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The Democrat Impeachment, An Attempted Coup That Violated The US Constitution

  • The Democrat Impeachment, An Attempted Coup That Violated The US Constitution

By Capt Joseph R. John, January 10, 2020, Op Ed #463

Americans have become aware that the nation is engaged in a “life-and-death” struggle to ensure the US Constitutional Republic survives!


The Democrat flawed partisan impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, violated the US Constitution created by the Founding Fathers, and was also a frontal attack on the US Justice System.  Democrats refused to give the President of the United States the legal rights every American has, to be represented by an attorney and to call witnesses in one’s defense.  At the end of World War II, the Nazis war criminals tried at Nuremberg, had more legal rights than the President of the United States was accorded by Democrats during their partisan impeachment in violation of federal law.  


Pelosi refused to allow President Trump to have legal representation or to have any witnesses in his defense, during the least thorough, most rushed, unfair Democrat “kangaroo court” impeachment in the 246 year history of the nation.  The two Articles of Impeachment did not specify high crimes or misdemeanors, nor did they specify any crimes were committed at all, yet the flawed partisan impeachment was approved by a rushed vote of only Democrats in the US House of Representatives.


Article II of the US Constitution specifies that the US President can be impeached for "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors".  Article II states that a US President must have committed a CRIMINAL offense before he can be impeached.  President Trump did not commit a criminal offense.  He was impeached for (a) Obstruction of Democrats in Congress (not a federal crime) and (b) for Abuse of Power (not a federal crime).  Pelosi’s Democrats violated and subverted the US Constitution by voting to approve impeachment based on no crime.  


Pelosi’s Democrat Partisan Congress would have impeached Republican President Abraham Lincoln for (a) Obstruction of the Democrats in Congress who represented the slave-owning states who were infuriated because President Lincoln never sought nor received their permission to free millions of slaves by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, and (b) for Abuse of Power for suspending the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War.   


The 80 day rush to judgement to vote an urgent rushed impeachment was stated of the highest priority, because President Trump was a threat to National Security.  Yet 3 weeks after the rushed impeachment, Pelosi has come to full stop, and has been obstructing justice by refusing to forward the two Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for a trial-----a further violation of the US Constitution.  Pelosi is also trying to subvert the US Constitution, since the US Constitution specifies the House only has the power to impeach, and only the Senate is authorized to try an impeachment case.  Pelosi recently stated that she had been trying to impeach President Trump for two and a half years, and that he may be impeached again.  


A growing number of Democrat US House members and US Senators have been releasing public statements, that they want Pelosi to forward the two Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial, in accordance with provisions of the US Constitution, that her failure to forward the Articles of Impeachment over the last three weeks, is subverting the US Constitution, and negatively affecting their re-elections campaigns. 


The impeachment was an attempted Coup d’état by the Deep State, initiated by the 5th Column in the United States, consisting of Socialists, Progressives, Marxists, Communists, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist Organization, and other far left fellow travelers listed below.  They organized, funded, created, and self-identified themselves as “Trump Resistance Movement”; it began when Donald Trump was elected.  


The “Trump Resistance Movement” adopted Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Nancy Pelosi publicly stated the impeachment had been planned for two and a half years.  The impeachment had nothing to do with President Trump’s phone call to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky of July 25, 2019, the transcript showed it was a congratulatory call to President Zelensky on his election; as Pelosi stated, the impeachment began long before that phone call was made 5 months ago.  


For over 3 years, ever since President Trump was elected, the deceitful and corrupt “Trump Resistance Movement” has been covered up by the left of center liberal media establishment.  The leftist press has been attacking and vilifying President Trump daily to disorient the public, and the leftist press was supported by the below listed individuals, who were often mentioned in press reports for over three years.  The below listed individuals supported the flawed partisan impeachment in violation of the US Constitution.  


