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Col Conrad E. Reynolds
Conrad E.'s Primary:

Col Reynolds is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Trent Kelly
Trent's Primary:

Congressman Kelly is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman John Bergman
John's Primary:

Congressman Bergman is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

BGen Donald Bolduc
Donald's Primary:

BGen Bolduc is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Michael G. Waltz
Michael G.'s Primary: 2 years 14 weeks ago

Congressman Waltz is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Maj Samuel Peters
Samuel's Primary:

Maj Peters is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson
Robert "Buzz"'s Primary:

Lt. Col. Patterson is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Governor Ron DeSantis
Ron's Primary:

Governor DeSantis is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Governor

Congressman Mark Green
Mark's Primary: 2 years 16 weeks ago

Congressman Green is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Captain Erik A Aadland
Erik A's Primary:

Captain Aadland is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Col Gregory Raths
Gregory's Primary:

Col Raths is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Steve Stivers
Steve's Primary: 2 years 14 weeks ago

Congressman Stivers is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael J. Gallagher
Michael J.'s Primary: 2 years 11 weeks ago

Congressman Gallagher is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman James Banks
James's Primary: 2 years 7 weeks ago

Congressman Banks is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Brian Mast
Brian's Primary: 2 years 14 weeks ago

Congressman Mast is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ronny Jackson
Ronny's Primary:

Congressman Jackson is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Captain Noah V. Malgeri
Noah V.'s Primary:

Captain Malgeri is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Former Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke
Former Secretary of the Interior Ryan's Primary:

Zinke is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael J. Durant
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael J.'s Primary:

Durant is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States Senate

Lt David Galluch
David's Primary:

Lt Galluch is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

First Sergeant Jarrid "Jay" Collins
Jarrid "Jay"'s Primary:

First Sergeant Collins is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Paul Broun
Paul's Primary:

Congressman Broun is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Scott G. Perry
Scott G.'s Primary: 2 years 8 weeks ago

Congressman Perry is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Daniel R. Crenshaw
Daniel R.'s Primary: 2 years 16 weeks ago

Congressman Crenshaw is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Darrell Issa
Darrell's Primary:

Congressman Issa is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Sgt Thomas J. Norton
Thomas J.'s Primary:

Sgt Norton is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Brad Wenstrup
Brad's Primary: 2 years 14 weeks ago

Congressman Wenstrup is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael Garcia
Michael's Primary:

Congressman Garcia is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Donald Bacon
Donald's Primary: 2 years 6 weeks ago

Congressman Bacon is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Sgt Christopher R. Rodriguez
Christopher R.'s Primary:

Sgt Rodriguez is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Lee Zeldin
Lee's Primary:

Congressman Zeldin is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Cdr Jake Ellzey
Jake's Primary:

Cdr Ellzey is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

SPC Aleksander Skarlatos
Aleksander's Primary:

SPC Skarlatos is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator Thomas Cotton
Thomas's Primary: 2 years 16 weeks ago

Senator Cotton is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States Senate


The Stars and Stripes

Special Operations for America

Special Operation Speaks Spec Ops OPSEC 

“That pause before Combat, similar to General Washington on bended knee at Valley Forge”

US Marine Corps 



The Combat Veterans For Congress Political Action Committee is dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans For Congress. We seek Combat Veterans For Congress who believe in limited government, will rein in the out of control spending of Congress, are committed to preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution, and will support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights. We support Combat Veterans For Congress who are dedicated to promoting The Free Enterprise System creating the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind, provide for a strong national defense, and will endorse the teaching of U.S. history and the Founding Fathers’ core values in educational institutions. 

Path of The Warrior


Combat Veterans For Congress-----Embedded Integrity 

The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is re-endorsing the 86th endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, former Congressman Kerry Bentivolio (SFC-MI-ANG/Ret ) who resides in Milford, MI, to run for his former seat, in the 11th Congressional District of Michigan.  He is a 27-year veteran of the US Army and the Michigan Army National Guard, and is the only Congressman to have served in combat in both Vietnam and Iraq.

Cong Bentivolio will strongly support Veterans rights; he believes in a leaner government, lower taxes, will work to reduce the national debt, and will focus on reining in the out of control spending by irresponsible Progressive, Socialist, and Democrat members of Congress.  Cong Bentivolio will work with President Trump to secure the-wide open Southern Border, in order to stem the flow of opioids and other killing drugs, violent MS-13 gang members, human traffickers, Radical Islamic Terrorists, and Illegal Aliens from countries throughout the world entering the United States.

Cong Bentivolio is running against
 Cong Haley Stevens (D-11) who opposes construction of a wall to close the wide open southern border, supports Sanctuary Cities as safe haven for convicted criminal Illegal Aliens, and opposes cooperation with ICE Agents in their attempts to apprehend & deport convicted criminal Illegal Aliens.  Stevens voted No on (HR 1), the bill to cut taxes, voted No on HR 3354 to appropriate funds to secure the wide open southern border, voted No on (HR 3219) for defense appropriations for military construction, and voted No on (HR 3697) for the deporting of Criminal Alien Gang Members.  Cong Stevens supported the flawed Obamacare health insurance program and is now supporting the flawed single-payer government-run healthcare insurance for all Americans.

Cong Bentivolio was a former member of the 113th United States Congress (2013-15).  During his two years as a United States Congressman he earned a 100% rating for cutting government waste and was rated the 2nd Most Transparent Member of the 113th Congress.  Cong Bentivolio passed three Congressional Bills with bipartisan support in his first term.  According to the House Historian, in the last fifty-years, no other first-term Congressman passed three Bills in their first term.  Cong Bentivolio takes great pride that his district staff earned two constituent awards for, employing a mobile office, to serve constituents in his the 11th Congressional District. His average Conservative voting record during the 113th Congress, was  93%, he was one of 8 House members to score 100% for cutting government waist.

Kerry was born on October 6, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan and was raised in his youth with his four brothers in Detroit.  His father worked in manufacturing and served in the US Army in the European Theatre during WWII, his grandfather served in the US Army in the European Theatre during WWI.  Kerry completed high school at Fort Knox, Kentucky in June 1968, and then served in Vietnam as an infantry rifleman, earning the rank of Sergeant prior to his 19th birthday.

Kerry attended Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, Michigan and received an Associate of Arts Degree in June 1989.  After two years at Oakland Community College Kerry transferred to Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, and matriculated there for 3 years.  Kerry subsequently returned to complete his college education at Saint Mary’s College in Orchard Lake, MI and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science in June 1999.  Kerry continued his studies part time, and entered Marygrove College in Detroit, MI to in June 2001 he obtained a Master’s of Education Degree, with 5 majors for teaching.  He is a Michigan licensed and certified vocational and general secondary education teacher specializing in general and vocational education and the emotionally impaired.

Kerry was sworn in as a PVT at Fort Knox, Kentucky on November 6, 1968, and completed Boot Camp in February 1969.  Following basic training, PFC Bentivolio was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 87th Mountain Infantry Division where he went through additional training as an infantry rifleman in preparation for deployment to Vietnam.  In August 3, 1970, CPL Bentivolio deployed to Bien Hoa, Vietnam, where he was assigned to man a combat gun jeep; assigned to provide convoy security duty and was promoted SGT at age 18.  In May 1971, he was transferred to the 3rd Ordnance Battalion in Long Bien, Vietnam as a munitions clerk.  In August 3, 1971, SGT Bentivolio returned to CONUS, was given an early out, and was Honorably Discharged from the US Army.  His military awards for combat duty in Vietnam included the Army Achievement Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm, the Combat Infantry Badge, various Vietnam Campaign Medals, and various Service Medals.

In 1974, SGT Bentivolio joined the Michigan Army National Guard and was assigned as a Gun Chief in the 119th Artillery Battalion; he served for one year.  In 1990, SGT Bentivolio was again sworn into the Michigan Army National Guard and was assigned to the 177th Military Police Battalion; in 1994 he transferred to the 182nd Field Artillery Battalion as a Crew Chief.  In 1994, SGT Bentivolio was promoted to Staff Sargent and in 1996, SSG Bentivolio was assigned as an Artillery Instructor at the Michigan Army Reserve Training Center, at Fort Custer, Augusta, MI.  In 1997, he was promoted to Sargent First Class.  SFC Bentivolio returned to the 182nd Field Artillery Battalion in 1998.

In February 2007, at age 56, SFC Bentivolio deployed to Talill, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom; his unit was involved in escort duty for Combat Convoy Operations.  In October 2007, SFC Bentivolio was injured in a non-combat accident, and was MEDEVAC to Fort Knox, Kentucky by way of Rheine-Main, Air Base, Germany for medical recovery from a neck injury.  In October 2008, SFC Bentivolio as Honorably Discharged from active duty and was eventually medically retired from the Michigan Army National Guard in 2010 after 27 years of Active Army and National Guard service.  His military awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, 2 Army Commendation Medals, 4 Army Achievement Medals, the Air Force Achievement Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge, Overseas Service Ribbon (3 awards), the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm, various Vietnam and Iraqi Campaign Medals, and various Service Medals.

