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Op Ed # 657 Communist China's TikTok Is Perilous For National Security, US Military, Financial Institutions, Children, Securing of Financial Information, And Personal Privacy

  • Op Ed # 657 Communist China's TikTok Is Perilous For National Security, US Military, Financial Institutions, Children, Securing of Financial Information, And Personal Privacy

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 9, 2024

Communist China houses hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity experts and very sophisticated hackers in skyscrapers in Communist China, working 24/7, hacking into the infrastructure of the United States.  For every American working in Cybersecurity, Communist China has 50 technicians working in Cybersecurity. 

When a person subscribes to the free TikTok app, with their cell phone number, date of birth, E-mail address, they must provide the pre-existing social media accounts they are on.  That new information on a new TikTok subscriber allows the Communist Chinese hackers to get into that person’s android and exports all the information from that android to develop a dossier in Communist China on that person.  That dossier is analyzed by Communist China’s Intelligence Agencies.

A person already on TikTok with a TikTok app who wants to acquire information from Tik Tok, develop or expand their business on TikTok, wants to advertise on TikTok, or wants to purchase something on TikTok, must provide their credit card information to TikTok.  Once the Communist Chinese hackers have access to a person’s credit card information, the hackers are able to gain access to their computer, to their personal financial information, to their Social Security number, to their mortgage information, to their car loan information, to their bank account information, to their checking account information, and to all of their other credit card ID numbers. 

The only way an individual can prevent TikTok from continuing to snoop on them is for the individual to destroy the android that TikTok has access to, to change all credit cards numbers saying they were hacked, change their Social Security number, change their home mortgage provider or get a new mortgage account number, obtain a new car loan, change their bank account number, change their checking account number (destroy all unused checks), change their cell phone number, change their E-mail address, change their Website address (if they have a Website), change their postal address, and change their work ID information.

Once Communist China hackers can gain access to an individual’s computer, and other devices which are subscribed to the TikTok app, they can then go after the person’s employment information.  Communist China would be able to hack in and gain access to an individual who is working in a government agency, in a classified military facility, in an intelligence agency, in a financial institution, and in a business. 

The below listed nations blocked TikTok because they know Communist China would be able to employ its cybersecurity systems and hacking capabilities through TikTok to gain access to extremely sensitive infrastructure information, highly classified US Military Secrets, and extremely sensitive National Security Secrets, through access to that citizen’s computers, androids, cell phones, and other devices.

Click on the following link to learn how Communist China collects, utilizes, and exports an individual’s personal identification information to develop a personal dossier on that person with all the above information. /

TikTok is under investigation by the US Justice Department for spying on American Citizens who have filed formal complaints for violating their privacy.  Tik Tok violated the Data Protection Laws of 1.4 million children under age 13 in the European Union, and TikTok was fined $560 million by the European Union for violating the privacy of underaged children.  The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is investigating TikTok for collecting Web history and the personal identification information on thousands of Australians who never gave their consent for TikTok to violate their privacy rights nor allowed TikTok to gather a substantial amount of the personal information on thousands of Australians.

Last week, CNN reported that according to a new report by US and Allied Intelligence Agencies, that they reported that for over the last 5 years Volt Typhon, a Communist Chinese Hacking Group, infiltrated critical United States infrastructure systems and gained access to their computer networks that control the Energy, Communications, Transportation, Water, Electricity, and Waste Water Systems in the United States.   According to US Officials, Chinese Communist hackers have also broken into security cameras at those critical infrastructure facilities. 

According to US officials, the Communist Chinese hacking campaign is part of a long-running effort by Volt Typhon to put themselves in a position to execute crippling cyberattacks on the United States infrastructure that would be able to disrupt water, electricity, energy, communications, and the removal of wastewater systems servicing Americans.  Communist China is trying to destabilize the United States and is at war with the United States!

Last week, US Intelligence Chiefs sounded the alarm to Congress about the dire threat to the United States infrastructure systems, stating Communist China’s Hacking Group, could employ Volt Typhon to disrupt infrastructure systems, if there were a US attempt to defend Taiwan, when or if Communist China attempted to invade Taiwan.  FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers that the Communist Chinese hackers could “wreak havoc and cause real-world harm” within the United States.  Currently, a large number of the County Sheriffs across the nation have been reporting that they are being hacked 5 times a day by Communist China.

