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Have Americans and US Businesses Been Oppressively Restricted To Oppose COVID-19?

  • Have Americans and US Businesses Been Oppressively Restricted To Oppose COVID-19?

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 14, 2020, Op Ed #468

There are so many questions, unknowns, and uncertainties about the COVID-19 Virus; this Op Ed will reveal some unknown facts and try to clarify some complex issues.  One thing that is certain, if there is not a balance between protecting lives from the pandemic, and getting the economy started in a safe manner, more people will die from stress or get into drug use because of the failed economy, than will die from the pandemic.  It is obvious that millions of Americans want to go back to work to save their homes and feed their children.  The increased testing which has been done on over 10 million Americans should help facilitate both goals to occur simultaneously.

Sweden has remained unflappably calm during this annual flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic threat.  They have allowed their retail and general businesses to largely remain open.  Sweden counted on their citizens to individually take mature responsibility to follow healthy hygiene procedures, to protect themselves during the flu season that ended in the spring, and from the possible threat of COVID-19.  Gatherings of more than 50 people have been banned, and citizens over 70 and those who feel ill are encouraged to stay home, while children who would otherwise need care are in school.  

Beside Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Iceland, Singapore, and 8 US states have “not” been following all of the oppressive and restrictive hygiene recommendations required for the entire US population. Their economies have not been closed down; the populations in those countries have had much fewer infections and fatalities than the US is experiencing from the COVID-19 Virus.  Americans have come to believe that something isn’t quite right, and large numbers of them, especially in states that have hardly been affected by COVID-19, are demonstrating to express their disagreement with the uniform oppressive restrictions over the last 3 months.   

The US economy has never been completely shut down in the nation's 244 years, and the public has never been panicked with fear by the CDC and the left of center liberal media establishment into hunkering down indoors to avoid a virus that actually has a 99.6% survival rate.  The death rate is strangely similar to what Americans experience annually during the flu season ending this spring.  However this year, the CDC has not reported what the annual flu mortality rate is; normally it is between 30,000 and 80,000 deaths----the CDC is only reporting that COVID-19 fatalities are over 80,000 deaths, and not reporting “one” flu death.

Despite the fact that over 47,450 Americans are dying annually from opioid overdoses---which is a much higher number of deaths than COVID-19 deaths would ever approach in a 20 year period.  On an average, 130 Americans die from opioid overdoses “every day”, the left of center liberal media establishment and the CDC did not whip up the general public into a deadly fear over it, like they have been hyping COVID-19, nor have they been manipulating the public to express extreme fear of opioid overdosing, as they are currently doing with COVID-19.  

Healthy individuals with robust immune systems (those under age 45), and elderly individuals with very weak constitutions are being treated in exactly the same way in the US.  That isn’t how the populations in Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Iceland, and even how Florida, with the largest population of elderly adults in the US, have been treating their populations.  Sequestering and restricting healthy people with less than a 0.1% fatality rate, while closing down all business activities, has not been in the best interest of the Republic. 

Stores with large numbers of shoppers are being allowed to remain open, including Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Liquor Stores, Marijuana Stores, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Target, Lowes, Best Buy, Dillard, and others.  Yet small stores with very few shoppers such as Hallmark card shops, small apparel shops, art supply stores, beauty supply stores, office supply stores, furniture stores, jewelry stores, computer stores, etc. are not being allowed to operate.  They should be allowed to do so, as long as masks, and sprays, and distance requirements are being followed.  

The nation has to be much more protective of Americans with intellectual difficulties, youngsters with medical problems, and elderly individuals in nursing homes and in elderly care facilities who would all be highly susceptible to COVID-19.  Americans with chronic health issues such as heart problems, sugar diabetes, immune system problems, asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, etc. must be correctly restricted.  Fatalities in nursing homes and long care facilities are accounting for half of the current COVID-19 deaths.   

In January 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said there is nothing America should be worried about concerning the Corona Virus; it affects us annually during the annual flu season (the flu is a corona virus).  However in February, Dr. Fauci strongly recommended that America's business activities must be closed down and all Americans must be sequestered indoors, required to wear gloves, wear face masks, not touch any surfaces, follow very restrictive hygiene procedures, and constantly wash their hands.  By sequestering healthy Americans in place, Dr. Fauci has effectively placed the entire US population in a type of a cocoon existence.  