In 1975, Kerry started work in the auto industry at American Motors Corporation as an automotive detailer (draftsman).  In 1977, he transferred to the Ford Motor Company, and in 1979 he transferred to General Motors Corporation, he became a Project Design Engineer and remained there until 1992.  Kerry also started a successful reindeer business in 1992.  His trained reindeer performed in over 600 Christmas Chamber of Commerce events & parades, other parades, over 200 Park and Recreation Department Tree Lighting ceremonies, and more than 200 private parties.  It became a successful part-time business for more than 20 years.  From 1997 to 2000, Kerry became a certified vocational and general education teacher who taught adult education, taught at Notre Dame Prep in Pontiac, MI from 2000-2005, and taught at Fowlerville Community School from 2005 until 2011.

In 2010, Kerry ran for the Michigan Senate for the 15th District, but was defeated by Mike Kowall in the primary.  In 2012, after completing the school year, Kerry resigned his teaching assignment after winning the GOP primary for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District for the US House of Representatives so he could focus full time on his general election to the US House of Representatives.  He was previously considered a long shot, but won the primary election for the Republican nomination and also won in the general election.  


Since leaving public office, Cong Kerry has enjoyed serving as a volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol, working on a Wreaths Across America program training dogs for veterans with PTSD and assisting constituents with VA issues.  In 2015, when a VA lack of health care scandal was widely publicized, former Cong Bentivolio walked and bicycled 575 miles to Washington, DC, drawing attention to the VA scandal on 25 television and radio stations, and newspapers.  FOX News TV commentator, Sean Hannity, interviewed Kerry, and donated to help defray Kerry’s travel costs.


Cong Bentivolio is a life member of the VFW, a member of the AMVETS, the American Legion, the Military Order of Saint Barbara, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the NRA.  Cong Bentivolio has been endorsed by the National Right to Life, the Right to Life Michigan, the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Republican Liberty Caucus, State GOP Committeeman Dave Agema and others, several local Tea Party Organizations, Young Americans for Liberty PAC, and the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC.  Cong Bentivolio has been married to his wife, Karen who is a Registered Nurse and University of Michigan graduate, for 43 years.  He has two adult children, Kristin Lee age 39, and Kevin age 34, and 4 grandchildren.  Cong Bentivolio and his wife are active members of the Oak Point & Bell Creek Christian Church in Novi and Livonia, Michigan.

The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is pleased to endorse Cong Kerry Bentivolio, SFC-MI-ANG who will continue to bring to the US House of Representatives legislative skills and wisdom to better solve problems in government and represent the State of Michigan.  If you review Cong Bentivolio’s positions on his website in the attachment, you would be pleased with his positions; they agree with the Combat Veterans For Congress Mission Statement.  We look forward to working with Cong Bentivolio, and are pleased that a Combat Veteran of his caliber is running for re-election to the US House.

If you have friends, associates, or relatives who know voters in Michigan, kindly pass this E-mail on to them, and ask them to support Cong Bentivolio by working in his campaign, providing financial support for his campaign in any amount, and/or by networking with others who would be willing to support his campaign.  The military is one of the few remaining institutions producing the caliber of men and women needed to restore this nation to the greatness our Founding Fathers envisioned.  We have endorsed another Combat Veteran For Congress that General George Washington would have approved of.  He is a Veteran who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including his life.”

Thousands of Illegal Aliens Infected With Contagious Diseases Detained At the US Border

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 17, 2019 Op Ed #438

At one time mumps, chicken pox, and measles were eradicated in the United States.  Now with hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens flooding across the wide open southern border from every country in the world, those infectious diseases have broken out across the US.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement have placed 5,200 immigrants who are infected with mumps, chicken pox, measles, and other infectious diseases into quarantine in 39 immigrant detention centers nationwide.  
The number of quarantined detainees has jumped dramatically from earlier this year; ICE Health Services reported that on March 7th, there were 2,287 detainees in quarantine for "exposure to contagious diseases".

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan urged lawmakers to provide the US Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection with additional funding to assist operations, calling the crisis "unlike anything our country has ever faced."  McAleenan told lawmakers this past week that the increasing number of Illegal Aliens has hurt the morale of border officials and exposed them to sicknesses.  "Their morale is impacted. They're tired.  A lot of them have gotten sick.  They've been exposed to flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps --all kinds of challenges in terms of the medical care," McAleenan said.  "They're spending time overnight in hospitals instead of patrolling the border."

With no proof to back up unsubstantiated allegations, the left of center liberal media establishment has been trying to blame the new scourge of measles, chicken pox, mumps, and other infectious diseases spreading throughout the United States, on parents.  False media reports stated, parents have suddenly decided to stop inoculating their children to protect them from infectious diseases.

It is a well known fact that many Illegal Aliens have never been inoculated to protect themselves from contagious diseases.  The entering Illegal Aliens infected with contagious disease, who were not quarantined, is the reason why infectious diseases are spreading in the interior of the United States.  American parents are not responsible for the spread of infectious diseases that irresponsible media outlets keep reporting on.

The US Border Patrol reported that in May 2019, 144,000 Illegal Aliens were interdicted at the wide open southern border.  The US Border Patrol only interdicts 1/3 of the Illegal Aliens crossing the wide open southern border, so in May 2019, 288,000 undetected Illegal Aliens entered the United States, and a percentage of them have been infected with contagious diseases. 

Last week over one hundred Illegal Alien family members and single adults from the Ebola-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo, illegally crossed into the southern border towns of Eagle Pass and Del Rio seeking asylum.  They were not quarantined, instead, they were dumped on the streets of San Antonio, as daily, thousands of Illegal Aliens from all over the world are being dumped on city streets of many different communities across the United States.

The Washington Examiner reported that roughly 300 Congolese and Angola citizens who arrived in San Antonio, after they crossed the wide open southern border, quickly departed from San Antonio for unknown destinations throughout the nation.  Christina Higgs, the Catholic Charities Spokesperson, said Africans are spending several months in transit in Brazil, then they head north to enter the US.  Catholic Charities supports the entry of Illegal Aliens for Africa, because they receive federal payments to resettle those Illegal Aliens.

Congress continues to deny that there is a public health and illegal immigration humanity crisis at the wide open southern border.  The dangers posed to the public health of American citizens (especially to public school students), due to infectious diseases being spread by entering Illegal Aliens, has been covered up by the irresponsible left of center liberal media establishment.  

Congress continues to refuse to pass legislation to fund the expansion of detention facilities, the purchase of more beds for infected Illegal Aliens with contagious diseases, or to erect secure barriers to stop hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens from entering the United States.  Those refusals have prevented the ability of Customs and Border Protection from screening hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens for contagious diseases, and that has also been covered up by the irresponsible left of center liberal media establishment. 

Liberal Judges continue to impose injunctions against the Trump administration, the US Border Patrol, and the Customs and Border Protection’s actions to stop the flow of hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens from entering the US.  Appeals filed to override those injunctions are winding their way through the appellant court system and may take years to mitigate those injunctions.

Epidemics of infectious diseases that normally sweep across Central America are now sweeping across Mexico because of the numerous caravans streaming north across Mexico to the southern border of the US.  Mexican Health Care professionals have been warning their population about the spread of the influenza, measles, mumps, typhus, syphilis, tuberculosis, and chicken pox.  Illegal Aliens who haven’t been inoculated for infectious diseases, have been interdicted and detained with influenza, measles, mumps, typhus, chicken pox, tuberculous, scalia, rubella, smallpox, and even malaria..

Some Illegal Alien children entering the US transport mosquitos in their clothing, and some of those mosquitos carry infectious diseases.  Some mosquitos transmit yellow fever, and a deadly enterovirus, EV-D68; EV-D68 has been responsible for at least 14 deaths in the US.  Some infectious diseases are also transmitted by insects in clothing, include insects that spread dengue fever.  

The US Nationality Act requires the enforcement of US Federal Quarantine Laws.  Those Quarantine Laws were once enforced meticulously on Ellis Island, where every single immigrant was screened for infectious diseases before they were allowed to enter the US.  

Because of the Catch and Release Court Decision imposed by liberal judges, the massive influx of thousands of Illegal Aliens daily, normal law enforcement duties, the need to carefully deal with small children and babies, delivery of sick and pregnant Illegal Aliens to hospitals, the shipment of thousands of Illegal Aliens by buses and planes to the interior of the US, etc., US Quarantine Laws are not being uniformly enforced to determine if Illegal Aliens have infectious diseases.  

