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Op Ed # 661 For Three Years Communist China Has Been Putting The Infrastructure In Place To Kill Americans Within the United States

  • Op Ed # 661 For Three Years Communist China Has Been Putting The Infrastructure In Place To Kill Americans Within the United States

By Capt Joseph R. John, March 8, 2024

The average American Citizen can’t even begin to comprehend the savagery, horrors, and bloody carnage that will be unleashed within the United States by the hundreds of thousands of Communist Chinese Military personnel, Iranian Islamic Terrorists bolstering Iranian Terror Cells in the US, the Radical Islamic Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda Terrorists, Communist Cubans, and Venezuelan Communists who have invaded the United States because of Barrack Hussein Obama’s three year “Open Border Policy.”  A future planned attack within the US will be more vicious than the October 7, 2023, surprise attack in Israel by Hamas Radical Terrorist.

The plan to attack the US is right out of Unrestricted Warfare, a 1999 book, written by two Communist Chinese Air Force Colonels, that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is planning to execute within the United States; it will kill and subjugate millions of American Citizens, employing the Communist Chinese Army and its allies that have invaded the United States over the last three years.   That “Unrestricted Warfare Plan,” to kill and subjugate Americans, was first published in 1999 by the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing.  The “Unrestricted Warfare Plan” encourages the CCP to employ every offensive military tactic to attack, kill, and subjugate American Citizens within the United States.

The CCP has been telling the Chinese people for three years, that Communist China is at War with the United States.  Iran, the Largest State Sponsor of Terrorism in the world, who “Declared War” on the US in 1979, is a CCP’s ally in the “Unrestricted War Plan” to invade, attack, kill, then subjugate citizens of the United States.  Iran has been killing and maiming American service members since it blew up the Beirut Marine Corps Barracks in 1983; it continued killing US Military service members for 37 years, by delivering roadside bombs, manufactured in Iran, to terrorists and the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Since September, in over 200 strikes, Iranian terrorists have continued attacking and trying to kill US military personnel in Syria and Iraq.

Obama has been openly supporting Communist China and Iran’s development of nuclear weapons since 2006, he continued the massive financial support for Iran by having the Biden administration eliminate the US restriction on China and India from purchasing Iran’s crude oil, and by also having Biden transfer $16 billion to Iran in the last six months.  That financial support has helped fund Iran’s continued development of its nuclear weapons.  Since 1979, Iran’s long-term goal has been to attack and destroy Israel and the United States with nuclear tipped missiles.  Iran has since developed their long-range missiles, and they are close to developing nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, for “over three years,” Obama has given his former Oval Office Staff, who are in control of Biden’s Oval Office, strict orders to keep the US borders wide-open, following through on his pledge to “Fundamentally transform the United States.”  During those three years, Communist China invaded the United States with over 400,000 single military aged Chinese Communist Army personnel.  Communist Chinese Army personnel continue to invade through those wide-open borders. 

Thousands of the Radical Islamic Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and Iranian Terrorists, as well as Cubans Communists, and Venezuelan Communists have been invading through the wide-open borders; they will coordinate their operations with Communist China.  The Communist Chinese Military personnel and their allies are being armed from a large inventory of heavy and automatic weapons shipped by Communist China to Mexico, which was smuggled into the United States through the wide-open southern border by Mexican Drug Cartels. 

Normally, Illegal Aliens, who enter the United States, would be preoccupied with looking for their next meal, seeking a place to live, and trying to find a way to earn a livelihood.  However, within weeks of entering the United States, there are videos posted on X (Twitter) showing single military-aged male Communist Chinese Illegal Aliens have been involved in target practice, firing rifles and automatic weapons.  One of the videos is of a Chinese military-aged female firing a sniper rifle.

Obama has had the Biden administration contract jet passenger aircraft, paid for by US taxpayers, to operate secret night flights to overfly the border and the US Border Patrol, in transporting over 320,000 Illegal Aliens from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Columbia, and Ecuador to deliver Illegal Aliens directly to 43 US cities.   By avoiding US Border Patrol Agents, Obama has been smuggling Illegal Aliens into the United States and has been violating and abetting US Federal Immigration Laws, trafficking Illegal Aliens.  Someone should go to prison for the repeated and continued violation of US Federal Immigration Laws by smuggling over 320,000 Illegal Aliens into the United States.

For three years, Biden and Obama have been “Providing Aid and Comfort for Foreign Enemy Combatants Invading the United States.”  They have been complicit in allowing hundreds of thousands of enemy combatants to invade the United States through the wide-open borders, unimpeded, while being hidden among the 14 million Illegal Aliens massively invading the US.  Then they allowed enemy combatants to take residence in key locations throughout the US.  They are continuing to allow hundreds of thousands additional enemy combatants to flood into the United States, hidden among the 350,000 Illegal Aliens invading the US each month.  The Biden and Obama White House has a new name for Terrorists listed on the FBI Watch List who avoided capture, Radical Islamic Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda Terrorists, Communist Cubans, Venezuelan Communists, and Communist Chinese Military enemy combatants; they are now being called “Newcomers,” not Illegal Aliens.  

