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Op-Ed # 577: Fentanyl, The Mere Inadvertent Exposure Can Kill, And Quickly

  • Op-Ed # 577: Fentanyl, The Mere Inadvertent Exposure Can Kill, And Quickly

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 20, 2022


The below listed link is forwarded as a “Public Service”; we encourage you to share the short video with your loved ones, friends, and associates, as it may save a life.  The video is from the live bodycam worn by Sheriff’s Deputies, one of whom almost died from the inadvertent casual exposure to fentanyl.


Fentanyl is a deadly drug.  If an individual encounters even a small amount or has a mere exposure to Fentanyl’s white powder, it can kill, and very quickly.  Fentanyl is being shipped by the truckload from Communist China to Mexico, and it is then smuggled by the Mexican drug cartels, who now have control of the “wide open” southern Mexican Border.  


Mexican Drug Smugglers are selling different drugs spliced with fentanyl online and on social media.  The Mexican Drug Smugglers are killing 300 of America’s youth every day, who are being exposed to fentanyl (that is equivalent to the number of passengers that normally fill a jumbo jet).  


America’s youth are not really overdosing, since they have no idea that they are ingesting a lethal dose of fentanyl, which is being added to other drugs they normally purchase from Mexican Drug Dealers.   


The below listed article relays one of the interdictions of fentanyl just north of the Mexican Border by US Border Patrol Agents.

WND News Services

US Citizen Caught At Border With Enough Fentanyl To Kill Every Single Person On West Coast

Drug-sniffing dog finds multiple packages hidden in car's spare tire and gas tank

Published July 19, 2022 


With the assistance of a drug-sniffing dog, U.S. Border Patrol seizes 250 lbs. of fentanyl with an estimated street value of $3.6 million during a vehicle stop in Campo, California, in July 2022. (U.S. Border Patrol photo)

By Jennie Taer

Border Patrol agents seized 250 pounds of fentanyl, enough to potentially kill everyone living on the west coast of the country, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced Monday.

The border agents confiscated the drugs after pulling over a U.S. citizen driver of a 2015 Black GMC truck near Campo, California, where a drug sniffing dog found multiple packages of fentanyl hidden in the car’s spare tire and its gas tank, according to CBP. 

Using the DEA’s metric that one kilogram of fentanyl has the potential to kill 500,000 people, the seizure contained over 56 million doses. The seizure has an estimated street value of $3,679,000, according to CBP.

The population of California, Oregon and Washington combined is around 51,000,000, according to 2021 Census Bureau data.

CBP has confiscated over 8,400 pounds of fentanyl so far this fiscal year, according to the agency’s statistics.

“Our agents prevented these dangerous narcotics from reaching our communities. I am proud to say that our Border Patrol Agents here in San Diego Sector are responsible for over 50% of all the fentanyl seized by the U.S. Border Patrol this fiscal year,” Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke said in a statement Monday.

The smuggler and drugs were handed over to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), according to CBP.

Neither CBP nor the DEA responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

This story originally was published by the Daily Caller News Foundation.