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Congressman Michael J. Gallagher
Michael J.'s Primary: 3 years 7 weeks ago

Congressman Gallagher is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman James Banks
James's Primary:

Congressman Banks is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Scott G. Perry
Scott G.'s Primary: 3 years 4 weeks ago

Congressman Perry is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Mark Green
Mark's Primary: 3 years 12 weeks ago

Congressman Green is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael G. Waltz
Michael G.'s Primary: 3 years 10 weeks ago

Congressman Waltz is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

State Senator Jarred "Jay" Collins
Jarred "Jay"'s Primary:

State Senator Collins is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Donald Bacon
Donald's Primary: 3 years 2 weeks ago

Congressman Bacon is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Governor Ron DeSantis
Ron's Primary:

Governor DeSantis is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States Governor

Congressman Darrell Issa
Darrell's Primary:

Congressman Issa is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ronny Jackson
Ronny's Primary:

Congressman Jackson is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator James D. Vance
James D.'s Primary:

Senator Vance is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Daniel R. Crenshaw
Daniel R.'s Primary: 3 years 12 weeks ago

Congressman Crenshaw is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Jack W. Bergman
Jack W.'s Primary:

Congressman Bergman is a combat veteran of the US Marine Corps
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Michael Garcia
Michael's Primary:

Congressman Garcia is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Senator Thomas Cotton
Thomas's Primary: 3 years 12 weeks ago

Senator Cotton is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States Senate

Congressman Brian Mast
Brian's Primary: 3 years 10 weeks ago

Congressman Mast is a combat veteran of the US Army
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ryan Zinke
Ryan's Primary:

Congressman Zinke is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Brad Wenstrup
Brad's Primary: 3 years 10 weeks ago

Congressman Wenstrup is a combat veteran of the US Air Force
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Jake Ellzey
Jake's Primary:

Congressman Ellzey is a combat veteran of the US Navy
He is running for United States House of Representatives

Congressman Trent Kelly
Trent's Primary:

Congressman Kelly is a combat veteran of the US Army National Guard
He is running for United States House of Representatives


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The Combat Veterans For Congress Political Action Committee is dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans For Congress. We seek Combat Veterans For Congress who believe in limited government, will rein in the out of control spending of Congress, are committed to preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution, and will support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights. We support Combat Veterans For Congress who are dedicated to promoting The Free Enterprise System creating the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind, provide for a strong national defense, and will endorse the teaching of U.S. history and the Founding Fathers’ core values in educational institutions. 

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Goal of Three Marxist Founders of Black Lives Matter is to Overthrow the US Government

By Capt Joseph R. John, March 14, 2021, Op Ed # 547

Black Lives Matter’s goal, is the replacement of the US Constitutional Republic with a Communist government.  US Corporations are donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the three Los Angeles based female Marxist founders of Black Lives Matter.  The donations are helping the three Marxists founders to replace The Free Enterprise System, that built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind with an oppressive Communist System.  


The “partial” list of US corporations donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the Marxist controlled Black Lives Matter domestic Terrorist Group, trying to overthrow the free and independent government of the United States, are as follows: Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Coca Cola, Gatorade, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Nabisco, Ritz, Unilever, Warner Music System, ARBNB, Nike, Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Decker Outdoor, Levi Strauss, Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, Spanix Lingerie, H & M Clothing, Etsy Clothing, Evelane Clothing, Tom’s Shoes, Door Dash, United Health Group, Teleton Health, Whoop Health, Glossier Beauty, Honest Beauty, Anastasia Beauty, Ubisoft Games, Square Enix Games, EA Games, etc.


Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are the violent foot soldiers for the Socialist Democrat Party like the Brown Shirts were for the Nazi Party, and they have been strongly supported by Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, and Obama, creating havoc abd death for over a year.  FBI Director, Christopher Wray, has not directed FBI Agents in hundreds of US cities that were destroyed to investigate, charge, arrest, prosecute, try, and convict thousands of Black Live Matter leaders and ANTIFA foot soldiers who led and planned over 300 violent riots in 200+ Democrat controlled Sanctuary Cities for over a year.  


Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA created $2 billion in destruction, put over 2000 Police Officers in hospitals, ambushed and assassinated Police Officers, torched thousands of police cruisers, occupied and torched police precincts, attacked and set fire to Federal Courthouses, looted businesses, and set fire to thousands of small businesses.  Nor is Director Wray having the FBI investigate, charge, arrest and prosecute ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists that are currently rioting in Portland, and where ANTIFA Domestic Terrorist have been attacking a US Federal Courthouse and setting it on fire. 


However, Director Wray did mobilize thousands of FBI Agents from all over the country to try to locate white supporters of President Trump, who attended his speech at the Washington Monument on January 6th.  Wray is trying to tie those Trump supporters to the long pre-planned riot at the US Capitol; the riot was led by 4 bus loads of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists wearing MAGA hats, and Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists whose pictures and names were published by the media; Wray did not mention those Domestic Terrorists instigators in his US Senate testimony.   



Yet the Chief of Police of the Capitol Police Forces, stated that he, the Speaker’s Office, and all Law Enforcement Agencies, including the FBI, were warned weeks in advance of the violent riot that was planned to occur at the US Capitol on January 6th, to coincide with President Trump’s speech to his supporters at the Washington Monument.  The Speaker and the Democrat Mayor of DC turned down the recommendation by the Chief of Staff of the Trump White House to mobilize 10,000 National Guardsmen to maintain peace in Washington on January 6th, the date of President Trump’s speech to 800,000 of his supporters at the Washington Monument.  Supporters of at President Trump’s speech said that Washington was void of any police presence, even though the Capitol Police Chief expected a violent riot, and hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters were expected to be in Washington, DC on January 6th.


John Sullivan from Utah, a leader and organizer of ANTIFA, was paid separately by both CNN and by NBC, in the separate amounts of $35,000 to provide video footage of the planned riot at the US Capitol on January 6th.  The Capitol riot was instigated and led by 4 buses loads of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists that arrived in Washington, DC with a Police escort.  On the side, the buses were labeled ANTIFA, and their arrival was videotaped, then the video was distributed on the Internet.  Prosecutors stated, Sullivan actively encourages and glorified violent protest, and that he was showing ANTIFA supporters how to make Molotov cocktails and evade identification by police.  Sullivan was charged by prosecutors with disorderly conduct and Obstruction of Congress.   


Sullivan was finally arrested last month on charges stemming from his instigation of violence during the Jan. 6th Capitol riot and he was also charged with interfering with police during their attempt to control Trump supporters who were peacefully touring the US Capitol, walking two by two, between designated tour routes with roped off stations, outlining the tour route.  Sullivan was at the scene and videotaped the deadly shooting of a 35-year-old female Trump supporter and Air Force Veteran, Ashli Babbitt, who was dressed in the patriotic colors of Red, White, and Blue, because she was proud of her country’s colors; she was a resident of San Diego.  She was murdered by a black Brazilian Immigrant US Capitol Police Special Agent, David Bailey, who was a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter, and expressed how he hated Trump supporters on his Social Media postings. 


DAVID BAILEY HAD REPEATEDLY THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON FACEBOOK FOR MONTHS!  An analysis of the videos of the premeditated murder of that innocent female Air Force Veteran, who was enjoying touring the US Capitol, was recorded showing the actions of two ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists who were trying to provoke the Capitol Police Officers.  David Bailey did not shoot the two ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists who were trying to provoke Capitol Police Officers, instead, he shot the closest person to them who was dressed patriotically and looked like she must have been a Trump supporter. 


Pelosi crafted HR1 to prevent American Citizens from having the right of “One Vote, One Man”, and instead is supporting Communism China’s election theft by continuing the use of Communist China’s owned Dominion Voting Machines that are installed in in 31 states, to tabulate the vote count in national elections.  The vote total can be changed via the Internet, thus preventing an accurate and valid count of the votes cast by US Citizens in past and all future elections in the United States.  


HR1 will support Voter Fraud by authorizing “Mail By Vote Ballots” to be sent to every resident in Blue States, regardless of whether they are registered to vote.  Pelosi is trying to jam HR1 thru the Congress because it will facilitate Illegal Aliens, Refugees, and Socialist Democrats to vote multiple times, using “Mail By Vote Ballots”.  HR 1 will also authorize ballot harvesting which resulted in massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 national election and will continue the Voter Fraud in all future elections.  Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, and Obama’s goal, in pushing to pass HR1, the Election Theft Measure, will ensure that Republicans will never again be able gain control of either house of Congress, or the presidency.


Between Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, and Obama’s support for Black Lives Matter Marxists Domestic Terrorists, and their support for HR1, the Republic is in extremis, and will not survive, especially if the Communist Chinese Dominion Voting Machines are employed in 31 states to tabulate the votes of American citizens in the 2022 midterm Congressional elections.  Americans must encourage the state legislatures, in the 31 states that employ Dominion Voting Machines, to remove those machines as they have done in France and other European countries. 


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.



On Gradually Moving The US Republic Towards Communism

 By Capt Joseph R. John, March 8, 2021, Op Ed #546

Changing the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State is the first step to move the United States toward Communism, because Socialism is just one step away from Communism.  The long-range goal of the Communist Party USA initiated 52 years ago to develop the foundation to initiate a Communism Revolution, was to include Socialism in the public-school teaching curriculum in multiple curriculums (Social Studies, Science, Government, and US History), to softly indoctrinate America’s students in Socialism.   


In 1928, the Communist Party believed that racial differences between black and white Americans could be the  Achilles Heel of American society, and they could instill racial differences as the future sources of conflicts under the banner of systemic racism.  Further, they worked towards making America’s youth in public school feel that democracy is not working, and that the America is afflicted with systemic racism and to eventually move the nation stealthily toward Socialism.  Socialism would be a transitional phase; under the banner of building socialism, the Socialist Democrats, Progressives and Marxists would move the nation toward a violent Communist Revolution in the streets. 

Another Communist goal was to control as much of American society through government.  Total government control is Communism and is what we see in communist China, communist Cuba, communist Venezuela, Marxist Russia, by initially having government control medical services, and later moving it out of the private sector.

