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Op Ed # 653 A Secret Illegal Immigrant Housing Operation to Populate The US

  • Op Ed # 653 A Secret Illegal Immigrant Housing Operation to Populate The US

By Capt Joseph R. John, January 19, 2024

The story of history is the story of invasions.  It is the story of one group of people moving into someone else’s land and taking control of it.  It is the story of how one nation ended, and another began.  Invasions drive history.  American Citizens still do not realize that the current invasion of the United States is well organized and is designed to destroy the US Constitutional Republic, and to create a new Marxist nation. 

The country all Americans Citizens grew up in is no longer the same and being changed forever by the current invasion by over 12 million Illegal Aliens to date.  In August 2023, Illegal Immigration outpaced the births of US Citizens in the United States.  The planned invasion of the United States was hatched by Barrack Hussein Obama and funded by George Soros.   Obama’s plan has always been to destroy the US Constitutional Republic that the Founding Fathers created.

A well organized and carefully hidden massive Illegal Immigrant Housing Operation to support the invasion of the United States by millions of Illegal Immigrants from 161 countries, has been underway ever since Biden was inaugurated.  The Illegal Immigrant Housing Operation is being funded by the Biden/Obama administration and the Marxists and Communists in control of the United Nation’s Migration Programs, which are coordinating the arrival of millions of Illegal Aliens to populate the Illegal Immigrant Housing.  By clicking in the below listed link you will be able to listen to Tucker Carlson describes the Illegal Immigrant Housing Operation.

The United Nations has been funding and coordinating the complex international trafficking operation of millions of Illegal Immigrants arriving in South America, and traveling north through the Darien Gap, then through Mexico, and finally to the United States.  Barrack Hussein Obama has been supporting the UN coordinated invasion of the US; the invasion has effectively eliminated the security of the US Constitutional Republic.  Illegal Aliens invading the United States are replacing the 300,000 of America’s youth murdered over the last three years by smuggled Communist Chinese Fentanyl from Mexico, and the 1.1 million Americans who have died from the Covid experimental shots. 

The Illegal Immigration Housing Plan is being coordinated by Barrack Hussein Obama, and the Social Democrats.  It is designed to "permanently" change the demographics of the United States forever.  The Illegal Immigration Housing Plan is designed to eliminate the Patriotic character of the US Constitutional Republic in major cities and replace voting American Citizen in those cities with Illegal Aliens who have absolutely no loyalty to the United States; they in fact are hostile toward the United States and will be involved in the overthrow of the government of the United States. 

In 2023 Fiscal Year, over 3 million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries walked into the US and were released into the US interior.  Customs and Border Protection stated that in the same Fiscal Year, 564 Terrorists listed on the FBI Terror Watch List were captured at both the Southern and Northern Borders.  In the last three years, over 12 million Illegal Aliens and Got-Aways have entered the US interior, including over 400,000 single military aged Communist Chinese males, who were all released into the US interior.  

Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, stated that The Muslim Brotherhood, that strongly supports Hamas, now has great influence over the Biden/Obama administration.  He also stated that Iran has been moving thousands of military-aged single Iranian males into the US across the wide-open southern border to bolster Iranian terror cells concentrated in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, and Miami.  Erik Prince stated that if it came to a full-on shooting war with Iran, those Iranian cells would activate, and Americans would see a Hamas-like carnage throughout the United States.

Because of the increasing number of Illegal Immigrant Got-Aways evading capture by the US Border Patrol, and the capture of 564 Terrorist listed on the FBI Terror Watch List in the 2023 Fiscal Year, there is rising a concern by the nation’s County Sheriffs that thousands of Terrorists listed on the FBI Terror Watch list have successfully entered the United States, evaded capture, and have set up Terrorist Cells throughout the US.  

There is a serious threat today of a Hamas like brutal terrorist attack on innocent American men, women, and children.  There are also the threat of assassination attempts on certain former and current elected Americans within the United States.   In the last three years, the Biden/Obama administration, by permitting the invasion of the US, has created a new internal threat to the lives of millions of American Citizens that never existed prior to 2021 by well-organized Communist Chinese Military Units, Iranian Terrorist Cells, and Terror Cells, created by thousands of Got-Away Terrorists listed on the FBI Terrorist Watch list. 

Unfortunately, the Republican-controlled House that has had the power of the purse since November 2021, and could have put a stop to the invasion of the United States, by threatening to cut or eliminate certain Biden/Obama administration budget items, unless they close the wide open border, yet the Republican controlled House continues to fund all the Biden/Obama administration budget items, quarter to quarter, while watching Obama destroy the nation with the invasion of the United States.

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