Therefore an unknown number of interdicted Illegal Aliens, who should have been quarantined, but were not, enter the US daily, and 2/3 of Illegal Aliens aren’t even being interdicted to determine if they have infectious diseases.  US Border Patrol Agents are being infected by Illegal Aliens with contagious diseases such as influenza, scalia, tuberculosis, chicken pox, measles, and mumps, and according to recent news reports, many of those infectious diseases are spreading to the general population of the US.   

DHS officials have stated that the sheer volume of Illegal Aliens coming across the border has overwhelmed health facilities, and that they are losing control at the border.  Unfortunately, the Democrat controlled Congress refuses take any action at all, to stop the massive influx of Illegal Aliens, and to prevent the very serious Public Health crisis that is developing within the United States.  


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author 

The US Navy Needs to Return to Subic Bay, Philippines

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 11, 2019 Op Ed #437

Twenty eight years ago, in September 1991, after the Philippine Senate rejected a new military-bases agreement, the US Navy hauled down the American Flag in Subic Bay Philippines and vacated the Naval Base complex.  The United States fulfilled its obligation to withdraw all US Naval forces, and ceased all US military operations in the Philippines. 


For ten years, a serious conflict has been developing between the United States and China, as a result of the creation of missile and naval bases by China on Philippine claimed shoals and other reefs & shoals in international waters in the South China Sea, which is a threat to restrict the sea lanes of communication.   In addition, China has been rapidly expanding its navy in order to have the capability to fulfill its long range goal of threatening to invade Taiwan, unless it agrees to unite with mainland China.  


For 8 years, the Obama administration did nothing to blunt the growing threat being posed by China in the South China Sea, and to oppose its increasing threats to Taiwan.  The Trump Administration recognized the strategic threat posed by China, and the need to have shipyard repair availabilities for its ships in the Western Pacific.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been negotiating with the government of the Philippines to permit ships of the Seventh Fleet to operate out of seaports in the Philippines; he informed Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that the US is willing and ready to honor its commitment to the Philippines under the 1951 U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT).  


In order to maintain a continuous forward presence in the Indo-Asia Pacific region, without having a number of the ships of the Seventh Fleet always in transit the long distance from Western Pacific to Hawaii for shipyard overhaul, repairs, and availability, there is a need for the same type of adequate shipyard repair facilities in the Western Pacific region; that facility currently exists in Subic Bay.  


That Subic Bay shipyard repair facility was created by the US Navy.  After the US Navy vacated that facility in 1991, the facility was modernized with the investment of $2.3 billion by South Korea’s Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Company that operated there for 25 years; Hanjin’s parent company filed for Bankruptcy in 2017 and since then, the facility has been vacated.  


Having access to the shipyard repair facility in Subic Bay Philippines would relieve ships of the US Seventh Fleet, the largest of the US Navy’s numbered fleets, from requiring an increased number of US Navy ships being deployed to the Western Pacific, from the US Navy’s projected fleet of 355 ships, to allow for a number of ships to be away, transiting to and from Hawaii for shipyard repairs.  


China has been trying to drive a wedge between the United States and the Philippines, encouraging its Communist allies in the Philippines Senate, to terminate the MDT.  At the same time, China has been negotiating with the government of the Philippines to take control the Naval Base and the Shipyard Repair Facility at Subic Bay.  


The below listed article by Captain Brian Buzzell, USN (Ret) the Navy’s Political-Military Officer formerly assigned to the Philippines, explains why, during this time in history, the Navy has a Golden opportunity to return to Subic Bay, where US Navy ships were once based and the fleet was welcomed for 94 years.  


For the overriding strategic concerns discussed above, and the increasing threat that China poses to the United States and its allies in the Western Pacific region, the US Navy needs to return to the Naval Base and Shipyard Repair Facility complex in Subic Bay, Philippines. 


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author

The Navy’s Golden Chance to Return to Subic Bay  
By Captain Brian Buzzell, U.S. Navy (Retired) 

June 2019


Vol. 145/6/1,396



In recent years, the United States has struggled to persuade the Philippine government and the country’s citizens it is serious about honoring its commitments under the 1951 U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT). China has been feeding this growing mistrust, hoping to drive a wedge between the two long-standing allies to the point one or both will move to terminate the treaty.

Twenty-seven years ago, the stars and stripes were hauled down for the final time at Naval Base Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines, fulfilling the U.S. obligations to withdraw all military forces and vacate all bases after the Philippine Senate rejected a new military-bases agreement in September 1991. This ended 94 years of U.S.-military basing arrangements in the Philippines. At the time there was no peer competitor in the western Pacific, and then-Pacific Commander Admiral Charles Larson announced a new Pacific and Indian Ocean regional strategy of “places not bases,” which remains the strategy today. In 1998, a new visiting forces agreement was finally signed, allowing U.S. military personnel and ship visits to the Philippines. In 2014, the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) was signed.1

For more than two decades neither the U.S. nor Philippine governments were terribly concerned about the territorial defense of the Philippines or naval challenges to U.S. interests in the western Pacific. However, Philippine Secretary of National Defense Delphin Lorenzana recently said, “the [mutual defense] treaty needed to be reexamined to clear ambiguities that could cause chaos and confusion during a crisis.”  He cited China’s aggressive seizure in the mid-1990s of a Philippine-claimed reef, saying, “The U.S. did not stop it.”2

When the MDT was negotiated in the late 1940s, China was not a naval threat and the U.S. military was unchallenged in the Pacific. No one foresaw the emergence of China as a political, economic, and military juggernaut that would assert historical claims to South China Sea, islands, reefs, and territory. The U.S. Navy’s freedom of navigation operations and U.S. Air Force’s overflights are not deterring China from using a variety of asymmetric tactics to gradually secure de facto sovereignty over the South China Sea. Some Philippine officials have indicated that the MDT needs “tweaking” to update it for these asymmetric threats.3

In early March, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stopped in Manila on his way home from the North Korea summit in Hanoi to reaffirm the U.S. commitment to defend the Philippines under the MDT. A public affirmation had not been done since Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and U.S. Ambassador Thomas C. Hubbard issued a joint statement in 1999. Pompeo’s stop helped but did not fully assuage the Filipinos. While many Philippine leaders are increasingly worried about the U.S. meeting its commitments, others and much of the public are equally concerned the Philippines could be dragged into a conflict between China and the United States.

Despite the anti-U.S. rhetoric from the current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and others in his administration, the bond between the Filipino people and Americans remains strong, as evidenced by the recent return to the Philippines of the Bells of Balangiga (taken by U.S. soldiers from a Catholic church in 1901), removing a significant irritant in U.S.-Philippine relations. The United States should continue to look for and take advantage of opportunities to strengthen the relationship and keep China’s influence at bay.

As luck would have it, a new opportunity is now at hand, with the United States intending to grow its fleet to 355 ships and an acknowledgment it does not have enough public shipyard capacity to build and maintain a fleet even close to that number.

The U.S. Shipyard Problem

During five rounds of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) between 1988 and 2005, Congress agreed to close naval shipyards in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Charleston, South Carolina; and Hunters Point, Long Beach, and Mare Island, California. A shipyard in Guam was temporarily put in a caretaker status before being privatized and reopened in a limited capacity, primarily for Military Sealift Command merchant ships. The Navy retained shipyards in Portsmouth, Virginia; Kittery, Maine; Puget Sound, Washington; and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (intermediate maintenance facilities were also retained in Pearl harbor and Bremerton, Washington). One of the most cost-effective naval shipyards prior to BRAC was in Subic Bay, but that obviously was lost when the United States pulled out of the Philippines in 1992.

While closing public shipyards was inevitable after the Cold War ended, the BRAC closures in hindsight went too far. In 2017, the Government Accountability Office wrote, “Navy data show that the cost of backlogged restoration and maintenance projects at the shipyards has grown by 41 percent over 5 years, to a Navy estimated $4.86 billion, and will take at least 19 years (through fiscal year 2036) to clear.” It further said, “The shipyards’ facilities and equipment remain in poor condition,” although the Navy in 2013 had invested to fix the yards. The report goes on to depict an even bleaker picture regarding the Navy’s 18 drydocks split among the four yards, which are on average 89 years old.4

At the January 2019 Surface Navy Association symposium, Ronald O’Rourke from the Congressional Research Service argued that for the Navy to achieve a 355-ship fleet, it needed to articulate a plan to Congress to—among other things—fix current shipyard capacity by investing in yards executing Navy programs and provide options for expanding shipyard capacity.

The Navy recently released its first-ever long-range ship maintenance and modernization plan to Congress. The report highlights a shortage of drydocks, the need to improve existing infrastructure at both public and private shipyards, and the need for process improvements across the shipbuilding enterprise. The report goes on to indicate the ratio of drydocks to ships in the Pacific is a significant challenge, “that reduces margin for schedule changes and growth.”5

Meanwhile, Admiral Phil Davidson, the commander of Indo-Pacific Command, in a March 2019 letter to Congress addressed what he needed to fulfill the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act’s requirement for an Indo-Pacific Stability Initiative (IPSI). One request was for military construction investments to allow Indo-Pacific Command to reset the joint force’s posture in the region.6 Clearly, the Navy will struggle to meet its mission in the western Pacific if it has to send ships all the way to Pearl Harbor for maintenance or repair.

