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Op Ed # 651 Daring and Conquest: With Blackwater’s Erik Prince

  • Op Ed # 651 Daring and Conquest: With Blackwater’s Erik Prince

By Capt Joseph R. John, December 29, 2023

In 2023 Fiscal Year, over 3 million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries walked into the US and were released into the US interior.  Customs and Border Protection stated that in the same Fiscal Year, 564 Terrorists listed on the FBI Terror Watch List were captured at both the Southern and Northern Borders.  In the last three years, over 10 million Illegal Aliens and Got-Aways have entered the US interior, including over 400,000 single military-aged Communist Chinese males, who were all released into the US interior by Obama who knows exactly what he is doing to destabilize the security of all American Citizens and the Republic.  

Last Monday, a total of 14,500 Illegal Aliens entered the US in one day.  If the same number of Illegal Aliens entered the United States every day of the month, that would be the equivalent of 449,500 Illegal Aliens entering the US in one month.  The number of Illegal Aliens entering the US each month is over 250,000, many have contagious diseases, and their numbers continue to increase. 

Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, stated that The Muslim Brotherhood which strongly supports Hamas, now has great influence on the current government of the United States.  He also stated that Iran has been moving thousands of military-aged Iranians into the US across the wide-open border to bolster Iranian terror cells concentrated in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, and Miami.  Erik Prince said if it came to a full-on shooting war with Iran, those Iranian cells would activate, and Americans would see a Hamas-like carnage throughout the United States.

Because of the increasing number of Illegal Immigrant Got-Aways, evading capture by the US Border Patrol, and the capture of 564 Terrorist listed on the FBI Terror Watch List in the last Fiscal Year, there is rising concerns by County Sheriffs throughout the nation, over the threat of a Hamas like brutal terrorist attack and assassination attempts on certain former and current elected Americans within the United States, as further described in the video that can be watched by clicking the following link.

By clicking on the below listed link, Americans will be able to read what Erik Prince had to say in his far reaching and in-depth interview about the state of affairs in the United States.  He provides an analysis of the steady decay of US Military readiness and posture and explains why US Military leadership continues to fail.  He also states that the US Government continues to fail in preventing the death of thousands of young Americans every year because of Communist China’s actions; the Biden/Obama administration refuses to take the necessary steps to stop Communist China from smuggling Fentanyl into the United States; last year 109,000 young Americans were murdered by the smugglers of Fentanyl into the United States. 

Elected member of Congress and policy developers for the 2024 Republican Campaign, in all 50 states, can read Erik Prince's analysis, by clicking on the below listed link.

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