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Election Theft

  • Election Theft

By Capt Joseph R. John, November 6, 2020; Op Ed #523

“The People that cast the votes decide nothing.  The people that count the votes decide everything.”                                                             ---  Joseph Stalin


What America voters witnessed over the last three months, was the Socialist Democrat Party’s attempt at Voter Suppression, in order to try to convince and mislead voters into believing that it would be hopeless to vote for President Trump, because the Anti-Trump polls were so overwhelming in favor of Joe Biden, in some cases by over 18%.  The message that was being force fed to all Americans was that there would be a Blue Wave that would convincingly elect Joe Biden and take control of both houses of Congress.  


That three-month active effort at Voter Suppression was aggressively supported and promoted by the left of center liberal Main Stream Media that was coordinated and supported, by multiple media outlets.  There was a continuing daily effort to distribute false Anti-Trump polls, projecting that Joe Biden was so far ahead, that voting for President Trump would be hopeless.  The Voter Suppression plan, and the follow on effort to remove President Donald Trump from office was developed by the Socialist Democrat Party, Nazi collaborator George Soros, and the Organization For Action.


On election day, because of the actual election results, the Anti-Trump polls that filled the airwaves were proven to be grossly inaccurate, just as the Anti-Trump polls were proven to be grossly inaccurate in 2016.  Yet the Main Stream Media that works closely in lock step with Communist China’s press guidelines, continued to hammer home on a daily basis that Socialist Democrats would easily win in TX, FL, OH, IA, GA, SC, AZ, NV, etc., resulting in a win for Joe Biden on election day (that didn’t happen).  


The Main Stream Media also promoted the false theme that the US Senate would shift from Republican control to the Socialist Democrat control (another false story, since Republicans will end up in control of the Senate), and that control of the US House would be substantially enhanced by the election of 20 new Democrat Representatives (Democrats actually lost 8 seats in the US House, and most probably 2 additional Republican House seats will be elected).  


While the three-month period of active Voter Suppression was underway for the first time in 244 years, Governors of Blue States coordinated their effort to change the way Americans voters in their states would be encouraged to vote for the election of the US President.  The Governors of those Blue States said they would send a new “vote by mail ballot” to every resident in their respective states, in light of the threat of the COVID-19, so voters could vote by mail instead of going to the polls to vote.  


The only legal way for a state to change the method for their residents to vote to elect someone to a political office is to have the state legislature vote to pass a measure to change the method of elections in the state, and then the Governor would have to sign the measure into law.  A written order issued by a Governor or an order issued by a court to change the method of electing the US President would be and was an illegal act.  The PA State Supreme Court violated the US Constitution by extending the date for PA to accept mail-in ballots to be counted, because it was 3 days after election day, in violation of the PA passed State Law.


Yet the Governors of Democrat states coordinated the mailing of 82 million newly created “vote by mail ballots” to every resident in their states, when a valid request by a resident for a legal Absentee Ballot would have been a satisfactory remedy for any voter who was hesitant to go to the polls to vote, because they had a fear of being infected with COVID-19.  Those “vote by mail ballots” were sent to thousands of unregistered voter in those Democrat states, the ability for the Republicans to determine if those 82 million residents were registered voters would be an impossible task----many of them were unregistered voters and should not have voted.  Those “mail by vote ballots” may have been sent to incorrect addresses in some cases, were sent to voters who no longer lived in the state, were sent to deceased voters, and were sent to some of the 20+ million Illegal Aliens ineligible to vote who were residing illegally in that state.  


American voters didn’t have to be computer scientists to understand that for the first time in 244-years, their Governors of Blue States were illegally changing the method by which they were instructing the residents in their states to elect a US President, in sending 82 million newly created “vote by mail ballots” to residents in their states, who in many cases were not registered to vote, and their action ultimately resulted is massive Voter Fraud, by millions of voters who were not registered to vote. 


What has been happening with those “vote by mail ballots” in Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, with the support of the left of center Main Stream Media trying to defuse voting concerns, is nothing short of election theft.  It is unambiguous to anyone who is paying attention that there has been multiple cases of Voter Fraud because Republicans could not get close enough to even see “vote by mail ballots” to determine if the “vote by mail ballot” was submitted by a legal voter, if the date on the envelope was valid to allow the vote to be counted, if the signature on the ballot matched the signature of the registered voter, etc.   Many varied witnesses came forward to report what they considered illegal actions in counting ballots.


These instances include: a relative of a deceased person came forward to report the deceased person voted, a voter stated they weren’t allowed to vote because someone already voted in their name, a voter who would have been 118 and 112 years of age was reported as having voted, state poll workers were observed to be filling out information on “vote by mail ballots”, a video of  Republican Poll Watchers being ejected from the locations where they were authorized to watch vote counting was submitted even though a judge had ordered a county to allow Republican Poll Watchers to observe the counting of votes that the legal order was ignored, over 3,000 votes were cast by voters who no longer lived in the state where the votes were cast in Marysville, MI, 500 Trump Absentee Ballots were found dumped in the trash (other Trump Absentee Ballots were found that were never submitted), windows for residents to view the counting of votes were covered over with paper to prevent those residents from seeing how votes were being counted, and there was so much more.  


In Arizona, although the Board of Elections had still not counted over 600,000 votes that were actually cast on election day, all of the news networks, including FOX News, called the Arizona election for Joe Biden.  Four days later, 300,000 of those votes still had not been counted.  The much larger states of FL, OH, and TX and other states like UT and IA counted all their votes and Absentee Ballots on election day, yet MI, PA, NV, WI, and GA in lock step, were stopping the counting of votes and ballots at 10:00 PM every night.  Four days after voting closed on election day, PA, NV, and GA were still counting votes and ballots.  