The Subic Bay Hanjin Shipyard

In 2006 the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority leased 300 hectares in the Subic Freeport Zone to Korea’s Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Company to build and operate a shipyard. Hanjin invested an estimated $2.3 billion and the first ship was produced in 2008. It quickly became the fifth-largest shipyard in the world. Since 2008, Hanjin has built 123 large cargo container vessels, bulk carriers, and carriers of crude oil, liquified petroleum gas, and mineral ores. It was the largest employer in Subic with more than 30,000 Filipinos, mostly skilled welders. However, its parent company, Hanjin Group of Busan, Korea, declared bankruptcy in February 2017. The shipyard closed in February 2019 with Hanjin Philippines filing for bankruptcy through the Regional Trial Court in Olongapo City, the biggest corporate bankruptcy ever in the Philippines.

Since the shipyard closed in February, there has been interest from foreign companies including at least one U.S. company, but the most active suitors are Chinese. This has compounded security concerns in the Philippine defense establishment.

The confluence of all these factors gives the U.S. Navy a perfect opportunity to return to Subic Bay, except this time as an equal partner respecting the laws and sovereignty of the Philippines and benefitting the Filipino people and economy. It also would send a strong message to Beijing that, despite its efforts, the alliance between the United States and the Philippines is strong and unbreakable.

To take advantage, several actions are required as soon as possible:

·         The Navy needs to indicate to the Secretary of Defense it is interested in Hanjin shipyard

·         The Secretary of Defense needs to inform the State Department of the Navy’s interest in Hanjin, and the State Department in turn must inform the Philippine government

·         The Navy needs to gauge the interest of U.S. private shipbuilders in a public-private partnership to run Hanjin, including committing to sending work there

·         Indo-Pacific Command must initiate a study to analyze the impact on operational readiness of more repair capacity in the western Pacific, including the impact on current workloads at Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka, Japan, and the Guam Shipyard Division

·         The Philippine government needs to indicate it is willing to enter into a public-public-private partnership with the United States7

The Navy may not be able to grow to 355 ships, but adding a fifth public-private shipyard will go a long way to ensuring the ships in the Pacific are available and ready to fight. The party with the most to lose in a U.S. return to Subic will be the Chinese. And they know it.

1. EDCA allows for a small permanent U.S. military presence on a rotational basis at five designated bases: Antonio Bautista Air Base, Palawan; Basa Air Base, Northwest of Manila; Fort Magsaysay, North of Manila; Lumbia Air Base, Mindanao; and Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base, Cebu.

2. Jim Gomez, “Philippines Frets About War at Sea for U.S.,” Navy Times, 5 March 2019.

3. Author discussion with Philippine Senator Dick Gordon, former Mayor of Olongapo and 1st SBMA Chairman, 19 February 2019.

4. Robert McCabe, “The Navy’s 4 Public Shipyards Are in Bad Shape, and it Will Take 19 Years to Restore Their Facilities, Study Says,” The Virginia Pilot, 12 September 2017.

5. Megan Eckstein, “Navy Needs More Dry Docks for Repairs, Says First-Ever Maintenance Report,” USNI News, 21 March 2019.

6. Sam LaGrone, “Pacific Commander Davidson Asks Congress to Fund ‘Regain the Advantage’ Plan Aimed at China,” USNI News, 18 April 2019.

7. Potential partners would be a Philippine government agency, Philippine Navy, SBMA, U.S. Navy, and a U.S. shipyard.

Remembering The Normandy Landing on June 6, 1944

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 6, 2019 Op Ed #436

75th Anniversary of the Normandy Landing is commemorated today, June 6, 2019, to honor the sacrifices of a generation of allies that made up the invasion force of over 150,000 military personnel from the United States, Britain, Canada, and Free France.  The 80 photos in the attachment depict some of the real time historic wartime photos taken during the historic Normandy Landing.


In the weeks following the invasion, Polish forces and contingents from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and the Netherlands, participated in the ground campaign; most also provided air and naval support alongside elements of the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and the Royal Norwegian Navy.  (From Wikipedia Invasion of Normandy)

The Western Allies of World War II launched the largest amphibious invasion in history when they assaulted the beaches at Normandy, located on the northern coast of France, on June 6, 1944.  The invaders were able to establish a beachhead as part of Operation Overlord after a successful “D-Day,” the first day of the invasion.   (From Wikipedia Invasion of Normandy) 

The Normandy invasion began with overnight parachute drops and glider landings, massive air attacks, and naval bombardments.  In the early morning, amphibious landings commenced on five beaches code named Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha, and Utah, with troops from the United States landing on Omaha and Utah, Britain landing on Gold and Sword, and Canada landing on Juno. During the evening the remaining elements of the airborne divisions landed.  Land forces involved on D-Day sailed from bases along the south coast of England, the most important of those being Portsmouth.   (From Wikipedia Invasion of Normandy)

Millions of Americans of the Greatest Generation came together at home to support the World War II effort.  American young men trained at home, then went into combat on foreign fields of fire, in order to secure freedom for millions of suppressed and interned people under Hitler’s oppressive National Socialist Government; 6,388 of American military personnel were lost on the beaches of Normandy, and 407,300 American military personnel were lost in WWII.  


We Honor the memory of the American military personnel who gave their all, and were lost in the flower of their youth.  The free world is forever grateful for their heroic effort, that led to the vanquish of Nazi tyranny.  God Bless their noble souls.



In Memoriam of Captain Joseph M. Bellino, USNA '61, USN (Ret) On Memorial Day 2019

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 27, 2019 Op Ed #435

It is fitting today, that we celebrate the life of the most famous Naval Academy Football legend, Captain Joseph M. Bellino, USNA ’61, USN (Ret), who resided in Bedford, MA, and in 1960 was the first Naval Academy football player to be awarded the Heisman Trophy.
  Capt Bellino, courageously battled cancer for an extended period and was in the Care Dimensions Hospice House in Lincoln, Massachusetts, when he passed away from stomach cancer on March 27, 2019 at age 81.  He is survived by his wife, the former Ann Tansey, his son John who is a 1989 graduate of the US Naval Academy, and his daughter Therese who is a public school teacher in Cambridge, MA.

Born in Winchester, Massachusetts on March 13, 1938, Joseph Michael Bellino was the son of Michael Bellino, who emigrated from Sicily at age 16, and the former Sarah Corabi.  Joe Bellino attended public school in Winchester; his older brothers were his sports heroes.  Joe played on the Winchester High School football team which only lost two games in the three seasons Joe lettered on the team; his nickname was the "Winchester Rifle," a reference to his explosive running style.  Joe also was also the point guard on a basketball team that won two Eastern Massachusetts championships, as well as a power-hitting baseball catcher who was being scouted by professional baseball teams.

Joe’s brother, Michael of Woburn, recalled a time when a professional baseball scout from the Pittsburg Pirates, and a Naval Academy representative, sat at the family’s kitchen table.  Joe turned down the lucrative bonus offer from the Pirates, returned for his senior year of high school, and despite receiving offers from Notre Dame, and several Big Ten Colleges, committed to enter the US Naval Academy.

After a year in Columbia Prep in Washington, DC, Midshipman Bellino entered the United States Naval Academy in 1957,  joining the Class of 1961.  In his three years at Navy, Midshipman Bellino scored 31 touchdowns, rushed for 1,664 yards on 330 carries, returned 37 kicks for 833 more yards and altogether set 15 Naval Academy football records.  The 5-foot-9, 185-pound speedster was also a dangerous return man and amassed 577 yards on kickoffs and 256 yards on punts.

In addition to his football exploits, Midshipman Bellino was an outstanding catcher and outfielder on Navy’s baseball teams.  He hit .428 in 22 games in 1959 and led the Eastern Intercollegiate League in stolen bases.  He had a .320 average in 1960 and was the baseball team captain in 1961.

In 1960, Joe Bellino rushed for 834 yards and 15 touchdowns and scored another three TDs via pass receptions.  He was a unanimous All-American selection and also the winner of the Maxwell Award.   In 1960, he won the Heisman handily over Richie Lucas of Penn State, totaling 1,929 points to Lucas’ 613.  

Midshipman Bellino capped his first class (senior) year by winning Navy's top two athletic awards -- the Thompson Trophy and the Naval Academy Athletic Association Sword, marking it the first time in 41 years that one midshipman received both honors.  Midshipman Bellino's No. 27 jersey was retired following the 1960 season.  In 1977, Capt Bellino was enshrined in the National Football Foundation’s College Hall of Fame and was a charter inductee into the Maryland Football Shrine in 1984.