TikTok is being used by the hundreds of thousands of Communist Chinese Illegal Aliens, who have been invading the United States over the last three years, including over 400,000 single military-aged Communist Chinese males.  The Communist Chinese Illegal Aliens are given instructions through TikTok on how to navigate within the United States, moving from city to city, and they are told how to execute subversive plots in the cities where those Illegal Aliens Communists Chinese have settled.  

It was reported that that the Illegal Alien Chinese Communist have been observed going to target practice drills with automatic weapons.  They may be receiving subversive instructions from their handlers in Communist China on how to strike US Military defensive and offensive systems, to attack military bases, to destroy utilities, to take down the electrical grid, to attack police stations, to destroy fire fighter stations, to destroy power systems, to eliminates water purification systems, to destroy transportation systems, to destroy communications, to take bridges down, and to destroy other infrastructure targets within certain cities.   

Numerous studies have reported TikTok pushes destructive and harmful videos to America’s children that promote suicide, promote eating disorders, and transmits hyper-sexualized videos with underaged girls.  During a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in January 2024, Senator Ted Cruz blasted TikTok for promoting “self-harm videos and anti-Israel propaganda” to American children.  TikTok transmits information about child trafficking that adult pedophiles can take advantage of.  It transmits information about human trafficking that criminals involved in the human trafficking of under-aged girls can take advantage of.  It has content of massage parlors in various cities throughout the United States, with photos of scantily dressed under-aged girls listed as massage therapists who service customers.  The funds raised from massage parlor operations are given by Communist Chinese lobbyists to give to Socialist Democrat members of Congress, encouraging them to support Communist China’s subversive initiatives in the United States.

Some of the reasons given by leaders of 26 countries who have blocked TikTok have been reported as follows:  TikTok is dangerous to the welfare of children, it negatively affects the mental health of children, it corrupts the minds of young people, it promotes and supports the drug addiction of children, it promotes and encourages sex with under-aged children, it has horrific content, it steadily promotes Chinese Communist propaganda, it is detrimental to social harmony, it promotes sex change surgeries for under-aged transgender children, it is used by terrorist to spread their propaganda, it has indecent content, it spreads fear, it is used to compromise the national security of a country, it is used by Communist China to enhance the Illegal Alien invasion of a country, it promotes pornography, it supports pedophilia activities, it promotes human trafficking, it compromises an individual's financial information, it steals the identity of individuals, it eliminates an individual's privacy, and there are many more reasons listed on the internet by each of the countries listed below who have blocked and prevented TikTok from having access to their country and their citizens.  

The nations listed below have blocked and prevented TikTok from having access to any of their citizens, the children of the nation, their military classified information, intelligence agencies sensitive information, government agencies, US individual states, US cities, corporations, information of their private business entities, and the nation’s National Security.  TikTok is considered dangerous because Communist China can employ its vast cybersecurity systems and advanced hacking capabilities through TikTok to gain access to computers, androids, cell phones, and other devices to steal military, intelligence, and financial information from the devices receiving and transmitting information on TikTok.  








New Zeeland







Russia (very heavily restricts the use of TikTok by its citizens)

The State of Montana has blocked TikTok.

Communist China (will not allow any of its citizens to have access to TikTok)

Thousands of US Corporations and Private Businesses do not allow their employees to use TikTok in the workplace, on any of their computers, phones, or devices.

The following countries have prevented TikTok from being used on any of their government computers, phones, or devices and to be viewed or used by any of their Government Officials and employees.

United Kingdom






The Netherland


European Parliament

EU Government Entities, Organizations, and Institutions

US State Governments have blocked TikTok, Thousands of US City Governments have blocked TikTok (including New York City)

The President and Congress have violated their responsibilities to safeguard the American people and the nation, because they failed to take action to block the use of TikTok, like the above listed 26 nations and international agencies have done.  As long as TikTok is so prevalent and used by so many Americans, the National Security of the United States, classified military information, sensitive information of financial institutions, the welfare of children, the personal financial information of individuals, and the privacy of all American Citizens is being compromised daily, and that information is being harvested by Communist China to the detriment of the United States. 

 Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.