They include, but are not limited to: Nancy Pelosi, Tom Perez, Nazi Sympathizer George Soros, Adam Schiff, Azhar Azeez, Jerrold Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Eric Holder, Samantha Power, Ibrahim Holder, Susan Rice, Maxine Waters, Laila Alawa, Keith Ellison, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Podesta, Nihad Awad, James Clapper, Ilhan Omar, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bill Ayers, Hoda Hawa, Eric Swalwell, Mohammed Elibiary, John Brennan, Rashida Tlaib, Beto O’Rourke, Bill DeBlasio, Andre Carson, John Kerry, Salah Al-Sawy, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Glen Simpson, Al Green, Stephan Halper, Huma Abedin, Lisa Page, Amar Yasser Najjar, Brad Sherman, Ayanna Presley, Sheila Jackson Lee, James McCabe, Salam Al-Marayati, Xavier Becerra, Loretta Lynch, Dick Durbin, Valerie Jarrett, James Comey, Mohamed Magid, Elizabeth Warren, Eboo Patel, Kamala Harris, Amir Bera, Arif Aikhan, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama.


The “Trump Resistance Movement” is being funded and supported by The Marxist Leninist Communist Workers Party Front “Answer”, The California Endowment Fund, the Communist Industrial Workers of the World, the Ford Foundation, the Marxist-Leninist World Worker’s Party, the W K Kellogg Foundation, The Communist Party’s “Progressive Unity Fund”, Nazi Sympathizer George Soros’ pro-Communist “Tides Foundation”, The Communist Party USA, Hillary Clintons “Onward Together”, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist Organization, Obama’s “Organization For Action”, the hard core Marxist Democrat Party Chairman Tom Perez, Bernie Sander’s “Democrat Socialists of America”, The Bauman Foundation, Bob Avakian’s “Revolutionary Communist Party”. 


Louis Farrakhan’s “Nation of Islam”, Bill Ayer’s Marxist Weatherman Underground, New Media Ventures, the Pro Communist “Casa de Maryland”, Black Lives Matter, The Philanthropy Project, The New Black Panther Party, Propel Capita, Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network”, the Radical Hispanic Separatist Groups “Mecha” and “La Raza”, The Public Welfare Foundation, The Compton Foundation, “SIEU”, The Arkay Foundation, Andy Zee’s violent terrorist group “ANTIFA”, The Solidarity Network, The Women’s Donor Network, The Threshold Foundation, “Act Blue”, “CAIR”, “Indivisible”, “Ultra Violet”, and “Color of Change”.  Those organizations also fund the campaigns of approximately 80 Democrat members of the 435 elected members in the US House of Representatives, referred to as the Progressive Caucus; led by Pelosi.

They are intent on bringing down the US Constitutional form of Government and the Free Enterprise System from within, in compliance with the Cloward-Priven Program, in order to turn the Republic into a Socialist State.  Their goal is to maintain open borders, to employ the Common Core Curriculum to indoctrinate students in Socialism, weaken the US Armed Forces, substantially increase the 22+ million Illegal Aliens in the US today to millions more, to drive the national debt up until it reaches such a high level that it will result in the economic collapse of the US from within, initiate "wealth redistribution" by driving federal income taxes to unheard of levels (to steal from hard working people with heavy taxes, in order to distribute their income from hard work to their supporters who refuse to work).  


The Obama administration employed the Department of HEW to require 50 State Educational Departments to accept the Common Core Curriculum, with the requirement, that as a condition to receive federal financial aid to education, the Common Core curriculum new inaccurate and anti-American US History textbooks, can only be employed to teach a dishonest history of the Republic.   For the last 12 years, the Common Core Curriculum required states to teach hundreds of million US students a false, degrading, and vilifying US History of the Republic.  


The US History being taught vilifies the Founding Fathers, and covers up the incredible benefits provided for all mankind by American’s Free Enterprise System for 246 years.  The new and false Common Core US History Curriculum is requiring teachers to use the newly revised, degrading, and inaccurate US History textbooks that attacks America’s greatness, and were funded by Nazi Collaborator, George Soros, those fake US History textbooks replaced the US History textbooks once that were used to teach America’s youth, for 235 years.  The results were predicted by Soros and his Communist supporters in the above listed organizations.  Today 51 % of the nations youth prefer Socialism to a democratic form of government, and 36% of America’s youth have no problem with Communism.  


America’s traditional US History textbooks once taught students about the Republic’s individual liberty and freedoms provided to citizens in the US Constitution, and also explained how The Free Enterprise System created the most successful economic engine in the history of mankind.  The Free Enterprise System has developed the most successful US economy in the world today.  The US economy is outpacing the economies of every other country in the world.  Yet millions of high school and college students are being taught by leftist high school teachers and radical Marxist college professors, that Socialism provides people with superior benefits than the US Constitutional Democracy and The Free Enterprise System does.  


