoctrinate individuals in Marxism.  The CCP put pressure on the governments of various countries to support the CCP’s Marxist policies.  After Marxist Tom Perez took control of the Democrat Party, the “United Front” put pressure on him to support and benefit Communist China’s Economic War against the United States, to oppose the United States’ opposition to Communist China’s construction of military bases in international waters in the South China Sea, and to support CCP’s goal of defeating the 2020 re-election of President Donald Trump.  That was the beginning of Communist China’s massive interference in the US Presidential election of 2020.

It began with negative press releases daily by the “United Front” to “brainwash” the American people that President Trump was a racist, an incompetent President, colluded with Russia to win his election, and that President Trump failed to pay his taxes.  The “United Front” encouraged the left of center liberal media establishment to use vile language to slander the US President daily.  They misled Americans about Presidential phone calls by inaccurately reporting false facts about classified information, and promoted the lie that that the President did nothing to protect America people from Communist China’s COVID-19 virus which killed thousands of Americans.  Communist China informed Democrats that they planned to support whomever the Democrat nominee would be in 2020.  

Since 2008, Nazi Sympathizer George Soros, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists began working to “fundamentally” transform the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.  In 2016, the surprise election of President Trump’s got in the way of Obama, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists to “fundamentally” transform the Republic.  So in 2016, a determined and disappointed Obama, with the help of Valerie Jarrett, established the headquarters for his Organization For Action (OFA) in a mansion practically within walking distance of the White House.  


For the first time in US History a former US President didn’t pass the torch; he set out to destroy his replacement’s presidency even before Donald Trump was inaugurated.  Obama hired 14 Field Organizers, 32,525 Marxist and Socialists staff members. and set up his staff in 50 state offices.  His staff, in turn, mobilized 5 million volunteers to work at opposing President Trump, then at defeating him in the 2020 election.  OFA’s staff was initially funded in the amount of $40 million by Nazi Sympathizer George Soros, and he subsequently provided additional funding as necessary.  


Obama refused to endorse Joe Biden for President.  He promoted and supported Marxist Kamala Harris, whom he believed he could easily control as his choice as the next Democrat Presidential nominee.  When that didn’t work out because Harris was so inept that she couldn’t even get one vote in the Presidential primary, Obama engineered her selection as the Vice-Presidential nominee.  It appears, according to reports by many doctors, that Biden is suffering from the onset of dementia.  If Biden is elected, he most probably will not be able to serve out his entire first term.  At some point, Biden will be declared incapacitated, thereafter Kamala Harris will activate Nancy Pelosi’s previously darfted House bill that employs the provisions of the 25th Amendement to remove Biden from office; Obama will signal Harris when it is time to remove Biden from office.  Kamala Harris would then become the first Communist US President, and working with Obama, would “fundamentally” transform the Republic into a Socialist State.

Obama’s OFA, the Socialist Democrat Party, Pelosi, Schumer, Big Tech, Nazi Sympathizer George Soros’s Tides Foundation, and the Leftist Marxist Media (The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC), under the control of CCP’s “United Front”, kept up a steady and unrelenting daily attack on President Trump for four years.  The anti-Trump campaigns orchestrated by Communist China was a copy of the media campaign that was orchestrated during the Cultural Revolution in Communist China in 1968, when Communist Chinese leaders decided to get rid of the Communist Chinese President Liu Shaoqi, the “United Front” attacked President Shaoqi unmercifully daily, just as President Trump has been attacked unmercifully daily by the “United Front” and the Leftist Marxist Media for four years leading up to the election.  


They charged Donald Trump with sexually attacking women—something Biden has been accused of doing, which didn’t stick.  They had a Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate the fake collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election, which didn’t stick.  They accused President Trump of being a racist, which didn’t stick.  They impeached the President over a phone call, which didn’t stick.  The Leftist Marxist Media under control of the “United Front” used the most vile and despicable language to slander and attack the US President daily (his popularity increased to 51%).  There were multiple illegal leaks of classified information to damage President Trump, which didn’t stick.  They pushed lawsuits to obtain Donald Trump’s federal tax returns going back many years, which didn’t stick.  Further, Communist China infected the US with COVID-19, killing thousands of mostly elderly Americans, while trying to degrade the Trump Administration’s excellent response that overcame the Coronavirus (President Trump rapidly fast-tracked the development of three vaccines in less than a year).   


