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Illegal Aliens, Walls, and Photo IDs

  • Illegal Aliens, Walls, and Photo IDs

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 6, 2018: Op Ed # 393

There has been over 700 demonstrations against Immigration and Customs Enforcement Federal Law Enforcement Agents (ICE), throughout the nation over the last 3 weeks.  The 50 offices of Obama’s “Organization For Action (OFA)” have been coordinating the demonstrations, with the support of their 32,525 members, and with the help of 14 field organizers.  The Demonstrators are being transported to various locations, and are being paid by George Soros.

The demonstrations are designed to eliminate the force of 6000 ICE Agents whose primary function is to enforce US Federal Immigration Laws, and to apprehend convicted Illegal Alien criminals on the interior of the US.  Obama’s OFA is lying about what ICE Agents are responsible for, and whipping up hysteria by saying ICE is separating Illegal Alien children from their Illegal Alien parents; the left of center liberal media establishment has been promoting that bold faced lie for the last three weeks. 

ICE Agents have absolutely nothing to do with separating Illegal Alien children from the human trafficking Illegal Alien adults at the border, those human traffickers are often masquerading as Illegal Alien parents.  It is the Customs and Border Protection Federal Law Enforcement Officers, not ICE Agents, who try to determine if the Illegal Alien child, is in the custody of their real Illegal Alien parent.  Often it not the real Illegal Alien parent with the Illegal Alien child, it is a drug cartel “mule”, using an Illegal Alien child as cover, in order to penetrate the US Southern Border illegally.  


The only reason an Illegal Alien child may eventually be separated from an Illegal Alien real parent, is because the Illegal Alien parent has hazarded their child, by bringing the child on a very long and dangerous journey through hostile territory, traveling the full length of Mexico, then by finally committing the crime of illegally crossing the US Southern Border, instead of transporting the Illegal Alien child to an authorized US Port of Entry.  


If that Illegal Alien parent were an American parent, the child would be removed from their custody by Child Protective Services, and placed in a Foster Home, because the child had been placed in a very dangerous situation by the action of the American Citizen parent.  If an American Citizen parent commits any crime in the United States, requiring incarceration in jail, they are separated from their child.  Why should an Illegal Alien parent who commits a crime, be treated any differently from an American Citizen parent who commits a crime?


By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to what a Hispanic comedian in LA has to say about The Wall, and about the massive influx of Illegal Aliens, and convicted criminal Illegal Aliens entering the United States from Mexico and Central America.  In June, the number of Illegal Aliens, human traffickers, gang members, and drug smugglers that were apprehended entering the US through the southern border exceeded 42,000; the US Border Patrol generally reports that they are only able to apprehend about half the Illegal Aliens, human traffickers, gang members, and drug smugglers entering the US through the southern border.


Please read the below listed article about “walls” and photo IDs. Consider the fact that the Vatican has a wall around Vatican City, Mexico has a wall on its Southern Border, Hollywood celebrities live in walled & gated communities, Obama and Maxine Waters have walls protecting their residences, a massive wall system protects Israel from the entry of terrorists, Saudi Arabia has massive walls on its northern and southern borders to prevent the entry of terrorists, South Korea has a wall protecting it from North Korea, and all liberal members of Congress have their offices protected by Capital Police Officers guarding the entrances to their Congressional office buildings—the hypocrisy about the need for Walls continues.
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This article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal, written by Wayne Allyn Root, that explains walls in the most understanding way


It revolves around my home community in Henderson.  I live in Anthem Country Club.  There are about 1500 beautiful homes behind the gates at Anthem. What’s the appeal of Anthem Country Club?  It’s got a big beautiful wall around it.  And thick iron gates in front, protected by armed guards.  There is virtually no crime inside walled, gated, armed Anthem.


I’ve lived here for almost 17 years.  My kids grew up here.  They played outside everyday from morning till night and I never worried for one moment. Because of the wall, the gates and the armed guards, my kids were as safe as if they lived in “ Mayberry R.F.D.”  Life is good behind the gates of Anthem.


In the rest of Las Vegas … not so much,  In the rest of Vegas … lots of crime and fear.  This proves walls, gates and armed guards are good if you want your family to be safe.


But wait.  Anthem recently added a new feature to keep our residents safe.  Drivers entering our gates must show a government-issued photo ID. Anyone entering our community — guests, gardeners, maids, nannies, pool cleaners, handymen, plumbers, electricians, delivery personnel — must provide state or federal government issued photo ID or they will be denied entry.  Every single one of them.


There are many lessons we can learn from studying Anthem.  If you want your family and children to be safe, build a wall.


Preferably a wall that is also surrounded by armed guards.  The Vatican understands this lesson.  Mexico understands — it has a wall on it’s southern border.  Many rich Liberals in America who live in gated communities — or gated private estates or buildings with doormen — understand this lesson, too.  They just don’t want you to have a wall.  They think their children are more important than yours.


They clearly think you are stupid, as they argue walls and guns are not necessary. Liberal Democrats are hypocrites in this and many other ways !


Guess who lives inside the walls of Anthem Country Club?  Harry Reid.  You know,  former U.S. Senator and majority leader in the Senate.

The former water carrier for President Obama, who spent his entire Senate career fighting viciously against a wall.

Harry argued walls were terrible and unnecessary.  Harry could have retired anywhere in Vegas  — or anywhere in America, for that matter  But he chose to live behind the walls — and gates — and armed guards of Anthem Country Club.


Harry is my neighbor.  Welcome to the neighborhood.  But, Harry,  don’t Liberals hate walls and gates and armed guards and photo ID? Don’t Liberals call those racist?  Yet here sits Harry Reid and the entire Reid clan, interesting!  The argument against voter ID is a scam.  How do all those gardeners and maids and pool cleaners and handymen drive through the gates of Anthem everyday?


The answer: They already have government-issued photo IDs. So I guess it’s a lie when Liberal politicians claim minorities don’t have photo IDs, or they’re too difficult for them to get or it’s “ racist” to ask them for it.


I guess we just proved the Liberal argument is a scam.  Voter ID is an issue because Liberals want election fraud.  They can’t win without it.  They want illegals to be able to vote by the millions for the Democrats.


Folks, we are being scammed.  Anthem Country Club is the proof.  What happens here is happening everywhere!!!