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Inoculations of The Wuhan Virus Test Vaccine Are Resulting in Thousands Adverse Reactions and Deaths Worldwide

  • Inoculations of The Wuhan Virus Test Vaccine Are Resulting in Thousands Adverse Reactions and Deaths Worldwide

By Capt Joseph R. John, April 24, 2021, Op Ed #555 

The hysteria brought on by the Wuhan Virus inflicted on the Republic by Communist China has been perpetuated by Communist China’s US domestic allies who never want it to end, while the Leftist Main Stream Media daily instills fear in Americans with inaccurate reports and lies.  It has gone on far too long with little or no scientific basis for many of the uncalled for and oppressive restrictions that robbed Americans of their freedoms, destroyed independent businesses, and eliminated the wealth of individuals for over 15 months.


A petition was signed by nearly 14,000 medical doctors, infectious disease epidemiologists, and public health scientists and was published in October 2020, entitled The Great Barrington Declaration.  They collectively refuted much of what the Biden/Harris/Obama administration, CDC, the FDA, Dr. Fauci, and WHO have been telling American citizens about the Wuhan Virus for the last 15 months.  Incidentally, although the Leftist Main Stream Media warns that it is not politically correct to say the “Wuhan Virus”, people *are* allowed to say the “British”, “South African”, and “Indian” variants.

The Declaration states that "As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists, we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies in the US and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection."  Focused Protection means allowing the healthy to go about their business unimpeded, while medical professionals focus on protecting the medically vulnerable and elderly.

To combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors, disease epidemiologists, and public health scientists from around the world have been warning people of the adverse effects that the experimental test vaccines for the Wuhan Virus could have on them, after they are inoculated with it.  Those adverse effects are documented in the below listed report and question the government health agencies and the Biden administration’s assertion that everything is fine with the inoculation of the test vaccines.

A panel of experts on the transmission of viruses, attended a forum in March 2021 organized by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  The panel consisted of former White House Corona Virus Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University, Oxford Epidemiologist Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Harvard Professor and Epidemiologist Dr. Martin Kulldorff, and Virus Transmission Expert Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University.  Those medical experts on the transmission of viruses, believe that children do not need to wear masks.  Someone should tell the airlines who evict families from flights because their 2-year-old children refuse to wear a mask and keep pulling them off while crying.

Dr. Atlas said, "there’s no scientific rationale or logic to have children wear masks in schools."  The panel argued for the "age-targeted strategy," contending lockdowns only make the pandemic worse.  Harvard Professor and Epidemiologist Dr. Martin Kulldorff insisted universities can hold in-person classes "almost normally" with extraordinarily little risk, and there is no need for testing on campus.

Dr. Kulldorf contended that a total lockdown was wrong and only extended the time it takes to reach herd immunity.  Lockdowns that began in March 2020 are still being enforced in some states, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that lockdowns did not reduce the infection rates of the Wuhan Virus at all.   Sweden, Taiwan, Japan, Iceland, Vietnam, South Korea, Communist China, and just about every country in Africa except Ghana, did not lock down their countries nor restrict schooling for their children, and they all have robust economies and relatively few deaths from the Wuhan Virus.

"What helps the elderly is if the young take this very minimal risk and live normal life until herd immunity develops, and when we have herd immunity, the older people can also live more normal lives," said Dr. Kulldorf.

The effectiveness of masking, social distancing, testing, and the role of herd immunity in stopping the spread of the Wuhan Virus was also discussed by the health experts.  Dr. Kulldorff argued that schools could reopen without enforcing mask-wearing, pointing out that in Sweden they remained open during the pandemic without masks.  Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, who took part in an antibody study, that concluded the number of COVID-19 infections is significantly higher than the estimates, said another lockdown in Florida "would be disastrous."  "At this point, we know that the benefits of a lockdown are small," Dr. Bhattacharya said.  He said, "All they do is push cases off into the future; it doesn't actually prevent the disease from happening, and the costs are absolutely catastrophic, and enormous."

