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Op Ed # 650 Surviving Obama's Third Term

  • Op Ed # 650 Surviving Obama's Third Term

By Capt Joseph R. John, December 11, 2023

When Obama left office, he purchased a mansion within walking distance of the White House and staffed it with personnel funded by George Soros.  As the Deep State and many in Washington, DC well know, Obama’s former Oval Office Staff, like Susan Rice, has been in control of Biden’s decision making for the last 3 years; Obama is in his third term as President.   If Biden is re-elected, it will be Obama’s Fourth Term as president.  The below listed article expands on this issue.

Obama continues to appease the Radical Islamic Iranian Mullahs, who control the largest state sponsor of world terrorism.  While Obama was serving as US President, he transferred $1.7 billion in “CASH” to the Radical Islamic Iranian Mullahs; the cash was piled high on wooden pallets in cargo aircraft.  Obama instructed the Biden administration to allow the transfer of $6 billion to Iran, to facilitate the prisoner exchange of 6 Iranian Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Obama next directed the Biden administration to transfer another $10 billion to Iran.  The transfer of $16 billion to Iran during the Biden administration and the $1.7 Billion transferred to Iran during the Obama administration supported Iran’s worldwide terrorist network.  The transfer of $16 billion to Iran by Biden was taking place while Biden and Obama ignored the fact that dozens of US Military personnel were being continually wounded in Syria and Iraq during the 78 attacks on the US military by Iran’s trained and funded Radical Islamic Terrorists Proxies.  Obama only approved Biden to initiate 3 very weak US Military responses to those 78 attacks against the US Military, and only against Iranian supplies, not against the Iranian terrorist attackers.  Those 3 responses did not stop Iran’s attacks on US military personnel; it emboldened the Radical Islamic Iranian Mullahs who initiated more attacks on US Military personnel.

By clicking on the following link, you can view a video of Senator John N. Kennedy (R-LA) questioning DHS Senior Staff members about the wide-open Southern Border that unmasks their 3 year approval of the invasion of the United States by the Biden administration.  For three years, Obama has been instructing the Biden administration to allow upward of 250,000 Illegal Aliens to enter the US each month.  Ever since Obama’s election in 2008 as President, it has been Obama’s and George Soros’ goal to change the US Constitutional Republic into a Marxist State.  Obama has turned a blind eye toward hundreds of thousands of “Iranian Sleeper Cells”, made up of Hamas and Hezbollah Radical Islamic Terrorists, entering the US among the 10 million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries, flooding into the US across the southern border, which is now in complete control by Mexican Drug Cartels. 

A good percentage of the 10 million Illegal Aliens have and are receiving a $5000 Visa Gift Card, housing allowances, free food stamps, free medical benefits, free education, and those benefits are costing the US Government $451 billion/year.  The Iranian Terrorists, within that invading Illegal Aliens, are under the control of the Radical Islamic Iranian Mullahs.  If given the order, they will slaughter thousands of innocents and unarmed American men, woman, children, and infants, in the same way they slaughtered innocent unarmed men, women, children, and infants in Israel on October 7, 2023.  If the US eventually retaliates against Iran for the 78 unprovoked attacks in the Syria and Iraq on US military personnel---the Radical Islamic Iranian Terrorists (Hamas and Hezbollah) will be given orders to slaughter thousands of Americans.

Obama has never been in support of Israel.  Since 2009, the Obama administration strongly supported Iran, who for over 40 years, has been at war with the US and repeatedly states that it is their intent to destroy Israel and the “Great Satan” (their name for the United States). 

Obama has had the Biden administration ignore the Trump administration’s previous restrictions on any country that was selling their products to the United States, preventing them from purchasing Iranian crude oil if they wanted to continue do business with the United States.  Biden canceled the Trump administration restrictions on the purchase of Iranian crude oil.  Biden has been permitting Iran to sell oil to Communist China, India, and other countries.  Iran’s crude oil sales over the last three years generated an increase in $80 billion in Iranian reserves. 

