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Op Ed # 649 VA Processing And Paying Medical Claims Filed For Illegal Aliens Before US Military Veterans

  • Op Ed # 649 VA Processing And Paying Medical Claims Filed For Illegal Aliens Before US Military Veterans

By Capt Joseph R. John, December 4, 2023

The United States did not have an invasion by 10 million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries entering across the wide-open southern border, including over 3 million “Got Aways” during President Trump’s term in office.

It is illegal for the Veterans Administration (VA) to use its medical services for anyone who is not a US Military Veteran, or not directly connected with US Military Veterans requiring medical treatment. 

Millions of sick and diseased Illegal Aliens have been pouring across the wide-open southern border and are receiving medical and dental treatment for “free,” because millions of dollars in medical payments are made by the Veterans Administration to cover those medical cost for treating Illegal Aliens. 

Veterans are required to pay for a part of the cost of their medical care from the VA and do not get any dental care; Illegal Aliens are provided with VA medical and dental care for free.

Millions of Illegal Aliens are provided with free hotel rooms, food stamps, free medical care, and free education, while thousands of US Military Veterans who repeatedly put their lives on the line to defend the United States, do not get the paid benefits Illegal Aliens receive, and thousands of US Military 
Veterans without housing are required to sleep on the streets during the very cold winters.

When President Trump was in office, the US Government did not authorize the Veterans Administration to spend $352 million of taxpayer funds, like it did in Fiscal Year 2023, for Illegal Aliens medical care while they were in ICE custody.  The VA paid for the medical care for over 161,000 Illegal Aliens in Fiscal Year 2023.

Here is an explanation of what the staff in The White House, under the direction of Obama, have instructed Border Patrol Agents and ICE Agents to do in order to use taxpayer money from the VA annual budget and to cover the medical and dental costs of Illegal Aliens in ICE custody.

The Biden/Obama Administration’s Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) entered into an agreement to process medical claims for the payment of Illegal Alien’s medical care by independent medical care providers. 

That agreement authorized ICE to enter into a contract with the VA’s Financial Service Center (VA-FSC) to make payments to independent medical service providers for the medical treatment of Illegal Aliens---the VA covers those payment using taxpayers fund from their annual budget.

According to a July 2023 report, ICE has hundreds of letters of understanding in which the Health Service Corps (IHSC) of ICE authorizes ICE to compensate clinicians at Medicare rates. 

The VA-FSC’s Healthcare Claims Processing System is used to facilitate the payments, which is a portal that allows clinicians to file claims, as well as have access to receive payment from the VA for other medical services that the VA covers for the medical treatment of Illegal Aliens.

The Veteran’s Administration has been providing medical services for Illegal Aliens, at the head of the line privileges, before sick US Military Veterans who need medical services are seen and/or receive treatment.  US Military Veterans often are required to wait for many weeks for an appointment to see a doctor that Illegal Aliens often allowed to see very quickly. 

The below listed article provides additional information about the actions by the occupants of the Oval Office who are flagrantly violating Federal Law by using Veterans Administration budgeted funds to provide medical care for US Military Veterans, to cover the cost of the medical care of Illegal Aliens.  The inept Justice Department should be putting a stop to the expenditure of taxpayer funds from the VA Budget for Illegal Aliens, and should be prosecuting the violators.

For your information, during this Christmas and Hanukkah Season the Veterans Administration has been ordered by the Biden/Obama administration to have their Medical Centers remove the Bibles from all the “Missing Man Table Displays”.

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Independent Sentinel

Infuriating! VA Processes Medical Claims for Migrants Before Vets

 M Dowling
December 3, 2023

Veterans Affairs is processing medical care for illegal aliens before veterans in what many describe as infuriating and outrageous. Sick and diseased migrants are pouring across the border and getting immediate medical attention, partly due to the Veterans Affairs. You can thank the criminals running the government for this.

Darin Selnick, an adviser to Concerned Veterans for America, is calling on lawmakers to investigate. He joined Pete Hegseth and explained that Border Patrol and ICE are using the VA to get healthcare and dental care through the VA and get it for free. The VA serves illegal aliens before veterans.

The VA is paying over 160,000 claims for illegal aliens.

Border Patrol and ICE are doing this on the say-so of the criminals in the White House.

“There’s a source, by the way, for this story,” Hegseth said. “It’s an ICE agent and a vet talking to Fox News Digital. He said, ‘We served in the military in this country, and we have these benefits to use in the VA. I pay an exorbitant amount of taxes to this country, and I can’t even get seen for basic needs. But illegals can. They can literally cross the border with all these pre-existing medical injuries or illnesses or whatever they have going on, and they literally walk right into a primary care doctor or specialty care doctor and get whatever services they need.’”

“And what we’re learning now, Darin is that the VA is part of facilitating the reimbursements and the payments for this. The VA is denying they’re involved in this, of course, but there’s a VA in front of the process by which these healthcare providers get reimbursed for the care they’re providing for illegals.’

“No, absolutely, I mean,” Selnick said, “the documents are true. I mean. You can take a look at these documents. Anyone online. There’s a portal online… they processed at least 161,000 medical claims…”