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Do Not Become Like Britain, Get Serious and Fight Back

  • Do Not Become Like Britain, Get Serious and Fight Back

By Capt Joseph R. John, August 20, 2018: Op Ed #398

Katie Hopkins tells Americans what has happened to her beloved England, and warns Americans not to let it happen to the United States! 

The below listed video is funny, sometimes crude, raucous, but intentionally fashioned to get her point across, “not to let it happen to you.” 

All Americans should see this message.  The left of center liberal media establishment has managed to cover it up; most Americans are clueless.  

What has happened to England, Sweden, and much of Europe because of the massive invasion of illegal aliens and the establishment of no-go enclaves, which police won’t enter, is truly unsettling: no law and order in many places. 

It is not a Democratic, Republican, Independent, Liberal, Conservative, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, or Buddhist issue; it is an issue about “Freedom and Security for the individual, women, children, and for the elderly!” 

After you to watch the below listed video, you might want to pass it on, and as Katie warns Americans:  

      “Do not become like Britain, get serious and fight back.”

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         A LADY BRIT, UK’s Katie Hopkins, TELLS AMERICANS HOW IT IS…

She is sharp, humorous and insightful of our world.  It takes a   while but you will get it from the get go.  Her insightful wakeup call is well worth your time!!! 


A MUST LISTEN FOR  ALL  AMERICANS, regardless of your political party or whether you are liberal or conservative!!!


    Click here:

Katie Hopkins Has A Message For America, applies to whole world... - YouTube