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Op-Ed #590 The Chilling Numbers That Reveal The Shocking Scale Of The Biden Administration's Border Disaster

  • Op-Ed #590 The Chilling Numbers That Reveal The Shocking Scale Of The Biden Administration's Border Disaster

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 17, 2022

In 2005, there were an estimated 11 million Illegal Aliens that entered the US through the southern border.  Over the next 15 years their number increased to an estimated 20,000 Illegal Aliens who illegally entered the US from throughout the world, including from Middle East Countries that support Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations.   

In 2021, the Biden/Obama administration engineered the elimination of the United States southern border and have kept it wide open throughout 2022 to allow 4 million unidentified Illegal Aliens and 4 million dangerous Got-Aways from 161 countries to enter the United States, bringing the number of Illegal Aliens within the US to 25 million.  If there is no  border---there is no country!  The Illegal Aliens are not required to show proof of inoculation for the Wuhan Virus, while American Citizens are not allowed to re-enter the United States from overseas trips unless they can show proof of an inoculation for the Wuhan Virus.   
The Biden/Obama administration is allowing 5 million unidentified and unvaccinated Illegal Aliens to enter the Republic that is destroying the character of the Republic.  They are requiring Americans to provide billions of dollars in financial support for Illegal Aliens, thus increasing the massive out-of-control crime wave destroying law and order, and is helping the Mexican Drug Cartels to smuggle Fentanyl into the US which is killing 300 of American's youth every day, and allowing other deadly drugs to flood across the wide-open southern border.  Mexican Drug Cartels, not the DHS, now control of the "wide open" southern Mexican Border.    

If an individual encounters even a small amount of Fentanyl or has a mere exposure to Fentanyl's white powder, it can kill, and very quickly.  Fentanyl is being shipped by the truckloads from Communist China to Mexico.  Mexican Drug Smugglers are selling different drugs spliced with Fentanyl online and on Social Media.  America's youth are not being killed by overdosing; they are being murdered, because they had no idea that they were ingesting lethal doses of Fentanyl, which is added to other drugs they might normally purchase.   
Illegal Aliens in the United States have a crime rate that is two and a half  times that of white non-Illegal Aliens.  Each year one million crimes including sex crimes are committed by Illegal Aliens in the United States at a cost of $538.3 billion/year!  Each day, $3 million is spent to incarcerate convicted criminal Illegal Aliens (that equates to $1.2 billion/year); 28% of all federal prison inmates are Illegal Aliens.    

Each year, $22 billion is spent on welfare for Illegal Aliens, $7.5 billion  is spent for Medicaid for Illegal Aliens, $12 billion is spent on primary and secondary school education for children in the US that are here Illegally and who cannot speak a word of English, and $27 billion dollars is spent for the education of American-born children of Illegal Aliens, known as anchor babies.  If Illegal Aliens continue to flood across the wide-open border at the current rate over the next two years, there will be 30 million Illegal Aliens, and American taxpayers will have to support them.  The above listed current annual costs to support Illegal Aliens of $68.5  billion, that number will increase to $102.75 billion to financially support 30 million Illegal Aliens.    

If the Social Democrats prevail in the 2022 Mid-Term election, they will first give driver licenses to Illegal Aliens, which will help them to register to vote.  Then they will pass amnesty for Illegal Aliens, followed by providing American Citizenship for the 30 million Illegal Aliens.  Those actions will require billions of dollars in new taxes to feed, house, and educate the Illegal Aliens.  Those actions will create new voters who will eliminate the US Constitution, and the "Freedoms" given to Americans by the Founding Fathers in The Bill of Rights.  The next step will be to change  the Republic into a Socialist State.    

The 26 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress in 19 states on the Endorsement  page of the website would fight to close the wide open southern border.  If you have not donated to help us fund their campaigns, we encourage you to  donate to help us get them elected.  The below listed article reveals the  hocking numbers of Illegal Aliens being allowed by the Biden/Obama  administration to flood across the wide-open southern border into the US, without requiring them to show proof of identity, nor proof of vaccination for the Wuhan Virus.  

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can  only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.        _____    

The Chilling Numbers That Reveal The Scale Of The Biden Administration's  Border Disaster  By Deroy Murdock 2022  <  -joe-bidens-border-disaster/>   

Socialist Democrats  <> Are Napping  Peacefully While The US-Mexico "Border" Crisis They Engineered Continues:  

The US Department of Homeland Security reports that the Mexican cartels'  income from  <  lling-3-moms-6-kids-of-mormon-community-in-north-dakota/> smuggling illegal  migrants into America has soared from $500 million in 2018 to $13 billion  this year - up 2,500%. If these criminals merged into a corporation, their  2022 gross revenues would rival that of  -  <>  Fox  Corporation. Fox News Channel's parent company earned $12.91 billion in the  year ended June 30, 2021, and $13.97 billion 12 months later.  

