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LTG Thomas G. McInerney, USMA'59, USAF (Ret) Interview and calls for Initiation of the Insurrection Act

  • LTG Thomas G. McInerney, USMA'59, USAF (Ret) Interview and calls for Initiation of the Insurrection Act

By Capt Joseph R. John, December 4, 2020, Op Ed #530

Cyberwarfare was employed by Communist China, Russia, and Iran to employ the software in Dominion Voting Machines to flip the vote totals of the November 3rd US Presidential election recorded on Sycle servers in Frankfurt, Germany.  Communist China and Iran, with access to the Sycle Servers, manipulated the vote totals and gave the winning votes to Biden.  


The forensic analysis will need to be completed in order to reveal to American voters and the Judiciary, that on November 3rd Communist China coordinated election theft and Voter Fraud with US domestic enemies.  The Socialist Democrats stopped counting votes simultaneously in 5 battleground states at 10:00 PM. Communist Chinese also hacked the Sycle servers in Frankfurt in order to change the vote count.  


Many computer experts explained the malware in the Dominion Voting Machines, an Electronic Intelligence Analyst assigned to the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion who hacked the Sycle Server, and thousands of whistleblowers, came forward to document and prove the Treasonous acts that were perpetrated by domestic and foreign enemies to perpetrate election theft.  They have been ignored by the left of center liberal media establishment, Democrat Socialists, weak turncoat Rhinos, and the state courts in battleground states, because of the rush to remove President Trump from office at all costs, regardless of how it will affect the freedom of the American people in the US Constitutional Republic if Biden wins the election, and Communist China influence increases.


The same manipulation of votes will take place during the Senatorial election in Georgia on January 5th for two US Senate seats, in order for the two Democrat Socialists to win the election for those two seats.  Communist China and the domestic enemies of the United States will again employ the same software in the Dominion Voting Machines to steal those two Senate seats in the Georgis election.  All the donations sent to support the two Republican Senate candidates, and the thousands of volunteers who will be on the ground to supervise the vote count, will not be able to prevent the electronic switch of the votes in the Dominion Voting Machines, when Communist China employs Cyberwarfare to steal the votes from the two Republican candidates.  


LTG McInerney has encouraged the President of the United States to Institute the Insurrection Act, in order to have sufficient time to investigate the Treasonous theft of the Presidential election that occurred on November 3rd.  The oversight that will occur will prevent the same type of electronic voter theft from occurring on January 5th by Communist China’s employment of Cyberwarfare against Americans in the upcoming election.  Unfortunately, the vast number of Americans and judges in state courts evaluating voter fraud cases that occurred on November 3rd who were trying to evaluate electronic election theft, are unfamiliar with the capabilities of Cyberwarfare technology that was employed to flip the vote counts on November 3rd.  


In LTG McInerney’s interview, he recommends instituting the Insurrection Act,  in order to protect the American people from the further the aggressive acts by Communist China and Traitorous acts by domestic enemies of the United States, in their coordinated plans to employ Cyberwarfare to flip votes and commit Voter Fraud on the January 5th election in Georgia to benefit the two radical Socialist Democrat Senate Candidates.  He believes that time will run out before authorities can properly investigate, then litigate the Treason that occurred in the November 3rd election, and determine the accurate valid vote count before the selection of the Electors will occur.  


LTG McInerney’s interview can be listed to by clicking on the below listed link.


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