The Bellino Auditorium in Ricketts Hall is named in honor of one of Navy's finest two-sport athletes.  In 2009, Joe Bellino was selected to the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium all-time team.  During its annual season-ending football banquet, Navy presents the Joe Bellino Award to the varsity football player whose inspiring on-field performance made a significant impact on the team and contributed to its overall success during the season.

Joe Bellino was selected in both the NFL Draft (17th round by the Washington Redskins) and AFL Draft (19th round by the Boston Patriots) in 1961.  Following completion of his five-year service obligation, Joe Bellino elected to play for the New England Patriots.  Joe Bellino spent three seasons with the Patriots (1965-67), played in 35 games, and scored one touchdown.  Because of his five-year military commitment, Joe Bellino remains the lowest drafted Heisman Trophy winner in NFL history. 

Midshipman Joe Bellino did not enter the US Naval Academy on a football scholarship, was not given padded grades, did not expect to have a professional football career following graduation, yet he played with consistent dedication and loyalty for and with his Navy football teammates, for Navy’s Football Coach Wayne Hardin, for members of the Brigade of Midshipmen, and for the US Naval Academy.  He was a loyal member of another of “Navy’s Football Teams” that throughout the years, always plays to win together.

Each Christmas vacation, flights were scheduled from NAS Anacostia to NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island (and to other locations), so Midshipmen from RI and MA could catch a flight home.  Despite Joe Bellino’s fame and feats on the gridiron, he was unassuming and friendly with all Midshipmen in the flight terminal and on those flights.  Our paths crossed on those Christmas flights to Quonset in 1958, 1959, and 1960.  

From 1970-72, while I was matriculating at Harvard Graduate School of Business, and assigned as the Material Officer on 1ND Destroyer Division Staff at the First Naval District in Boston, where Cdr Bellino was also assigned, we recalled those flights and communicated often.  During my time in Boston, Joe kindly invited my wife and I into his home, and we included Captain Joe Bellino on our distribution list for the last 9 years.   

It was Joe Bellino’s commitment, character, and trust in his Navy teammates, and his teamwork, that led to Navy’s outstanding football successes over the three years of Joe’s varsity football career.  It was also that same commitment, character, preparation, and hard work that led to Captain Bellino’s outstanding successes in life.  Joe Bellino spent four decades working in the auto leasing and auction industry and was a longtime member of the Board of Directors for Northern Bank and Trust, based in Woburn, Mass., and he served 28 years in the Navy and Naval Reserve, retiring with the rank of Captain.

Now Captain Joseph M. Bellino, USNA ’61, USN (Ret) is at peace with his Lord and Savior, and is on that same field with the many great football players that Joe followed and admired from afar in his youth.  He is back on the gridiron with those Naval Academy Football teammates, who passed on before him.  We Honor Captain Joe Bellino this Memorial Day and every day.  The Good Lord protected Joe Bellino in life, blessed him in passing, and rested his Noble Soul!!!

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author

In Recognition of American’s Fallen Patriots and Veterans on Memorial Day

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 27, 2019: Op Ed #434 

Since General George Washington commanded the Continental Army, forty-two million Americans have served under the American Flag.  In the past 243 years, one million American military personnel have been killed in the defense of the Republic, and another million and a half have been wounded.

Each year on Memorial Day weekend we honor American Patriots who have given the “last full measure of devotion” in their service to the Republic, so their fellow Americans could live their lives in freedom.

We not only honor American Combat Veterans who gave up their tomorrows, we also honor Veterans who were wounded, and other members of the US Armed Forces who were separated from their loved ones for long periods, often going into “Harm’s Way.”  

On this Memorial Day weekend, the Republic’s most sacred and cherished Patriotic holiday, the nation solemnly pays homage to the thousands of Gold Star Families for the loss of their loved ones, and the enormity of their sacrifice!   

On Memorial Day, and every day throughout the year, we also honor 23 million Veterans who served in the defense of the Republic.  America owes those Veterans a debt of gratitude that it can never repay!  

At one point in their lives, all those Veterans wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including their lives.”

By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to watch a moving video, “Why I Stand”, in Honor of America’s Fallen, Wounded Warriors, members of the US Armed Forces serving today, and America’s Veterans.  


Americans should ensure that the nation’s youth are taught in their US History courses in school and in their homes, to “never forget” the enormity of the sacrifice made through the ages by millions of American Patriots that protected and defended the freedoms they enjoy.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   


American Exceptionalism

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 20, 2019: Op Ed #433 

Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson would not recognize the radical left Democrat (Socialist) Party of today.  Americans can easily get a sense of how a number of today’s Democrat Party leaders feel about the Constitutional Republic, created by the Founding Fathers.


    “America was never that great”-----NY Governor Andrew Cuomo


    “America was never as great as advertised,”-----South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg  


    “When was America ever Great?”-----Former US Attorney General Eric Holder 


They and the radical Chairman of Democrat Party, Marxist Tom Perez, promote Socialism and demean the America:


  1. That went to war and saved the lives of millions of people in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, etc.  


  1. That was one of the first countries in the world that was involved in a civil war to ensure its slaves were freed. 


  1. That created NASA, that then put the first man on the moon, and created a Space Station whose research benefits mankind.  


  1. That created technology knowhow that benefitted mankind—the lightening rod, the cotton gin, the steamboat, the metal plow, the harvesters for farmers, vulcanized rubber, the sewing machine, the telegraph, the telephone, the electric light, countless medical lifesaving devices, countless advances in computer technology, and so much more.


  1. That for 243 years has been fusing many different nationalities into a single free society.


  1. That recognized the relationship between man and his creator is a private matter that government must not intrude in: Freedom of Religion 


  1. That recognized the inalienable right of an individual is to be able to openly express their views without being suppressed: Freedom of Speech. 


  1. That the framers of the Constitution spurned European tradition by rejecting monarchy, a nobility, and a hereditary legislative chamber, placing the trust in government, of the people, by the people, and for the people, by the vote of its American citizens.


  1. That although a young government, America is next to the oldest continuous government in the world.


The below listed essay on “American Exceptionalism” by former San Diego City Councilman Fredrick Schnaubelt is an outstanding evaluation what is so very special about America, every US student should be exposed to his essay.  The inaccurate and critical analysis of the 243 year history of the Republic, presented in edited and altered US History textbooks (funded by George Soros), has been force-fed to US students for 15 years, should instead include the information presented by Fred Schnaubelt’s essay and the above information in this Op Ed, in order to defuse the false facts, misleading evaluations, eliminated information about America’s US History. 


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author 

   American Exceptionalism 

“America was never that great” said NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently, South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg said, “America was never as great as advertised,” and Former US Atty, Gen. Eric Holder asked, “When was America ever Great?” 


“Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”  The most powerful idea in human history is “All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” This declaration made America Great! Made America Exceptional. (a truly revolutionary idea, a break with all previous history of mankind)


It means our human rights come from God --- not from a sovereign ---not from government. This idea is so powerful that in little over two hundred years America rose from nothing to the richest most powerful nation in history.


Yet there are people today who want to supplant this revolutionary idea with the “strong man” autocratic idea that that ruled men for centuries – all rights and your station in life is determined by elites in Socialist governments, with each new rendition of Socialism claiming “this time it’s different.” 


Socialist ideas can only be fought with better ideas.  


This unique goal that all men are created equal is the idea that makes America exceptional.  This idea evolved into freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, presumption of innocent, trial by jury, a man’s home is his castle, and voting for your leaders. 


In short, Western Culture as it blossomed from England and was spread around the globe by English speaking people. 


On American campuses there’s weeping and gnashing of teeth about the founders owning slaves. A WSJ letter (5/16/19) suggests asking students if they know anything about George Washington other than he owned slaves.

It’s not remarkable that the founders owned slaves in 1776.  What’s remarkable is that slavery was abolished after 2,500 years of existence. 

First abolished in Vermont in 1777 and by 1804 all 19 northern states had passed laws to abolish it. They were living up to the Declaration of Independence’s aspiration that “all men are created equal.” 

That 360,222 Union soldiers died in the Civil War 60 years later to free America’s slaves, is exceptional in itself.  Why would so many die to free slaves?

Historically, slavery has existed in every country on every continent --- the implication, you and I most likely are descendants of slaves. Think Moses and the Jews for instance, long, long, long ago.


That all men are created equal makes America exceptional.  Most countries today disagree. First Amendment rights we take for granted, are not respected even in countries such as Egypt, Canada, Germany, France & England.


Forty-four million foreign born immigrants have fled to the U.S. in our lifetime believing America’s Great! America really is exceptional.          


