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The Embrace of Communism by The Socialist Democrat Party In Order to Win the 2020 Election

  • The Embrace of Communism by The Socialist Democrat Party In Order to Win the 2020 Election

By Capt Joseph R. John, August 20, 2020; Op Ed #505

For the first time in the 244-year history of the Republic, a “Coup d'état” was staged against the President of the United States, and it has continued unabated for 4 years.  Obama and Hillary completely destroyed the tradition of the “Peaceful Transition of Power” in the United States and continue to refuse to accept the election of the 45th President of the United States.  Up until the 2016 national presidential election, the “Peaceful Transition of Power” had always been the cornerstone of civility, and an integral part of the election process of the President of the United States.  It was the way the Founding Fathers expected the Republic to maintain its integrity and legitimacy, and for all posterity.

Never in the history of the Republic had a two-term occupant of the Oval Office ever sought to destroy the Presidency of his successor, after the outcome of the election had been decided by the Electoral College.  In order to delegitimize and undermine the President Elect, the outgoing occupant of the Oval Office orchestrated a false narrative that the incoming President worked with Russia to defeat the Democrat candidate running against him for president.  Obama had the senior and corrupt members of his administration that he appointed to lead the CIA, FBI, State, DOJ, and National Intelligence Agency, join him and tried to remove the 45th President of the United States.  


For four years, Obama and Biden with the help of Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, Leftists, the Communist Party USA, and The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist Organization continued to repeat the lie that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency.  The 45 House members representing the aforementioned leftist and Communist organizations, make up Pelosi’s Radical Leftist Caucus.  They have been working with Schumer’s leftists coalition in the US Senate and collectively colluded to promulgate the lie that President Trump colluded with Russia to win his election, across all government agencies and with the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment (controlled by Communist China).  


After the Trump Administration accepted the baton from the outgoing Obama Administration, Obama and Biden continued to promulgate the false narrative, through the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment for four long years.  The Main Stream Media continued to daily attack President Trump viciously and unmercifully, trying to delegitimize his position as head of the US government.  Most Americans have become fatigued by the daily vicious attacks on President Trump by leftist media commentators, members of Congress, the Main Stream Media controlled by Communist China, and the leftist leaning Hollywood community.  


The left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment no longer reports the news in an objective or honest manner. They continue to intentionally divide, not unify the nation by their daily vicious and disparaging attacks on President Trump.  Beside those vicious attacks, the dishonest press is now “openly” expressing their hope for a recession while trying to scare the American people about the threat of COVID-19, supporting the narrative to keep businesses and schools closed.  By doing so, they are hoping to erode President Trump’s approval rating before the November election.  


Before the election, the Main Stream Media and Hillary Clinton alleged that Donald Trump had sex with over a dozen women, next that he was colluding with Russia to win the election, and that he tried to obstruct justice on a phone call.  Next, they impeached President Trump and then the State of California tried to remove the President’s name from the Presidential ballot, now President Trump is being called a racist daily, and the Democrats are saying the COVID-19 was created by President Trump, not by Communist China.  


The Democrats, who have been doing everything possible to close down the economy as a result of COVID-19, are also saying the current economic problems are President Trump’s fault.  Hillary stated in a speech that the riots and anarchy in 400 cities over the last 6 months are President Trump's fault and will continue unless he is removed from office.  The Main Stream Media continue in their non-stop attempts to delegitimize the President building up to a fever pitch, with COVID-19 winding down, the newest alleged scandal is that President Trump is using the US Post Office to try to prevent Americans from voting in November.  The Communist Party USA is leading the attacks through one scandal after another, which haven’t stuck, to get rid of President Trump and remove him from office.


In 1963, a former member of the FBI read the goals of the Communist Party in the well of the House of Representatives.  That speech was recovered by Jennifer Turner from McMinnville, Tennessee and by clicking on the below listed link, you can watch her read some of the goals of the Communist Party from that historical speech in the US House of Representatives, of whom few Americans alive today have ever heard before.  All Americans who care about their freedom should be made aware of the Communist goals, so they can become aware of how successful Communists have been in achieving their goals as outlined 57 years ago.  Anyone interested in learning more about how the Communist Party USA has been undermining the US Constitutional Republic for 57 years, can learn that information by reading Cleon Skousen (1913-2006) book “The Naked Communist” where the excerpts from the “Current Communist Goals” for the United States were outlined in the early 1960s.  After you do your research, Jenifer Turner said you should pray for America.   

The collective goal of Marxist Tom Perez’s Democrat Socialist Party, the Pelosi-led Radical Leftist Caucus, Nazi-Collaborator George Soros, the leftists Democrats in the Senate led by Schumer, and the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment, is to subvert the Constitutional Republic that elected President Donald Trump.  They intend to accomplish their goal of defeating President Trump in November by making it possible for many of the 20 million Illegal Aliens in the US to vote illegally, as if they were American citizens, with no voter IDs required again in 2020.  Millions of Illegal Aliens voted illegally in 2018, because there was no voter ID required, combined with ballot harvesting, which was passed in California.

That vote by mail initiative is being promoted by Governors of Blue States who are planning to mail ballots to every resident in their state, regardless of whether they registered to vote or not.  Every state has a valid Absentee Ballot program, where every registered voter can easily vote by mail by simply requesting an absentee ballot from the Registrar of Voters.  The US Post Office has informed the Governors of the Blue States intending to mail ballots to every resident in their states that they can’t possibly handle the additional mailing of up 51 million unsolicited mailed ballots, plus the return of those 51 million mailed-in ballots by the voters to the Blue State Registrar of Voters within a one week turn around period.  The returned mail in ballots can’t be stamped with a post marked date by the US Post Office (because the authorized code on the return envelope will not require a stamp, because stamping 51 million return envelopes within a few days would be impossible for postal workers to do).  That will make it impossible to verify if the votes were postmarked within the legal time to be counted as a valid vote.  There are not enough US Postal employees to handle that much mail at all---millions of mail-out ballots would actually destroy the orderly operation of the U S Postal Service.

For the last 20 years, Socialist, Marxists, and Progressives have been indoctrinating millennials using the Common Core Curriculum, employing corrupted US History textbooks that promotes Socialism and degrades democracy, which was developed and funded by Nazi-Collaborator George Soros.  Those fake Soros US History textbooks are required to be used in the Common Core Curriculum in order for states to receive federal aid to education.  The Socialist indoctrination of America’s youth over the last 20 years has been very successful: today 52% of the millions of millennials, believe that Socialism is a much better form of government than Democracy; they oppose the 2nd Amendment, and they have been closing down freedom of speech in the classroom and on campus.

The 52% of millennial students who support Socialism should have been taught in public school and in college that Socialism as a concept of government has failed in the 37 countries where it has been tried over the last 100 years, and that Socialist governments in those 37 countries were responsible for killing and enslaving hundreds of millions of people over the last century.  Socialism is not a better nor more successful form of government than the US Constitutional Republic, which has governed the American people for 244 years and has developed the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, The Free Enterprise System.

The below listed article by Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) (Ret) further exposes the Marxist Tom Perez’s Socialist Democrat Party’s attempt to subvert the 244-year Constitutional Republic form of government which has created the most successful economic engine in the history of mankind, yet the Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, Leftists, the Communist Party USA, and The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist Organization are working aggressively to change the Constitutional Republic and The Free Enterprise System into a Socialist State.  We encourage you to listen to American Conservative Writer, David Horowitz, as he discusses the election landscape over the coming two months, by clicking on this link

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