Another step that must be accomplished to move the Republic toward Communism is to defuse support for law and order by openly violating it.  Over the last 12 months, the foot soldiers of the Social Democrat Party, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists, initiated and led violent riots in over 200+ Sanctuary Cities controlled by the Socialist Democratic Party Mayors.  They created over $2 billion in destruction, hospitalized 2000 Police Officers, occupied and burned Police Precincts, torched thousands of police cruisers, ambushed and murdered over 50 Police Officer over the last 4 years.  There was no action taken by FBI Director Wray to arrest and prosecute the Domestic Terrorists.

The Former Chief of the Capital Police Force said he and other Law Enforcement Agencies, including the FBI, had a several weeks’ notice that a violent riot was planned for January 6th at the US Capitol.  Director Wray does not mention the 4 bus loads of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorist that arrived at the Washington, DC wearing MAGA hats with a Police escort on January 6th.  Those videos of buses arriving were disseminated across the Internet.    


The only riot out of the over 200+ riots that occurred during a 12 month period, where $2 billion in destruction occurred, that Director Wray had hundreds of FBI Agents investigate, was the riot at the US Capital on January 6th.  However, never was ANTIFA nor Black Lives Mater Domestic Terrorists involvement in the January 6th riot ever mentioned----only White Extremists involvement was mentioned in Wray’s Senate Testimony about the riots on January 6th, where $50,000 in damage occurred.  However ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists, like Sullivan from Utah, were actually arrested at the Capitol on January 6th, and their photos were published by the national press and on the Internet. 

 Oh Dear monk 
 The 2020 election was the next step towards turning the United States into a Socialist State.  There is plenty of proof of the Communist initiative underway in the below listed Op Eds:


 The Communist Party's 45 Goals to Destroy the United States


Communist China Is Behind Liberal Media initiative to Destroy President Trump and America's Independent Press


Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Confirms That Violent Mob Movement is Run by ‘Trained Marxists’‘trained-marxists’ 


ANTIFA Infiltrated Black Lives Matter, Is Revolting And Coordinating The National Effort to Tear Down 350 US Historical Monuments


The Sunrise Movement Preplanned The Minneapolis Riots, They Just Were Awaiting For A Trigger, To Initiate A Riot With Precision


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author. 


The US Navy is Now a Woke Institution

By Capt Joseph R. John, March 3, 2021, Op Ed #545

Through the centuries, “Combat Readiness” was the way experienced Naval Flag Officers predicted a unit’s success in combat at sea and evaluated what individuals would perform well under stress.  Today, “Diversity” and “Political Correctness” have become the measure of the US Navy, instead of “Combat Readiness” in Biden, Harris, and Obama’s Woke new Navy.  In June 2020, Obama era screened and promoted US Navy Flag Officers created and is developing the “Task Force One Navy” (TF1N).  It included the attached disgraceful pledge that all sailors, Petty Officers, and Naval Officers, will not even fully understand the need for, however Navy members of the “Task Force One Navy” Task Force were required to swear to the pledge. 

The TF1N radical socio-cultural-sexual indoctrination program is for all its enlisted and officer service members.  Under the guise of an effort to “address the issues of white racism, sexism, extremism, and other destructive biases, the leaders of the new Woke Navy are in the process of indoctrinating members of the US Navy about the “White Racism” and “Extremism” that exists in its ranks, and effectively destroying “Unit Cohesion”, “Retention”, and “Combat Readiness”.  The Obama-era Admirals developed “Task Force One Navy” (TF1N) with blinders on, while the violent riots being led by Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists were destroying $2 billion in US infrastructure and putting 2000 Police Officers in the hospitals.

Now TF1N is requiring white sailors to acknowledge their intersectional identities.  This bizarre, subjective, open-ended, neo-Marxist mandate opens the door for ideological and political indoctrination of service members in almost every area of life.  The press release that the US Navy released about the TF1N indoctrination sounded like it came from a liberal university diversity officer’s “woke” racist dream: “The Task Force will seek to promptly address the full spectrum of systemic racism, advocate for the needs of underserved communities, work to dismantle barriers and equalize professional development frameworks and opportunities within the Navy.”
 Among many recommendations, TF1N leaders had recommendations related to matters surrounding gender minorities, and updating naming ships, buildings, and streets, and countering hate speech.

Thank the False Narrative that Biden, Harris, and Obama keep pushing, that the US is a “Systemically Racist” nation, which is right out of the Marxist propaganda being promoted by Black Lives Matter (BLM), and ANTIFA Marxist Domestic Terrorists who led the violent riots in over 200+ Democrat Controlled Sanctuary Cities for over a year.  They were responsible for hundreds of American deaths, for looting thousands of businesses, and torching thousands of police cruisers.  Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are both controlled and being funded by Nazi Collaborator George Soros.

Obama-screened Navy Flag Officers have allowed the lie that the US is a “Systemically Racist” nation to be discussed in the “Critical Race Theory” 
training classes at the US Naval Academy.  Midshipmen are indoctrinated in “Critical Race Theory” while at the same time, the Superintendent has eliminated the Honor Code.  “Critical Race Theory” degrades a person’s immutable individual unique characteristics, regardless of race or gender, while it does not encourage Midshipmen to focus, most importantly, as they were once taught, on individual non-racial characteristics."

It is not what the Father of the Navy, 
John Paul Jones, meant for Midshipmen to be indoctrinated in at the US Naval Academy when he stated, "An officer of the Navy must be the soul of tact, patience, justice, firmness, kindness, and charity.  No meritorious act of a subordinate should escape his attention…”, nor what the Rev Martin Luther King said, “People should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."  “Critical Race Theory” is abhorrent, bigoted, racist, and is too divisive to be taught to Midshipmen in the Brigade, to millions of students in thousands of colleges nationally, and to all young naval personnel.  Forcing this political rot into leadership classes, exposes the true character of the leadership of the Navy and the Naval Academy. 

The Obama-screened Navy Admirals have accepted the Black Lives Matter Marxist doctrine and the lie that there is “Systemic Racism” in the US Navy and the Fleet.  According to a news release
 of February 3rd, the Admirals created a bizarre, Marxist-inspired ‘socio-cultural-sexual’ ideological’ indoctrination program outlined in the “Task Force One Navy” (TF1N), to “identify”, then “eliminate’ certain individuals who are considered not Obama’s definition of “politically correct” under the guise of eliminating “Systemic Racism” from the Naval Force” ---eliminating white Sailors, white Petty Officers, white Chiefs, and white Officers”.  Class action lawsuits may be filed against the woke inept leaders of the Navy, to expose them and prevent them from evicting personnel with too many years of Honorable service to be replaced by politically correct personnel.

The TF1N report includes a 5-point “Pledge” that makes Sailors and Marines promise to fight “ableism”, whose definition is unknown.  The Pledge uses “woke” vocabulary words like “intersectionality” and “disparate impact.”  Those concepts and mandates inevitably lead to percentage-based “diversity metrics,” another name for “quotas.”  Still to be announced is what the punishments will be for violating the new pledge and whether it will be required to be read aloud in unit formations.  It is difficult to ascertain whether this is more like George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984,’ or Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in Communist China. 

Referring to the Pentagon-wide, 60-day “extremism” stand-down, Navy Times notes that: “Among other things, the stand-down must also include listening sessions focused on the Navy’s core values and Culture of Excellence campaign, along with the findings of Task Force One Navy.” Based on that dangerously subversive Task Force One Navy report, almost anything that is considered offensive by the most “Woke” observer can also be considered “extremism,” and subject to sanction by the Navy.

The Orwellian hunt for the yet to be defined “Extremists” in the US Navy has just gotten much more concerning.  According to Vice Admiral John Nowell, Jr., Chief of Naval Personnel, simply liking or sharing a social media post found to be “offensive” could brand a sailor as an “Extremist”.  
Vice Admiral John Nowell, Jr. used threatening language in a video (that video is the perfect definition of poor leadership); it was shared on Facebook.  As quoted in a Navy Times article, VADM Nowell said: “You may not personally know any shipmates with “Extremist” beliefs, but I assure you that those forces of darkness are among us.  Just by posting, retweeting, or liking an offensive post on social media — you could be participating in “Extremism”.

Sailors, Petty Officers, Chiefs and Naval Officers are entering a bizarre and unknown arena with mine fields, where a biased acquisition of being an “Extremist” for liking or sharing a social media post, arbitrarily termed “Offensive”.  While the terms “Extremist” and “Offensive” have still not been clearly defined and will be highly subjective to different accusers, different Commanding Officers, different retention boards in different commands---it is approaching insanity---only white members of the Navy must be careful---black members have nothing to worry about.

This destructive “Task Force One Navy” policy is dividing a once unified “Combat Ready” US Navy and it will further erode the US Navy’s “Combat Effectiveness”, and “Unit Cohesiveness”.  Communist China, Marxist Russia, and the Islamic Terrorist State of Iran have a fully “unified” fighting force in their Navies; at the same time, they are building and modernizing their Navy’s to outstrip and overtake the US Navy, with the goal of destroying the US Navy. 

The US Navy is responding by indoctrinating their personnel in the divisive Marxist “Critical Race Theory” rot, that will divide personnel in the fleet by race, gender, and ultimately drive “conservative” sailor and officers “of all races” out of the US Navy in disgust.  That is exactly what Biden, Harris, and Obama want, so they can recruit more woke, transgender, and personnel of color into the Navy who will be more supportive of Democrat Socialists policies and President Kamala Harris when she comes up for re-election.

The Navy’s and the Republic’s collective future with “Freedom of Religion”, “Freedom of Speech”, “Freedom of Association” and with a Navy free 0f political indoctrination and brainwashing, depends on Congress and the American people having the courage to stand up to the dangerous and divisive ideology of “Critical Race Theory” and the “Task Force One Navy” being pushed by the Marxist ideology of Black Lives Matter, and by those Admirals in the Navy who support the Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorist Racist Organization, formed by two females who brag that they are proud Marxists, while accusing American society and “all white Americans” of being racists.  


Black Live Matter are the true bigoted racists.  No white organization rioted daily for a year in over 200 cities, created $2 billion in destruction, and put over 2000 Police Officers in hospitals.  Those Obama-era screened Navy Admirals including the Superintendent of the Naval Academy are in support of Black Lives Matter’s “Critical Race Theory” indoctrination of Navy personnel.  Navy Admirals should keep politics out of the training of Naval personnel; they are creating racial division within the Navy, while developing a racial hostile and politically charged training environment within the Brigade of Midshipmen and in the US Navy that is dividing personnel on racial grounds.  


