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How Dangerous is COVID-19?

  • How Dangerous is COVID-19?

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 14, 2020: Op Ed #501

The below listed video, as a follow up presentation to Op Ed #500 entitled “A Cure For Covid-19?” that we previously shared with you is also important and completes the information on COVID-19 that was too long to present in one Op Ed.  The video was recorded by Dr Kelly Victory, a trauma and emergency physician, who had practiced with the Public Health Service, as well as with other medical organizations.   


For five months, the media has focused on, and discussed the need to decrease death rates to flatten the curve.  Then for the past two months when death rates had been steadily decreasing to the lowest in the world, the media has suddenly started shifting its reporting to the number of new COVID-19 cases.   Obviously, new cases were going to increase substantially because over 700,000 Americans were now being tested each day, and with over 50 million Americans having been tested to date, the number of new cases were going to steadily increase, while the percentage of deaths kept decreasing.  


So the overall information in this below listed video is very important for you to understand how dangerous COVID-19 is; we therefore are encouraging you to take the time to view this very important 17 minute video that is discussing the dangers of COVID-19, since the coronavirus may last for some time.  


I found Dr Victory’s use of statistics and her discussion of the proven and accepted medical knowledge about coronaviruses and pandemics, developed over many years of the medical community dealing with infective diseases, as well as her relaying her own medical knowledge developed having worked with various viruses, during her 20+ years of medical practice with infective diseases to be of extreme value.   


Dr. Victory discusses many important COVID-19 issues, such as the effectiveness of the internal immune system in all human beings, herd immunity, social distancing, if children should go back to school, if individuals should attend business meetings, if it is safe to go to church, should individuals attend gatherings with family members, will an effective vaccines be developed, the importance of wearing masks, how effective it is to disinfect surroundings and solid surfaces, have all the warnings promoted in the media been valid, and in general, how Americans should be responding to and learning to conduct themselves with COVID-19 present.


You may want to share the below listed educational video of Dr. Victory with your family and friends, as we are doing with our supporters, because over the past 5 months there has been so much conflicting, changing, and invalid information being transmitted about COVID-19 by TV commentators, who do not have medical degrees, and don’t know what they are talking about.

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  



Ed Berry, PhD, Climate Physics, CCM

Do you have the same problem that I do about this COVID-19 mania?

The media (and their avid followers) are getting "authoritarian" on COVID-19.

Months ago, the media talked about deaths. But in the past two months, the death rate has steadily decreased. So, the media changed to reporting the number of new cases. Obviously, new cases go up when we search for new cases with more testing. 

Both medicine and climate physics are much too complex for a professional to know it all. But as a professional, I know how to choose other good professionals. So, today, I put a 17-minute video by Dr. Kelly Victory on my website. She is a specialist in the field that includes COVID-19. She presents the best straight forward explanation I have seen on COVID-19 and how we should respond to it. Click hereto watch Dr. Victory's presentation.

 - Ed Berry, of Bigfork, Montana, has a PhD in theoretical physics with minors in atmospheric physics and math. He is a certified consulting meteorologist of the American Meteorological Society, and CEO of Climate Physics, LLC.