Naïve students seem to be unaware that Socialism has failed in the 37 countries where it once governed over the last 100 years.  Socialism had been responsible for the elimination of individual freedoms in those 37 countries, and the Socialist governments in those 37 countries murdered 100-200 million free people during the 20th Century.  The failures of Socialist governments can easily be observed by brainwashed high school and college students, if they would simply open their eyes, and observe what is happening to the citizens in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, and Iran today.  They should compare the lives of the people in those countries, to their lives in the US under the Free Enterprise System.



                   “Give me just one generation of youth and I'll transform the world."                                                                                                                               -  Vladimir Lenin


Since 51% of America’s youth prefer Socialism to the Free Enterprise System and the Constitutional Republican form of government in the United States, and 36% of America’s youth have no problem with Communism, because of their indoctrination of Socialism in the Common Core Curriculum, using corrupt and dishonest leftist textbooks.  Americans must not let Socialism be the only system of government that leftist teachers indoctrinate America’s youth in, Common core must be eliminated or radically changed.  Americans must explain to its youth, just how destructive, intolerant, and oppressive Socialism has been for civilization over the last100 years, by just evaluating what it did to people in 37 countries.


Over the next 11 months, we brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and friends must become Patriotic American mentors, teachers, and motivators to explain to the youth of our nation, who have been indoctrinated in Socialism over the last 12 years, in nonstop defaming, demonizing, and lying about conservatives, Christians, white males, and Patriotic Americans, by the radical leftists educators.  Americans of good will should try to explain to America’s youth the importance of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Individual Rights in a free and open society.  America is the “Shining City on the Hill” that President Reagan often spoke of, whose goal, is to provide justice and liberty for all.  


The new Democrat Socialist Party is not the Democrat Party of your grandfather or father, it has become the enemy of the state.  It has been undermining the US Constitution and The Free Enterprise System and is openly promoting Socialism for the nation’s youth by:

Repeatedly trying to violate and undermine the Second Amendment, by violating the right of the individual to bear arms; those violations are occurring in Virginia, California, New York, and many cities in the US today, Undermining Freedom of Religion in the Judeo/Christian Society of the US by their attacks on religious liberty in the US Armed Forces, by violating the religious rights of business owners, and by demonizing the individual’s religious right to oppose abortion,  Using the Common Core Curriculum to drive “Political Correctness” in public schools, and by the indoctrination of radical Marxist professors, which is undermining students Freedom of Speech in classrooms, and on college campuses, Degrading and vilifying the unique 246 year US History of the Republic that championed wars of independence that freed millions of enslaved peoples through the ages, created medical life saving devices, how a Republican President fought a civil was to free all US slaves.  Where the Free Enterprise System pioneered & advanced aviation, space exploration, chemical research, medical life saving devices for mankind, communications, advanced computer technology, and so much more,   Violating the US Constitutional by voting for Democrat flawed partisan hoax impeachment, which failed to specify high crimes and misdemeanors, refused to follow the bi-partisan rules and precedence’s of 3 previous presidential impeachments, and refused to give the accused president the basic legal representation every American has, and to have his own witnesses in his defense.


The current Coup d’état in the US by the above listed organizations and individuals is not just a plan to remove the President of the United States, it is also a plan to also remove the Vice President of the United States (Adam Schiff recently said in a TV interview that he has critical evidence against Vice President Pence who violated law).  The Progressive and Communist goals are to install the third in line in presidential succession, the Speaker, as the replacement for the president.  Tom Perez, the Marxist leader of the Democrat Socialist Party, has been working with the above organizations for three years to ensure that Nancy Pelosi takes control of the Republic, in order to form a Socialist State.  


The below listed article by Col Lawrence Sellin explains the long term Communist plan of world domination, going back to 1917.  The Communist goal, for over 100 years, has been to bring down the “all” democratic governments of the world, especially the government of the United States.  Now Americans are witnessing the new Democrat Socialist Party supporting, in lock step with the Communist Party USA, its goal of replacing the Constitutional Republic and Free Enterprise System of the United Sates with a Socialist State.  