Fredrick Schnaubelt

Commercial Real Estate Broker 39 years
Invited to Testify before the U.S. President's Commission on Housing
Invited to Testify before the U.S. House of Representatives Banking Committee
Invited to the White House
Past Director -Apartment Association
Past Director -Board of Realtors
Past Director -First Centennial Title Insurance Company
Past Director -American Thrift & Loan Association
Real Estate Writer (over 100 articles published)
Talk Show Host "Politics" Weekends KOGO, KCBQ 1996-99
Former President Taxpayers Concerned
Former Chairman, County Board of Public Welfare 
San Diego City Councilman 1977-81
2017-18  President, Citizens For Private Property Rights  


In Order to Indoctrinate Students In Socialism, US History Was Revised, Common Sense Was Obstructed

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 14, 2019: Op Ed #432     

“It was a cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”  Thus began that prophetic novel, “George Orwell’s 1984”, written forty years earlier, preparing the reader for a dystopian future under “Socialism” – a society of great suffering and injustice, and bereft of reason.  This symbol of the thirteenth stroke brings into question what transpired through all the previous twelve hours, when inhumanity (i.e. Socialism) triumphed over our society, destroying our time, our common sense, and our history itself.  

In Orwell’s tale, words were constantly being removed from the language and history was repeatedly being revised (as it has been revised over the last 15 years, in Common Core US History textbooks with inaccurate facts being force fed to unsuspecting grammar and high school students by Progressive, Socialists, and Marxists teachers), so that the citizens could no longer formulate independent thoughts or reason, nor use common sense---common sense was no longer common.  

The character, Winston Smith, explains, “He who controls the past, controls the future." (That is exactly what radical teachers and professors in public schools and in college have been doing for over 15 years in order to indoctrinate students in Socialism.)  They have been encouraging students to get involved in violent street demonstrations to demolish historic monuments.  They have been white washing the accurate History of the Republic once taught in public schools for over 225 years, while aggressively slandering the Founding Fathers as slavers, and degrading the principles upon which the Republic was founded.  

As a condition of receiving financial funding from the US Department of Education, the 50 State Departments of Education have been required to purchase mandated US History textbooks used in the Common Core curriculum that have been revised to portray an inaccurate and negative account of US History.  Those US History textbooks portray a very critical account of what transpired in the Republic for 243 years, while faulting the principles upon which the Founding Fathers established the Republic.  

Students have been indoctrinated that Socialism is a much better system than The Free Enterprise System that built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind.  Teachers and professors fail to inform students that Socialism is government control of just about everything; independent freedoms of the individual are eliminated in a Socialist State.  Today many millions of students are supporting Bernie Sanders and prefer Socialism to the Free Enterprise System.

Universities have become indoctrination centers for students lacking the worldly wisdom to discriminate fact from theory.  One example where Radical Progressive Socialists and Marxist Professors in universities have been indoctrinating students, where common sense is not so common, is to tell them that the birth of child with the genitalia of a male or a female is not a valid identity of the child’s sex.  

Students are told that men can declare themselves as women, and be permitted to unfairly compete in women’s sporting championships.  The gender identity conflict is creating an unsafe environment for young girls, forcing them to share showers, bathrooms, and locker rooms with adult males identifying themselves as women---a very dangerous proposition, where common sense is no longer common.  

There is a simple profound truth that radical professors cover up the actual 100 year history of Socialism.  Man does not and cannot know everything about economics, especially when tradition and customs are ignored by an oppressive Socialist State with insufficient knowledge, but acts as if it knows how to control the economy.  In Socialist States, disaster has always followed; observe Venezuela wherein starving people have been eating their pets and have been drinking water from polluted sources, and in Cuba where food is being rationed.

Those same radical professors in college, and teachers indoctrinating students with the Common Core Curriculum in public schools, refuse to inform students who lack worldly wisdom the fact that Socialism has failed in the 37 countries over the last 100 years, whenever it has been tried.  The focus in public schools and in college over the last 15 years is to re-educate America’s youth in order to convince them that democracy is a poor form of government, and that Socialism is the most effective form of government.   

Socialist countries behind the Iron Curtain and Scandinavian countries determined that Socialism does not work, and they all determined they had to return to capitalism in order to survive economically.  The “Democratic Socialists” government of Finland collapsed two weeks ago; its Prime Minister and Cabinet resigned due to the unsustainable costs of universal health care.  For many years, Bernie Sanders has been heaping lavish praise on Finland, and saying: “If Finland can provide everyone with health care, send everyone college for free, and provide affordable child care, why can’t the US?” 

Government has no resources of its own which must take revenue from working taxpayers to fund massive Welfare/Socialist programs for Illegal Aliens.  Free healthcare, free college education, payments for child care, food stamps, government funded housing, etc., is being proposed by Bernie Sanders and Democrats in Congress.  That would require increasing taxes to cover the estimated $2,030 trillion costs for 25 million Illegal Aliens.  An experiment by a teacher in the below listed article, demonstrates why Socialism does not work.

The same radical professors and teachers in public schools have been preventing students from exercising their “Freedom Of Speech” in the classroom and on campus when they do not agree with the instructors' radical leftist beliefs, and if the speech is determined not to be “Politically Correct”.  The Trump administration recently warned colleges and universities that if they continue to abridge students' “Freedom of Speech”, government financial support for those institutions would be terminated.

"He who controls the present controls the past.”  We are living in similar times, perhaps not as dramatically, but certainly equally disturbing as “George Orwell’s 1984”.  By attacking the sanctity of marriage, family, attending religious services, and telling students that fathers are no longer necessaryis how Progressives are denigrating the pillar of American society, the family unit.   

Common Core has changed the classroom learning experience that previously succeeded for over 225 years.  By eliminating the requirement that students independently fill in school workbooks, preventing them from working independently, and requiring they complete the same workbooks in groups rather than as an individual (preventing students from development of independent thought).  The removal of certain novels from the once revered school independent reading lists, and substituting certain invaluable novels with anti-American, Socialist, and Marxist reading material disorients the student’s perceptions and confuses their values.   

Some Common Core instructional policies require isolating students while educating them in certain areas by employing computerized instruction programs in individual student’s classroom computers. This includes topics such as controversial sexual orientation programs, which are designed to preclude parents from being made aware of what their children are being taught, since it might violate the parent's religious beliefs.  

American Students were much better prepared for college 15 years ago, before Progressive teachers began teaching with the Common Core Curriculum.  Despite the fact that the United States spends more on funding education than any other country, the changes made in classroom instruction 15 years ago by installing the Common Core Curriculum is in large part, responsible for the poor American educational outcome on the world stage.  

According to Pew Research, US educational achievement lags that of many other countries; the US stands 37th in math, 23rd in science, and 22nd in reading proficiency---many of the countries whose students out performed US students are much smaller and spend much less on education.  The teaching programs by many of the countries who outperform the US, actually employ educational techniques similar to those the US once employed, prior to shifting to the Common Core Curriculum. 

Controlling the present by trying to cover up the past 243 years of factual US History is the way Progressives, Socialists, and Marxist teachers and professors have been conditioning America’s youth to accept collectivism and Socialism, instead of teaching them the accurate history of the Republic, and pointing out the value of The Free Enterprise System.  

If Americans are to remain free and independent as outlined in The Bill of Rights and The US Constitution, the revised and inaccurate US History textbooks and Socialism must be eliminated from the Common Core Curriculum.  The value of The Free Enterprise, the Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution must be taught in public schools.  Radical Progressive, Socialists, and Marxist teachers and professors should be informed that they will never be able to revise 100 years of videos taken of US History!  

      This Op Ed includes excerpts from “When The Clock Strikes 13” by Tabitha Korol, inserted, throughout the narrative. 

     "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery"     
                                                       -- Winston Churchill 

 Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author  

Message For People of Faith

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 6, 2019: Op Ed #431     

Because religion is critical for a functioning of Democracies, Religion and “People of Faith” have been under the relentless attack by Marxists, Socialists, Progressives, Communists, and atheists.  By clicking on the below listed link, you can watch and listen to Professor Clay Christensen of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration as he discusses the importance of religion in a democracy.



Persecution of “People of Faith” in the United States has been increasing over the last 12 years.  There is open mockery of prayer at athletic events and in public schools.  Saying or advertising “Christmas parties”, “Christmas sales”, “Christmas decorations”, “Christmas holiday”, “Christmas plays”, and labeling “Christmas trees” is suppressed and we are warned that it is not politically correct.  

There are ongoing attempts to destroy Christian memorials, crosses at veteran memorials, nativity scenes, burn churches, shoot worshippers at Churches & Synagogues, and the attempts by leftists, with the obvious help of the left of center liberal media establishment, to equate Christianity with White Supremacism.

There has been the appalling shooting massacres in houses of worship in Nashville, TN, Southerland Springs, TX (by an atheist), Charleston SC, OAK Creek, WI (Sikh Temple), Overland Park, KS (Jewish Center), Pittsburg, PA(Synagogue), and Poway, CA(Synagogue).  American Christians’ alarming choice to either betray their faith or close their businesses requiring long legal battles to protect their religious rights.