The $80 billion in Iranian reserves funded the preparation, training, and arming of Hamas Terrorists, who were hopped up on a synthetic amphetamine drug known as the “Jihad Drug”, prior to the invasion of Israel on October 7, 2023.   Hamas butchered entire families in their beds, burned children and adults alive after binding their hands behind their backs with wire, raped pregnant women and very young girls, while also decapitating 42 infants.  The Hamas Terrorists murdered 1400 men, women, elderly grandparents, children, and babies—one infant was ripped from the mother’s womb before being decapitated.

The invasion of America, across the wide-open southern border, was initiated by Obama three years ago.  It has been a well-coordinated targeted invasion of the US by over 500,000+ single military aged male Chinese Communists personnel (Chicoms).  They have been staying in a series of reserved and paid hotels along the route from South America north to the US.  It can be viewed by clicking on the following link  The hundreds of thousands of Chicoms are being allowed to simply walk into the United States on the orders Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas.  The United States now has more Chicoms in America than there are US Active and US Reserve ground forces in the US; a certain number of the Chicoms are Special Forces.  It has also been reported that they have specific tattoos indicating which unit they belong to.  They are not sanctuary seekers migrants looking for a better place to live!  Those Chicoms have been assigned to specific strategic targets throughout the US, have operational plans ready for execution, are being equipped with weapons smuggled into the US, and they will be activated when Communist China invades Taiwan or for any other reason. 

Chicoms may be imbedded in high density civilian population areas and deployed close to strategic targets.  The US Armed Forces would not be able to employ artillery and air support to take the Chicoms out, because of the concern for US civilian casualties.  The Chicoms would have to be taken out by US ground forces!  The Chicoms will try to take control of assigned strategic targets and specific major cities.  They may demand the surrender of US Forces to save US civilian hostages!  It is important that millions of freedom loving American Patriots be informed of this very dangerous threat created by Obama and millions of armed US civilians be prepared to oppose them.  Any elected official who advocates surrender or who endeavors to undermine American efforts to defend themselves must be considered a Domestic Enemy.  It is imperative that those Americans who are made aware of the internal threat the Chicoms who were allowed to enter the US by Obama pose to the survival of the Republic.  A reliable network of dependable former military personnel must be alerted and prepared to engage the Chicoms and Iranian Trained Terrorists in an aggressive defense.  The FBI must track down and locate the Chicoms and Iranian Trained Terrorists for elimination.

Obama engineered the selection of the two top appointees in charge of the US Armed Forces, Secretary of Defense Austin, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley and his successor General Brown.  Their radical Woke policies have been destroying the “Combat Effectiveness” and “Unit Cohesion” of the US Armed Forces.  The Patriotic and Conservative Christian youth in the Midwest of the nation, that once were easily recruited to join the US Armed Forces, and who made up the bulk of the strong and effective US Military are now refusing to enlist in the US Armed Forces.  They have rejected being indoctrinated by the Marxist created Black Lives Matter (BLM), Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), the pro-transgender/gay policies promoted by Obama that are being employed to brainwash all military personnel during thousands of hours of indoctrination, costing hundreds of millions of scarce military dollars.  Those “lost hours” of indoctrination time for BLM, DEI, and transgender/gay policies should have been used to improve the Combat Effectiveness of the US Armed Forces, not for Marxist created indoctrination and training.  

Obama directed the US Justice Department to have the FBI invade and ransack the personal residence of former President Donald Trump (that included ransacking the draws with former First Lady Melania Trump’s lingerie in her dressing room).  Then Obama had Biden order his US Attorney General to indict President Trump for what he had legal permission to do with his administration’s classified documents, that he previously declassified. 

However, in Biden’s case, he had previously illegally taken thousands of classified documents from classified storage as a Senator and then as the Vice President, when he had no legal authority to remove those documents from classified storage.  Biden still has not been legally charged for the removal of classified documents, unlike President Trump who has been improperly charged by Biden’s US Attorney General. 