By placing sequestered individuals in a cocoon of sorts, Dr. Fauci is actually interfering with the function of a healthy individual’s immune system.  The immune system naturally creates antibodies to protect the body from infectious diseases.  By creating a sort of a cocoon existence, the building blocks of an individual’s own immune system are neutralized, and this renders the body defenseless from viruses.  Each flu season, a herd immunity develops in the general population, which results in millions of Americans’ immune systems becoming naturally immunized against that year’s strain of flu.  As of May 9th, over 10 million Americans have been tested for COVID-19 (300,000 Americans are being tested each day) and it was determined that many of them had naturally developed immunity to COVID-19.  Four out of 1,000 Americans have been infected with COVID-19.  It is estimated that 10-20 million Americans may have been infected.


Several days ago, it was determined by medical staffs in NYC that 66% of the patients with “new” COVID-19 cases had not been traveling on the subways, had been sheltering in place, were wearing face masks, were wearing gloves, were repeatedly washing their hands, and were keeping safe distances from others.  Further, according to Gov Cuomo, 2/3rd of residents in NY who had been hospitalized with COVID-19 had not been protected by those hygiene policies; their immune systems were compromised and hadn’t naturally protected them.  Three states, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, which comprise 12% of the US population, yet have 52% of all COVID-19 deaths.  Their residents as well, had supposedly been following the aforementioned hygiene guidelines which had not worked for most of them.


Scientists have been telling Americans that the COVID-19 Virus spreads more rapidly in a closed environment, and that viral transmissions rarely occurs outdoors.  Those scientist have repeatedly recommended that Americans go outdoors and get in the sun, in order to kill the corona virus.  The majority of America’s population is under 45 years of age, and for the most part, they “ have not” been at risk from COVID-19.  In NYC, only 0.015 of the population under 45 years of have perished from COVID-19. 

A recent study by Just Facts determined that because of COVID-19, anxiety and social disruption could destroy 7 times more years of human lives than can be saved by the strict lockdown procedures being enforced for everyone uniformly in the US.  Just Facts’ computerized study was based on a broad array of scientific data.  The study determined that stress is one of the deadliest health hazards in the world, and stay-at-home orders, business shutdowns, media frenzy promoting fear, as well as legitimate concerns about the COVID-19 can ultimately cost more lives, than lockdowns can save.  It is estimated that there could be over 150,000 deaths in the US due to stress, fears, and despair during the pandemic.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used very effectively by hundreds of doctors, treating many thousands of COVID-19 cases all over the world, and it has been healing thousands of patients who had been treated with it early on, long before they had a chance to become critical.  Doctors are being warned by the FDA and by Dr. Fauci that its use may affect a patient’s heart, however the doctors prescribing hydroxychloroquine say it hasn’t affected any of their patient’s hearts “at all”.  Hydroxychloroquine is cheap, safe, plentiful, and at least 91% successful in curing COVID-19 when taken early in the disease process.   


Last week, One American News reported that in 2005, Dr. Fauci reported that hydroxychloroquine was "effective against viruses genetically related to the Corona Virus", yet today he has been singing a much different tune, saying doctors have to be very careful in prescribing hydroxychloroquine.  The FDA is improperly directing doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine only for hospitalized patients, that would be long after it would have been effectiveness and successful in healing a patient.  Why has Dr. Fauci and the FDA been trying to prevent the use of a long tested, inexpensive, and very effective drug that is saving the lives of patients infected with COVID-19 worldwide? Could it be because their associates don’t have a patent for hydroxychloroquine? 


Dr. Fauci has intentionally been misleading the press on the effectiveness of employing hydroxychloroquine to treat patients infected with COVID-19.  Despite the fact that it has been consistently been very effective in early preventative treatment to overcome the COVID-19 Virus, Dr. Fauci continues to misrepresent its true effectiveness.  Instead of supporting the application of hydroxychloroquine for patients infected with COVID-19 as a very effective and well tested treatment, Dr. Fauci is recommending an untested and very expensive drug his associates have the patent for.   


Dr. Fauci has been hyping and promoting Remdesivir, a much more expensive drug than hydroxychloroquine, as the preferred treatment for patients infected with COVID-19, despite the fact that it is absolutely “unproven”, while hydroxychloroquine is well proven worldwide.  Dr. Fauci is encouraging the government to order Remdesivir in very large quantities, which will end up benefiting Fauci’s below listed associates who have a very large financial interests in the manufacture of Remdesivir.  


Remdesivir is produced by Gilead Sciences, and Communist China holds a share of the patent for Remdesivir.  The patent for Remdesivir was filed on January 4, 2020, with a joint drug patent agreement with Unitaid, which is Gilead’s Communist Chinese subsidiary.  Gilead “strangely” went into the production of Remdesivir on February 12, 2020, only 3 weeks after President Trump initiated a travel ban on China.  The major investor in Gilead is Nazi collaborator George Soros.  Gilead has partnered with Wuxi App Tec, an international biopharmaceutical and medical device company, that is owned by Nazi collaborator George Soros; Wuxi App Tec is based in the cities of Wuxi and Suzhou in Communist China.