Most recently the Governor of Virginia, who is a physician, stated that abortions can be performed up to the date of birth.  He further stated that after an abortion procedure, if the child is actually born, the child should be comforted, then the parents could decide whether the child should live or die; putting a child to death after birth would be murder.  “People of Faith” believe abortion of a living child in the womb is a life and death issue, and that it is justified to protect the life and mental health of the mother in the event of incest or for other serious life and death reasons.  They should be allowed to practice their faith with regard to this very controversial issue. 

Chaplains in the US Armed Forces were disciplined if they prayed out loud or spoke Jesus’ name at Bible study, at family council sessions, and in prayers outside of a Chapel service; President Trump cancelled those Obama administration regulations.

Obama banned Catholic Chaplains from reading letters to their parishioners from their archbishop
, ordered Christian Chaplains to perform same-sex "weddings", even if it was against the teachings of their faith (if they objected they were told to leave the military).  

In 2015, a highly-decorated Navy SEAL Chaplain was fired for discussing his faith with sailors while leading them in counseling sessions, and an Army Ranger Chaplain was disciplined for discussing faith while counseling a soldier not to commit suicide.

American Citizens who are long-time residents of California, find it difficult to understand how religious intolerance has taken hold, and the attack on “Freedom of Religion” is being supported in the California Legislature.  In late 2018, a proposed California Bill, AB2943, would condone the continued attack on the Catholic Church, Christianity, and may lead to the ban on the sale of Bibles in California.  


If AB 2943 passes, Catholic Catechism classes, commonly known as CCD, in which every Catholic child who attends public school must participate, in order to prepare to make their First Communion, would be banned.  A report in the Federalist warns that this “consumer fraud” law could ban the catechism of the Roman Catholic church, which the religion requires be taught to children.


On January 29, 2019, a coalition of Radical Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, Marxists, and Communists in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives opposed to “People of Faith” in the Natural Resources Committee,  proposed a rule to change how witnesses are to be sworn, prior to testifying in Congress.

The leftists and anti-religious members of Congress proposed a rule that would strike four words "So help me God!" from the oath administered to witnesses testifying before Congress.  Because of the massive opposition by many religious organizations, led by the Family Research Council, that attempt was beaten back, but dark forces were not deterred for long.

Less than three months later, the same coalition of Radical Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, Marxists, and Communists, in control of the House of Representatives, again demonstrated their opposition to “People of Faith” by proposing a bill that places Christians, who believe in traditional marriage, at grave “legal” and “civil” jeopardy.  The bill, falsely named "The Equality Act", proposed by Anti-Christian members of Congress, would be a serious threat to “People of Faith.”

The Equality Act would eliminate the protection for Christians to practice their faith as outlined in The Religious Restoration Freedom Act, previously passed, that upholds their religious rights.  The Anti-Christian Equality Act is discussed in detail, in the below listed article.  It must be opposed because if it were passed, it would violate “Freedom of Religion” for Christians, that is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

We admire  “People of Faith” for their selflessness, courage, faith, and genuine love and concern for others, even for those persecuting them.  American citizens who desire to worship their God in the faith they practice, deserve to be supported by their fellow Americans who support the First Amendment and “Freedom of Religion.”  Americans citizens can no longer sit back and ignore the repeated assaults by radical leftists on religion and on “People of Faith.”

Americans must take action to support religious leaders in the various houses of worship, seek support from their Congressional  Representatives to put a stop to the assaults on religion & “People of Faith”, by voicing their opposition to the left of center liberal media establishment who run editorials attacking against “People of Faith”, and must aggressively oppose the election of local politicians who do not support “People of Faith” and “Freedom of Religion.”

“The First Amendment was not written to protect people and their laws from religious values, it was written to protect those values from government tyranny.”  

                                                                                                        President Ronald Reagan

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The Equality Act proposed by Progressives and LGBT Rights activists in the Democratic-majority House is a threat to people of  faith.  It gives people of faith an ultimatum, to either change your faith-based practices or face government punishment.  It would prevent Christians from relying on The Religious Restoration Freedom Act to uphold their religious rights. It would amend the Civil Right Act to prohibit discrimination on  the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.


Judicial Watch warned it would eliminate single sex public multi-stall bathrooms, domestic violence and rape crisis shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, jails, juvenile detention facilities, homeless shelters, locker rooms, or group showers.  James Dobson warned that the so-called Equality Act is nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt to finally finish off Religious Liberty in the Republic, once and for all


The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a powerhouse of civil and religious rights advocacy, has joined other groups in denouncing the Equality Act proposed in the Democratic-majority House as a threat to faith.  ADF said that while “equality” may “sound nice to some ears, this bill actually poses a devastating and unprecedented threat to religious freedom and the progress that women have made toward true equal treatment in law and culture.”

The ADF added that, The Equality Act, would also overrule the authority of churches and religious nonprofits over employees with opposing views of marriage and morality.  And it would threaten religious foster care and adoption agencies, and creative professionals and business owners who live and work according to their beliefs, the analysis said


James Dobson of the James Dobson Family Institute said: “I wish I could say I was shocked to see the speed with which Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have brought to committee the sweet sounding but entirely treacherous Equality Act. This decision demonstrates a frightening willingness by those on the left to advance a radical social agenda at a time when our nation already faces so many other divisive challenges.

“Simply put, by creating a protected class of citizens out of the LGBT community, this bill places Christians, who believe in traditional marriage, at grave legal and civil jeopardy,” said Dobson.

“This bill literally sets the stage for setting up the Bible as prohibited material where it addresses homosexuality,” Liberty Counsel said.

Out of Control Crisis at the Wide Open Southern Border with Record Surges of Drugs, Gang Members, and Illegal Aliens

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 2, 2019: Op Ed #430     

For the last 75 years, the US Congress voted hundreds of billions of dollars to fund the US Armed Forces to protect the borders of many foreign countries, and funded the construction of the border walls in those foreign countries.  To date, 65 countries and the Vatican have built border walls that actually work; they have successfully prevented the incursion of unwanted and dangerous entrants.  


Americans Citizens have grown weary of the intentional lies being repeated by Pelosi, Schumer, the Socialist Democrat Party, and the left of center liberal media establishment, that there is not an out of control “Crisis At The Wide Open Southern Border.”  The massive influx of Illegal Aliens from all over the world, now entering the United States is not a figment of the US Border Patrol’s imagination.  There has been a 300% increase in family units crossing the border each month, over the numbers of family units recorded as having entered during the same months one year ago.


While 38,000 US Veterans, who repeatedly put their lives on the line to defend their fellow American citizens, remain homeless, sleeping on the streets, and in need of food, medical care, shelter, and financial aid, the Democrats in House and Sanctuary Cities are facilitating the arrival of thousands of illegal aliens, as documented in the below listed article.  Social Services in over 400 sanctuary cities and states are providing illegal aliens with food stamps, medical care, financial aid to pay for housing, and education for illegal alien children, while the 38,000 homeless veterans who are American citizens are not being provided with any of those benefits by the same Social Services.   


From 0ctober 2018 to January 2019, 268,000 Illegal Aliens, who came across the wide open southern border were interdicted by US Border Patrol Agents (that means that 536,000 illegal aliens were not interdicted, and entered the US illegally).  In February 2019, 76,000 illegal aliens were interdicted by the US Border Patrol, in March 2019, 103,000 illegal aliens were interdicted by the US Border Patrol at the wide open southern border, that means that 362,000 illegal aliens were not interdicted in February and March 2019.

Throughout the month of April 2019, well organized caravans repeatedly arrived at the southern border. Today, the largest caravan to date with 20,000 Illegal Aliens is approaching the wide open southern border.  Chaos at the U.S. border with Mexico continued throughout the last week, with major arrests through the Easter weekend that included drug smugglers and their deadly wares, “migrant” smugglers with their human cargo of young girls who were repeatedly raped before being sold into prostitution, and with hundreds of Convicted Illegal-Alien Criminals with their intent to repeat their preying on innocent American Citizens.

Reports from Customs and Border Protection depict not just a border under siege but an agency whose dedicated employees can’t possibly hold back the surging mass of humanity and what washes in with it
.  The Border Patrol is estimating that they will interdict 1.5 million Illegal Aliens in 2019, that means that another 3 million illegal aliens will have entered the US without being interdicted; that means that 10,950 Illegal Aliens will be entering the US illegally every day in 2019----it is complete chaos. 

The migrant caravan invasions (of mostly men) in November and December 2018 were not spontaneous. They were and are highly organized operations; their goal was to “degrade US Security”.  They were organized by multiple UN Agencies, numerous “Open Borders” organizations, CAIR, MECHA, the American Friends Services Committee (a Quaker group that has had ties to the Communist Party since the 1920s), and Chicago-based organizations founded by Left Wing Activists, Emma Lozano---Pueblo Sin Fronteras, La Familia Latino Unida, and Centro Sin Fronteras Community Services Network.

Illegal immigration is not only unjust, and cruel for millions of American taxpayers who can no longer afford to pay for the billions of dollars in living cost for millions for illegal aliens.  Thousands of American citizens have been killed, brutalized, burglarized, raped, and robbed by Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens over the last 10 year (Ice Agents have arrested 266,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens preying on Americans within the US over the last two years).  Since 2003, 14 police officers have been murdered by illegal aliens.