In fact, the White House and state and local governments back in March 2020 emphasized a strategy of "flattening the curve" or "slowing the spread."  That was assumed to mean spreading out the cases over time -- not reducing them -- so that the health care system would not be overwhelmed.  Dr. Bhattacharya emphasized the sharp difference in mortality rate for younger people, pointing out it is so much lower than the seasonal flu which resulted in 67,000 deaths this year.

A study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, WND reported last October, concluded "school closures and isolation of younger people would increase the total number of deaths, albeit postponed to a second and subsequent waves."

Fear continues to drive Americans to wear a mask outdoors in the sun and wind when there is “no scientific basis for it”, and to maintain a distance of 6 feet between people, when there is “absolutely no scientific basis for that” either.  Senator Rand Paul, who is also a practicing physician, told all Americans to burn their masks, that they have not worked at all for over a year.

A new study published by Dr. Martin Z. Bazant, a chemical engineering and applied mathematics teacher, and Dr. John W.M. Bush, a professor of applied mathematics, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says you’re no safer from COVID-19 indoors at 6 feet or 60 feet.  They challenged the social distance policies, which has no scientific basis.  Bazant told CNBC there "really isn't much of a benefit to the 6-foot rule.”

Requiring Universal Vaccine Passports being considered by US Government Agencies would be a violation of the US Constitution, an invasion of privacy, and would be an attempt by the Biden/Harris/Obama Socialist Democrat Administration to further erode and restrict the “Freedom” of every American Citizen.  Dr. Michael Yeadon, in the Perspectives on the Pandemic published on YouTube, explains how Universal Vaccine Passports do not benefit either the COVID vaccinated or unvaccinated, but would only benefit an oppresive Government Agencies’ totalitarian controllers, who would implement it, and that if they ever succeed, “we’ll not only be standing at the gates of Hell, we’ll just be given a little push, and in we’ll go.

As of March 27th, The European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for experimental COVID-19 Vaccines, “EudraVigilance”, list 5,365 deaths and 238,949 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 test vaccines: COVID-19 VACCINE MODERNA (CX-024414), COVID-19 VACCINE PFIZER-BIONTECH, COVID-19 VACCINE ASTRAZENECA (CHADOX1 NCOV-19), and COVID-19 VACCINE JANSSEN (AD26.COV2. S).  It is public information that was funded by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and anyone can use the “EudraVigilance” system and verify this data.

Those are some serious death and injury numbers, and yet we do not know of a single news organization, either corporate media, or alternative media, who has published any of these scientific facts except for the Health Impact News, which wanted to get the facts out.  “EudraVigilance” encourages individuals to share this information far and wide, and feel free to copy and republish everything in the report.

Fear continues to drive Americans to take the test inoculations that are “not” called vaccines by the manufacturers.  As of this date, 102 fully inoculated people in Washington State, and 246 fully inoculated people in Michigan State tested positive for the Wuhan Virus.  According to The Epoch Times' published report on April 15, 2021, the CDC stated that 7,157 fully vaccinated people in the US have contracted the Wuhan Virus, 561 required hospitalization, and the inoculations of the test vaccines resulted in 88 fatalities.  The Biden administration is unable to explain why the number of infected Wuhan Virus cases are lower in open red states, than in locked down blue states; these facts defy Dr. Fauci’s warnings and his false logic.

A mass inoculation site at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Colorado was shut down after adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson test vaccine.  A second inoculation site in Wake County, North Carolina, halted operations after adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson test injections.  A third injection site halted injections in north of Denver, Colorado after a batch of adverse reactions resulted from the test vaccine.  A fourth injections site in at the Cumming Fairgrounds in Forsyth County, Georgia halted test injections after a batch of adverse reactions. 

No manufacturer of the test vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson) will let Americans see the raw data that they say produced the "90% and 95% effectiveness" claims.  Those claims were touted by government agencies and the Leftist Main Stream Media to encourage mass test injections of the American people.  The vaccine manufacturers provided no data on transmission reduction in their Emergency Use Authorization applications; the vaccines have never been authorized by the FDA.  Why have senior executives of the four companies manufacturing the test vaccines refused to be inoculated or let their families be inoculated with the test vaccine.