Unitaid has an office near The Wuhan Institute of Virology. The financial investors of Unitaid are Nazi collaborator George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and The World Health Organization (WHO).  Since 2012, Fauci has been on the Gates Foundation Leadership Council, and they have a Global Vaccine Action Plan to inoculate the world’s population with their vaccine which will make them millions.  Gilead and Unitaid were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and Dr. Fauci has been on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation for many years.  Through his association with the Clinton Foundation, Dr. Fauci developed close ties with Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a long time Communist and Director General of the World Health Organization; Tedros does whatever China President Xi Jinping directs him to do.   


By encouraging the US Government, hospitals, and doctors to purchase large quantities of the very expensive and unproven drug, Remdesivir, the purchase would financially benefit Nazi collaborator George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, The World Health Organization, Communist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Communist China, China President Xi Jinping, Unitaid which is Gilead’s Communist Chinese subsidiary, and Nazi Collaborator George Soros' company Wuxi App Tec.  Since the purchase of Remdesivir benefits Fauci’s above listed associates, Dr. Fauci has demonstrated that he has a major conflict of interest.  Fauci may also benefit in some way from the above individuals to show their appreciation.   


Dr. Fauci has been contradicting Secretary of State Pompeo on the origin of COVID-19, and keeps repeating that it didn’t originate in the lab in The Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Fauci is promoting Communist China’s Party line.  Dr. Fauci is also defending the World Health Organization that has repeatedly tried to cover up the fact that the release of the COVID-19 Virus came from Communist China.  


Dr. Fauci has had a long and well documented connection with The Wuhan Institute of Virology in Communist China.  Communist China has a history of running sub-standard laboratories and has infected the world with three pandemics.  The previous pandemic infections were by the Hong Kong Flu in 1968, and SARS Corona in 2002 (in 1968, 100,000 Americans died from the Hong Kong Flu, yet Woodstock took place in the middle of it, no one in the nation was restricted in place, and no businesses were ever closed like they are closed today). 


Fauci personally had the NIAID provide over $3.7 million for The Wuhan Institute of Virology, specifically for the “study” and research of the Corona Virus, even after the US ordered a stop to that funding,  declaring there is a moratorium on all such funding.  Fauci’s authorization of funding for the “study” of the Corona Virus was illegally ordered.  Subsequently, the Corona Virus was manipulated in the lab in The Wuhan Institute of Virology, and it developed into COVID-19 Virus; it was intentionally released to infect the US and 180 countries----but not one other city in Communist China was infected. 


In 2017, Dr. Fauci announced to the world that there would be a pandemic in 2-3 years that would affect the new Trump administration, how did Fauci know a pandemic would be affecting the new Trump administration in 2-3 years?  By releasing COVID-19, Communist China is responsible for killing over 80,000 Americans, for putting 33.5+ million Americans on the unemployment rolls, creating fear in every city in America, and for bringing the US economy to a standstill.   

Last week, in a press interview, two California doctors in the Bakersfield area, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, carefully and very responsibly laid out their case for ending the lockdown, and want the shelter-in-place order to be lifted; they own and run an Urgent Care Facility in Kern County.  YouTube, which is a part of the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment, immediately removed the press briefing from distribution, in order to cover it up.

However, despite the cover up,  Dr. Judy Mikovits, one of the world's most accomplished scientists of this age, doesn’t believe all Americans, regardless of age or location, should be required to follow the very oppressive restrictions recommended by Dr Fauci equally; Sweden has treated different divisions of their population uniquely, based upon the degree of threat they may have from COVID-19.  She agrees with the two doctors, with Sweden’s alternant hygiene policies, and the policies of other countries that were put in place, who have been obtaining better results than the US.  By clicking on the below listed link, you can watch and listen to a video of Dr. Mikovits discussing the above listed issues, and hear what she has to say about Dr. Fauci who threatened her, and got her jailed when she refused to turn over details of a unique drug, so he could personally get a patent for the drug:


For 36 years, through 5 administrations, Dr. Fauci’s NIAID has been obtaining millions of dollars in taxpayers funding to conduct research in government laboratories that he controls, and he has been obtaining patents in “his” name, or in the names of companies that he has a financial interest in.  If vaccines are created in his government labs and are mass produced, Dr. Fauci will make millions of dollars in royalties, which should absolutely not be permitted.  