The numbers of Illegal Aliens is estimated to be over twice the 11 million figure that the left of center liberal media establishment and the Progressives, Socialist, Marxists, and Communists in Congress have been telling Americans are illegally present for the last 18 years.  They repeated, year after year, that there were 11 million illegal aliens in the US (that number never changed for 18 years).  The actual number of illegal aliens in the US is much higher than the 11 million figure referred to by the leftist media, year after year for 18 years, to unsuspecting American Citizens.

It is realistically estimated by watchdogs, that there are from 25,000,000 to 35,000,000 Illegal Aliens in the US.  It is estimated that 3 million illegal aliens, from countries all over the world (including from countries supporting Radical Islamic Terrorists who openly hostile to the United States), are projected by CBP to illegally enter the US in 2019.  To get a handle on how many illegal aliens are living in the US, for the first times since 1950, the 2020 census will include a question asking the person interviewed if they are a US Citizen, and if they were actually born in the US.   


The annual cost for American Citizens taxpayers, to cover the cost of welfare supporting “one” illegal alien is $82,000/year, and therefore for 25 to 35 million illegal aliens, the annual welfare cost is over $2050 trillion/year.  Americans can no longer afford to divert the use of their taxes, away from repairing infrastructure, in order to allocate $2050 trillion each year to cover the welfare costs of illegal aliens.  California Illegal Aliens receive 1/3rd of “all” the food stamps issued in the United States, and has more residents on welfare than most countries in the world.  


The ultimate goal of the Radical Marxist Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Tom Perez, and the 50 Communist, Marxist, and Socialists elected members of Congress is to have all illegal aliens vote in US elections (Nancy Pelosi actually said that in Congress on March 7th, she said she wanted illegal aliens to vote).  It was reported that 4 million illegal aliens voted in California in the 2016 Presidential election, and in the 2018 Congressional election. 


There were 42,000 murders in Mexico last year (the heads of law enforcement officers were posted on stakes in various cities in Mexico by drug cartels), and it is one of the least safe country in the world.  The Mexican government has lost complete control of the Los Zetas, Juárez and Sinaloa drug cartels and human trafficking criminal organizations.  Those drug cartels represent an immediate and ongoing dangerous threat to U.S. National Security Interest of the United States.  In 2017, 62,000 Americans died from the scourge of opioids smuggled across the wide open border into the US, and in 2018 the number has increased to over 71,000; there are now more deaths in the US annually from opioids, than from the deaths from breast cancer.

In Mexico, there are new health scare warnings being announced by Mexican health care professionals.  The warnings are about the spread of measles, mumps, typhus, syphilis, small pox, and tuberculosis.  Some Illegal Alien children entering the US, transport mosquitos in their clothing, that are carrying very dangerous infectious diseases.  Numerous epidemics that normally sweep across Central America have become a health hazard, sweeping across the Mexico and the United States, especially affecting children enrolled in public grammar schools, where US children are required to go to school with new illegal alien children.  US Border Patrol Agents have been infected by illegal aliens with various infectious diseases like Scalia, tuberculosis, typhus, and other infectious diseases listed below.

The US Nationality Act requires the enforcement of US Federal Quarantine Laws.  Those Quarantine Laws were once enforced meticulously on Ellis Island for every immigrant who ever entered the United States.  Because of the Catch and Release Policy, US Quarantine Laws are virtually ignored as they apply to millions of illegal aliens crossing the wide open US Southern Border daily.  Illegal Aliens with suspected diseases are no longer being quarantined for 90 days to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

An aggressive mosquito transmits the deadly enterovirus (EV-D68) and yellow fever, and some infectious diseases are transmitted by insects, including the spread dengue fever.  EV-D68 has been responsible for at least 14 deaths in the US.  Illegal Aliens are bringing in many infectious diseases into the US like measles and typhus which is spreading throughout the nation, enterovirus (EV-D68), dengue fever, dangerous strains of Flu, Scalia, Tuberculosis, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox, Leprosy, and even Malaria.

The out of control crisis at the wide open southern border with record surges in drugs, opioids, MS-13 gang members, Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens, smuggling of hundreds young girls being raped & sold into prostitution, Radical Illegal Terrorists, with the introduction of infectious disease in the US, and the entry of millions of Illegal Aliens from countries from all over the world, pose a major National Security threat to the United States.  There is a humanity and National Security crisis at the wide open southern US border.

The solution to control the crisis at the border is to build new walls, create new infrastructure, and for Congress to pass new laws to streamline the broken immigration system.  The Democrat-controlled House, just placed a rider on the VA funding bill, that will block all funding for any walls at the border.

Instead of conspiring to overthrow the President of the United States and issuing hundreds of subpoenas, the Democrat-controlled House should do one of the main reasons they were elected to do----pass laws to fix the broken US Immigration System and correct the failed US Immigration Laws on the books that were made ineffective by lower court rulings.  

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Drugs, Gang Members Keep Crossing Border as Rio Grande Sector Faces Record Surge of Illegals 


Written by R. Cort Kirkwood                  

Border agents seized nearly $3 million in drugs, and the Rio Grande Sector, CBP reported, has apprehended a record number of illegals this fiscal year. The total thus far exceeds all of last year.

The solution? A wall. Where’s the Democrat-controlled Congress? Conspiring in Washington, D.C., to overthrow the president of the United States.

Smugglers, Criminals, Record Numbers

On Tuesday, CBP reported, border agents caught a 20-year-old American trying to smuggle four illegals across the border in a pickup truck. Agents were on a “roving patrol” near Carrizo Springs, Texas, when they saw the driver of the truck do something a little odd, or maybe not, for an illegal-alien smuggler.

Agents watched him “pull over to the side of the road ... and load up four suspected undocumented immigrants that ran out of the brush,” the agency reported.

When the agents tried to pull him over, the driver tried to flee. Texas state troopers “disabled one of the vehicle’s tires with a controlled tire deflation device.” The driver and four illegal Mexicans tried to run, but agents caught and arrested them. Sunday was particularly busy for the Border Patrol.

That night, CBP reported, agents collared a twice-deported Mexican with a rape conviction and sex-offender registration in Ohio. He also had convictions for domestic violence and assault.

Hours later, agents working in Brooks County locked up an illegal Mexican for attempting to skirt around a checkpoint. He had arrests for indecent assault and corruption/endangerment of a child in Pennsylvania.

Border Agents also caught a Mexican illegal near Los Ebanos, Texas. His records revealed a previous deportation order, and a conviction for sex trafficking.

On Saturday, the agency reported, agents caught a border-jumping Salvadoran member of the 18th Street gang near Roma. Near Mission, agents caught a Salvadoran MS-13 member with multiple convictions in California, including one for sexual battery.

On Friday, agents apprehended another Salvadoran MS-13 member, this one with a burglary conviction in Minnesota. Friday’s haul also included a Mexican illegal with a conviction in Gwinnett County, Georgia, for possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony/kidnapping.

Drug and Migrant Smugglers

Easter weekend was also another big day in the drug trade.

At the Mariposa, AZ border crossing, the agency reported, they caught a 22-year-old “Phoenix woman” with 12 pounds of methamphetamine worth $37,000.

On Saturday, agents searched a tractor-trailer that entered the country at Mariposa. CBP’s canine helpers sniffed  4,100 pounds of marijuana worth $2.1 million.

On April 18, the agency reported, agents seized 26 pounds of fentanyl worth $728,00 in a Ford F-150 pickup at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge near Laredo, Texas.

Total value of the drugs seized: $2.86 million.

Agents also thwarted an attempt to smuggle “migrants” across the border, whom border agents apprehended.  .

On Monday, cops in Sullivan City, Texas  joined agents to apprehend the driver of a Chevy Suburban packed with four illegals. The driver and his cargo jumped out at an intersection and failed in their attempt to flee.

On Saturday, near Pharr, Texas, just north of the Rio Grande, they stopped two all-terrain vehicles and caught illegals from Mexico and Guatemala.

CBP agents have collared 164,000 illegals in the Rio Grande sector so far in fiscal 2019, the agency reported, more than the entire number for 2018. The daily catch is about 1,100.

Overall numbers at the border aren’t any better.  Border agents apprehended. more than 100,000 illegals in March, a mind-boggling number that put the total for the year past 400,000 (to date).

CBP reports show more than numbers, however.

They also show that crossing the border is dangerous, as well as irresponsible with children in tow, and how much time the agency wastes trying to keep illegals from killing themselves. Three times this month, April 12, 14, and 18, agents have rescued groups of 14, 21, and 28 illegals who were drowning in the Rio Grande.

They also had to rescue a severely dehydrated illegal-alien woman stranded in the desert in Arizona. They found her while apprehending 15 other illegals.

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