The “United Front” propaganda arm of Communist China developed a major anti-Trump press program, and the “United Front” coordinated their anti-Trump initiative with the US Leftist Main Stream Media to support the initiative in lock step, in order to defeat President Trump’s re-election.  For 12 years, Communist China employed the Chinese Communist Instructors in the Confucius Institutes on 81 US University campuses to recruit and mobilize over 100,000 radicalized college students to support Marxist co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ Black Lives Matter Marxist (which Communist China funded), Antifa Domestic Terrorists, and supported Keith Ellison’s Sunrise Movement to perpetrate violent riots in hundreds of cities across the nation.  Twitter kept censoring the President of the United States hundreds of times in violation of “Freedom of Speech”.  Communist China weaponized COVID-19 to destroy the most successful US economy in US history and to lock down and immobilize millions of Trump supporters from attending President Trump’s campaign rallies.  


Since nothing worked in the four-year attempt to overthrow The President of The United States, and since President Trump’s popularity had reached 51%, Nazi Sympathizer George Soros, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Marxist Tom Perez’s Democrat Socialist Party, Marxist, Socialists, and Communist China could not take any chances that President Trump might get re-elected.  Thus, the Federal Criminal Conspiracy to prevent The President of the United States from receiving the votes that would be cast for his re-election had to be initiated.  The votes for President Trump would have to be electronically stolen from him by employing Communist China’s malware in Dominion Voting System Machines in 28 states, as Communist China did in the South Korean election.  


The complex and comprehensive plan included initiating violent riots in the streets that eventually killed over 7000 Americans, initiated violent attacks and ambushes on police officers to destabilize law and order in nearly 300 cities nationally, to develop and create multiple methods of massive Voter Fraud, mailing 83 million “Vote By Mail Ballots” to create election confusion in tallying votes, and to electronically manipulate vote totals in six battleground states in order to perpetrate election theft of President Trump’s votes.  


The plan was repeatedly tested in Democrat War Games, and the Democrats bragged to the press about how they would develop a plan to ensure the defeat of President Trump.  The Democrat War Games were funded by Nazi Sympathizer George Soros.  Biden announced to the press that his campaign had developed the most effective “Voter Fraud” organization in history.  After three months of successfully testing out and perfecting the Democrat War Games, the final plan of action was firmly put in place, the election theft plan was then shared and coordinated with Democrat elected officials and never-Trump Rhinos in the six major metropolitan areas of the six battle ground states of WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, and NV.  


For four weeks leading up to the election, Big Tech and the Leftist mainstream media, controlled by CCP’s “United Front”, censored any mention of Hunter Biden’s “Laptop Scandal” in order to prevent American voters from learning about The Biden Family corruption and its close association with Communist China, Russia, and Ukraine, prior to the election.  The Leftist Main Stream Media and Big Tech employing the Internet, Google, Facebook, and Twitter censored anyone who mentioned the “Laptop Scandal” and suspended their accounts, in violation of “Freedom of Speech”,  leading up to the election (Twitter shamefully and illegally censored The President of the United States 246 times using many different excuses, in violation of Freedom of Speech, leading to election day).


Among those also censored on the Internet for mentioning the “Hunter Laptop Scandal” by Big Tech, was one of the oldest Newspapers in the nation, The New York Post.  After examining the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop, The New York Post carefully and accurately reported the truth about the coruption.  The hard drive revealed how The Biden Family took advantage of the Office of Vice President to profit in the amount of millions of dollars.  The Biden Family received $1.5 billion from Communist China to invest in companies that would benefit the Chinese Communist Military.  Hunter Biden received $3.5 million for The Biden Family from the wife of Moscow’s Mayor.  Hunter Biden received millions of dollars for The Biden Family from Burisma in Ukraine.  Joe Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, was paid millions of dollars for The Biden Family from massive construction contracts in Iraq.  Payments were received to enrich The Biden Family from contracts in Romania and Kazakhstan.  By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to Bill Whittle reveal Big Tech’s violation of “Freedom of Speech” and their social media plan to control all US election outcomes in the future:


On election day, Democrats in Blue States, employed the installed Communist Chinese malware equipped within Dominion Voting Systems Machines to manipulate votes in 28 US States, employing the Smartmatic software platform.  On election day, the votes in the US Presidential election was transmitted by the Internet to Frankfurt, Germany for storage and alteration, working closely with Communist Chinese Agents.  Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian Company which acquired its rights to its voting software from a Venezuelan Company.  The Venezuela Company was 28% owned by Venezuelan Communist President Hugo Chavez, and it developed software that could manipulate and alter vote totals in order to guarantee that Hugo Chavez would win his national election in 2004.  