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, illegally removed thousands of classified documents from classified storage and destroyed them while under subpoena.  She too, has also been ignored by Biden’s US Attorney General.  Biden and Clinton have been exempted from the federal laws they violated, which President Trump has been illegally charged with.  For the first time in US History, Obama has had the Biden administration create a two-tier US Justice System in the United States.

The Socialist Democrats, Marxists and Communist China have pulled all the stops, and Obama and Soros intend to take control the United States after the 2024 election and turn the Republic into a Marxist State.  The below listed article by the Stand-Up America US Foundation further outlines the treasonous actions that Obama has initiated over the last three years, which were funded by George Soros, with the intent of destroying the US Constitutional Republic. 

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.        

Surviving Obama's Third Term

 Ray DiLorenzo

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."  Napoleon

 It should be no mystery to anyone that Biden is not in charge.  He is incapable of being in command of anything. While Biden eats ice cream and lounges at the beach, Obama is calling the shots.  Many of the usual suspects are in their positions as they were during the anti-America Obama years, especially Susan Rice. 

In November 2020, Obama said to Stephen Colbert:

“If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a frontman or frontwoman, and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement in my sweats, looking through the stuff, then deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking, I’d be fine with that.”  

Obama was the man who set race relations back decades, appeased Iran, energized Antifa, BLM, and the likes of Soros. He turned the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, and anti-terrorist programs developed after 9/11 inward against the American people. It became apparent that Islamists enjoyed a preference under Obama. The Obama administration gave money and technology to Iran, aiding a global jihadist movement. Islamists make up 2.4% of the population, but commit over 60% of hate crimes.  He demonized Trump with false charges that continue today.  Obama was the true Manchurian candidate.  

Obama made it simple for himself.  Along with Soros, they created a deep state in Washington and much of the country, especially in the big cities. They are only loyal to the Democrat Party.  Some of the fruits of that are the constant harassment of Trump. After Obama left the presidency, he bought a house in Washington, D.C., almost unheard of in presidential history, so he could be near, of all people, Susan Rice, Biden's domestic policy advisor.  She, along with Hillary, are the poster children for Benghazi.  Rice was also heavily involved in spying on the Trump transition team. She's a perfect match for both Obama and Biden; she has no core values.  I would think the phone lines between the White House and Obama's house are a constant hum. Reports of her stepping down from her post are meaningless.  They have something else on tap.  

 You can 'credit' Biden with some activities.  Showing the welcome wagon to trans people in the White House, some of them partially naked, his lecherous activities only Biden can come up with are legendary. He demonstrates an almost complete lack of moral values, touching everything and watching it turn to sh*t, the collecting of millions of dollars from political operatives world-wide for access—now that's our Biden.   

The $6 billion to Iran, the lukewarm support for Israel, much of it for the press and public consumption, the total disregard for immigration law, the dismantling of our military, giving up on energy independence, probably a first in world history, the spending to oblivion, has Obama written all over it. The Obama-Biden nuclear deal to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons is a farce.  Let's not forget Obama's global mentality, looking to a new world order without the hassle of Americans living in freedom, voters, or people traveling around to and fro uncontrolled.  

I never thought the 'good ole days' would be such a recent memory in our past—not quite 3 years ago. We had peace, security, energy independence, cheap gas, and a border more secure than it ever had been, and it was getting even better.  We had jobs galore, industry was coming back, people were buying homes, and pride in America was renewed.  It was not a perfect time; none are, but Trump was learning fast.  All he needed was a loyal administration that put America first.  When America is put first, the world wins.  

Of course, we still had the Left, the perpetually unhappy, pissed-off Democrat-Socialist Left, that endlessly groans that our democracy is in danger and the 2016 election was stolen from them.  

In 2016, with the media en-masse predicting a Hillary win, the Democrats attempted to rig the election.  Clinton wanted insurance, with democracy being the last thing on her mind. In preparation for the 2016 US election, the Obama administration gave the CIA instructions to turn over a surveillance supercomputer to the FBI and others. They possessed the computer, The Hammer, and the software, Scorecard. They just didn't get the algorithm right, resulting in not enough votes being flipped. Hillary sent an email to Donna Brazile on 10/17/2016 warning, “If that (explicative deleted) Bastard wins, we all hang from nooses….” They miscalculated how popular Trump was.  They received the popular vote but not the necessary number of electoral votes. 

