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How The Test Vaccines For The Wuhan Virus May be Affecting The Human Immune System

  • How The Test Vaccines For The Wuhan Virus May be Affecting The Human Immune System

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 3, 2021, Op Ed #558 

Vaccines contain the same germs that cause a specific disease. (For example, the measles vaccine contains the measles virus, and Hib vaccine contains Hib bacteria.)  Some vaccines contain only a part of the disease germ.  However, the virus or the bacteria have been either killed or weakened to the point where they will not make an inoculated person sick.  That is not the case for the inoculation to prevent you from catching the Wuhan Virus.  The US National Vaccine Adverse Events Reports System (VAERS), reported 50,861 sick reactions, with 7,726 serious sick reactions requiring hospitalization, and with 3,544 deaths following test vaccine injections.


A vaccine stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease you are being inoculated for.  After getting vaccinated, you develop immunity to the disease you were inoculated for, without having to get the disease first.  This is what makes vaccines such powerful medicine.  Unlike most medicines which treat or cure diseases, vaccines are supposed to “prevent” them.  That has not been the case for the inoculations to prevent you from catching the Wuhan Virus.  The CDC stated that 7,157 fully vaccinated people in the US have contracted the Wuhan Virus, 561 required hospitalization, and the inoculations of the test vaccines resulted in 4,178 fatalities following injections.


The first and foremost point to be made is that the RNA messenger (mRNA) is being called a "vaccine" by the Biden/Harris/Obama administration, but according to the CDC official definition, they are not and cannot be legally called a “vaccine” at all.  The manufacturers of the test inoculations do not and cannot call them a “vaccine”; it is unlawful, and those manufacturers could be easily sued for mislabeling them as “vaccines.”  


The FDA granted “Emergency Use Authorization” for those inoculations (“mRNA injections”) because they are unlike a conventional vaccine; mRNA inoculation delivers a synthetic, inorganic molecule (medical device) that programs your cells.  It is required by law to only give “Emergency Use Authorization” if there are no other effective treatments for COVID-19 (the Wuhan Virus), but there are.  None of the mRNA test vaccines, repeatedly tested by scientists for many years, injecting test animals as their guinea pigs, have ever been able to prove they were successful in creating a safe “vaccine’ for human use. 


The moment the "National Emergency" that is COVID-19 (the Wuhan Virus) is called off, or an alternate treatment is deemed to be effective, injections of the mRNA test injections should be halted.  There are plenty of alternate and effective treatments being employed to heal humans from the Wuhan Virus infection in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, and in the US.  Big Pharma is making billions of dollars by selling millions of test vaccines (that are mislabeled by the media), and have been able to get Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the NIH, who are financially on the take for a percentage of all the revenue from the sale of test vaccines, have made it exceedingly difficult for pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals to prescribe the safe effective medications listed below.  


Although Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, Azithromycin, and vitamins C/D3/Zinc/Selenium/NAC, heal patients sometimes in 24-hour periods, and have proven safe for over 50 years, they are not being prescribed by hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors on order of the CDC.  Those safe medications and vitamins are so inexpensive, that Big Pharma cannot make billions of dollars on their sales, bordering on medical practice, and patients are unable to get them prescribed for treatment like they are being prescribed in Asia, Africa, and Europe.  


By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to The Head of The Vaccine Development Center at the German Center for Infectious Research, Dr. Geert Vanden Bosse, PhD, DVM, who is a world-renown vaccine creator and who is a strongly pro-Vaccines advocate, explain why he is terrified about how the test inoculations are affecting the human immune system.  Please listen to him and share his finding with your loved ones and close friends. 


You don’t want to miss this?? (


The reason the test vaccines have not been approved by the FDA, is because they have not gone through the rigid testing and time-consuming screening programs required by FDA to be fully approved by the US Government.  The rigid and long testing program for all vaccines is designed to uncover problems such as those which by Dr. Geert Vaden Bosse uncovered, and that he explains in detail in the above listed video.  


Although medical doctors, infectious disease epidemiologists, and public health scientists have repeatedly warned that the test vaccines may be negatively affecting the human immune system, we hope they are incorrect, because many of our loved ones and friends have been inoculated with one of the test vaccines that are being mislabeled by the Biden/Harris/Obama administration as vaccines.


The internationally known medical doctor Carrie Madej, explains the enormous and in many cases the unknown risks of the mRNA test “vaccines” that are being injected into people all across the globe.  She also warned that, because these shots are not approved by the FDA, people should consult their life-insurance policy before taking a shot, since it may not pay out if they die. There is also a risk of infertility as the immune system is trained to target particular elements of the reproductive system.  Dr. Madej warned, “We need to put a moratorium on this”. 



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