Dominion Voting Systems machines are not manufactured in the US, and they have many parts manufactured in Communist China.  Dominion Company’s Headquarters is co-located with Nazi Sympathizer George Soros’ Company in Toronto, Canada.  Dominion Voting Systems has been hiding its relationship with Communist China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, and Nazi Sympathizer George Soros.  Because of the numbers of sworn affidavits submitted by whistleblowers in many states, it was obvious that the votes tabulated by Dominion Voting Systems Machines weren’t accurately tabulated.  


In a conference before the Arizona State Legislature, Col Phil Waldon, USA (Ret) with a team of Information Warfare Specialists, revealed the results of their analysis of the capabilities of the Dominion Voting Systems Machines.  The Col Waldon said the user manual explained how to connect a cord within the Dominion Machine into a port, in order to obtain access to the Internet; when that connection happens, anyone can be able to communicate directly with the machine from throughout the worldwide net. 


Col Waldon said the software was developed so it could be manipulated, and because the systems were completely vulnerable to hacking, he said that anyone could easily hack into Dominion Machines.  Col Waldon said there were multiple methods of manipulating vote totals at will, i.e. by entering external data into the machines with a thumb drives, by inserting data from Excel spreadsheets, by inserting special passcodes to gain access to vote totals, by allowing changes to vote totals to be made via the internet, by programming preset software algorithms to automatically change the vote totals at certain points in time, by inputting a malicious code with just a screwdriver to change vote tallies, and there was also a card that stored the votes, which was another method of vote manipulation.  Col Waldon said 35,000 votes were imbedded in the software to give to each of the Democrat candidates running for office in Arizona a total of 35,000 votes before the voting even started.   


Democrat officials working with Communist Chinese Agents employed the same multiple methods of manipulating votes in many states, not just in battleground states, in order to employ software to decrease votes for President Trump, while instantly spiking hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden.  Affidavits that were sworn to by thousands of Democrat and Republic whistleblowers, documented the fact that the foreign manufactured Dominion Voting Systems Machines were connected to the internet to transmit votes from the US to a Sycle Servers Farm and a CIA Server Farm in Frankfurt, Germany.  Those vote totals were then electronically hacked to be manipulated.  For the first time in US History, the votes for The President of the United States were tabulated in Germany, not in the United States.  (The second attachment lists the Security Hazards of the Dominion Voting Systems Machines). 


The President enlisted the support of Lt General Michael Flynn, USA (Ret) to work with of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in order to deal with the massive fraud involved with transferring votes of Americans from the US to the two Server Farms in Frankfurt, Germany.  The President also enlisted the support of LTG Thomas McInerney, USMA ’59, USAF (Ret) to oppose Voter Fraud.  At one time, LTG McInerney was the third highest ranking General Officer in the US Air Force and is a highly experienced Military Analyst with firsthand knowledge of the CIA’s Top Secret Hammer and Scorecard software program.  Prior to the election, LTG McInerney alerted the nation that the Hammer and Scorecard, that was developed to be employed against enemies of the US, was illegally transferred from the CIA by the Obama Administration to be employed to support 2018 and the 2020 elections in the US.   


US Army Special Forces, most likely Delta Force Operators, were tasked with raiding the Sycle Server Farm and the CIA Servers Farm in Frankfurt, Germany in an Operation, the “Server Seizure Operation”.  Five of the US Army Special Forces operators and one CIA Paramilitary Officer were killed in a firefight at the CIA Server Farm in Frankfurt.  Another US Army Special Forces operation was also executed, in coordination with the Canadian Government, to access the servers at Dominion’s Headquarters in Toronto, Canada.  As a result of the raids, US Army Special Forces took control of the servers that had been involved in changing the vote totals for the US President, and had been involved in election theft of votes from the US President.  On inspection of the Sycle Servers, it was determined that Communist China, Iran and Indivisible using Scorecard (formerly ACORN, convicted of Voter Fraud) had accessed to the Sycle Servers that tabulated the votes for the election of the US President.


