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Senior Chief Electronics Technician Norman Webb

  • Senior Chief Electronics Technician Norman
    USN (Ret), Sun City West, AZ


United States Navy 1957 – 1975

1957-1961  Recruit Training in San Diego, CA and Yeoman School in Bainbridge, MD.  Then attached to the Military Sea Transportation System Mediterranean Sub-Area, Leghorn, Italy for three years.  Assisted Passenger Officer in assignments of families to staterooms on Troop Transport Ships that transited from Brooklyn, NY to Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey and back to Brooklyn.  Also involved in quantity of space available for single enlisted personnel and prisoner allocation to the Ship’s Brig.  Later in Administrative Section reporting to Administrative Officer and Senior Chief Petty Officer.  On occasion would provide non-technical interpretation of Italian documents in absence of Captain’s Italian Lady Interpreter.

1961-1962  Division Yeoman for Electronics Technicians and Quartermaster Division attached to the Philadelphia Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet, U.S. Naval Base, Philadelphia, PA. Opted to convert from Yeoman to Electronic Technician Rating. 
1962-1964  Attended Basic Electronic Technician Course, duration one year.  This was followed by Polaris System School for Ship’s Inertial Navigation System in Dam Neck, VA for six months.

1964-1965  Sole technician for operation and maintenance of Ship’s Inertial Navigation System on USS Ranger (CVA-61) in support of RA-5C Vigilante Aircraft Squadron.

1965-1966  Attended Advanced Electronics School at Treasure Island, CA.  Was selected midway through class to type and draw schematics for a new curriculum for the school.  Graduated third in a class of twenty-seven.

1967-1969  Developed Quality Assurance and Control documentation and organizational structure in preparation toward establishing a division of a variety of weapons systems technicians while attached to remote Submarine Tender USS Canopus (AS-34) in Rota, Spain.

1969-1971  Early three months attended Polaris Missile Pre-Launch and Flight Systems attached to Naval Ordnance Test Unit, Cape Canaveral, FL.  Crew Supervisor in performance of preventive and corrective maintenance, installation of engineering changes, pre-flight grooming, operation and testing instrumentation equipment used for pre-flight testing, in-flight telemetry and data acquisition for analyzing overall performance of Polaris Missile Systems aboard Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines during live test launches.

1971-1974  Weapons Repair Quality Assurance Division Officer while attached to USS Canopus (AS-34) in Holy Loch, Scotland.  Administered 18-22 men on Submarine Tender servicing a squadron of Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines. This included Torpedo; Torpedo Launch and Control; Missile; Missile Launch and Fire Control; and Navigation.  Performed functions of Duty Weapons Officer on rotational duty section basis.

1974-1975  Navigation Repair Division Officer on USS Holland (AS-32) during conversion of  Polaris to Poseidon Weapons Systems in Bremerton, WA.  Retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer on September 30, 1975.

Civilian Employment Record

Primary positions include seventeen years plus in the Department of Energy and Commercial Nuclear Industry on Pressurized Water and Boiling Water Plants.  Management experience includes directing and supervising a variety of union tradesmen in projects involving operation and maintenance of equipment and systems, and personnel administration.

1976-1983  Employed by Westinghouse Hanford at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southwest Washington state in support of the Fast Flux Test Facility, a sodium-cooled test reactor which was intended to be the pre-cursor of commercial Breeder Reactors.  Served as a procedure writer, planner and scheduler of preventive and corrective work packages for over ninety Electrical and Instrumentation tradesmen, and Senior Plant Engineer involved in a variety of organizations for the last 2 years of this term.

1983-1989  Self-employed for six years on my own contract at PWR and BWR Nuclear Plants in Kansas, Arizona, New York, Connecticut and South Texas.

1989-1991 Returned to Westinghouse-Hanford and began as planner and scheduler of the Ventilation and Balance group that ensured appropriate air quality, distribution and testing in a variety of facilities in the 200 East and West areas.  Was selected as manager of planners and scheduler assignments for plants and facilities in the 100 area along with 200 East and West areas for electricians, mechanics, instrumentation, plumbing, crane activities, etc.

1991-1993  Manager of planners and schedulers in the Tank Farms.  The Tank Farms consisted of 100 1-million gallon single-shell tanks, some of which had been or were being replaced by double-shell tanks due to leeching of unknown liquids from the tanks toward the Columbia River. This  issue was due to inadequate documentation of materials being stored during tank filling processes as part of the Manhattan Project.

1993-1994  Planner and scheduler for a group of Scientists involved in assessment of air, water and soil activities relative to construction, alteration and decommissioning of facilities for the entire Hanford Nuclear Reservation.  Resigned on July 1, 1994.

Post Military Education

1975-1977  Acquired 30 semester hours from Community Colleges in Business Administration. Attended Westinghouse Company sponsored courses in Professional and Technical Grid, Communications Skills Workshop, various Management Classes including: Management Techniques for Professional Personnel, Problem Solving and Decision Making and Supervision for Safety. Attended sixteen weeks of Westinghouse Hanford training courses on a Sodium Cooled Test Reactor.