It appears that regarding “Extremism” issues in the US Navy, it was not a issue that affected Sailors, Petty Officers, Junior Officers, or Senior Officers in the fleet.  “Extremism” really manifested itself and was created at the highest level of the Biden Administration, with Biden’s appointees to DOD, and the Obama-era screened “Politically Correct” Flag Officers who created the aggressive and dangerous woke “Task Force One Navy” to root out an undefined “Extremist” really purging the Navy, in disguise, of conservative tough white career Navy men.  It is truly disgraceful and dishonest to label hundreds of thousands of Naval personnel who have been taught to eliminate “all” forms of discriminations for the last 50 years and have for the most part done so very successfully.  This new Biden “Woke” Navy must be challenged publicly, legally, and repeatedly---or they will destroy the most professional Navy in the world.  The below listed excellent article discusses the new woke US Navy. 

 Someone should inform the leaders of the Navy that United States is defined by values, not by race, or ethnicity!


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


 Our United States Navy is now a woke institution

By Andrea Widburg

One of Obama’s most consequential acts was to purge the Pentagon of leaders who did not subscribe to a woke, leftist philosophy. For more than a decade, the military has been at least as dedicated to implementing social justice principles as it has been to achieving military readiness. The latest manifestation of this trend is the Final Report from Task Force One Navy (TF1N), the goal of which is to “Embrace Inclusion and Diversity.”

The Navy created TF1N on July 1, 2020, at the height of the George Floyd riots. The purpose was to “dismantle barriers to equality while creating sustainable opportunities, ultimately achieving our desired end-state of warfighting excellence.” The resulting 141-page final report is filled to the brim with this same perky, leftist, verbose corporate jargon, interspersed with military acronyms and cant. There are also 338 iterations of some variation of the word “diverse.”

To serve on TF1N (undoubtedly a resume enhancer), members were required to take a pledge. It’s not about country or service; it’s about touchy-feely social justice (emphasis mine):

As a key member of Task Force One Navy I will invest the time, attention and empathy required to analyze and evaluate Navywide issues related to racism, sexism, ableism and other structural and interpersonal biases.

I pledge to be actively inclusive in the public and private spheres where I live and work, and proactively encourage others to do the same.

I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy.

I pledge to engage in ongoing self-reflection, education and knowledge sharing to better myself and my communities.

I pledge to be an example in establishing healthy, inclusive and team-oriented environments.

I pledge to constructively share all experiences and information gained from activities above to inform the development of Navywide reforms.

The implication of the report’s jargon and cant is that the Navy is a bastion of White supremacist domination. (That explains the Defense Secretary’s military-wide stand-down to purge “White supremacists.”) However, it’s noteworthy that 76% of the Navy’s personnel are White and 75% of its officers are White. In other words, perfect representation.

The “problem” is that non-whites and women aren’t in the officer ranks in proportion to their population. The report says Blacks are 13% of the demographics, but only 7% of the officers; Hispanics have an 18%-11% breakdown; and women are at 51%-22%. Meanwhile, Asians overachieve by having a 6% presence and a 7% officer representation.

There are lots of recommendations. As always in matters of race, the leftists in charge want to do away with academic standards. Recommendation 1.2 for Recruiting states, “Establish a ‘whole person’ evaluation framework that deemphasizes the use of standardized academic tests.” The military might do better to work with America’s public schools to help minority performance.

This approach applies to increasing officer diversity too. The TF1N recommends that the Navy “Explore the elimination of OAR [Officer Aptitude Rating] test requirement.” (Rec. 1.8) This, we are assured, will improve minority advancement so their presence in the officer ranks mirrors perfectly their national demographic percentages.

The report seeks to make quotas easier by recommending that the Navy “Expand post-board statistics to include gender and ethnicity/race information in post board reports….” (Rec. 2.6) In the same vein, it says “Formally track statistics regarding diverse board membership….” (Rec. 2.7)

Then there’s the carefully phrased recommendation to address the unconscious bias of systemic racism that surely plagues all white people: “Develop a subjectivity mitigation tool or suite of tools to assist leaders at all levels with considering various fallacies and forms of subjectivity that can influence decisions.” (Rec. 3.1) You can just feel the Critical Race Theory oozing out of that one.

Hair matters: “Update functions and incentivize retention of [Retail Specialists] tasked to style the hair of Sailors afloat.” (Rec. 3.5) In the old days, hair meant using clippers for men, buzzing it down until the scalp showed. For women, it was a short, neat ponytail. Now, though, women need “diverse styling preferences.” No, they really don’t. It’s the military, not a college campus.

Another cosmetic reform, if you will, is to “Add ‘and Respect’ to Navy Core Values,” which currently speak only of “Honor, Courage, Commitment.” (Rec. 5.1).

The Navy is also preparing quotas for Non-Judicial Punishments. “Ensure capability to monitor race, ethnicity and gender of service members subject to NJP actions.” (Rec. 5.10) When these punishment quotas have been enacted in public schools, the results have been disastrous.

For decades, the American military has been a splendidly operating merit-based institution that revolved around a shared commitment to the mission – defending America. With a woke Pentagon in charge and an anti-American, leftist administration calling the shots, the Navy’s TF1N Final Report indicates that the new Navy will emphasize racial and sex divisions, implement quotas, and elevate “lived truths,” “feelings,” and subjective claims of systemic racism over military readiness.



The US Armed Forces is Becoming a Woke Institution

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 27, 2021, Op Ed #544

There are similar priorities for Biden and Harris, to that of the Obama Administration.  Unlike President Bush and President Trump’s “War on Terror”, which pursued Radical Islamic Terrorists like Al-Qaida, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hizballah, etc., Biden and Harris new “War on Terror” is aimed at homegrown “extremists” especially among Veterans and members of the US Military. 
Yet Biden and Harris have no interest in apprehending and jailing known, ultra-violent Revolutionary Marxist and Domestic Terrorists like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, who spent much of 2020 leading violent riots, perpetrating arson, creating $2 billion in destruction, looting businesses, putting over 2000 Police Officers in hospitals, torching thousands of police cruisers, and killing hundreds of residents in 200+ Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities.


This new “War on Terror” is a renewal of the Obama-era attacks on US Military personnel and Veterans, while pursuing the vilification and the assault on Law Enforcement Officers.  In 2008, Obama forced the retirement of 200+ conservative Flag and General Officers.  Then Obama established a screening board for Colonels and Captains that were in the zone for promotion to Flag or General Officer.  In 2008, and over the previous 231 years, the US Armed Forces had never had such a screening board to determine if Colonels and Captains were “Politically Correct” enough to be allowed to go up before Flag and General Officer Promotion Boards.  


That type of uncalled for screening went on for 8 straight years, resulting in the elimination of thousands of highly qualified combat tested conservative officers, and replacing them instead with “Politically Correct” Flag and General Officers acceptable to Obama.  Obama established new and dangerous Rules of Engagement, had transgender personnel recruited into the military, depleted military ammunition inventories, and allowed Communist China to overtake the US Naval shipbuilding program, while falling behind in replacing vital combat aircraft.  Today, Communist China has a larger Navy than the US Navy, and Biden, Harris, and Obama will watch Communist China’s Military outgrow the US military.  


The Social Democrat Party revealed that that 80% of members of the US Armed Forces voted for President Donald Trump.  Biden, Harris, and Obama are overly concerned about the conservative and demographic make-up of the US Military.  The attack on the make-up of the rank-and-file US Military personnel has begun in earnest, to begin the removal conservative white elements from its ranks, like the way conservative Flag and General Officers were screened out of the US Military.  


For the past 4 years, Law Enforcement Officers were demeaned, targeted, and attacked by the foot soldiers of the Social Democrat Party, ANTIFA and Black lives Matter Domestic Terrorists.  About 50 Police Officers were killed in premeditated ambushes over the last 4 years and including in the riots in 200+ Democrat controlled Sanctuary Cities, where over 2000 Police Officers were hospitalized.  By clicking on the below listed link you will be able to listen to Biden’s view of Police Officers, Veteran, and the military personnel. Biden labels police, military veterans as 'white supremacists'. - YouTube


Now it is the active-duty military, reserve components, and National Guard that must be targeted because Americans are being told by the Leftist Main Stream Media, and Big Tech that the US Military not only has “Systemic Racists” and “White Supremist” elements within its ranks, but more importantly the existing make-up of the military did not vote for Biden and Harris; that must be changed.  On January 29th, four days after Biden’s Transgender Executive Order was issued, which changed General Mattis' restriction on recruiting transgender personnel.  


Secretary of Defense Austin issued a military-wide order specifying that General Mattis’ restrictions on transgenderism would be lifted.  Any exceptions to supporting transgenderism, including the conscience religious clauses that General Mattis allowed, for religious convictions, that conflicted with Biden and Obama’s transgender policies will no longer be permitted, regardless of the consequences.  Are Christians who oppose transgenderism based on their religious conviction going to be accused of “extremism” and booted from the US Military?  If so, that would be a violation “Freedom of Religion”.  Military women will be most immediately and negatively affected by Biden’s directive.  Personal privacy is rare enough in the US Armed Forces because of close quarters, but Biden is ordering women to share their private facilities with biological males who are claiming to be transgender women, which will be very destructive.    


Gen Mattis’ existing regulation that personnel with gender dysphoria who join the US military will not be permitted to obtain sex reassignment surgery, must remain in effect.  Military hospitals are already overtaxed with many serious combat related surgeries often delayed because of lack of capacity, and the number of therapists who deal with the heavy, combat-related PTSD and military family therapies, makes transgender therapy for sex reassignment surgeries unsustainable.  Sex reassignment surgery to complete multiple genitals, breasts, and facial surgeries would take over two years of constant hospitalization, at a cost of more than $100,000.  Further, a transgender patient would be off duty for over 2 years, and subsequently, his enlistment would shortly be over.  In the past, the medical costs for 994 military personnel diagnosed with gender dysphoria increased by 300% and required 30,000 mental health visits---an unacceptable cost for 994 personnel. 


