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On Gradually Moving The US Republic Towards Communism

  • On Gradually Moving The US Republic Towards Communism

 By Capt Joseph R. John, March 8, 2021, Op Ed #546

Changing the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State is the first step to move the United States toward Communism, because Socialism is just one step away from Communism.  The long-range goal of the Communist Party USA initiated 52 years ago to develop the foundation to initiate a Communism Revolution, was to include Socialism in the public-school teaching curriculum in multiple curriculums (Social Studies, Science, Government, and US History), to softly indoctrinate America’s students in Socialism.   


In 1928, the Communist Party believed that racial differences between black and white Americans could be the  Achilles Heel of American society, and they could instill racial differences as the future sources of conflicts under the banner of systemic racism.  Further, they worked towards making America’s youth in public school feel that democracy is not working, and that the America is afflicted with systemic racism and to eventually move the nation stealthily toward Socialism.  Socialism would be a transitional phase; under the banner of building socialism, the Socialist Democrats, Progressives and Marxists would move the nation toward a violent Communist Revolution in the streets. 

Another Communist goal was to control as much of American society through government.  Total government control is Communism and is what we see in communist China, communist Cuba, communist Venezuela, Marxist Russia, by initially having government control medical services, and later moving it out of the private sector.

Another step that must be accomplished to move the Republic toward Communism is to defuse support for law and order by openly violating it.  Over the last 12 months, the foot soldiers of the Social Democrat Party, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists, initiated and led violent riots in over 200+ Sanctuary Cities controlled by the Socialist Democratic Party Mayors.  They created over $2 billion in destruction, hospitalized 2000 Police Officers, occupied and burned Police Precincts, torched thousands of police cruisers, ambushed and murdered over 50 Police Officer over the last 4 years.  There was no action taken by FBI Director Wray to arrest and prosecute the Domestic Terrorists.

The Former Chief of the Capital Police Force said he and other Law Enforcement Agencies, including the FBI, had a several weeks’ notice that a violent riot was planned for January 6th at the US Capitol.  Director Wray does not mention the 4 bus loads of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorist that arrived at the Washington, DC wearing MAGA hats with a Police escort on January 6th.  Those videos of buses arriving were disseminated across the Internet.    


The only riot out of the over 200+ riots that occurred during a 12 month period, where $2 billion in destruction occurred, that Director Wray had hundreds of FBI Agents investigate, was the riot at the US Capital on January 6th.  However, never was ANTIFA nor Black Lives Mater Domestic Terrorists involvement in the January 6th riot ever mentioned----only White Extremists involvement was mentioned in Wray’s Senate Testimony about the riots on January 6th, where $50,000 in damage occurred.  However ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists, like Sullivan from Utah, were actually arrested at the Capitol on January 6th, and their photos were published by the national press and on the Internet. 

 Oh Dear monk 
 The 2020 election was the next step towards turning the United States into a Socialist State.  There is plenty of proof of the Communist initiative underway in the below listed Op Eds:


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