The Biden/Obama administration is now supporting putting guns into the hands of Criminal Illegal Aliens, who violated US Federal Law by illegally entering the United States.  They have supported hiring and arming of Criminal Illegal Aliens as police officers in Los Angeles, who have the power to control and arrest US Citizens.  Those hires had to be approved by the Biden/Obama administration’s US Justice Department.  Those hires are a betrayal of American Citizens, and in violating of US Federal Law---ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE PREVENTED FROM BEING IN POSSESSION OF FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION.  Democrats passed that Federal Law in 1968 which PROHIBITED Illegal Aliens and foreign citizens from possessing firearms and ammunition. 

The Directors and Heads of the following US Government Agency are aware of the planned attacks on American Citizens outlined in the CCP Manual of 1999.  Biden and Obama, the Director of the FBI, US Attorney General, Director of the CIA, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Sen Minority Leader McConnel, Sen Majority Leader Schumer, House Speaker Johnson, House Minority Leader Jeffries, and Nancy Pelosi all are aware that Beijing has been operationalizing the recommendations of the two Communist Chinese Air Force Colonels outlined in the CCP manual, in preparation for their attack within the United States.  The CCP has been preparing for an attack within the United States for three years, by putting the infrastructure in place in the US, and by invading a large military force, with allies into the US, to be able to execute the attack on Americans within the US.

Over the last three years, the above listed Agency Directors and Heads have not taken the necessary defensive steps to protect the lives of 350 million American Citizens from the Unrestricted Warfare planned to take place in the US, outlined by the two Communist Chinese Air Force Colonels.  American cities, military bases, airports, seaports, national transportation systems, food storage & delivery facilities do not have sufficient security, nor adequate backup power systems.  The electrical grid, the electrical power generation & delivery stations, the telecommunications network, the banking & stock market electronic systems, potable water purification & delivery systems, and waste systems have not been adequately protected from cyber-attacks.   

The nation’s County Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and retired FBI Agents have repeatedly expressed their serious concern about the deadly threat facing all Americans, from the hundreds of thousands of Communist Chinese Army personnel, the thousands of Radical Islamic Terrorists, and the Terrorists listed on the FBI Terror Watch list who have evaded capture and have been successfully entering the United States over the last three years.  The FBI stated they are surveilling over “300” terrorists.  There is no doubt that hundreds of thousands of terrorists and enemies of the US have invaded the US and are not being surveilled.

Barrack Hussein Obama’s “Wide-Open Border Policy” should have been terminated years ago to put a stop to the invasion of the United States by 14 million Illegal Aliens from 170 countries, including by well-trained Communist Chinese Army personnel, thousands of Radical Islamic Terrorists, Communist Cubans, and Communist Venezuelans.  They are planning to destroy the infrastructure to the United States, attack military facilities, and kill American Citizens.  The Biden/Obama administration has been funneling a staggering $10 billion in taxpayer funds to NGOs to facilitate the smuggling of 14 million Illegal Aliens into the United States. Those funds should have been used to repair and build needed infrastructure, pay for student education, or cover the healthcare for needy Americans.

For three years, the Biden/Obama administration has been driving gun dealers out of business to radically transform the firearms industry and make it more difficult for Americans Citizens to arm and protect themselves.  The Biden/Obama administration is intentionally driving gun dealers out of business, which is having a detrimental effect on the ability of Americans Citizens to purchase guns for self-defense, and to protect their families from the invading Communist Chinese Army, and the Radical Islamic Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Iranian Terrorists who planning to attack and kill American Citizens.

By driving gun dealers out of business, Obama is trying to prevent American Citizens from buying weapons to protect them and their families from the invading Communist Chinese Army personnel and terrorists.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF) has been ordered to establish a new zero-tolerance policy, using any trivial or inconsequential paperwork typo error in the firearm dealer’s paperwork, as the “new” grounds to cite as a reason for firearm dealers for losing their license.  In that manner the Biden/Obama administration has been able to drive firearm dealers out of business.  The Biden/Obama administration, citing trivial paperwork typo errors as a reason for canceling licenses, has already put nearly two thousand firearm dealers out of business, and prevented millions of American Citizens from purchasing weapons to protect themselves and their families from armed Communist Chinese and terrorist invaders. 

The CCP “Acts of War” against the United States, while killing over 1.6 million Americans, are cited and listed below:

1. For over three years Communist China has been putting the infrastructure in place within the United States to facilitate their attack within the Unted States. 