Biden, Harris, and Obama are having the FBI dig into social media accounts of anyone who went to Washington, DC on January 6th to hear the speech of President Trump at the Washington Monument (a massive undertaking costing millions of dollars).  A small percentage of those 800,000 Trump supporters went to tour the US Capitol at the end of the President’s speech.  Capital Police Officers welcomed the Trump supporters to tour the Capitol with open arms, via the roped off pre-designated walkways set up within the Capitol.  There are videos of many Trump supporters taking the tour down roped-off paths, walking two by two.  The US military personnel who toured the Capitol were loyal to their oath of office and to the US Constitution.  The below listed initiatives are designed to try to change the impression of military personnel as “Systemic Racists” and “White Supremist” in the eyes of Americans.   


When the White House was under attack by violent mobs led by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, seriously injuring Secret Service Agents and US Park Police, the Depatment of Defense (DOD) objected to providing military protection for The White House.  Considering the reluctance by DOD, something seemed terribly wrong with the deployment of 26,000 National Guard Troops to Washington, DC for the inauguration and the establishment of Pelosi’s Great Wall topped with concertina wire.  Pelosi turned the Capitol Hill Complex into a militarized no man’s zone, paroled by more armed troops than are currently deployed, collectively in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq.

The question remains…. why are thousands of armed National Guard personnel remaining in DC into March?  Biden, Harris, and Obama are turning the Republic into a Totalitarian State with lockdowns and closing down hundreds of thousands of small businesses, group meetings, church gatherings, and schools, while creating a walled, no-go zone in DC, and allowing liquor stores, marijuana stores, gambling casinos, strip joints, and thousands of violent looters to riot in the streets without any rioting restrictions in 200+ sanctuary cities led by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists.  


A more sobering question, never asked by the Leftist Main Stream Media nor explained to the Americans by the Biden Administration, was what was the “Threat” that required 26,000 armed troops?  The Biden Administration never identified what the “Threat Assessment” was all about!  The Governors of Blue States where there were ongoing riots for nearly 12 months, very seldom mobilized the National Guard to restore order like Pelosi did in DC, and they could have easily identified that the rioters were ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists who torched thousands of Police Cruisers, taking over police precincts, hospitalizing over 2000 Police Officers, and committing arson.  For over one year, Director Wray issued no orders for the FBI in 200+ sanctuary cities to protect Police Officers, nor to arrest thousands of Domestic Terrorists, prosecute, and incarcerate them (this week 2 more Police Officers were hospitalized in NYC Black Lives Matter riots).  


Amid thousands of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter riots, a General Order was issued by Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin, directing that all members of the US Armed Forces must take a 60 day stand down to address “extremists”.  Austin, Biden, and Harris, under the stealth direction of Obama, are falsely accusing the 2+ million service members of harboring “Extremists and White Supremacists in their ranks”!  Defaming the US Military and creating instability and worry among career members of the US Armed Forces is unprecedented, unnecessary, and a dangerous practice because it will destabilize unit cohesion. 


The Biden Administration continues to state they intend to end “Systemic Racism” in the US Armed Forces.  “Systemic Racism” just does not exist in US Armed Forces nor in the United States, like it exists in Communist China, the Radical Islamic Terrorist State of Iran, Communist Cuba, Communist Venezuela, and many African and Middle East Countries.  America is among the least racist countries in the world, yet members of the Biden Administration imply that many members of the US Armed Forces are inherent racists, homophobes, white supremacists, and/or are extremists---an indictment which lacks proof (after extensive investigation, 4 of the 26,000 National Guard Troops were sent home for suspicion of being “extremists”—what does “extremists” mean anyway? We still have no definition.)


For the last 50 years, the US military has been the role model for integration, and for addressing and overcoming discrimination.  The understanding between races within the US Armed Forces has made the US Military one of the few places in society where advancement to the most senior ranks has been much less biased than in most integrated work forces in the nation.  There are no races nor colors in a foxhole.  The occupants of those foxholes are all bonded brothers, leaning forward with bayonet fixed and protecting each other’s backs.  The New Secretary of Defense rose to the Army’s Four-Star General rank, and the current Chief of the US Air Force rose to Air Force’s Four-Star General rank; both Four-Star Generals are black. 


Five months after the election of Biden, the continuing serious external national security threats from Communist China, Communist North Korea, Communist Cuba, the Radical Islamic Terrorist State of Iran, Communist Venezuela, Marxist Russia, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist organization, from Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations in the Middle East, Domestic Terrorist Groups in the US and elsewhere, simply have not seemed to be an urgent policy focus of the Oval Office.  Instead, the daily focus is on the alleged Systemic Racism, Extremists, and alleged white supremacists within the ranks of the US Armed Forces and is repeatedly publicly by Socialist Democrats, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, the Leftist mainstream media, and Big Tech. 


The fact that the Biden, Harris, and Obama appear fixated on “systemic racism, extremists, and white supremacists within the ranks of the US Armed Forces”, could very well embolden Communist China, Communist North Korea, Communist Cuba, the Radical Islamic Terrorist State of Iran, Communist Venezuela, Marxist Russia, and Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations in the Middle East, with the potential for future serious consequences.  The question, "Who is really in charge of the Biden Administration?" is something Americans never asked about the Trump administration.


The worst kept secret in the West Wing of the White House is that Biden’s dementia is making it exceedingly difficult for him to execute the duties of his office.  The Social Democrats are having Harris usurp Biden’s power, by having her call Heads of State, something Vice Presidents never do.  In addition, the President’s February State of the Union Address has been cancelled by Biden’s handlers.  Under Obama’s instructions, Biden has been executing over 80 Executive Orders whose content he has no knowledge of and bypassing Congress.  Obama is running the government with one Executive Order after another, in violation of the precepts of the US Constitution (President Trump executed 4 Executive Orders following his election).  


This week Pelosi had 31 of Congressional Social Democrats write a letter demanding that the nuclear codes, “The Football”, that always accompanies the President should no longer be under Biden’s soul control.  Pelosi has now joined in the above listed plan to neuter the Commander-in-Chief, using Biden’s dementia as her reason.  Pelosi would never have executed that initiative on her own.  She must have received her instructions to do so from Obama through Susan Rice.  Despite Harris' lack of qualifications, her extreme unpopularity, and her family’s long time Marxist and Communist background, the plan is for Harris to become the first female president of color and it is well underway.  


                        The United States is defined by values, not by race nor ethnicity!


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


Riding The Communist Chinese Dragon: Biden's Approval Of Communist China's Involvement In The US Power Grid

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 24, 2021, Op Ed #543 

Biden is riding the Communist Dragon and has rescinded President Trump’s prevention of the use of any Communist Chinese State-Run Company from bidding on and providing electronic components manufactured in Communist China, to be inserted throughout the United States National Electronic Power Grid System.  Communist China would have the ability to shut down the power grid.


If that is allowed to occur by the Biden Administration, it would be the “most dangerous national security threat to the United States in history” and would threaten the very survival of the United States in any military conflict with Communist China.  China’s military has predicted that there will be a war with the United States.  


Shutting down the Power Grid would eliminate Cyber Security, would eliminate the ability to provide electricity for the entire nation, and eliminate power to operate the US Military NORAD Early Warning System which alerts the US military that a nuclear missile attack has been launched against the Republic.  


Please click on the below listed link to understand what Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, were doing with Communist China when Joe was the sitting Vice President of the United States for 8 years.  It also explains how The Biden Family was given $1.5 billion by Communist China to partner with Communist Chinese Government Companies to invest in US Corporations that would help Communist China develop sensitive military technology to control the global rare earth market, and to gain access to highly sensitive US nuclear technology information.  


When Joe Biden is asked about the large military buildup in Communist China, the threat Communist China poses to Hong Kong, and the plan by Communist China to invade Taiwan, Joe Biden often repeats, “China is not a threat. Working with China is a positive development” ---“Come on Man.”


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.



Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid


President Biden has revoked a Trump-era executive order that sought to keep foreign countries and companies out of America’s bulk power systems – principally entities associated with the Chinese Communist Party – as part of his “Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis.”

The executive order, which executes key tenets of President Biden’s climate change agenda, was released on the former Veep’s first day in office.

Subpoint C notes that “Executive Order 13920 of May 1, 2020 (Securing the United States Bulk-Power System), is hereby suspended for 90 days.”

The Trump-era order sought to ban, replace, and set new criteria on bulk-power system (BPS) electric equipment coming from a foreign country or national that poses a national security threat.

“Foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in the United States bulk-power system, which provides the electricity that supports our national defense, vital emergency services, critical infrastructure, economy, and way of life. The bulk-power system is a target of those seeking to commit malicious acts against the United States and its people, including malicious cyber activities, because a successful attack on our bulk-power system would present significant risks to our economy, human health and safety, and would render the United States less capable of acting in defense of itself and its allies,” the introduction to the executive order read.

The move “prohibited any acquisition, importation, transfer, or installation of BPS electric equipment by any person or with respect to any property to which a foreign country or a national thereof has any interest, that poses an undue risk to the BPS, the security or resiliency of U.S. critical infrastructure or the U.S. economy, or U.S. national security or the security and safety of U.S. persons.”

The DOE was also tasked with identifying existing BPS electric equipment that violated the aforementioned prescription and “develop recommendations to identify, isolate, monitor, or replace this equipment as appropriate.”

Released on May 1st, 2020, the powers provided in the executive order were utilized by the DOE in early December concerning the Chinese Communist Party.

As of January 16, 2021, then-Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette issued a “prohibition order designed to reduce the risks that entities associated with the People’s Republic of China pose to the Nation’s BPS.”

“The order prohibits utilities that supply critical defense facilities (CDF) from procuring from the People’s Republic of China, specific BPS electric equipment that poses an undue risk to the BPS, the security or resilience of critical infrastructure, the economy, national security, or safety and security of Americans,” a press release adds.

Now, according to Biden’s executive order, the fate of the executive order and America’s BPS rests in the hands of Biden’s Secretary of Energy and Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB):

“The Secretary of Energy and the Director of OMB shall jointly consider whether to recommend that a replacement order be issued.”

The National Pulse exposed Biden’s OMB Head as formerly serving as the president of the Center for American Progress (CAP), an establishment think tank that has taken trips to China and co-authored reports alongside a Chinese Communist Party-backed influence operation.

What’s more, Biden’s son Hunter was previously involved in several business relationships with CEFC China Energy Chairman Ye Jianming.

“After his father left office in 2017, Hunter Biden worked on securing a deal with CEFC China Energy to invest in US energy projects, according to documents released by Republicans,” CNN noted.