Republicans were having trouble revealing the nature of massive Voter Fraud in many states, because the Main Stream Media and Big Tech were making light of their concerns about Voter Fraud, while Big Tech was censuring a Tweet from President Trump.  For four days, Republicans had been trying, without success, to verify that only “legal votes” were being counted.  They felt they had no other recourse but to begin filing lawsuits in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan to obtain the transparency that was being covered up and to seek meaningful redress, and further, to have Poll Watchers to be given access close enough to actually see how votes and ballots were being counted, in a fair process.  


Republican Poll Watchers had serious concerns such as: the votes of people who were no longer residents in the state were being recorded as valid, that the votes of deceased people were being counted, that votes of Illegal Aliens who were not authorized to vote were being illegally counted, voters who were well over 100 years of age were reported as having voted, late arriving “mail-in ballots” were being illegally counted, and incompletely filled in “mail in ballots” were filled in by state employees and being counted, that multiple “mail in ballots” had been submitted by the same person, etc. 


In light of the thousands of reports of Voter Fraud, it appears that the Presidential election seems to have been stolen right before the eyes of millions of American voters, and that this process with millions of “vote by mail ballots” had corrupted this election, and would corrupt future elections.  There were reports that Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania had stopped counting ballots at 10:00PM until the next day, and that different unverified batches of “vote by mail ballots” materialized surprisingly overnight and were then delivered to the Board of Elections in states those had stopped counting votes the previous night, so those new “vote by mail ballots” could be included to be counted as votes on the next day.  


In the crucial battleground state of Michigan, a postal worker came forward and alleged that he was ordered to backdate late “mail in ballots” to make them valid.

Also in Michigan, a late night observer informed authorities that an unverified new batch of 138,339 “mail in ballots” were delivered overnight, after the deadline for submission of “vote by mail ballots”, and they were all counted as valid votes only for Joe Biden, while at the same time disenfranchising the Senate race of John James, who up to that point was far ahead of Senator Peters in their Senate race in Michigan.  That batch of 138,339 “vote by mail ballots” yielded ZERO votes for President Trump, that would have been virtually impossible if that batch of “vote by mail ballots” were a normal mix of ballots.


In a number of cases, Blue State Election Officials wouldn’t allow Republican Poll Watchers to observe the ballot counts at ballot tables in the Board of Elections.  Republican Poll Watchers were blocked and kept 100 feet away from viewing “vote by mail ballots” and they were not close enough to actually see if the “vote by mail ballot” was valid to be counted as a vote.  Some Poll Watchers were actually forcibly escorted out of the building.  Republican Poll Watchers observed state ballot counters accepting “vote by mail ballots” at ballot tables, after discarding the ballot envelopes with postal dates, preventing the Poll Watcher from seeing the date on the envelopes.  The tally of the “vote by mail ballots” has been intentionally unfairly flawed and counting those votes was a corrupt process of sequestering how votes were being counted to cover up Voter Fraud.  


Some Americans who recognize the disgusting nature of this coup d’état that is underway will complain and wonder what can be done, others will file lawsuits in various states, legal complaints will wind their way through state and federal courts, and Chief Justice Roberts may continue in his reluctance to allow the Supreme Court to get involved in what he considers a very complex political conflict on how votes should have been counted.   


It seems perfectly clear that the Social Democrats believe that the fix is in, and that they perpetrated a well-organized coup d’état, hoping American voters will move on.  The sinister plot hatched to perpetrate “Election Theft” was organized by the Socialist Democrat Party, Nazi Collaborator George Soros, and the Organization For Action.  It reveals just how deep and sinister their goals have been since the beginning of the Voter Suppression plan, and moving from that plan to the Massive Voter Fraud that is currently underway.  Their ultimate short term goal will be to remove Joe Biden by activating provisions of the 25th Amendment, and the long term goal will be to slowly change the US Constitutional Republic to a Socialist State.   


This attempt to expose the truth about what has been happening will be opposed by the Socialist Democrat Party, Big Tech, and left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment in lock step with Communist China’s press initiatives.  Forces aligned against the majority of Patriotic American Citizens who want to retain the free and fair election process that has continued for 244 years, the mailing of 82 million “vote by mail ballots” created havoc in this election, and they illegally changed the way Americans have always elected their President.  The Congress must eliminate “vote by mail ballots”; legally authorized Absentee Ballots in all 50 states have always satisfied the need by American citizens to vote by mail.  


The way the Socialist Democrat Party changed this election was by having Democrat Governors send 82 million illegal “vote by mail ballots” out to millions of unregistered voters in their states, that resulted in millions of illegal votes being cast for Joe Biden, without any kind of transparency.  Will Patriotic Americans sit back and let an untransparent method of counting votes happen without push back?   


This nation and therefore the world is faced with the process of being pushed by Progressives and Socialists toward a closer alignment with Communist China with the support of the Socialist Democrat Party.  The conflict Americans and Conservative Congressmen will be faced with over the next 4 years will be to oppose the legislative measures Socialists in Congress will try to pass in order to move the Republic more closely aligned with Communist China.  Communist China, which infected the nation with COVID-19, will work closely with and take advantage of Joe Biden, who previously stated that China is not a threat.  


President Trump must install the 1776 Project in the Public-School Systems in all 50 states, and it must be enhanced by the publication of a new accurate US History textbook, in order to stop the indoctrination of American students in Socialism by the Common Core Curriculum which uses textbooks created and published by organizations funded by Nazi Collaborator George Soros.  The opposition to Socialists in the US will be the most important battle Patriotic Americans will be faced with over the next 4 years.  It will be the most important battle that the nation has ever been faced with, and we must win, if the US Constitutional Republic is to survive.  


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.