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Op Ed # 574 American Petroleum Institute (API) Has a 10 Point Plan For Producing Energy Competitively And Reducing The Price of Gas at The Pump

  • Op Ed # 574 American Petroleum Institute (API) Has a 10 Point Plan For Producing Energy Competitively And Reducing The Price of Gas at The Pump

Op Ed # 574 By Capt Joseph R. John, June 22, 2022

The American Petroleum Institute (API) sent the Biden/Obama administration the most effective way to restore US energy production, to regenerate the US economy, and the way to strengthen the National Security of the United States.  The below listed article outlines the API “10 Point Plan” of how the United States, during the administration of President Donald J. Trump, became energy independent, and that API “10 Point Plan” is how the Biden/Obama administration can make the United States energy independent once again.


The API “10 Point Plan” has been ignored by the Biden/Obama administration and it is threatening to use the Cold-War era "Defense Production Act" to force refineries and oil companies to refine and produce more oil, to bring down the price of gas at the pump.  That threat is a dishonest PR attempt to cover up the fact that the Biden/Obama administration has been closing oil pipelines from Canada, preventing oil exploration and recovery, preventing the recovery of natural gas, and has prevented the development of clean and safe nuclear energy reactors in the US to produce energy in the United States.  


Communist China has 225 operating nuclear power plants and is building many more to generate electricity; the US has 55 operating nuclear power plants that continue to be decommissioned under restrictive government regulations, while the construction of new US nuclear power plants are not being approved.


Since the Biden/Obama administration has taken control of the Oval Office, they have been imposing oppressive restrictive anti-oil regulations, which has resulted in the daily increases in the price of gas at the pump.  Today, gas at the pump is the highest it has ever been in US History.  When Biden repeatedly tells the leftist-controlled media that he is doing "all he can do to reduce the price of gas at the pump", it is another of his often told lies.  Unless the US oil companies are allowed to follow the below listed API's “10 Point Plan”, it will not be possible for the US to become energy independent once again. 


For the last 20 years, the Progressives, Socialist Democrats, Marxists, and Communist Domestic Enemies of the US have been working to destroy the US Constitutional Republic and change it to a Socialist State.  They do not want the US economy to continue as an independent Free Enterprise System.  The Free Enterprise System built the most effective economic engine in the history of all mankind; the Republic has had the most successful economy in World History.  Socialism has not been successful in any of the 70 countries it has been tried in over the last 100 years.  As with “all” Marxist governments over the last 100 years, the Marxists want a central Socialist Government to control the "production and distribution of all products."  


The Domestic Enemies of our US Constitutional Republic have been lying about the dangers of “Global Warming” and the danger of CO2 for the earth, for over 50 years.  They had to change the title of their fraudulent program from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”, because Global Warming was easily proved to be a scam by scientists and an absolute false concept.  Since the climate changes hour by hour each day, that “new title” the fraud artists had settled on for their fake dangerous program was changed from “Global Warming” which was proven to be false, to “Climate Change.”  


The “Climate Change” proponents’ goal is to transition the current energy production in the United States to a New Green Reusable Energy of solar and wind energy, which is another massive fraud being perpetrated on the American population.  There is no feasible way that wind and solar energy can even begin to replace the energy created by coal fired plants, oil fired plants, from natural gas generation and nuclear energy.  Scientists have repeatedly informed the “Climate Change” proponents that CO2 should never be eliminated, as it is necessary for all foliage to grow on earth and keep the planet green.   


Eight countries continue to build new and operate 5,615 coal fired energy plants, spewing tons of smoke and carbon into the atmosphere daily, including Communist China (3,534 plants), India (1,034 plants), the EU (495 plants), Turkey (149 plants), Japan (135 plants), South Africa (103 plants), South Korea (84 plants), and the Philippines (79 plants).  All the while, the US has only 15 coal fired plants and is not building any new coal fired plants.  Yet the ”Climate Change “ proponents, US Domestic Enemies and the Biden/Obama administration have been giving a pass to Communist China, India, EU, Turkey, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, and the Philippines, who are building and operating thousands of new coal fired energy plants polluting the world, and continuing to impose oppressive “Climate Change” regulation on all US business entities designed to restrict and close down the US economy, even though the US has the cleanest environment in the world. 