Similarly, an investment firm headed by Hunter Biden funneled millions into China General Nuclear Power Corp, a state-owned power company guilty of stealing American nuclear technology for use by the Chinese Communist Party for decades.


Obama's Third Term, Is The Result Of A Meticulously Planned And Executed Coup

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 17, 2021, Op Ed #542

In a widely distributed video, Obama has been recorded as saying, with regard to a third term, that he wishes he could be in his basement wearing an earpiece so that he could make an arrangement to deliver all the lines, but someone else would repeat them and carry them out.   


If you really believe Biden is in charge of the Government of the United States, then click on the below listed link to watch him hardly utter a mumble for about 3 minutes, while his wife keeps looking at him and back at the camera recording the scene, with a mixture of serious concern and embarrassment?


Chilling isn’t it? Now you can see why Biden is always wearing a mask; it covers up his expressionless mouth? Now you can also understand why Biden remained in his basement, never went out in the public, never held one press conference during the entire election campaign, and still has not held a real press conference since he was supposedly elected 108 days ago.  Will he ever hold a press conference before he is removed from office by Harris?


It is just a matter of time before Barrack Hussein Obama is finished with having Biden sign hundreds of Executive Orders to run the new Socialist Democrat Government by only signing one Executive Order after another.  Biden, directed by Obama, has been completely bypassing Congress and the legislative process, ignoring governing by provisions in US Constitution.  He is ruling the US by issuing one new Executive Order after another, which has never been done in 244 years.  


Harris has been instructed by Obama to take on the customary role of President by calling the Heads of State.  Most recently, she called the Heads of State of France and Canada too discuss mutually acceptable policies.  Vice Presidents have rarely called Heads of State.


Obama will at some point instructs Harris to remove Biden as President and get approval from Congress to initiate the provisions of the 25th Amendment because the President is not capable of exercising his responsibilities as the US President.  In anticipation for what is ordained, Pelosi has already passed the provisions of the 25th Amendment in the US House, and has already authorized Congressional approval for removal of President Biden from office.  It will happen, as soon as Obama instructs Harris to remove Biden from office.

American citizens will then have the first Communist President of the United States.  Harris, like her mother, father, and sister, is a Marxist.  Once Biden is removed, Harris will take her marching orders from Obama and Communist China.  Please read The Sinister Background of Kamala Harris, who is Communist China's US Dream President


Big Tech, the Leftist Main Stream Media controlled by Communist China, Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie Sanders, The Deep State, the Socialist Democrat Party, over 70 members of the judiciary who “refused” to even hear any of the court challenges concerning rampant Election Theft and Voter Fraud, The Communist Party USA, Communist China, Nazi Collaborator George Soros, Progressives, Socialists, and millions of uninformed American Voters, all gave 74 million Patriotic Americans a new Communist Government in the United States; simply look at the new Cabinet and White House Staff if you have any doubts.  


Now Biden is on a witch-hunt to root out conservatives from the US Armed Forces.  An order was issued by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that all members of the US Armed Forces must take a 60 day stand down to address “extremism”.  Biden, Harris, and Austin are falsely accusing some of the 2+ million members of the US Armed Froces of harboring "extremists and white supremacists in the ranks”!  It is unprecedented, unnecessary, and a dangerous practice that will create instability and worry among career members of the US Armed Forces.  


Biden, under the stealth directions of Obama, has already initiated a broad initiative in the US Government, in DOJ, and in the Socialist Democrat controlled Congress, with the support of the Leftist Main Stream Media, to severely curtail the provision in the Second Amendment, that currently provides every American citizen with the  “Right To Bear Arms”.   


If governors are allowed to illegally bypass state legislatures again as they did in 2020, and send “Mail In Ballots” to every resident of their state, regardless of whether they are citizens or registered to vote, there will never be another free and fair election in the United States.  


As long as the Dominion Voting Machines (75% owned by Communist China) tabulates the votes in 30 states, and those voting machines that can have the vote totals changed externally from foreign countries via the Internet, Republicans will never win another national election.


Please read the below listed, truly outstanding article, which encapsulates the meticulously planned coup of the United States by Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and Communists China (funding came from Nazi Collaborator George Soros).  It outlines the Socialist coup of the United States, step by step, from A to Z, and explains how the US Free Enterprise System is being dismantled, step by step. 


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.





It was a coup!


By Shari Goodman

February 9, 2021


"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." (John Adams)

The defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945 led to the rise of America’s superpower status and its superior military force. 

Thereafter, our enemies understood that defeating America by military might was not an option, but decided a clandestine operation from within might be achievable. Throughout the 20th century and until today, the infiltration of Communists within our midst, along with domestic operatives willing to aid the enemy for the right price or through the use of blackmail, undermined our foundation and founding principles upon which this country was built.


The United States, the land of liberty and rule of law, provided its citizens and foreign guests the benefit of living in the land of the free. In the spirit of détente, however, initiated by Henry Kissinger and the Nixon administration, America opened its doors to Communist China. Beginning with the exchange of students, many Chinese with membership in the CCP began to arrive at our universities. Currently, we have 369,000 Chinese students attending American universities. 


The Chinese Ministry of State Security operates a global intelligence network on our shore through a variety of business and industry officials and the Chinese Scholar Associations. Additionally, China operates Confucius Institutes at 67 of our college campuses and 17 K-12 public schools where they indoctrinate and gather intelligence by staffed Intelligence operators.


American administrations saw in China a large open market for American goods; thus the push for China to become a member of the World Trade Organization in the early ’90s became a reality. Joe Biden, along with Bill Clinton, sold America a Psy-Op by advancing a false narrative suggestive of an America benefiting from the cost of cheap labor and cheap goods. Our complicit, obedient media followed along without any investigative reports to the contrary.


Within a span of thirty years, we saw the rise of China and the deterioration of the United States. While China with its newfound riches began to build skyscrapers, bridges, and new highways, the United States infrastructure was falling apart. Roads and highways needed updating, bridges were crumbling, and our sidewalks and streets in major urban areas were substandard. During these years, China invested heavily in all areas of American society—from American entertainment companies, real estate, banking, and financial institutions, American newspapers, the media, Hollywood, and American brands such as Nike—and made contributions of over a billion dollars to American universities, where Chinese spies often were planted with the task of stealing intellectual property. By the time China unleashed the Wuhan virus (whether deliberately or accidentally), they were very well-positioned to influence public opinion. As a sign of China's newfound influence, America’s media refused to refer to the Wuhan virus by its name. The Wuhan virus became COVID-19, lest Americans be reminded of who was responsible for the pandemic. Hollywood, on cue, rolled out their spokesmen to denounce anyone, especially President Trump, who placed the onus squarely where it belonged – on China!


As the election neared, China was well ensconced in every facet of American lives. China had gobbled up many of our resources and much of American ingenuity. From farmland in the Midwest and South to American ports and large segments of American industries, they could not have done it without the help of unscrupulous American legislators in our halls of Congress and the White House. 


There were no investigative reporters willing to ask if there were kickbacks for Maxine Waters, Mitch McConnell, Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, and the Clintons for their support of sweet deals on behalf of China. Hunter Biden received a $1.5 billion contract with Red China while his father was Vice-President. His mission was to acquire interests in companies that supply our U.S. Military and Industrial Complex for the purpose of improving Communist China’s defense industry. Surprisingly, neither the media, the FBI, CIA, or the Justice Department launched an investigation into the Bidens' shady deals with a Communist foe. For two years we've waited for the Durham report, a report that never materialized. As of today, no one has faced the consequences of the Russian collusion hoax.


The beginning of last summer brought forth a sea of riots and violence in dozens of cities throughout the United States as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, two Marxist funded and trained groups, took to the streets.


President Trump, predicted to win the November election by a landslide, was suddenly faced with a two-pronged attack: a pandemic with its origin in Red China, and domestic upheaval by Marxists here at home.


Nevertheless, support for President Trump was high. Not only did he manage to keep his base, but he made significant inroads into the Black and Hispanic communities. His rallies drew tens of thousands, while Biden could only gather a few dozen whenever he managed to leave what the media termed “his basement.” As November 3approached, regardless of what the biased mainstream media predicted, the eyes of America told a different story. It appeared President Trump was on his way to a second term.


Americans were unaware the Dominion voting machines with ties to China and originally manufactured to rig the election for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela were used to tally our ballots. The same Dominion machines were designated to be used in six swing states to tilt the election for Joe Biden. At midnight on Nov. 3, Americans went to bed with the knowledge that President Trump was winning by a landslide, only to wake up the next morning to see Joe Biden declared by the media and Big Tech as the President-Elect of the United States. 

Apparently, while America slept, the vote count simultaneously stopped in all swing states, only to be resumed in the middle of the night with no oversight. And because Dominion could be plugged into the internet, the Red Chinese (along with Iran and Russia) were most likely, to their delight, seeing the tallies change in real-time (see herehere, and here).


The CCP’s influence in the United States could not have occurred without the introduction of Cultural Marxism, which began with the withdrawal of religion and God from our daily lives. Beginning decades ago, we saw the Left and their proxies in the press, the world of entertainment, and our universities ridicule religion and espouse the virtues of Secularism. The decline of mores and norms, the earmarks of Western Civilization, took its toll. Ideals such as honor, nobility, honesty, civility, self-reliance, and self-respect were tossed into the waste bin of history. What took its place was vulgarity in speech and action, lack of self-restraint, and an emphasis on feelings instead of knowledge and virtue. It is that uncivilized and immoral culture that produced scoundrels we see in public office today. There is a direct correlation between America’s unraveling and the rise of Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi to positions of leadership.


Today, with Biden fully ensconced in the White House, surrounded by barbed wire and thousands of troops, D.C. is now more reminiscent of a Third World Banana Republic where elections are determined not by voters, but by who counts the vote. As in all countries seized by Communism, the Great Purge has begun. Trump supporters are censored and de-platformed by Big Tech. Many are blacklisted from employment opportunities or fired from jobs they once held, and men like Mike Lindell, My Pillow guy, can no longer sell his pillows at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Kohls, or Wayfair. Lin Wood, a brilliant, righteous prominent defamation attorney whose quest for justice is legendary—and a Trump supporter—is threatened by the Georgia Bar with having his license revoked unless he undergoes a mental health examination; the First Amendment be damned. The Communist objective is to destroy the opposition by silencing the influencers, remove them from public life, and instill fear in the rest of America.


