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Display "The American Flag" on Flag Day, June 14th---and Every Day

  • Display "The American Flag" on Flag Day, June 14th---and Every Day

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 14, 2020: Op Ed #493

“The American Flag” symbolizes the principles outlined in the US Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers.  All members of the US Armed Forces raise their right hand and swear to protect and defend the US Constitution, under “The American Flag”.  


Flag Day is an opportunity for Patriotic Americans to demonstrate their respect for “The American Flag”, and to set an example for younger generations, of their deep respect for “The American Flag”, and by demonstrating their respect for ”The American Flag”, they are demonstrating their support for the Republic.   


To read the history of Flag Day, kindly click on the below listed link.




Through the ages, countless generation of Americans Patriots, have served in the US Armed Forces and have defended the Republic under “The American Flag”.


Those who served the Republic under “The American Flag” upon their passing, during burial ceremonies, are honored by being shrouded in “The American Flag”.  


Through the last 244 years, “The American Flag” has been the Patriotic banner under which the nation came together and remained united, and Americans Patriots have rejected the relentless efforts by America’s domestic enemies to break up or divide the Republic by establishing an independent country within the Republic.  

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