The Progressives, Socialist Democrats, Marxists, and Communists are proponents of pushing the fraud of the fake “Climate Change” crisis, while ignoring 5,615 coal fired energy plants spewing massive amounts of pollution each year for the past 50 years and lying about a pending environmental disaster.  Marxists and the Social Democrats have told Americans in a massive fraud scheme, that if the US does not shift to New Green Renewable Energy immediately and eliminate the generation of energy using coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy, an environmental disaster will occur because of the United States.  We encourage you to click on the below listed link that outlines the Failed Doomsday, Eco-Apocalyptic Prediction by the so-called “Experts” who have been wrong about their shrill warning of a pending environmental disaster, every year, each year, for the last 50 years:  


The below listed article outlines API's “10 Point Plan” of how an honest and competent President can easily make the United States energy independent once again. 



"Our nation is blessed with abundant natural gas and oil that is the envy of other countries. It is a foundation of our economy, supporting more than 11 million U.S. jobs, and makes our American way of life possible.  It has revived Main Street storefronts, restored U.S. manufacturing, driven job creation and bolstered our nation’s ability to compete. It has made America safer in a turbulent world." 


API’s “10 Point Plan” to restore U.S. energy leadership and help fulfill our great nation’s core promise follows. 

Lift Development Restrictions on Federal Lands and Waters

The Department of the Interior (DOI) should swiftly issue a 5-year program for the Outer Continental Shelf and hold mandated quarterly onshore lease sales with equitable terms. DOI should reinstate canceled sales and valid leases on federal lands and waters.

Designate Critical Energy Infrastructure Projects

Congress should authorize critical energy infrastructure projects to support the production, processing and delivery of energy. These projects would be of such concern to the national interest that they would be entitled to undergo a streamlined review and permitting process not to exceed one year.

Fix the NEPA Permitting Process

The Biden administration should revise the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process by establishing agency uniformity in reviews, limiting reviews to two years, and reducing bureaucratic burdens placed on project proponents in terms of size and scope of application submissions.

Accelerate LNG Exports and Approve Pending LNG Applications

Congress should amend the Natural Gas Act to streamline the Department of Energy (DOE) to a single approval process for all U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects. DOE should approve pending LNG applications to enable the U.S. to deliver reliable energy to our allies abroad.

Unlock Investment and Access to Capital

The Securities and Exchange Commission should reconsider its overly burdensome and ineffective climate disclosure proposal and the Biden administration should ensure open capital markets where access is based upon individual company merit free from artificial constraints based on government-preferred investment allocations.

Dismantle Supply Chain Bottlenecks

President Biden should rescind steel tariffs that remain on imports from U.S. allies as steel is a critical component of energy production, transportation, and refining. The Biden administration should accelerate efforts to relieve port congestion so that equipment necessary for energy development can be delivered and installed.

Advance Lower Carbon Energy Tax Provisions

Congress should expand and extend Section 45Q tax credits for carbon capture, utilization, and storage development and create a new tax credit for hydrogen produced from all sources.

Protect Competition in the Use of Refining Technologies

The Biden administration should ensure that future federal agency rulemakings continue to allow U.S. refineries to use the existing critical process technologies to produce the fuels needed for global energy markets.

End Permitting Obstruction on Natural Gas Projects

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should cease efforts to overstep its permitting authority under the Natural Gas Act and should adhere to traditional considerations of public needs as well as focus on direct impacts arising from the construction and operation of natural gas projects.

Advance the Energy Workforce of the Future

Congress and the Biden administration should support the training and education of a diverse workforce through increased funding of work-based learning and advancement of STEM programs to nurture the skills necessary to construct and operate oil, natural gas and other energy infrastructure.