In his first week in office, Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline and the 70,000 jobs that went with it. Additionally, he has outlawed fracking. Both the Keystone Pipeline and fracking were instrumental in keeping us energy independent. Now, once again, we will be dependent on foreign oil. Gas prices have already risen 15%. With a nod to Big Pharma, he has increased the price of insulin by halting President Trump’s HHS freeze on it. Our borders are again wide open, and he has ordered the border wall to come to a halt. Caravans from Central America have already formed, and Biden has ordered ICE to halt deportations for all, including illegal criminals.


While millions of Americans are out of work, he has earmarked $4 billion to Central America. He has restored economic aid to the Palestinians and has agreed to let their offices be reopened in New York while committing himself once again to the failed two-state solution. He has re-entered the Paris Climate Accord, a move that will hurt American companies and increase the loss of jobs. There is talk of the Biden administration rejoining the Iranian Nuclear Deal. While legislating from the Oval Office with the stroke of a pen is not in keeping with our Constitution—where the power to legislate is granted to Congress—Biden, in his first day in office, egregiously erased President Trump’s 1776 Commission, a pro-America promotion of America’s founding principles, in favor of a continuation of the 1619 Project, an anti-American program that favors tribalism and critical race theory.


The actions undertaken by Biden are not the earmarks of policies designed to benefit Americans. They are the policies of domestic proxies acting on behalf of foreign enemies. We, the American people, did not vote for the above policies. Instead, we are being governed without the consent of the governed. Hundreds of sworn affidavits of irregularities, unconstitutional changes in state laws, and demonstrations of voting machines accessible to hacking suggest there was foreign interference. Biden’s cozy relationship and sweetheart deals with Red China on behalf of his son, along with a billionaire oligarchy bent on a One World Order, through the use of cyber warfare conducted a coup upon the United States on November 3.

75% of Republican voters believe the election was stolen. Eighty million Americans will not sit idly by without redress.


Shari Goodman is an educator, public speaker, and freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in American Thinker, WorldNetDaily, Israel Today, and other publications.


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Military "Extremism" Purge May Result in Conservatives Being Driven Out of The US Military

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 8, 2021, Op Ed #541

An order was issued by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that all members of the US Armed Forces must take a 60 day stand down to address “extremism”, in which he, Biden, and Harris with the stealth direction of Obama, are falsely accusing some of the 2+ million service members of harboring “extremists and white supremacists in the ranks”!  It is unprecedented, unnecessary, and a dangerous practice that will create instability and worry among career members of the US Armed Forces.  


Supposedly, Biden, Harris, and Obama, who is in involved in the decision making process of the issuing Executive Orders, say they want to end Systemic Racism in America.  Systemic Racism doesn’t exist in America like it exists in Communist China, Iran, Communist Cuba, Communist Venezuela, and many African and Middle East Countries.  America is the least racist country in the world, yet members of the Biden Administration imply that many members of the US Armed Forces are inherent racists, homophobes, white supremacists, and/or extremists


For many years, the US military has been the role model on integration on addressing and overcoming discrimination, and extremism.  The understanding between races within the military has made the U.S. military one of the few places in society where advancement to the most senior ranks has been much less biased than any other integrated work force.  Some of the Trump supporters on January 6th who wanted to peacefully tour the capitol and were members of the US military, were also Trump supporters, and there are many videos showing them being welcomed into the US Capitol by Capitol Police Officers.  


The Leftist Main Stream Media are now incorrectly labeling them as extremists for being Trump supporters, while thousands of violent ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists have not been arrested or labeled as Domestic Terrorists for the last 12 months.  Some Veterans, Reservists, and Active Duty personnel traveled to Washington to hear President Trump’s speech at the Washington Monument, and then went to tour the capitol to show support their support, “Peacefully and Patriotically”, for the Republican Senators and Representatives who were testifying in Congress to expose the Voter Fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election.  

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security issued on a nationwide terror alert for Washington DC that will last until April 30th. The alert warns of potential terrorist attacks from Americans who are “ideologically motivated” and have “objections to government authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”  The language used in this alert suggests that millions of Americans are potential terrorists, Second Amendment supporting, anti-tax, anti-politics, pro-life, and anti-Federal Reserve activists.

Biden and Harris, with the stealth guidance of Obama, ordered the FBI to investigate 26,000 National Guardsmen who were being deployed to Washington, DC to defend Washington, DC and the Biden inauguration.  They insinuated that certain National Guardsmen were “extremists” or “white male supremacists” who might attack the Biden Administration from within (12 of the 26,000 National Guardsmen were sent home as possible extremists).  In December 2020, The Great Pelosi Wall was built by Nancy Pelosi with concertina wire to keep all American Citizens out of the US Capitol complex to remain for an indeterminate time.  The secure wall on the southern border is being compromised by Biden in order to allow Illegal Aliens to enter the US while violating US Immigration Laws, while The Great Pelosi Wall was created to keep American Citizens out of Capitol Hill, as discussed in the video in this link . 


To develop searches for extremists in the military would be to develop the kind of political litmus test that Communist Chinese, Communist Cubans, Communist Venezuela, and Marxist Russia employ to control and indoctrinate members of their military.  Members of the US military will believe their personnel and private political views will be under investigative scrutiny that members of the US Armed Forces have never experienced in its 245 year history.  If an individual does not agree with some of the views of their superiors, and they believe that their difference of opinion would negatively affect their chances for promotion and retention, it would negatively affect their morale and it would negatively affect personnel retention of the US Armed Forces; threatened military members would not re-enlist.  


Military personnel may believe that their conservatives views will be singled out, and that they may be weeded out by being passed over for promotions or being released from active duty.  Some individuals may not support abortion for religious reasons, may not agree with transgender individuals serving in the Armed Forces because their instability would negatively affect combat effectiveness, may not support gay right demonstrations or other political demonstrations on US military bases because it is against military regulations, may not support Black Lives Matter attacks on police officers, and may not support mass COVID-19 vaccinations for all military personnel.  The Biden Administration may warn "tip of the spear warriors" SEALs, Rangers, US Marines, Paratroopers, and Delta Force members, accusing them of “Toxic Masculinity”, and may try to remove unbiased Conservatives from the US Armed Forces, affecting the Combat Effectiveness of the US Armed Forces.      


Communist China has infiltrated US colleges, corporations, and the political system with hard core trained Communist Instructors.  The Socialist indoctrination of public school students with the Common Core Curriculum has resulted in 52% of the youth in the Republic prefering Socialism to Democracy.   Communist China developed major Communist indoctrination centers, The Confusion Institutes, on 81 US campuses, staffed by Communist Chinese Instructors who have been converting college students to Socialism.  A percentage of the students indoctrinated on college campuses, and the American youth working in Chinese Communist owned businesses in the US, will join the US Military and they, in turn, will spread the Socialist doctrine they support to other members of the US Armed Forces.  The US Armed Forces would become much less conservative and much more acceptable of Socialism; Communist China’s ultimate goal.


Americans are still being told by Big Tech, the Leftist Main Stream Media, the Socialist Democrat Party, and Communist Chinese Front Groups that there are so many White Extremist Groups in the United States, and that they have been causing unrest and rioting over the last year.  The steady drum beat being promoted is that White Supremacists made unlawful entry into the US Capitol on January 6th.  The truth, according to the FBI, is that the January 6th riot in the US Capitol was planned weeks in advance by Socialist Democrats, ANTIFA, and Marxists.  On January 6th, there were many eye witness reports and videos of a four bus ANTIFA caravan, escorted into Washington, DC by police, that ANTIFA demonstrators in those buses dressed in red MAGA clothing were unloaded, and those ANTIFA rioters led the violent assault on the US Capital.  Trump supporters at the capitol were yelling out in multiple recorded videos that the violent rioters were not Trump supporters.  


Americans are being told that the Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, BGF, Param Lituris, Severin Citizens, Alf, and other White Supremacist Groups are responsible for the rioting in the streets.  As a former FBI Intelligence Analyst, whose duty it was to report and track all domestic terrorists, we covered motorcycle gangs, drug organizations, European Kindred, White Aryan Resistance, KKK, but I can state with certainty that we never heard of most of these White Extremist Groups that the Socialist Democrats say threaten the nation.  Those White Extremist Groups, listed in the first line above, were probably created, indoctrinated, and trained in the Sunshine Movement which is funded by Nazi Collaborator George Soros, yet the true radical anarchists, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists involvement in the violent riots has been carefully covered up by the Leftist Main Stream Media and Big Tech. 


To get a realistic appreciation for the potential problem of extremism within the 2 million active duty US military personnel and the 26 million Veterans throughout the nation, after intensive investigation, the FBI is investigating 68 “suspected” cases of domestic extremism.  However, for the last 12 months, thousands of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists and Black Lives Matter Marxists have created $2 billion in destruction nationally, vandalized and looted thousands of businesses in 200+ Democrat Controlled Sanctuary Cities, while over 500 American citizens lost their lives in those riots, yet there were relatively few arrests, prosecutions, convictions, or sentencings of rioters.  During the riots, hundreds of police cruisers were torched, over 2000 injured Police Officers were hospitalized (some were blinded), and about 50 Police Officers were assassinated in ambushes or were killed during the riots (ANTIFA is well known for inflicting head injuries with heavy metal objects to kill Police Officers).  


The same type of violent rioting by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists are continuing today in Portland, Seattle, Washington, DC, and Minneapolis, with very few arrests, prosecutions, convictions, and sentencing (ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists are often bailed out of jails the morning after their arrests, so they can continue rioting on the next day).  The FBI should not be focusing their efforts on a relative few extremist investigations out of millions of Veterans and active duty military personnel; they should be arresting, charging, and convicting thousands of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists who have been inflicting life threatening injuries on Police Officers, vandalizing and looting small business, and perpetrating arson.