Less than 1% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are being submitted to the National Vaccine Adverse Events Reports System (VAERS), even with less than 1% reporting adverse reactions to the test vaccines, the VAERS adverse reaction numbers reported are substantial with 50,861 reactions, with 7,726 serious reactions requiring hospitalization, and with 3,005 deaths (because of the test vaccine injections, although 5,500 deaths have been reported by multiple other sources).  If you do the math, the numbers of adverse reactions and deaths would have to have been so much higher, if some number like 25% were reporting, instead of the less than 1% reporting.

The above numbers of 3,005 deaths because of the test vaccine injections was based on less than 1% of the adverse reaction reports being submitted to VAERS, so if you do the math, the estimated numbers of deaths from the reaction to the test vaccine injections, would be somewhere between 110,00 to 220,000 deaths, and there would be a ridiculously high number of unreported adverse reactions to the test vaccine injections.  Those numbers are clouded by the lack of accurate reporting, possibly by cover ups at government agencies.  What is known about adverse reactions is being carefully concealed by Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, and the Biden/Harris/Obama Administration. 

Denmark became the first country in Europe to abandon use of the AstraZeneca Wuhan Virus test vaccine, and Astra Zeneca had their test vaccine usage suspended in 18 European Union countries over blood clotting concerns.  The death of a woman was reported in Australia in connection with her being injected with the AstraZeneca’s test vaccine for the Wuhan Virus, she developed blood clotting that killed her.  On April 13, 2021, the FDA ordered a halt of all Johnson & Johnson test vaccine injection sites in the US, because of blood clotting concerns.  A contract plant that was producing materials for Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) Wuhan Virus test vaccines failed to meet sanitary standards, according to federal health authorities.  A 43-year-old father of seven children in St. Martin, Mississippi, suffered a stroke caused by a blood clot in his left middle cerebral artery.  He was left unable to speak and was paralyzed on one side of his body three hours after being inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson Wuhan Virus test vaccine.

The CEO of Pfizer said that the doses being administered by the Pfizer Wuhan Virus test vaccines is not working, and that a third inoculation may be required for their test vaccine to work.  A celebrity CNN legal analyst, Midwin Charles, passed away in days after being inoculated with the experimental Pfizer Wuhan Virus test vaccine.  Recently two children died from the Pfizer test vaccine injections, both were between 1-2 years old; the chances of them getting COVID was less than 0.001%.  A study from Tel Aviv University found that a South African variant of the Wuhan Virus affects people vaccinated with the Pfizer test vaccine more than it affects unvaccinated people. 

A prominent physician-scientist, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, has been warning that the indiscriminate inoculation of people with previous or recent Wuhan Virus infections might be causing the blood clotting complications.  Such blood clotting complications are not isolated to the Johnson & Johnson test vaccine injections, it was noted that there are also cases entered in the federal database of VAERS, concerning blood clotting from the Pfizer and Moderna Wuhan Virus test vaccine injections as well.

By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to Gynecologist Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD about how the RNA in the test vaccine for the Wuhan Virus (that has still not been approved by the FDA), may affect a person’s immune system, how it may affect pregnant women, and how it has resulted in very severe reactions for some individuals who have been injected with test vaccine.  Although Dr. Northrup has thousands of advocates in the medical community, we hope they are all wrong.  However, Americans should hear their views, so they can hear both sides of the argument for getting or rejecting the test vaccines, before they make a decision on the inoculation.

According to Pentagon officials, about 40 percent of members of the US Marine Corps have declined to take a Wuhan Virus test vaccine injection.  Therefore, around 48,000 Marines have declined to take the inoculations, according to Communication Strategy and Operations Officer, Captain Andrew Woods, USMC told several news organizations.

Dr. Fauci, Blue State Governors, and the Biden/Harris/Obama administration demand continued lockdowns, that Americans wear masks outside in the sun and air (which is harmful), keep 6 feet of separation from everyone (that has no scientific basis), insist Americans be injected with the test vaccine, yet they let hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, infected with COVID-19 enter the US without being injected with the test vaccines so they can spread the Wuhan Virus. 

At the same time big government’s power increases, it presides over Americans losing their freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution, restricts Americans from operating their businesses, stops them from going to church, and prevents their children from going to school.

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.