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Op-Ed #589 Support For Honest Voting And To Prevent Flaws In Tabulating The Vote In The 2022 Election

  • Op-Ed #589 Support For Honest Voting And To Prevent Flaws In Tabulating The Vote In The 2022 Election

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 14, 2022

Part 1, The general discussion of Voter Fraud in the 2020 election for the information of poll watchers and voters: 

The massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 election was shocking to Americans who worked in the election: 

(President Trump received 76 million documented votes, more than any other sitting President in US history, Biden was reported to have received 81 million votes operating out of his basement: he was reported to receive more votes than Barrack Obama ever received.  The total of Trump and Biden votes cast in the 2020 election was reported to be 158 million voters, out of the 168 million registered votes.  The highest percentage of votes ever cast in a national election in modern times was 60% of the registered voters.  If 60% of the 168 million registered voters casted a vote in 2020, then 100.8 million votes would have been cast in that election, not 158 million votes as reported by the Socialist Democrat Party.  If 60% of the registered voters did vote, Biden would have received 24.3 million votes, not 81 million votes.)  

In past elections there has always been cheating, but how widespread and common it had become by both parties had been unreported to the public, out of fear that it might have discouraged honest citizens from voting (votes cast in Chicago in the Nixon vs. Kennedy election is still in dispute).  But the massive Voter Fraud reported in the 2020 election by True the Vote, by other organizations and by certain states, appeared to be on a massive industrial scale to defeat President Donald Trump.  Our voting system is now archaic and dangerously vulnerable.  The Real Voter ID System passed in 2005 to correct Voter Fraud, has been repeatedly delayed in Blue States to frustrate the identity of a valid American Citizen voter.    

Communist Chinese Dominion Voter Machines installed to count the votes in the elections of 31 states were connected to the Internet, making them vulnerable to be hacked remotely, from foreign countries, to change the tabulated vote totals.  Other Voter Fraud perpetrated such as sending millions of unauthorized Paper Ballots to every resident in a state, whether the resident was registered or not (it was reported that millions of Paper Ballots were printed offshore).  Other methods of Voter Fraud such as illegally tabulating ballots at the polls were initiated and reached unacceptable levels in the Battleground States.   

In 2020. it appeared Voter Fraud methods were activated:  the names of deceased registered voters were used to create phantom voters, straight ballot stuffing on a monumental scale took place, and ballots printed deliberately with a defect that would be machine-rejected were only sent to registered Republicans.  When all this cheating still came up short to defeat President Trump (estimated at 4-6 million phony votes by the True the Vote independent volunteers, who documented massive Voter Fraud with the “2,000 Mules” film, (using midnight poll camera video and cell phone data), the Communist Chinese Dominion Voting Machines were used to switch votes.  

The final insurance policy of the vote switching with an algorithm hastily worked out at 4:00 AM the next morning, using the Communist Chinese Dominion Voting Machines with the Smartmatic and the Hammer & Scorecard CIA-invented software in the critical Battleground States.  Yet no court has ever allowed that evidence of that type of Voter Fraud to be presented.  The Socialist Democrats and the leftist-controlled media establishment still attack any questions raised about the massive Voter Fraud that was initiated in the 2020 national election.  

The deceased registered voters cannot be removed from the voter rolls for two years after registered letters have gone out requesting, that those names be removed from the voter rolls, often those requests are ignored and have gone unanswered in certain States.  Phantom voters have been created by taking true first and last names of different voters from the voting roll and using those new fake names to request ballots (in Maricopa County, AZ it was reported that tens of thousands of ballots were requested with the fake names, to cast votes using that method).  In certain counties in Battleground States, phony Paper Ballots printed in China, with only the first name checked, were used to cast votes.   

The completely complicit Leftist Media Establishment and the universally intimidated Federal and State Judicial Systems refused to accept cases filed exposing Voter Fraud, the Judiciary refused to “not get involved,” in what was called the “most honest election in US history.”  No ballots were seized to investigate illegal votes cast.  For two years the two Republican leaders in the House and Senate did absolutely nothing to question nor correct the fraudulent voting or take action to remove the Communist Chinese Dominion Voting Machines in 31 states that were used to tabulate votes in the 2020 election.   

Sustaining America’s Democracy depends on an honest election every two years, so the American citizens can correct an errant course of government, and for an active opposition party, in the US two-party system, to be able to expose wrongdoing by the party in office.  The Leftist Media Establishment has not fulfilled its responsibility; the press should be exposing wrongdoing.  The press was supposed to be a check and balance on government policies.  The Founding Fathers built a safeguard into the US Constitution; they expected that an honest press would function as a watchdog to expose corruption for the American people to see.  

A method that should have been initiated to prevent future attempts to perpetrate Voter Fraud has not been taken to make the 2022 Mid-Term more accurate and honest.  There have been calls for voting only with “Paper Ballots” like France, having “Same Day Voting” as in past elections, and preventing the use of voting machines that have access to the Internet so they can’t be hacked.  The 2022 Mid-Term election is here, and Congress has not passed any laws or made any major changes in voting methods to make the vote more accurate and honest.   

However, work has been done to oppose Voter Fraud in the 2022 Mid-Term Election by certain State Legislatures, and by citizen activists’ groups like the True the Vote organization. 


Part 2, this information is for American Patriots who will volunteer as Poll Watchers in the 2022 Mid-Term Election. The below listed information is from an experienced Poll Watcher who will be overseeing voting and passing on questionable ballots in the 2022 election: 


Demand GOP observers be stationed at major ballot transfer locations, this includes USPS Regional Centers, tabulation center loading docks, and so on. Get the total ballot count of what arrives or departs the major ballot transfer locations. Demand that the “Total Ballots Cast” in every Precinct, District, County, State be provided on election night.  Knowing this total of “all voters” who participated prevents late ballots from being added.  Most just publish the ballots they “counted,” then update this over time. Demand access per regulations or call the Campaign Hotline and Sheriff’s office.  Allow qualified observers into all areas of the tabulation center and polling locations. Demand all delivery vehicles that move ballots or equipment, especially rental trucks, be equipped with temporary GPS tracking. Each county has its own unique issues.  So, ask for more than what you want.  Then reach a settlement agreement for what you really need. Prevent provisional ballots from being scanned. Station people at every absentee ballot box, take pictures or video people and car license plates. Write down your observations in preparation for filing an affidavit with the Sherriff or police if you observe something that seems wrong.  Write down as many details as you can; sign with a witness and Notary.  THEN SUBMIT A COPY of the affidavit with law enforcement.  Maintain chain of custody of your affidavit. 


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