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Op Ed # 660 The End of Democracy: "What I’m Describing is Military Rule"

  • Op Ed # 660 The End of Democracy: "What I’m Describing is Military Rule"

By Capt Joseph R. John, March 1, 2024

By clicking on the below listed link you can watch Tucker Carlson interview Mike Benz.  Mike Benz describes how the “Censorship” of Freedom of Speech has been evolving in the US, and has become what he terms “The Censorship Industry” in the United States today.  The Biden/Obama administration is controlling and suppressing Freedom of Speech.  The Censorship Industry was developed by and consists of Progressives, Socialist Democrats, Barrack Hussein Obama, George Soros, Communist China, the Leftist Media Establishment, and Google that is injecting Anti-American Communist/Marxist/Anti-White Bias into its online prompts. 

The Censorship Industry is:

“Censoring” the opposition of State Election Agencies to the mailing of paper ballots to every state resident, registered or not, to vote in the 2024 election:

“Censoring” the current investigations by multiple State Law Enforcement Agencies of the Massive Voter Fraud that occurred in the 2020 election:

“Censoring” the Republican Congress for proving that the January 6, 2021, US Capital was a demonstration not an insurrection (no demonstrators were armed):

“Censoring” suggestions that a fumbling and feeble Biden with dementia is not in control of the US Government:

“Censoring” facts that much of the $300 billion in military aid sent to defend Ukraine by Biden was stolen and never got to the front:

“Censoring” the fact that Biden is the “Big Guy” in control of the Biden Crime Family that has received over $20 million in payoffs from Communist China, Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan for the receipt of information damaging to the National Security of the United States:

“Censoring” that Hunter Biden admitted to being paid $5.1 million as an unregistered “Foreign Agent” for Communist China’s State CEFC Energy Company:

“Censoring” the fact that Obama has ordered Biden to keep the US borders wide open to allow the invasion of the US: and so much more!

The Censorship Industry is controlled by Obama’s Oval Office Staff who also control Biden.  The White House Office of Public and Media Affairs takes their orders directly from the Oval Office, and reports on all “Censored” policies, decisions, actions, and negotiations.  The Oval Office controls the release of all information from the US Federal Government from one point of release, where all “Censored” information is released to the Social Media, and the Leftist Media Establishment daily.  That point of release is made from the DHS Office of Public Affairs.  Every Department of the Biden/Obama administration falls in line and when asked, reconfirms that the censored information is accurate.

Here is how it works:  Obama’s Oval Office Censorship staff selects and censors the issue that must be censored.  Then the appointed DOD censorship staff, the CIA censorship staff, and the State Department censorship, and all the other department censorship staffs parrot the censored issue’s position.  They each coordinate their daily censorship releases through the DHS Office of Public Affairs who makes daily censored releases directly to the Social Media and Leftist Media Establishment who support and parrot the censored information about that issue.  They only release previously approved censorship transmission that originated from Obama’s Oval Office Staff, and they always verify censored information as being accurate, and call the accurate information that they disagree with, as being false and dishonest.  Every branch of the US Government responds to inquiries from the press about the issue and supports “Censored” party line.  

The Censorship Industry manipulated, altered, reshaped, and has inserted misleading events in US History textbooks, to mislead public school students and the dependent children in schools on Military Bases who are studying US History.  Those US History textbooks are written to carefully mask the subtle Un-American agenda woven throughout the narratives of textbooks to mislead the minds of school children, the misleading information is approved by Progressives and Socialist Democrats who control the US Department of Education.  The Progressives and Socialist Democrats promotes “Censored,” altered, and misleading information about US History, and eliminate positive events in US History.  They fraudulently teach inaccurate information about US History to indoctrinate the minds of young students. 

American voters should hold Progressives, Socialist Democrats, and Leftist School Board members, responsible for approving the purchase of inaccurate, manipulated, altered, and misleading US History textbooks, and vote them out of office.  Those inaccurate, misleading, and altered US History textbooks are authored and then published by companies controlled by, or working with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  For the last 16 years, students in public schools have been taught an altered, inaccurate, and fictional account of US History.  US History textbooks in public schools have been altered, twisted, and have eliminated events to reshape the past by Progressives and Social Democrats, in the same way Communists Chinese eliminate and alter facts they disagree with to mislead and indoctrinate young students to dominate their minds.

The suppression of Freedom of Speech and the daily release of censored information by The Censorship Industry is the Inversion of Democracy in the United States; it is against the law and in violation of the US Constitution.  The Censorship Industry has been meeting with opposition within the United States.

1.The States of Texas and Florida passed legislation that would make it unlawful for Social Media Companies to engage in “Censorship” and discriminatory viewpoints.

2.The Babylon Bee is suing CA and NY for “Censorship”.

3. The House Judiciary Committee Select Subcommittee held a hearing on “Censorship” by Social Media Companies.

4, The House Judiciary Committee Select Subcommittee held hearings to expose Social Media attacks on Independent Journalism and on “Free Expression”.

5. For 8 years, the CEO of GAB reported they have been exposing Anti-White bias and “Censorship” by Big Tech on people on the right.

6. The National Coalition Against “Censorship” (NCAC) of 50 nonprofits, filed Supreme Court Brief opposing government’s “Censorship” of certain words.

7. GAB exposed that Google is injecting Anti-American Communist/Marxist/Anti-White Bias text-based A1 ideology in their A1 prompts.

Mike Benz is a nonpartisan conservative crusader who is against Online Censorship by Social Media Companies and the “Censorship” of information being distributed by The Censorship Industry.  In the below listed video, Mike presents detailed information, his insights, and the knowledge he gained about how Progressives, the Biden/Obama administration, the Leftist Media Establishment, and Social Media are trying to control and censor Freedom of Speech.  Mike Benz’s organization is willing to support Patriotic Americans who are interested in taking a stand in support of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and Free Exchange of Ideas Online.  Mike Benz can be followed through the Foundation for Freedom Online (@FFO_Freedom). 

We strongly encourage you to listen to Mike Benz’s interview with Tucker Carlson.  The Censorship Industry has already been actively involved, and is planning how to control the results of Presidential Election in 2024.  The Progressives, Social Democrats, Communist China, and Barrack Hussein Obama, with the help of The Censorship Industry, are planning once again, to perpetrate massive Voter Fraud to steal the Presidential Election.  They are openly telling all American Citizens straight to their face that President Trump will absolutely “not win” the 2024 Presidential Election, and that they will see to it.  

It is important that the below listed video be shared and viewed by as many American Citizens as possible!

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  

The End of Democracy: "What I’m Describing is Military Rule"

Mike Benz" "It’s the inversion of democracy."

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Feb 17…

If you wish to understand how democracy ended in the United States and the European Union, please watch this interview [click on above link] with Tucker Carlson and Mike Benz. It is full of the most stunning revelations that I have heard in a very long time.

The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I’m describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."…

Please watch that above.