Biden Administration Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin, and the FBI have been threatening the US Armed Forces, that if they are associated with members of any White Extremist Groups, that they could be dismissed from active duty.  Secretary of Defense Austin conveniently never cautioned members of the military, not to be associated with ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter Marxists, the Communist Party USA, The Marxist Leninist Workers Party  Front ---“Answer”, The Communist Party’s Progressive “Unity Fund”, the hard core Marxist Leninist “World Workers Party”, the Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists Organization, MICHA, the New Black Panther Party, LA RAZA, the Pro-Communist Casa de Maryland, the Weatherman Underground, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, The Communist Party USA, Color of Change  (destroying hundreds of historic statues of individuals), Indivisible, Ultra Violet, By Any Means Necessary, The Democrat Socialists of America, etc., and that they too could be removed from active duty.  It appears that there is a double standard, because no such warning has ever been issued by Secretary of Defense Austin. 


The below listed article was written by a former Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy who believes the goal of the extremism purge is to make the US Armed Forces less conservative, and more accepting of Socialism. 


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


Military ‘Extremism’ Purge May Lead to Communism: Former Navy Lt. Commander



February 6, 2021 Updated: February 6, 2021

Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Steven Rogers said on Thursday that an order by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for the military to stand down to address “extremism” is unprecedented, unnecessary, and a dangerous road that leads to “communist China.”

“This to me, dangerous, it looks like a political litmus test, and it’s a road that you would only find in communist China or in the former Soviet Union,” former Lieutenant Commander Rogers told NTD.

Austin ordered a DOD-wide stand down to address extremism in the ranks on Wednesday.

Secretary of Defense Retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin answers questions during his confirmation before the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington, on Jan. 19, 2021. (Greg Nash/Pool via Reuters)

Rogers said that the United States military has been a role model in addressing discrimination, extremism, radicalism, which has made the U.S. military the greatest on the earth.

He expressed concern about whether conservatives would be singled out.

“I believe it’s the Defense Secretary under the Biden administration. Are they now going to purge conservatives? Are military members who have conservative views and values—are they the ones that are going to be targeted?” Rogers asked.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby noted on Wednesday that some of the extremists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 were active duty service members and others were military veterans.

Austin said during the meeting with military leaders that while the number of extremists may be small, “No matter what it is, it is … not an insignificant problem and has to be addressed.”

Rogers noted that communist China has infiltrated U.S. colleges, schools, corporations, and the political system.

“Now my concern is that they are gripping … an agenda that is leading them into the ranks of our U.S. military. Now, that’s not to say that our military members are being influenced by the Chinese Communist Party, but the politicians who oversee our military are being influenced,” Rogers said.

Rogers said that the censorship on the internet and purging of people with conservative beliefs across the country is extremely disturbing.

“Now we have the Defence Secretary, which appears to be giving military members a litmus test and maybe purging those individuals who supported President Trump from the military,” he said. “It’s very dangerous. It’s going down a very, very dangerous road.”

Rogers said the upcoming “vetting” or “litmus test” in the military “is going to have a tremendous negative impact on the morale of our men and women in the military.” They will be concerned about being reported, about losing their career, or even “being prosecuted.”

Down the road, he said it would lead to the United States becoming a socialist country.


Pelosi's Second Fake Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 6, 2021, Op Ed #540 

What the US Senate is doing, is not an impeachment as outlined in the US Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers.  Impeachment must be initiated by the US House Judiciary Committee----It was not!

The President and his defense team are permitted to put on a defense in the US House---They were not permitted to put on a defense!


Impeachment is for a President who is the occupant of The White House----President Donald J. Trump is no longer in office; he is a private citizen.  Private citizens cannot be Impeached by the Congress!


An Impeachment Trial in the US Senate and must be presided over by the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court---Chief Justice Roberts has declined to preside over the fake Impeachment Trial! 


If a President is convicted in an Impeachment, he is removed from office and can’t run for re-election. President Trump can’t be removed from office, since he is no longer in office!


Please review the below listed legal opinion of the North American Law Center: They state Impeachment of a US President who is no longer in office is unconstitutional and that the US Congress is in violation of the US Constitution.  Legal Scholar and Harvard Law Professor Emeritus, Alan Dershowitz, stated the Impeachment of a US President who is no longer in office is unconstitutional and dangerous.  Legal Scholar and George Washington Law Professor, Jonathan Turley, stated “the president means the current occupant of The White House, only sitting presidents can be impeached, and the sitting president will be Joe Biden and not Donald Trump.”   


Socialist Democrats and RINOs in the US House and the US Senate support Pelosi’s Second Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.  RINOs, including Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Sasse, and Toomey in the US Senate, and RINOs Cheney, Kinzinger, Katko, Upton, Beutler, Newhouse, Valadao, Gonzalez, Meijer, and Rice in the US House are knowingly violating the US Constitution.  They are revealing their “uncontrollable hate” for President Donald J. Trump.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.




" assume among the powers on earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them." 
                         --- THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

Alternative link @ < >




“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke


What Congress is doing today is not Impeachment. 


1. Impeachment of a President must be initiated by the House Judiciary Committee. The current "fake impeachment of Trump" did not initiate in the House Judiciary Committee. It was initiated by DNC partisans at a cocktail party.

2. Impeachment of a President only applies to an office holder. As Trump no longer occupies any government office, much less the Oval Office, he is no longer subject to impeachment.

3. A real impeachment process must be presided over by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The current "fake impeachment" of Trump, is presided over by a long standing DNC partisan with no such constitutional authority. It's a charade...

4. Upon Senate conviction in a real impeachment process, the penalty is limited to a) removal from office, (which Trump no longer occupies); and b) disqualification from ever holding public office again, (which is the primary focus of this "fake impeachment." Of course, Donald J. Trump is almost certain to never seek public office again. He will be nearly 80 years old by 2024 and his recent experience most certainly demonstrated that the Oval Office does NOT have the power to "drain the swamp" much less turn the course of this nation.


SO, IGNORE THE FAKE IMPEACHMENT CHARADE... FOCUS ON MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS. Time spent on "fake" charades is time not spent on real solutions...



By now, I hope most of you have read the TNALC White Paper issued to get us all on the same page concerning the proper contextual understanding of the U.S. Constitution, as it pertains to our current plight as a nation. If not...



Then take a few minutes to read my most recent column...


Perfecting the Art of Surrender

© JB Williams


Everyone is anxiously searching for the right solutions to the horrific position our country and fellow Americans find themselves in today. Ideas are swirling all over the internet, to the degree that all voices of dissent have not been silenced yet. Most of them, BAD ideas!


TNALC is working to provide the right solutions in the coming days. But if "we the people" are not on the same page first, understanding which measures are NOT solutions at all... then it will be nearly impossible to carry out any proper strategy successfully. We MUST unite on the right fundamentals.


For now, let me just say, our Federal Government is no longer a legitimate government. All three branches stand in direct breach of that compact and have become totally destructive of all Natural Rights and Constitutional authorities.


In order to correct this, we have no choice but to work together in mass, with enough strength in number and resources to successfully checkmate the rogue federal government, before there is truly nothing anyone can do.


If you are on the same page with us, WE NEED YOU FULLY ENGAGED over the coming weeks and months. 


If you are NOT on the same page with us, please show yourself to the door by using the unsubscribe link always provided.


Once we have confidence in the people we are working with, and we are on firm working foundations, we will send out SPECIFIC CALLS TO ACTION to that active working group. (coming in days)


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If WE aren't the solution, 

then WE are the problem!




Term Limits!

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 2, 2021, Op Ed #539

Both President Trump and President Obama advocated for Congressional Term Limits; 83% of Independents, 87% of Republicans, and 76% of Democrats have been advocating for Congressional Term Limits for many years.  Some career members of Congress have remained in office in excess of 45 years because of the power of incumbency, and because of special interest money that they receive to promote certain issues, which helps them receive donations for their re-election campaigns. Congress has a 14% favorability rating from the American people because of the conflict of interest, arrogance, corrupt practices, and injustice the American people have been witnessing members of Congress perpetrate as reported in the daily media releases.   


In general, the vast majority of the members of Congress have not been doing what is in the best interest of the American people with regard to tax policy, on being fiscally conservative in order to rein in the out of control spending, in their support of a strong National Defense to protect the Republic from the Communist Chinese weapons modernization, on protecting the borders of the United States from drug smugglers and terrorists, in protecting and defending the US Constitution, in support for Law Enforcement, in advocating for the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in The Bill of Rights, in especially refusing to support FREEDOM OF SPEECH of the individual that Big Tech and the Maine Stream Media continue to violate, in support of the Free Enterprise System which built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, in opposing Socialism and Communism that over 50 elected Democrat members of Congress openly support, in reining in billions of dollars of foreign aid sent to corrupt foreign governments while Americans who desperately need those taxpayer dollars languish in poverty, and for not supporting the teaching of accurate US History of the Republic to the nation’s youth, but are allowing them to be indoctrinated in Socialism and Marxism through the Common Core Curriculum being taught in public school education.  


Over the last 12 years, the Combat Veterans For Congress have contributed towards stemming the fraud, waste, and abuse in Congress by recruiting, campaigning for, and electing the 39 Combat Veterans For Congress who oppose the above listed Congressional abuses and failures.  We encourage American voters to support Congressional candidates seeking office who support and would standby the need for Congress to enact a provision for Term Limits, similar to what their state legislators have enacted.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


Pelosi Covered Up Capitol Bombing By A Black Lives Matter Leader While Impeaching Trump For A Capitol Riot He Didn’t Incite

By Capt Joseph R. John, January 23, 2021, Op Ed #538

Please read about the Domestic Terrorist Attack on the US Capitol of 1983 by clicking on the below listed link. That attack was much worse than the recent planned riot in the US Capitol on January 6th by ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists.  Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Socialists, Big Tech, Socialist Democrats, Progressives, the Communist Party USA, Marxists, the Biden Propaganda Ministry, and the Leftist Maine Stream Media (controlled by Communist China) are trying to say was the worst thing that ever happened in America; that it was even worse than 9-11. 


That Domestic Terrorist attack doesn't detract from ANTIFA’s responsibility for their planned attack on the US Capitol on January 6th, nor explain why the duplicity of Left Main Stream Media was not called out by the lame Republicans and RINOs in Congress, while the Leftist Maine Stream Media, Big Tech, Pelosi and Schumer kept reporting that the January 6th riot at the Capitol was the worst thing that ever happened to the US Capitol---it was not even close to being true.


It also raises a question about the hypocrisy of falsely Impeaching President Trump for something he did not do, for the second time in a row.  The fact that everyone, even the RINO McConnell, who should be removed as Senate Minority Leader, refused to alert the American people that the ANTIFA attack began about 40 minutes before President Trump even finished his presentation to his supporters at the Washington Monument, and told them to go “Peacefully and Patriotically” to support the Republican Senators and Republicans in Congress.   Type in or clicking on in your browser and see what pops up....


