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Crudeness, Double Standard, Political Correctness, and "Truth"

  • Crudeness, Double Standard, Political Correctness, and "Truth"

By Capt Joseph R. John, January 16, 2018: Op Ed # 379

Once again we are exposed to the double standard of the misleading "radical left of center liberal media establishment"; ignoring what Obama said two short years ago, what other elected politicians said listed below, and pouncing out of control on the “truth” President Trump may have uttered this week in the “privacy” of a closed White House meeting.  The President, two Senators, and the Secretary of Homeland Security that were in the meeting said President Trump did not use the language as stated by, as some have described the "tattle-tale weasel" Durbin, who leaked to the press in violation of what has come to be expected of a closed and private White House meeting---however, for the purposes of this Op Ed, I will assume President Trump did say what Durbin said, he said. 


Elected politicians who used foul language in public, that the left of center liberal media is trying to cover up, so Americans would think that the one word that may have been uttered by President Trump in the privacy of a closed White House meeting, not in public, was so unbelievable for any elected politician to say, and it was not “Politically Correct”:


President Truman called General MacArthur ---“a dumb son of a bitch”

President Kennedy called Canada Prime Minister Diefenbaker ---“a dumb son of a bitch”

President Johnson said the difference between Senators and Congressmen---”is the difference between chicken salad and chicken s----"

President Johnson when chiding Canada Prime Minster Pearson---“you pissed on my rug”

President Obama referred to Libya as a ---“a Shit Show’

President Obama when referring to the BP Gulf oil spill wanted to know---“whose ass to kick”

President Obama referred to Kanye West as ---“a jackass”

Vice President Garner, Roosevelt’s VP, said the job of VP---“was not worth a pitcher of warm piss” 

Vice President Biden called Obama care---“a big f_______ deal”

Vice President Cheney shouted to Senator Leahy on the Senate floor----“go f___ yourself” 

Senator John Kerry on Iraq---“did I expect George Bush to f____ it up?”

Gov George W. Bush called NYT Reporter Clymer---“a major league asshole”


Certain countries are dangerous to even walk around in---I have been in many of them.  They have corrupt governments, fail to educate their youth, refuse to take care of their sick and dying, fail to properly feed their citizens, have many bad ideas about governing, have population involved in criminal activities with little concern about right or wrong, have broken cultures, have young males who don't respect women & rape them, in some countries young boys are sexual slaves, in some cultures male adults are engage in sexual activities with barn yard animals, some local water system are full of communicable diseases, in some countries roadside ditches are used as community latrines, some countries have populations who support terrorism, some cultures have extremely poor sanitary & personal hygiene standards, some countries support and promote the drug culture, some countries do not inoculate their citizens to prevent diseases, some countries are full of rubbish on the streets and in the water, some countries have diseased flies and mosquitos repeatedly infecting the population, etc.  


When refugees and illegal aliens arrive in the US they are not quarantined, which is required by US Federal Immigration Law and US Public Health Regulations, as immigrants once were at Ricker’s Island.  Illegal Aliens have been introducing communicable diseases, that were once eliminated, back into the public school systems.  Diseases that were once under control are being exposed to public school children, like ring worm, mumps, Scalia, polio, hepatitis, malaria, scarlet fever, typhus, small pox, yellow fever, etc.  Illegal immigrants, without vaccinations, have not only infected school children, they have been infecting many US Border Patrolmen.  


Law abiding and tax paying Americans would not want their children or grandchildren to spend every day in public school rooms with refugees and Illegal Aliens, who arrived from the above listed types of unprincipled and undiscipled countries, who have not been quarantined to detect and treat communicable diseases?  The Progressives, elected members of Congress, the Washington elite, and the well-known TV anchors from the left of center liberal media establishment, send their children to private schools; they don’t have to worry about having their children get infected with communicable diseases, nor to be held back in their education in very slow moving public schools classes because the illegal aliens and refugees can’t speak, write, nor understand English.  


The long term goal of the US Immigration System should be to have immigrants eventually help to improve society.  When considering and then approving the entry of foreigner immigrants into the USA, as immigrants have done for over 100 years, they should be required to renounce their loyalty to their countries of origin and Pledge Allegiance to the United States.  Those immigrants seeking to become new American citizens should be interviewed in advance to ensure that they have skills to support the economy of the US, and would have the ability to learn skills to support themselves, and have no ties to Radical Islamic Terrorists.  


The US Immigration Service must ensure that future immigrants will not immediately go on welfare like the 900,000+ Middle East Muslim Refugees that Obama brought into the USA over an 8 year period, while he prevented the FBI from interviewing them to determine if they had terrorist ties.  At the same time that hundreds of thousands of Muslim Refugees were being brought into the US for 8 years, Obama refused to let any of the 600,000 Middle East Christian Refugees being housed and fed by the Greek Catholic Relief Society, from ever immigrating to the US.