This fact might awaken Sleepy Joe Biden and the lazy Left: Mexico's  <  lion-dollar-human-smuggling-business%2F> human-trafficking cartels are now  as big as.  
If Democrats still are dozing through the havoc of their no-border strategy,  these figures might rouse them:  

*       Border Patrol agents apprehended 951,568 illegal immigrants during  President Donald Trump's final 19 months in office.  In President Biden's  first 19 months, Border Patrol encountered a staggering 3,588,877 illegals -  up a sickening 377%.  To date 5 million Illegal Aliens for 161 countries and  1 million Got Aways have walked across the wide-open Sothern border.  The  United States no longer has an enforceable border.  
Biden was recently called out by a New York mayor for secretly flying dozens  of migrant kids to Orange County Airport.  Manuel Balce Ceneta Airport.  

*       In Fiscal Year 2020, the last fully under Trump's control, 69,000  illegal migrants were detected on the "border" but  <  ants-fiscal-year-2022-source> Got Away into America's interior. FY 2021  (four months of Trump, eight of Biden) witnessed 389,155 Got Aways - up  464%.  In FY 2022 (all Biden's watch), Got Aways hit 599,000 - up 54% vrsus  FY 2021 and 768% compared to FY 2020.    
<  iden/>   This seems clandestine': NY City Mayor Eric Adams rips into Biden after  dozens of migrant kids secretly flown to small town  Mayor Adams admits the immigration problem is unsustainable.  
 <>  Migrant moms with babies, begs for food in NYC, as critics blast the  'tragic' humanitarian crisis     

*       At least 266,000 unaccompanied migrant children/minors have been  encountered at the southern border since President Biden took office, per  CBP data," Fox News Channel's priceless southern-frontier correspondent Bill  Melugin explained via Twitter on September 26.  "That's enough to fill up  approximately  <>  three Rose Bowls."  

*       Fourteen House Republicans wrote Homeland Security Secretary  Alejandro Mayorkas on Sept. 23 to complain that "between October 2021 and  July 2022, more than 130,000 Venezuelan nationals were encountered after  entering the United States illegally." The Marxist Nicolás Maduro regime,  they added, "is deliberately releasing violent prisoners early, including  inmates convicted of 'murder, rape, and extortion,' and pushing them to join  caravans heading to the United States."     

*       Twelve US senators contacted the US Marshals Service about crooks  cascading across the "border." According to their August 30 letter, "So far  in FY22, CBP has apprehended over  <  DAA80D> 9,000 criminal immigrants, including 53 for homicide or  manslaughter, 283 for sex crimes and almost 900 for assault, battery and  domestic violence."  
During the Trump Administration from FYs 2017 through 2020, 11 terrorists on  The Terrorist Watch list were captured at the border - two in 20017, six in  2018, zero in 2019, and three in 2020.  
Under Biden, Border Patrol apprehended 15 terrorist in FY 2021 and a  terrifying  <>  80 terrorists in FY 2022,who were listed on the Terrorist Watch List.  through August 31; How many terrorists got away?    

*       According to data from the UN's  <  -annual-regional-overview-2021> Missing Migrants Project, during Trump's  final 20 months in office, 712 illegal immigrants died on or near the  US-Mexico border. For Biden's first 20 months, that number is 862 - up 21%.  

These fatalities range from drownings in the Rio Grande to the barbaric  demise of 53 illegal migrants whose four  <>  smugglers let them roast to death inside an abandoned truck. Officials  discovered this carnage on June 27 in San Antonio, Texas.  That day's high:  97º Fahrenheit.  
<  ion-in-us/> Fentanyl killed  71,000 Americans in 2021, up 23% versus 2020.  For those aged 18 to 45, fentanyl leads COVID-19, car wrecks, suicides, and  every other cause of death.  
It is tragic enough when witting users fatally overdose on cocaine, heroin,  or other fentanyl-laced contraband.  Sadder still are those innocently  poisoned via counterfeit, toxin-tainted "Adderall," "Xanax" and other phony  pharmaceuticals.   

Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine.  Two milligrams in one pill  will  <> kill.  

Under Trump, Border Patrol's fentanyl seizures for FY 2019 and '20 (through  August 31) totaled 7,595 pounds.  Under Biden's equivalent dates in FY '21  and '22: 24,062 pounds -  <> up 217%.  Today  Fentanyl is killing 300 Americans every day!!  
Mexican cartels freely traverse the "border" to transport this venom.  Biden and Social Democrats could not care less.   

Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor.