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Op Ed # 593 The Biden/Obama Administration Actions Have Been Weakening The US Armed Forces

  • Op Ed # 593 The Biden/Obama Administration Actions Have Been Weakening The US Armed Forces

By Capt Joseph R. John, November 4, 2022

When the United States acts, the world is watching, and one of the loudest messages that resounds since the Biden/Obama administration took control of the Oval Office, came from how in August 2021, they managed the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan.  On the day that Kabul fell to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Chinese Communist newspapers declared that China would invade Taiwan on a determined timeline, and that when it happens, the island will fall within hours and the United States will not come to help. 

Lieutenant General William Boykin, USA (Ret), Executive Vice President at Family Research Council said, “I think that will go down in history as the worst foreign policy failure in US history.  Every decision that was made was wrong.  What did that say to the rest of the world?  It said that we have weak leadership.”  It certainly did not escape the leadership of Communist China, Russia, Communist Cuba, Communist North Korea, Islamic Republic of Iran (the largest state sponsor of Terrorist), and Venezuela.    

LTG Boykin gave examples of how Biden/Obama administration has been weakening the US military, including discharging thousands servicemembers who refused to get the COVID-19 experimental test injection, purging the military of conservative "white nationalists", forcing the indoctrination Critical Race Theory for all servicemembers which is destroying “Unit Cohesion”, and inclusion of woke tolerance training instead of focusing on training personnel on how to improve “Combat Effectiveness” in readiness for war.  Those actions have resulted in the inability of the military to retain personnel and to be able to recruit 25% of their initial goal of 485,000 soldiers, even with massive recruiting bonuses. 

The Biden/Obama administration defense spending continues to decrease, since it has not kept up with inflation, while Communist China, Russia, and Iran defense spending is outpacing inflation.  In fact, Communist China engages in the world’s fastest military buildup since the Second World War, and it is preparing Chinese citizens for war.   

 The Biden/Obama Pentagon has hidden the depletion of its critical stocks of defensive and offensive weaponry from the American people.  At the same time, they have been sending billions of dollars amd critical US weaponry to Ukraine.  The US has emptied its military munitions vaults and sent everything to Ukraine where it is vanishing. 

There has not been the massive DOD expenditure necessary for the critical restocking of the US defensive and offensive arsenal; the buy for the replenished of land missiles, howitzer shells, anti-tank javelin missiles, Hilmar rocket launchers, artillery pieces, drones, etc. have not gone forward.  Making matters even worse, as News-Target has reported, "U.S. military is running out of key munitions including anti-tank Javelins by gifting them to Ukraine as production capacity falls."  

The Heritage Foundation has released a profoundly disturbing report that analyzes the strength of the US Armed Forces.  The Heritage Foundation's 2023 Index of U.S. Military Strength reported that the US Armed Forces is "at risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital national interests".  For the first time, the Heritage Foundation’s annual ranking of U.S. military strength, has ranked the nation's US Armed Forces as "weak".  

That report reveals that the entire United States military has just 300 land missiles remaining in its entire arsenal.  That is compared to over 12,000 missiles owned by Russia and 14,000 in China's military.  It means that in a land war, the US military will run out of missiles in mere hours or days, while China and Russia can continue to launch missiles for many months (or years).

According to the Congressional Government Accountability Office aircraft readiness is bad and getting worse; red ink bleeds ominously all over the pages of the September 2022 report, on the eroding readiness of America’s military aircraft.   Of 46 types of aircraft surveyed – from the new F-35 to the aging JSTARS – not one met the Pentagon’s goal of being 80 percent “mission capable.” Most of them, in fact, keep getting worse.  In September 2018, then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis set a target of 80 percent “mission capable” rates for fighter aircraft, a goal he wanted met by the end of 2019.  That has not been met. 

The US Navy ship building program will add 82 new ships in the five years from 2022 to 2026, at a cost of $147 billion.  Communist China’s Navy, known as the PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy), is modernizing at an impressive rate and on a vast scale.  A key ingredient is the construction of a fleet of large destroyers, amphibious warships and 3 aircraft carriers.  Communist China's Navy boasts a total of 333 vessels, compared to the US Navy's 296 ships. 

With three unstable strongmen leaders of the nuclear-weapons nations of Communist China, Communist North Korea, and Russia, "there has never been a more dangerous moment in history," warned a prominent Communist China watcher, Gordon G. Chang, who is a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute.  Gordon Chang spent nearly two decades in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and was referring to Xi Jinping of China, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and Vladimir Putin of Russia.  Facing them with access to the US Nuclear Weapons arsenal is Biden’s handlers in the Oval Office.

The instability of those three strongman leaders is precisely why a strong US militarily is more important now than ever in the history of the Republic.  The Biden/Obama administration failure to maintain the strength of the once invincible US Armed Forces has become so very dangerous for the survival and freedom of the American people.  The below listed article “US Military Gets Shocking Rank For First Time” outlines the weaknesses of the US Armed Forces.

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US Military Gets Shocking Rank For First Time

'Growing risk' of inability to defend 'vital national interests'

By Art Moore 
Published October 18, 2022 

An annual ranking of U.S. military strength has ranked the nation's armed forces as "weak" for the first time.

American armed forces are "at growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital national interests," assessed the Heritage Foundation's 2023 Index of U.S. Military Strength, the Washington Examiner reported.

"It is rated as weak relative to the force needed to defend national interests on a global stage against actual challenges in the world as it is rather than as we wish it were," the index said.

"This is the logical consequence of years of sustained use, underfunding, poorly defined priorities, wildly shifting security policies, exceedingly poor discipline in program execution, and a profound lack of seriousness across the national security establishment even as threats to U.S. interests have surged."

The ranking is based on the overall ability to secure victories in two major conflicts at once in different areas of the world.

At the moment, however, the U.S. military may not be able to "meet the demands of a single major regional conflict" and would be "ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous" conflicts.

The report evaluates each of the military branches based on capability, capacity and readiness.

The Marine Corps was at the top of the list with an overall "strong" rating. The Air Force fell to the bottom, with an overall "very weak" rating due to difficulties with pilot production and retention. The Navy and Space Force were rated as "weak" while the Army was "marginal." 

America's nuclear capabilities, according to the Heritage index, is "strong" compared to other countries but trending toward "marginal" and even "weak."

Earlier this month, amid vaccine mandates, complaints of "woke" policies and indoctrination, and a tight jobs market, the Army fell 25% short of its recruitment goal this year, about 15,000 soldiers.

The shortfall actually is worse, because the original target of 485,000 active-duty soldiers was cut by 12,000 in April and further reduced later to 466,000.

The AP said "the worsening problem stirs debate about whether America’s fighting force should be restructured or reduced in size if the services can’t recruit enough, and could also put added pressure on the National Guard and Reserve to help meet mission requirements."

Meanwhile, as Breitbart News reported in July, an Army training instructs soldiers to shower with transgender members of the opposite sex, even if they have not undergone a surgical transition. In February, the Army began discharging soldiers who refused to be vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, despite the fact the shots have proven to be ineffective in stopping infection and transmission of the disease. In addition, Department of Defense data indicate a massive spike in serious injuries and illnesses among military personnel coincided with the vaccine rollout in 2021.

The AP said it's "unclear how much the debate over the COVID-19 vaccine is playing in the recruiting struggles." To date, the Army has discharged more than 1,700 soldiers for refusing the vaccine.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in a statement to the Associated Press that in the Army's "most challenging recruiting year since the start of the all-volunteer force, we will only achieve 75% of our fiscal year 22 recruiting goal."

Wormuth insisted the Army "will maintain its readiness and meet all our national security requirements."

"If recruiting challenges persist, we will draw on the Guard and Reserve to augment active-duty forces, and may need to trim our force structure," she said.

The AP said military leaders have tried to draw recruits through increased  enlistment bonuses and other programs. But they say it has become more difficult to compete with private industry in the tight labor market. Companies like McDonalds are attracting workers with tuition benefits and other increased perks that have military service attractive.

The Army also blames the shutting down of recruiters' access to schools, public events, fairs and other youth organizations due to the pandemic.

Further, only an estimated 23% of young people can meet the military’s fitness, educational and moral requirements.

The AP also noted "the patriotism that fueled the rush to military service in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks has dimmed."

"Some may look around and see no more wars and terrorists to fight so they look elsewhere," the wire service said. "And others see lucrative hiring campaigns by private industry and know the salaries will be better than military pay, and they will be less likely to end up wounded or killed in those jobs."