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The Founding Fathers--The "Freedom" They Gave Us---Can We Keep Them?

  • The Founding Fathers--The "Freedom" They Gave Us---Can We Keep Them?

By Capt Joseph R. John, April 15, 2021, Op Ed #553 

When it comes to support for the US Constitution, we are not Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Liberals, or Conservatives—we are all Americans; we must all “protect and defend” the US Constitution at all costs.  


Americans must defend their “Freedom of Speech”, “Freedom of Religion”, and “Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms”, which are all being threatened with elimination by the Socialist Democrats, The Communist Party USA, Nazi Sympathizer George Soros, the Left Main Stream Media, Big Tech, and the domestic allies of Communist China.  


There is a massive and unrelenting attempt by Bill Gates, Nazi Sympathizer George Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, Obama, and leftist leaders of woke organization and groups such as Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Microsoft, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter Marxists Domestic Terrorists, The Communist Party USA, ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists, Big Tech, the Left Main Stream Media, and the domestic supporters of Communist China, to restrict the freedoms given to Americans by the Founding Fathers in the US Constitution.


Will Patriotic US Senators oppose the passage of the Unconstitutional HR1 Bill, oppose the fake Infrastructure Bill with only 6% of it for infrastructure---in reality it is The New Green Deal, and eliminate the filibuster, so those two bills can be passed in the Senate.  To pay for those two measures, US Corporate Taxes will have to be increased to the highest tax rates in the world (corporation never pay higher taxes, they always pass tax increases on to consumers), those increased taxes will make American produced goods uncompetitive in international commerce, and US manufacturers will again move manufacturing to countries with lower tax rates.    


Approving those three issues will effectively eliminate state election laws, will result in millions of lost jobs, will destroy many protections for citizens in the US Constitution, allow males to share showers with women and compete with women in school sports, complete very little (6%) infrastructure repair, legalize election theft with mail in ballots and Ballot Harvesting, eliminate verification of a voter’s ID before they can vote, allow 16-year-old students to vote, subverts States’ Rights, allows convicted criminals to vote, and allow censuring free of speech.  


Patriotic Americans must cease being so passive, as they have been over the last year when violent riots created billions of dollars in destruction and looting, and did not object to the massive voter fraud in 6 battleground states where the election was stolen by the Socialist Democrats.  Will Americans follow the examples of the Founding Fathers and finally wake up and unite to oppose Communism, and to keep the above listed Freedoms?  Can we save the US Constitution that we swore to “protect and defend”, so the US Constitutional Republic will survive, or will Communism prevail, making our generation the one presiding over the loss of the above listed Freedoms forever?


Please click on the below listed link to learn how the Founding Fathers suffered and gave up so much, to provide their posterity with the above listed Freedoms that they spelled out in the US Constitution and to give us our US Constitutional Republican form of Government.  


Paul Harvey and The Declaration of Independence


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