You can read in further detail what they were up to in our new book, 'Invisible Treason in America.'

The computer system was used again in 2020 without the past mistakes.  In fact, it was too good.  They became paranoid, creating so many votes for Biden that, in many precincts, they ended up with more votes than voters.  When the vote counting ceased midway through the evening of election night, millions of Americans suspected that something was amiss, that they might have lost their country to a criminal cabal unlike anything we have ever seen. You have to put yourself in the situation when it happened. COVID was on everyone's mind.  Election laws were ignored; there was a mass mailing of ballots to God knows where and who. We were losing control of the election before it had even begun.  All according to plan. 

When the counting had concluded, we found Biden, the candidate who didn't campaign, could not get 50 supporters in the same room, could not speak the truth if it was on a cue card, a man with the social habits of a 14-year-old, won more votes than any presidential candidate in our history.

Trump's presidency, like every other administration, was not without its flaws. Donald Trump was the first president to be elected without holding any prior political office.  He had much to learn about the duplicity in Washington.  Trump trusted some of the wrong people—Fauci,  for sure. He tried to clean up the mess, but was fought every step of the way by the opposition and many of his own people.  His approach to many issues could seem somewhat awkward by DC standards, if there is such a thing.  He was a businessman, and like many in business, he reminded America that the business of America is business.  And for Trump, business is only successful if it benefits all parties. 

Unlike the Communist Party USA's slogan, "People and Planet Before Profits," Trump again reminded America that there is nothing for people or the planet without profits.  

Trump was unpredictable.  It drove our enemies and the Democrats crazy.  His opposition could not understand that, to our enemies, being unpredictable was a strength, not a weakness. Instead, we had General Milley, who took it upon himself to tell his counterparts in China that he would secretly give them a personal phone call, warning them if they were about to be attacked.  So, China had their man in the Joint Chiefs. He should have been removed and arrested for treason.

It's only been three years ago that our nation enjoyed world-wide respect and fear—yes, fear—from our enemies.  North Korea was quiet, Russia was quiet, and the Middle East was very quiet. They were beginning to conclude that peace was something they could achieve without war.  Not a peep from China except for complaints of a trade war and industry coming back to the USA.  They were also somewhat concerned that their industrial thieving might be coming to an end. The southern border was at a trickle pace.

NATO was also a bit taken back by it all.  They were getting indications from Trump that the free ride was over. They were actually worried that they were going to have to pony up for their own defense. 

The globalists? Well, they were given a lesson in American patriotism when Trump told them that we would never be a socialist nation and that our national sovereignty would be defended. 

Inevitably, they all ganged up on Trump.  Make America Great Again was not to be tolerated in the one-world order they are working to achieve.

The Israeli-Hamas War has shown the blatant weakness of the Democrat Party and most of the Left—antisemitism.  The world has now seen it; the genie is out of the bottle and can't be put back. The Left is protesting, even rioting, against Israel for defending themselves, calling for the death of Jews. Many Jewish-Americans will probably think again about their party affiliation, with many independents moving to the right.  

Entering the last year of Obama's third term, it's clear we have become a free-for-all society in moral, social, and legal terms. Laws are either ignored or chosen for whom they will touch. Their Green New Deal is falling apart. No one wants windmills, buying solar, their kitchen appliances taken away, or electric cars, even with a $7000 government discount. Our spending is putting us in a very dangerous financial position. China's carbon emissions get ignored while everyone else gets hassled to death. 

The Democrats are making big mistakes, thinking we will just go along. Wrong! To survive this administration, we are going to have to be patient.  The next 12 months will be unlike anything we have ever seen.  But Americans are waking up. Become active in your local communities.  Insist on honest elections, vote for pro-America candidates, and support our conservative organizations that are working hard to restore America.  To be sure, the Globalist Democrat Party will go too far.  When they do, allow the Left to do what they do best—screw up.