As Director of NIAID for 36 years, Fauci has become a part of the Washington swamp, and has been personally taking advantage of his position to benefit himself financially.  Those benefits from patented drugs should redound to the US Government that funded the research, not to Fauci.


Dr. Thomas Yadegar, a critical care physician for 20 years, and now Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in Tarzana, California, has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic response.  Dr. Yadegar has stated that using a ventilator is a highly invasive procedure, and the repeated and forced inspiration of air irritates the lungs, which feeds back into the inflammatory cycle.  He states that many patients, once on a ventilator, never recover.  Dr. Yadegar and his team have had remarkable success.  They have not put a patient on a ventilator in at least two weeks, and the mortality rate in their ICU has been in the single digits, whereas nationally the mortality rate of critically ill patients on a ventilator with COVID-19 has been between 40% and 70%.


During this pandemic, if a patient dies for a specific reason (heart attack, cancer, pulmonary disease, immune system failures, cystic fibrosis, etc.), and incidentally happens to also be infected with the Corona Virus, doctors report that they are being pressured by the CDC, repeatedly, to document on the patient’s death certificate, that the death was as a result of COVID-19.  Fraudulent death certificates have been inaccurately bolstering COVID-19’s deaths.  Dr. Mikovits has stated that the cause of the death of an individual is not because they happen to also have had an infection, and that patients always die from a very specific reason, not just because they also happen to simultaneously have an infection.  


The CDC is heavily involved in this fraudulent death certificate “conspiracy”, they have enlisted hospitals in the conspiracy by making it financially beneficial to have a patient die with COVID-19.  If the death of a patient is from COVID-19, the hospital receives $13,000 from Medicare, and if the death of a patient with COVID-19 occurs while on a ventilator, the hospital receives $39,000 from Medicare.  The CDC is fraudulently informing America that there has not been “one” flu fatality during the annual flu season that ended in the spring, when the annual numbers of deaths each year have always been between 30,000 and 80,000 deaths.  So the only deaths during the flu season, for the first time ever, is “zero”.  Dr. Deborah Brix, the White House Coronavirus Task Force Response Administrator, has accused the CDC of being responsible for inflating the death numbers by as much as 25%.  The CDC has been dishonestly inflating COVID-19 deaths to increase the death numbers.


In the newest Axios poll of May 5th, two-thirds of American adults doubt the official US COVID-19 death tolls.  The poll found that 40% of  Republicans believed that deaths are being overcounted, compared to 24% who believe they are being undercounted.  Many Americans believe that the reason that so many deaths are being incorrectly documented is to bolster the COVID-19 threat, and that Americans are being locked in place and prevented from carefully working while following all protective recommendations to help the economy recover.  


The population has been manipulated for the last 3+ months by the above listed individuals and organizations that do not have the best interests of the Republic at heart, and they have been trying to benefit financially from this national tragedy by selling the “unproven” Remdesivir to the US Government at inflated prices.  Anti-Republic, anti-Liberty, and the anti-Free Enterprise System forces and plotters have been taking advantage of the US and severely damaging the US Constitutional Republic over the last 3+ months, during the oppressively restricted lockdowns.   


Those plotters are Anthony Fauci; Nazi Collaborator George Soros; Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization; China President Xi Jinping; the Chinese Communist Party; The Clinton Foundation; the FDA--which has tried to limit the use of hydroxychloroquine for hospitals so it will only be applied after the window of maximum effectiveness has passed, and is doing so, in order to approve Remdesivir which is a much more expensive and an unproven drug.  The CDC, which encourages doctors to submit fraudulent death certificates to inflate the number of COVID-19 fatalities, the left of center liberal media establishment which has been whipping up public fear of the COVID-19 threat and are lobbying to keep all business closed until the November election, and the 80 Leftist, Progressive, Marxist, Socialist, and Communist members in Congress of Pelosi’s Radical Socialist Democrat Caucus are charging President Trump with being responsibile for the COVID-19 Virus deaths.  


Pelosi and her Socialist allies want all Americans to continue to be oppressively restricted in place, until just before the November election, with the hope that it will result in a depression that would result in the defeat of President Trump’s re-election.  Pelosi doesn’t care that her policies would devastate millions of hard-working Americans who are trying to work so they can feed their children and pay their mortgages, that it would destroy America’s Free Enterprise System, and that it would change the Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.  The American public opinion has been manipulated by the left of center liberal media establishment into developing a dreadful fear of the Corona Virus, despite the fact that Americans actually have a 99.6% survival rate from COVID-19.  


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.