The continued attempt to muzzle “Free Speech” and those who disagree with the radical left and progressive Saul Alinsky disciples is not working for the first time in 8 years, ever since the election of President Donald Trump.  The radical left and progressives Saul Alinsky disciples warnings to the public and students in schools & colleges, that certain "truths" spoken openly are not "Politically Correct" is breaking down and is no longer working.  This is driving the radical left, the progressives and the left of center liberal media establishment "insane."  They are coming apart at the seams and striking wildly at President Trump.  


The press is now regularly openly vilifying and labeling the President of the United States with names that have never been used against any US President in 242 years.  President Trump is the most vilified and attacked president in US History being called on the air and on TV such names as racist, Nazi, Hitler, insane, evil, mad, white supremist, a liar, a thug, a rapist, a moron, bigoted, dishonest, KKK, and so many more names. 


The left of center liberal media establishment,  the democratic party, the Hollywood elite, the radical leftists, progressives, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists are trying to force American citizens to be "Politically Correct" when referring to the flawed, broken, and illegal immigration policies of the Obama administration.  Those policies were destroying the Patriotic fabric of the nation by permitting millions of foreign nationals to maintain their loyalty to their nations of origin, raise Mexican flags over American public schools, illegally vote in elections, and degrade the Family Values of the Republic.  To put it in that well known Obama goal which he intoned on the day of his election, to "fundamentally change the nation."


Nothing scandalizes the radical left and progressives like the "truth."  The radical left and progressive Alinsky disciples feign being shocked by the "truth" spoken openly in public!  Just don't do it!  The radical left and progressives have tried to bully and force America's youth in school and college to agree that "truths" spoken openly are not “Politically Correct.”  The radical left, progressives, and now liberal professors in college have been trying to muzzle “Free Speech,” and by doing so, they are opposing the US Constitution and the principles upon which the Republic was founded.  


No one on the right tries to silence radical left speech, yet the radical left, progressives, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube try to blacklist, "shadow ban", demonize, ostracize, "fact check,"censor, and criminalize----conservative speech, freedom of speech, support for Christianity, Patriotism, support for President Trump, support for the US Constitution, support for the US Armed Forces, support for the American Flag, and support for the government of the Republic.


America does not want to become what Europe is becoming because of the unbridled open borders and massive immigration of millions of refugees from predominately Muslim countries.  Those refugees are mostly single young males who have a multi-year track record of gang raping women in Germany, Sweden, England, Belgium, and France.  They have perpetrated Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks across Europe, the 9/11 attack, 215 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks and attempted attacks in the US, killing over 3,109 and wounding many thousands of Americans on US soil, right here in the United States.


When it comes to the great "Shithole" or "Shit Show" that both Obama and Trump intoned, Americans who support the President don't particularly care.  The "truth" may be viewed by the radical left and progressives as not being "Politically Correct," but Americans have a President who is outspoken "Politically Incorrect," just like most hard working Americans, athletes, military personnel, and members of law enforcement.  President Trump reminds them of Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill, Admiral “Bull” Halsey, and/or General George Patton.  He is unvarnished, straightforward, truthful, loves his country, is determined to support members of the military, and is doing his best to protect the lives of his fellow American citizens.  


Americans look at the results of one year of the Trump administration, and despite the massive opposition President Trump has been faced with on both sides of the aisle, he has created outstanding results-----on the battlefield against ISIS, in rebuilding the hollowed out US Military, in the economy with the stock market at record highs and 1.7 million new jobs, bringing unemployment down to 4.1% (the lowest rate in 17 years), in reducing taxes for all Americans, with the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice and 73 US Federal Judges, in withdrawal from the job killing Paris Climate Accord, withdrawal from the massive open borders for millions of immigrants from 12 nations Trans-Pacific Partnership, in eliminating thousands of growth killing regulations saving the US $8.1 billion, expanding energy infrastructure and production, eliminating the tax penalty on all poor Americans who could not afford the cost of the failed Obamacare Insurance Plan, and so much more.  Black unemployment has fell to its lowest rate ever recorded at 6.8 percent, since the U.S. Labor Department began tracking the unemployment rate broken down by race and ethnicity in 1972.  Similarly, the Hispanic unemployment rate dropped to a historical rate of 4.7%, another record low, and female unemployment is the lowest it has been in 17 years.


When looking at the options of having another 8 years of Obama’s failed policies, or of having the corrupt policies that would have been a Hillary Presidency, the majority of Americans will take President Trump, even with the "Shithole" comment, if he ever did say that.  Americans will take the crude “truths” of President Jackson, President Truman, and President Trump, rather than the lies that continue to emanate daily from the Washington swamp, from the RINOs who have fought President Trump every step of the way, from the progressives who are Saul Alinsky disciples, and from the radical left of center liberal media establishment that no longer even knows what  the “truth” is at all.  The radical left of center media establishment is now infected by the proponents of propaganda that the Russian Communist promoted for 70 years with their outright lies published in Pravda and Investya.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author