2. In Reedley, California, near Fresno, authorities found a secret Communist Chinese Biological Weapons Lab with at least 20 pathogens, including the one for Ebola, and almost a thousand mice that had been genetically engineered to spread diseases to kill millions of American Citizens.  It may not be the only secret Communist Chinese Biological Weapons Lab operating in the US.

3. Communist China infected American Citizens with the Wuhan Virus that killed over 1 million Americans, maimed, disabled, and severely injured an additional 2+ million Americans, and the pandemic put hundreds of thousands of small American companies out of business. 

4. Communist China has been selling fentanyl to Mexican Drug Cartels, who smuggle the drug into the United States.  The fentanyl has been killing over 300 of American’s youth each day or over 100,000 of Americans “each” year.  To date Communist China has killed over 600,000 of America’s youth.  More Americans have been killed by Communist China, than the 526,745 Americans killed in combat in every conflict since WWII (which includes 405,399 killed in WWII, 54,246 killed in Korea, 58,220 killed in Vietnam, 382 killed in Desert Storm, and 8,498 killed in Iraq & Afghanistan) 

5.  On January 28, 2023, in a devastating breach of National Security, the Biden/Obama administration allowed a Communist Chinese High Altitude Spy Balloon to continue to take photos, collect extremely sensitive military targeting data, while transmitting that Top-Secret intelligence back to the CCP, in real time.  During its leisurely and unfettered transit over the Continental US, the balloon flew over every intercontinental missile silo, two stealth bomber bases, the Strategic Air Command Base, the Oakridge Nuclear Weapons Facility, and 18 US military bases including Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg, at altitudes from 40,000 to 60,000 feet.  

6. In a massive espionage operation, Communist China has been stealing intellectual property from military arms manufacturers, the US Armed Forces, College research reports, and from Top-Secret research facilities.  Communist China then required manufacturers who wanted to get contacts with Communist China to transfer manufacturing facilities to Communist China, resulting in a staggering loss of 4 million American jobs.

7. For the past three years, with the help of “Obama’s Open Border Policy,” Communist China has invaded the United States with over 400,000 single military aged Chinese Communist Army personnel, hidden among the 14 million Illegal Aliens from 170 countries. 

8. For three years, Communist China has been establishing Illegal Secret Overseas Police Stations for the Communist Chinese Provincial Police Agency in the US cities of New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Omaha, Minneapolis, and another in Boston that was shuttered by the FBI.  They were established in the US to support espionage efforts within the United States.  They are also tasked with tracking down Chinese emigrants and Chinese Americans who are not supportive of the CCP.  They are threatened with harm to their family members in Communist China if they do not cooperate in espionage efforts against the United States. 

9. Communist China has established a military base in Communist Cuba, 94 miles from the US to project and facilitate massive cyberattacks, to collect signal intelligence, and initiate espionage operations against the US.  Communist China has been working with Cuba's intelligence agencies to undertake a range of “wet” operations, from assassinations to attacking US installations and civilian facilities.  Communist China may base substantial Army Forces in Communist Cuba.

Gordon G. Chang of the Gatestone Institute, who is an essential and indispensable expert with vast insight into Communist Chinese tactics, wrote: “When disasters happen, people inevitably lament: If only someone warned us about this beforehand!” This Op Ed is that warning to all American Citizens; please give it wide distribution!

Gordan Chang, has been warning American Citizens that defensive action must be taken to thwart the CCP plan to attack and kill Americans.  The Biden/Obama administration, the FBI Director, the Attorney General of the United States, the Director of the CIA, the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Senate Minority Leader McConnel, the Senate Majority Leader Schumer, House Speaker Johnson, and House Minority Leader Jeffries should be mobilizing national support to protect the lives of 350 million Americans. 

There are now Communist Chinese Military personnel, domestic enemies, Radical Islamic Terrorists, Terrorists listed on the FBI Watch List, Cuban and Venezuelan Communists, and CCP spies in the US who are planning to attack American Citizens, law enforcement personnel, and US military personnel.  The above listed appointees in the Biden/Obama administration should be encouraged to take “defensive action” to protect the lives of 350 million American Citizens, work to put a stop to the invasion of the United States, to protect infrastructure and sensitive US facilities, to help capture hundreds of thousands of Communist Chinese Troops, Radical Islamic Terrorists, and Cuba and Venezuelan troops. 

American Citizens should not wait until after the 2024 Presidential Election to take steps to mobilize support for the protection of fellow Americans, which may be too late, since enemies of the nation are “inside the wire”------American Citizens should act now.  Each American Citizens is represented in Congress by a US Representative and two US Senators; all three should be contacted and asked to help mobilize action to protect and save American lives.  