Pelosi and Schumer tried to cover up that on November 7, 1983 that the May 19th Communist Organization detonated a bomb in the US Senate in an attempt to kill Republicans?


Profile of Domestic Terrorists at the US Capitol » The Hagmann Report

That’s a link.  Dbl click it or cut and paste it into your browser’s search box to see The Hagmann Report.


Susan Lisa Rosenberg, a member of the May 19th Communist Organization ("M19CO"), who in the 1970s and 1980s was openly involved in trying to overthrow the Government of the United States, and was involved in armored truck robberies, was engaged in bombings government buildings, killed two Armored Car Security Officers, and was involved in the worst attack on the US Capitol Building in US History, detonating a bomb in the US Senate trying to kill Republicans.


Rosenberg was pardoned by Bill Clinton, and is now one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists organization, and she has been raising millions of dollars in funds from the Leftist Maine Stream Media, Communist China fronts, Progressives, Big Tech, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.  She is the Administrator of Black Lives Matter, and is in charge of the fundraising for them.


It appears the Leftist Main Stream Media, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, Socialists, Progressives, the Communist Party USA, and the Socialist Democrat Party have been trying to make Americans falsely believe that the riot at the US Capitol on January 6th was worse than the “Bombing of the US Senate in the Capital to kill Republicans in 1983.  They therefore kept saying it is the worst thing that has ever happened in the US Capitol The American people have been subjected to a massive and well-coordinated disinformation media lie, all month long, about how the January 6th  riot was the worst day in American History.  


History will prove that in fact, the worst day in US History was when the Socialist Democrats working with Communist China stole the 2020 Presidential election from President Donald J. Trump using Communist China’s Dominion Voting Machines to tabulate the votes in foreign countries, and perpetrate massive Voter Fraud in 6 battleground States.


It has been another of the daily attempts for the last four years by the Leftist Main Stream Media, the Socialist Democrat Party, Progressives, the Communists Party USA, Socialists, The Muslim Brotherhood, Pelosi, and Schumer, all working in concert with Communist China, to try to villainize President Donald J. Trump.  Even after they all collectively perpetrated the plan to steal the election from President Trump.  


They weren’t satisfied with illegally driving President Trump from office (something they had been trying to do for four years); they are now falsely accusing him of inciting a riot and perpetrating insurrection at the US Capitol as their second excuse to falsely Impeach him twice.  By doing so, they are hoping they will be able to  prevent President Trump from running for the Presidency again in 2024.


Susan Lisa Rosenberg, born October 5, 1955, is an American Domestic Terrorist who still has connections with the Communist Party USA, Bill Ayers of the Marxist Weatherman Underground Domestic Terrorists, and continues to be a strong supporter and fundraiser for the Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists


From the late 1970s into the mid-1980s, Rosenberg was active in the May 19th Communist Organization ("M19CO") which, according to contemporaneous FBI reports, "openly advocated the overthrow of the U.S. Government through armed struggle and the use of violence".  M19CO provided support to an offshoot of the Black Liberation Army, including executing armored truck robberies, killing armored car guards, pulling bank robberies, engaging in bombings of government buildings, and was involved in supporting the prison break of a convicted Communist, Assata Shakur, allowing her to escape to Communist Cuba. 


After living as a fugitive for two years, Rosenberg was arrested in 1984 while in possession of a large cache (over 750 lbs.) of explosives, firearms, and automatic weapons.  She had also been sought as an accomplice in the 1979 prison escape of Communist Assata Shakur and who was guilty in the 1981 Brink's robbery that resulted in the deaths of two bank guards, although she was never charged in either case.  


Rosenberg was sentenced to 58 years in federal prison on weapons and explosives charges; she spent 16 years in prison. Her sentence was commuted to time served by President Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001, on his final day in office. 


Should the American people, believe the Leftist Maine Stream Media, Big Tech, Pelosi, Biden, Harris, and Schumer, and consider Rosenberg’s Bombing of the US Senate in the US Capital, not as bad as what occurred in the US Capitol on January 6th, and allow them to continue to promote another of their many lies that what happened on January 6th at the US Capital was one of the worst events in US History, even worse than what happened to the United States on 9-11, and that President Trump was responsible for it when it was preplanned days in advance by ANTIFA?


Please read the below listed article on the Capitol riot executed by ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists on January 6, 2021.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.



From: Rev Dick Kim, LTC/USA (Ret)(Green Beret)


A DemocRATic Congress will never agree to apponting a Bi-Partisan Blue Ribbon Commission to investigate the assault on the US Capitol building to seek the Truth!  For them, it will forever be blamed on Trump supporters…when the facts clearly demonstrate there was the pre-planned involvement of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists, skilled agitators, and agent provocateurs of all sorts, supported by the Communist Party USA who executed the attack on the US Capitol Building with four busloads of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorist dressed as Trump supporters, and escorted into Washington, DC by Police.

In this still image from video, a man identified as Emmanuel Jackson is seen outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (FBI)


Man Accused of Striking Officers With Bat at US Capitol Said ‘I’m Not Here for Trump’



January 21, 2021 Updated: January 21, 2021



A Maryland man who turned himself in with authorities earlier this week after allegedly assaulting law enforcement officers at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 said he was not there in support of former President Donald Trump.

In a video shared on Twitter by writer, producer Alice Liu, 19-year-old Emanuel Jackson was seen talking during an interview on the day of the assault, explaining how the incident turned violent and also why he decided to join the protest.


“I had a bat. They were pepper spraying people. Then, they got me in the eye,” he told an unidentified reporter in the clip.


Jackson continued to explain he joined the protests to fight for America because the nation has been “taken over by globalists,” adding that he is “not here for Trump.”


“Fighting for America,” the man is heard saying after he was asked what he is doing in Washington. “We’ve been taken over by globalists, by the Chinese. Fighting for America. I’m not here for Trump. I’m here for America,” he continued. 

In this still image from video, a man identified as Emmanuel Jackson is seen beating police officers with a metal bat during the mayhem inside and outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (FBI)


Jackson also said he decided not to vote in the 2020 election because he thought his vote wouldn’t count, adding that he “learned a lesson” and will vote in the future.


“I thought my vote didn’t count, but I learned a lesson, and I will vote next in the midterms and in other elections,” he said.


Jackson was seen in surveillance video from outside the Capitol “repeatedly striking a group of both U.S. Capitol and Metropolitan Police Department uniformed officers with a metal baseball bat,” FBI agent Riley Palmertree wrote in a court filing obtained by The Epoch Times.


Photographs and video footage appeared to show the man holding and swinging the bat while wearing a blue surgical mask that partially covered his mouth but left his nose visible.


He surrendered to Washington police officers voluntarily on Monday, waived his constitutional rights, and admitted to taking part in the violent protest, the filing said. He identified himself in the video and photographs and confessed to assaulting officers.


Jackson was charged with assaulting an officer, assaulting an officer with a deadly or dangerous weapon, obstruction, unlawful entry and physical violence on restricted building or grounds, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.


He faces decades in prison if convicted.


Dozens of people have been arrested for participating in the unrest on Jan. 6, when protesters stormed the Capitol to interrupt a joint session of Congress. The storming has been widely condemned by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.


A Japanese news reporter was on the scene to cover the “Stop the Steal” rally and migrated to the Capitol after the President spoke, and the rally broke up.  While at the scene of the shooting, Masako Ganaha said it was clear to her that the two men who provoked the shooting were not Trump supporters, but that they were probably ANTIFA members.  Law Enforcement told The New York Post that two other ANTIFA members, who caused chaos in storming the US Capitol Building, had been identified as previous participants in the New York City riots.  According The New York Post reports, many ANTIFA members disguised themselves with pro-Trump clothing to get inside the US Capitol Building, as innocent Trump supporter visitors who wanted to tour the US Capitol Building (many Trump supporters were walking peacefully, two by two, down designated walkways for visitors).  Once inside, the disguised ANTIFA Terrorists rioted in order to get Trump supporters blamed for the destruction they were creating in the Capitol.  


The Washington Times reported that law enforcement identified two other ANTIFA members who were capitol rioters, who were Philadelphia-based ANTIFA members.  The founding member of the well known heavy metal band “Iced Earth”, Jon Schaeffer, has been arrested after being photographed participating with ANTIFA mob trying to destroy the interior of the Capitol.  A CNN video identified another ANTIFA Terrorist, identified as John Sullivan, a hard core ANTIFA Domestic Terrorist organizer from Utah.  Sullivan was questioned by the FBI and was charged with inciting a riot.  Sullivan told The Epoch Times he knew of plans to storm the Capitol, and that he saw “undergrounds charts and things like that” of the Capitol building prior to January 6th.  He posted information about the plans to riot in the Capitol Building on his social media sites, but didn’t inform the law enforcement, because he said, “I’m not a snitch.”


The preplanned attack on the US Capital building was not executed by Trump supporters, who had participated in 516 peaceful Trump rallies over the previous four years, where there was no violent outbursts to destroy buildings or facilities where the rallies were being held.  The attack on the US Capitol Building began while President Trump was still speaking at the “Stop the Steal” rally.  At the end of the “Stop the Steal” rally, President Trump told his supporters to peacefully and patriotically let their voices be heard in support of the Congressmen and Senators who were opposing Voter Fraud in Congress on January 6th.  He said nothing to incite the preplanned riot, executed by ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists.   


Hundreds of ANTIFA Terrorists who were disguised in pro-Trump clothing, mingled with Trump supporters who planned to peacefully tour the Capitol and support their Senators and Congressmen speaking in opposition to Voter Fraud.  Other ANTIFA Terrorists were being let into the side entrances of the Capitol, probably by the same Congressional staff insiders who had given them familiarization tours on the previous night.  The ANTIFA rioters were disguised as Trump supporters in order to shift the blame of the ANTIFA riot in the Capitol on President Trump. Pelosi charged that the President was guilty of inciting an insurrection, which was another of her senile, bold-faced lies, like her false characterization that the Russians helped President Trump defeat Hillary for the presidency, and the lie without proof, that that the President’s phone call to the President of Ukraine was an impeachable offense.


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