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   



December 28, 2019

Herbert Marcuse and the Democrats’ Impeachment

By Lawrence Sellin

The partisan impeachment of President Donald Trump, its shredding of the Constitution and disregard for due process, are just symptoms of the Democrat party’s abandonment of both democracy and sanity in its ruthless pursuit of permanent political power at any cost.

Although it may appear inexplicable, the behavior of the modern Democrat party is not without historical precedent. As Democrats continue their political march leftward, they have begun to adopt the non-democratic tactics of the extreme left.

After the successful 1917 communist revolution in Russia, the political left widely believed that a violent proletarian revolt would sweep across Europe and, ultimately, North America. It did not.

As a result, the Communist International began to investigate other ways to create the state of societal hopelessness and alienation necessary as a prerequisite for socialist revolution – in essence, to erode western democracy from within.

The single, most important organizational component of that effort was a Communist think tank called the Institute for Social Research, popularly known as the Frankfurt School.

The task of the Frankfurt School was first, to undermine the foundation of Western civilization that emphasized the uniqueness of the individual and, second, to determine new cultural forms that would increase the disaffection of and division among the population.

Just as in classical economic Marxism, certain groups like workers and peasants are a priori good, and other groups like the bourgeoisie and capital owners are evil, in Cultural Marxism, feminists, racial and ethnic minorities and those who define themselves according to sexual orientation are deemed good and “victims” of societal injustice. It logically follows, then, that white males and “privilege” and, by extension, Western civilization, are automatically and irredeemably malevolent.

To many Americans, the Democrat party promotes policies that undermine the United States as a sovereign nation, our Constitution, our culture, our traditions, all of what "America" has come to mean. Part of that effort is to weaken our ability to transmit to the next generation the values and traditions upon which the United States was built.

The Democrat party’s assault on the First Amendment is meant to narrow the range of thought in order to make independent thinking literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express those thoughts. It is accomplished through the systematic destruction of language as “microaggressions” or endlessly repeating statements that are patently untrue, like the existence of more than two biological genders.

The widespread political intolerance promoted by the Democrats and their media allies is largely based on the essay “Repressive Tolerance” written in 1965 by Herbert Marcuse, an adherent of the Frankfurt School.

Fred Bauer, in his article “The Left and ‘Discriminating Tolerance,'” captures Marcuse’s inverted logic and identifies the origin of the political intolerance presently practiced at U.S. academic institutions:

Marcuse argued that, because of the radical repressiveness of Western society, a tolerance for all viewpoints actually contributed to social oppression. A pervasive network of assumptions and biases implicitly privileges the viewpoint of the powerful, so that seemingly ‘equal’ presentations of opposite opinions actually end up benefiting the viewpoint of the powerful. In the light of this situation, Marcuse made a rather cunning inversion (one that has been aped countless times since by cultural organs across the United States): The fact that society is so radically unequal means that we should be intolerant and repressive in the name of tolerance and liberty.

The inevitable outcome of Democrat policies is a dystopia, characterized by a cataclysmic decline of a society, in which a totalitarian government enforces ruthless egalitarianism by suppressing or denouncing ability and accomplishment, or even competence, as forms of inequality. It creates complete dependency on the state and attempts to eradicate the family as a social institution.

In his article, “Why Americans Are Not Taught History,” Christopher Hitchens, identified the vulnerability of America’s present-tense culture to the Democrat party’s leftist utopian myth.

For the true blissed-out and vacant servitude required by the Democrats’ strategy, you need a society that lacks any sense of itself through an understanding of its own history and traditions. The low-information voter will submit to a combination of governmental coercion as in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and the hedonist nihilism of a painless, amusement-sodden, and stress-free consensus managed by the nanny-state found in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

No matter how idealistic are the foundations of the United States or how honorable its previous history, the accumulation of excessive power in the federal government transforms it into a dysfunctional super-state dedicated to maintaining its own power irrespective of the well-being of its citizens.

In a dystopia, history, truth and the law are just chalk-writing on a blackboard, which can be erased and rewritten whenever it suits the convenience and desires of a government of perfidious politicians.

We just witnessed an example of that behavior in the impeachment of President Trump.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired US Army Reserve colonel, an IT command and control and cyber security subject matter expert and a veteran of Afghanistan, Iraq and a humanitarian mission to West Africa.