The members of Congress representing each voter should be encouraged to Honor their Oath of Office and asked to contact the above listed appointed members of the Biden/Obama administration to help put a stop to the invasion, and to encourage the US Military to round up Communist Chinese Military personnel, Radical Islamic Terrorists, and foreign Communist military personnel who have invaded the US.  The members of Congress should let the above listed appointed members of the Biden/Obama administration know that Congress may use the power of the purse, as a last resort, to reduce their budgets if they do not take action to protect the lives of American Citizens.      

The Invasion across the wide-open borders by over 350,00 Illegal Aliens each month must be stopped.

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  

                               China prepares for war--from inside America

February 13, 2024

By Mike McDaniel

On January 8, I posted Terrorist Attacks In America: For What Are They Waiting? An excerpt:

The FBI has admitted they’re watching at least 300 people on the Terrorist Watch List (TWL). Never mind why people on the TWL were allowed into the country so they could be watched in the first place. That’s “need to know” and Americans don’t have a need to know. Our security apparatus has also admitted thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of military aged males from countries that would like every American dead have crossed the border. These are countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and many others. They’ve also grudgingly admitted it appears plenty of these military aged males, who happen to be Chinese, just might be members of the Chinese military. 

Gordon G. Chang is an invaluable source of insight into Chinese Communist thinking and tactics. At the Gatestone Institute, he writes:

*China's Communist Party is at this moment putting in place the infrastructure in America to attack America.

*[I]n Reedley, California, near Fresno, authorities found a secret Chinese biological weapons lab with at least 20 pathogens, including the one for Ebola, and almost a thousand mice that had been genetically engineered to spread disease.

*Chinese agents, in addition to hobbling Americans with disease and gunning them down, could bomb power stations, attack military bases, start wildfires, poison reservoirs, or create terror in dozens of ways.

*These tactics come straight out of Unrestricted Warfare, a 1999 book written by two Chinese air force colonels and first published by the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing. The colonels argued that China can and should employ any tactic in attacking a militarily superior United States. Now, Americans can see how Beijing is operationalizing the suggestions in this how-to manual.

When disasters happen, people inevitably lament: “If only someone warned us about this beforehand!” Chang, and the two Chinese AF colonels, have.

Chinese attackers are already in America, more are arriving by the day, and they are armed.

Videos posted to X (Twitter) show Chinese migrants firing pistols. One video is of a Chinese female with a sniper rifle. 

Graphic: Twitter screenshot via Gatestone Institute

There is no Second Amendment in China, and Chinese citizens are not permitted to possess firearms. So is it possible that the shooters in the videos are merely taking advantage of a new-found freedom in their new home country?


One of the migrants videoed was in America for only three weeks and arrived in the country with no money and no identification.

If you had just landed somewhere as a migrant with nothing to your name, you would undoubtedly be preoccupied with finding your next meal, getting a place to live, making a livelihood.

You would not, within weeks of entering your new homeland, be sharpening your skills to kill.

You would not be thinking of killing unless... that is what you came to do.

Exactly so. Illegal immigrants would normally be entirely concerned with housing, food and other essentials of daily life. Members of the Chinese military would be used to deprivation, to living off the land, so to speak. Fortunately for them, the Mummified Meat Puppet Administration (MMPA) and its NGO helpers are taking care of their transportation, lodging and food needs, and now it seems, their weapon needs as well.

Illegal immigrants cannot legally buy firearms. They would have to steal them or be supplied by their handlers. And of course, Mexican cartels are surely helping them with supply needs. Non-English speaking Chinese trying to buy ammo would raise eyebrows, unless they don’t need to buy ammo.

War correspondent Michael Yon and the Rubin brothers of have documented the presence of dangerous-looking elements — from China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela — among the hordes of migrants traveling up from Central America. Yon and the Rubins have noticed, among other things, that Chinese males of military age are traveling in packs of five to fifteen, are unaccompanied by family members, and are pretending not to speak English. Some of them, on their way to America, have performed Chinese military rituals.

As American Thinker readers know, our DOJ and FBI are working up a new round of hundreds of January 6 arrests, but this time, of Americans who were merely standing somewhere near the Capitol Building, people who never entered. Apparently, our guardians haven’t the manpower--or interest--to keep track of the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of military-aged men from countries that would delight in killing as many Americans on our own soil. They’ve had plenty of practice on theirs.

For what are they waiting? Equipment, intelligence, adequate on-site reconnaissance—the Chinese spy balloon--and most of all, orders from their home nations and terrorist commanders. They’re also waiting for the MMPA to create exactly the right circumstances to make their attacks as devastating as possible. 

They won’t have to wait long.

Mike McDaniel is a USAF veteran, classically trained musician, Japanese and European fencer, life-long athlete, firearm instructor, retired police officer and high school and college English teacher. His home blog is Stately McDaniel Manor.