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Op-Ed #575 The Subordinate Citizen

  • Op-Ed #575 The Subordinate Citizen

Op Ed # 575 By Capt Joseph R. John, June 24, 2022

In the below listed article, Dr. Victor David Hanson explains why, over the last 18 months, millions of voters have become extremely upset with the Biden/Obama administration because of the negative changes that have been taking place in the security and freedoms Americans have always expected to live under.  However, for those last 18 months the serious concerns of Americans have been carefully covered up by the Far-Left Marxist Controlled Media Establishment. 


Millions of US voters feel that ordinary American Citizens are treated far worse than Illegal Aliens and Progressive Leftist Elites.  American Citizens are required to pass a Wuhan Virus Test and get an experimental gene therapy injection (those injections do not meet the medical definition for a vaccine) before they will be allowed to return to the US from an overseas trip.  While three million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries “invading” the United States at will through the wide-open southern border, do not need to take a Wuhan Virus Test nor get an experimental gene therapy injection. 

Billions of US Taxpayer dollars are being repeatedly sent to Ukraine to secure Ukraine’s borders from an “invasion” by Russians.  Yet the US Southern Border Wall with Mexico that was almost completed, and needs far less funds than those sent to Ukraine each week to secure the US southern border from the “invasion” of millions of Illegal Aliens, are being withheld.  The paid construction material needed to complete the Southern Border Wall is sitting on the ground near the gaps in the Southern Border Wall, is not allowed to be employed to finish the wall by the Biden/Obama administration.  

A completed Southern Border Wall would provide the desperately needed security from a US “invasion” by millions of Illegal Aliens from 161 countries, including many Radical Islamic Middle East Terrorists listed on the Terrorists Watch List, convicted Illegal Alien felons, drug smugglers, Chinese Communists militants, Cuban Communists militants, dangerous Iranian militants, human smugglers, MS-13 gang members, and the massive amount of Illegal Drugs, laced with fentanyl, that is killing 300 young Americans “every week.”

Millions of American Citizens in 550 sanctuary cities in the United States are required to live in unstable and dangerous environments, where convicted Illegal Alien felons are released into their cities, drug dealers operate at will, human smugglers bring in young women, Illegal Aliens with deportation orders are allowed to remain, where MS-13 gang members terrorize residents, Radical Islamic Terrorists are free to operate, radical ANTIFA operatives riot in the streets, and Black Lives Matter recruit new members.  They are all being protected from arrest, incarceration, trial, and deportation.  The environment is insecure, unstable, and dangerous for residents, their children, single women, the elderly, and retired Americans who are unable to leave because of low incomes. 


In the midst of the insecure environment in those 550 Sanctuary Cities, the Biden/Obama administration, Big Tech, Progressives, the Far Left Media Establishment, Marxists, Communists, and the Socialist Democrats have been defunding police forces, perpetrating relentless attacks on The Second Amendment, restricting Freedom of Speech on Social Media platforms, on College Campuses, and the Far Left Media Establishment, making the lives of American Citizens much more dangerous.

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Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8



The Subordinate Citizen

Victor Davis Hanson 


 June 10, 2022


Victor Davis Hanson@VDHanson


I recently led a group of about 100 citizens to tour Israel for nearly two weeks. Before returning to the United States, all participants had to indicate their vaccination status and take a COVID-19 test for reentry.

Anxieties swept the group as Israeli testers swabbed them.

Anyone testing positive would have to delay his or her return. That quarantine would entail spending thousands of dollars in finding scarce hotel accommodations, additional living expenses, and rebooked airline tickets—depending upon the length of the mandatory sequestration.

Contrast the tens of thousands of foreign nationals now mustering to cross illegally into the United States again this summer. They follow the already 2 million who have entered the country unlawfully since Joe Biden became president.

Does any foreign national worry about being tested for COVID-19, much less fear being turned away if he tests positive or for lack of proof of vaccination?

Or do we scrutinize far more carefully U.S. citizens entering legally their own country than we do noncitizens crossing our borders unlawfully?

For that matter, the government is still determined to fire thousands of federal workers and U.S. military personnel who refused the new mRNA vaccinations. Most citizens who were not vaccinated feared that the inoculations were either possibly dangerous to their health or ineffective in preventing COVID-19 infections or would not necessarily lead to herd immunity.

Are 2 million nonvaccinated foreigners arriving unaudited from impoverished countries less of a threat during the pandemic than fully audited American citizens employed by the federal government? Why would we fire unvaccinated Americans but welcome equally unvaccinated noncitizens?

The Biden administration blasted the Trump southern border wall and canceled all further funding.

Yet it just appropriated $40 billion to Ukraine to ensure that it does not lose its border war against Russian aggression.

That is a tiny percentage of the federal budget. But the aid is full of symbolic irony, nonetheless. The multibillion-dollar appropriation would have more than covered the completion of the entire wall along our own southern border.

An outside observer might conclude that the U.S. government intends to uphold the universal idea of national sovereignty, internationally recognized borders, and the security of citizens inside their own country—as long as they are not American citizens.

There are currently over 550 “sanctuary” jurisdictions established by state and local governments. They aim to prevent federal immigration authorities from deporting illegal aliens, including tens of thousands detained by law enforcement for committing additional crimes.

The nation has not experienced such blatant nullifications of federal laws since the efforts of pre-Civil War Southern states—or the 1960s southern governors who defied federal efforts to enforce U.S. civil rights legislation.

So, can any citizens now simply vote to declare their hometown or local county immune from federal legislation?

That is, can a city or county nullify as it pleases the IRS tax code, endangered species laws, or federal gun registration legislation?

Or is nullification only permissible in the interest of noncitizens and lawbreakers?

These asymmetries also transcend noncitizens.

We have developed entire classes of American elite citizens who are not subject to the enforcement of the law—at least as it is applied to others either less influential or ideologically incorrect.

Federal prosecutors sought to jail Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn for six months for not telling the truth to federal agents.

They put another Trump subordinate, George Papadopoulos, in jail for two weeks for lying to federal prosecutors.

Recently the FBI stormed into an airport to arrest former Trump adviser Peter Navarro for contempt of a congressional subpoena.

OK, defying federal law has consequences.

Or does it?

Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder brazenly defied congressional subpoenas and was found in contempt—a historic first.

Did the FBI ever arrest Holder, much less as he boarded an airplane?

James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, confessed he flat-out lied under oath to a congressional committee.

So did former Central Intelligence Agency chief John Brennan—twice!

Andrew McCabe repeatedly lied to federal investigators as acting director of the FBI.

Were any of them arrested or tried in the manner of Flynn, Papadopoulos, or Navarro?

If not, what then is left of the foundation of U.S. citizenship—universal equal treatment under the law?

There are lots of reasons why the looming November midterms will likely see historic levels of pushback against the Biden administration, Democratic candidates, and the entire progressive agenda.

Take your pick of the many self-induced Biden disasters, among them hyperinflation, unaffordable gasoline, out-of-control crime, and foreign policy humiliations.

But one reason why voters are furious is rarely expressed.

Americans feel that ordinary citizens like themselves who follow the rules are treated more harshly by their own government than are both noncitizens and our own progressive elites.

And they are right, and they are angry, and we will hear from them very soon.

Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and author of the book "The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won." You can reach him by e-mailing

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