Communist China had massively interfered in the 2020 US Presidential election in support of Joe Biden with the “United Front” by funding Black Lives Matter Marxists to riot, by employing Communist Chinese Instructors in the Confucius Institute on 81 US University campuses to indoctrinate thousands of college students to demonstrate against President Trump, had transferred $1.5 billion to The Biden Family through Hunter Biden, had helped fund and installed manufactured parts and software in the Dominion Voting System Machines, and then infected the US with COVID-19 to damage President Trump and lock down the US.  


If Biden is elected he would be a National Security threat to the United States because he has been compromised by Communist China.  Communist China has already begun calling in their chips for massively supporting Joe Biden’s election, and for giving Hunter Biden $1.5 billion.  They are demanding that a fully compromised Joe Biden, change President Trump’s US policies on the South China Sea, on the Indo-Pacific region, on the US’ support for Taiwan, and on Freedom of Navigation of The Seas.  


The Trump Campaign has been filing multiple lawsuits in the states of MI, PA, WI, GA, NV, and AZ where Dominion Voting Machines were programmed to manipulate the votes, and where Dominion Voting Machines were programmed not to retain a record of the votes making audits impossible, and where cryptographic keys were stolen then used to alter vote counts.  Many legal cases were dismissed by biased local judges in battleground states who refused to review the many affidavits of whistleblowers, which resulted in the Trump campaign appealing those cases to the next highest court. Those legal cases documented massive election theft and Voter Fraud perpetrated by Democrat Voting Supervisors in battleground states.  


Eventually, some of those cases will end up at the US Supreme Court for litigation.  The concern of 73 million Americans who voted for President Trump is that the Trump Campaign may not have enough time to present their legal cases and the sworn affidavits of thousands of whistleblowers documenting electronic election theft and Voter Fraud in appeal.  They wonder if that will occur prior to the selection of the Electoral College Elector, and the vote for the US President by the appointed Electors in the Electoral College.  


Regardless of what happens with the election fraud cases on their way to the Supreme Court, we strongly encourage Patriotic American citizens to get involved in their local, county, state, and federal election politics in the future, in order to uniformly oppose the massive effort by Obama, Soros, Perez, Holder, Pelosi, Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, Black Lives Matter Marxists, ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists, and the many Communists organizations listed above, to prevent them from turning the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State. 


What the American voters learned in the Presidential election of 2020, is that if computers are employed by Socialist Democrats to count the votes of the American voters in future elections, because computers can be hacked and manipulated with malware, their one vote will “not” really count.

FOX News Never Trumpers---Chris Wallace, Paul Ryan, Lachlan Murdock, his wife Sara Murdock, Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, and Neil Cavuto are not unbiased.  Geraldo Rivera, Sandra Smith, and Laura Ingraham told President Trump to concede.  In addition, when Texas, Florida, and Ohio were so far ahead in votes totals for President Trump that those states should have been called for Trump, the Pro-Biden biased FOX Election Decision Desk “dishonestly refused” to call Texas, Florida, and Ohio for Trump, in order to keep Biden in the lead with Electoral total.  Then the FOX Decision Desk called the Arizona race for Biden, much too early while voters were still going to the polls, and while 700,000 votes still had not yet been counted.  


We no longer trust, nor consider FOX to be an unbiased news source that provides their viewers with both sides of the issues equally.  Americans should only support “Truthful Journalism” not the Leftist Mainstream Media that has been controlled by Communist China’s propaganda arm, the “United Front”, for the last four years.  News sources like The Epoch Times, The New York Post, The Washington Examiner, WND & WorldNetDaily at , and TV news broadcast networks like One America News Network, Newsmax Network News, America’s Voice News at  , and the Rightside Broadcast Network should be followed to obtain more balanced news reporting.  


For the most part, Americans want their children and grandchildren to grow up in the same Patriotic America country that they grew up in.  Those Americans had parents who taught them to respect the American Flag and to observe America’s Patriotic Traditions.  If American Citizens do not ensure the results of the 2020 election accurate and honest, do not stand with and support thousands of American whistleblowers who have submitted sworn affidavits to document Voter Fraud, despite the threats to their lives, a free and independent US Constitutional Republic will go the way of Hong Kong!


American voters should be asking their Congressmen and Senators, "Where are the Postal Inspectors, the FBI Special Agents, and the Justice Department Attorneys who should be investigating the massive Voter Fraud and electronic election theft of the 2020 US Presidential Election?!"  One answer may be that Biden let Christopher Wray know that he intends to retain him as Director of the FBI, if he is elected.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author