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Op Ed # 662 Communist China’s Planned "END GAME" Following The Invasion Of The US

  • Op Ed # 662 Communist China’s Planned "END GAME" Following The Invasion Of The US

By Capt Joseph R. John, March 15, 2024

The below listed article by former Intelligence Officer Lt Col William Craig Roberts, USAR (Ret)/Toledo PD, presents a detailed chronological analysis of Communist China’s incursion into various areas of the United States that led to the actual invasion of the United States.  At the end of the article, he outlines the “END GAME” that is planned to take place within the United States by Communist China.  He outlines Communist China’s incursion into the Western Hemisphere, including Freeport in the Bahamas, the Panama Canal, Mexico, and South America.  One of Lt Col Robert’s Intelligent Analyst reported that there are tens of thousands of Communist Chinese military aged personnel, over 500,000, who have infiltrated and settled in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, and other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula.  This introduction to Lt Col Robert’s article discusses another of Communist China’s spying operations within the US, and explains how the Biden/Obama Administration has weakened the strength of the US Army.  

Communist China has been developing their ability to sabotage the operations in US seaports.  Since cargo cranes are essential for the movement of supplies in and out of US shipping ports, Communist China’s strategy was to undercut the price of US manufactured cargo cranes that are purchased to off load ships in US seaports.  The result of that strategy has been that Communist Chinese firms have been able to sell and install their manufactured cargo cranes in 80 percent of all US seaports.  There are now 200 Communist Chinese cargo cranes installed in US seaports; recently they have been referred to “spy cranes”.  Those Communist Chinese cargo cranes are equipped with secret cellular modems that are not needed or used in normal operations, and they also have suspicious communications devices that can be used to covertly monitor US seaport operations or can be employed in espionage and sabotage operations in the US seaports. 

When Communist China attacks the US, their cargo cranes in US sea ports can be easily disabled remotely by them.  That action would have a devastating impact on the US economy, on the movement of essential goods into the US, and on the shipment of equipment and supplies to deployed US Military personnel.  Amid the fears that Communist Chinese hackers would target American’s seaport infrastructure, including the cargo cranes in those seaports, the US Coast Guard has issued basic cybersecurity requirements for controlling the loading and offloading of vessels in US seaports.  House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Cong Mark Green, USMA ’86, Maj-USA (R-TN-7), an endorsed and elected Combat Veteran For Congress, is well aware of the threat, and informed the press that Communist China has been trying to exploit the vulnerability of the US seaport, but that the US is aware of the “spy cranes”, and the US Coast Guard is taking preventive measures.

Over 500,000 Communist Chinese Military personnel and Radical Islamic Terrorists have invaded and are continuing to invade the United States for more than three years.  The Biden/Obama administration requested an $850 billion Pentagon Military Budget for 2025: it is a mere 1% increase over the 2024 Pentagon Military Budget.  However, it is actually less than the 2024 Pentagon Military Budget, because of the 18% inflation.  It is the fourth annual cut in the Pentagon Military Budget in a row by the Biden/Obama administration, at a time when the world is embroiled in serious military conflicts.  Israel was brutally attacked by Hamas Terrorists and is involved in a war of survival, Iranian Proxies have made over 200 drone and rockets attacks against US Military personnel in the Middle East, Iranian Proxies in Yemen have taken the Global Shipping Lanes in the approaches to the Red Sea, hostage, Communist China has invaded the US and is threatening to invade Taiwan, and Ukraine’s Armed Forces are being outgunned by Russia and being slowly overrun.

Despite the current aggressive conflicts initiated by Communist China, Russia, Iran, and Radical Islamic Terrorists, the Biden/Obama administration is reducing instead of increasing the size of the US Army land forces.  Considering the current world conflicts, the demand for US Army forces have increased within the United States to defend the Homeland, in Europe to support NATO because of the conflict in Ukraine, in the Middle East because of attacks by Iranian Proxies, and in the Indo Pacific Region in support of Taiwan.  Yet the Biden/Obama Administration is budgeting for a US Army of 442,300 troops; shrinking the US Army is not the way to fix the struggle the Pentagon is having, in their inability to attract recruits.  In 2020, the size of the US Army was 480,000 troops, and the proposed 2021 Pentagon Military Budget request, increased the size of the US Army to 490,000 troops, at a time when there weren’t conflicts with Russia in Ukraine, with Hamas in Israel, with Communist China in Taiwan, and with Iranian Proxies in the Middle East and in Global Shipping Lanes. 

In light of the current dangerous conflicts and potential world conflicts facing the United States, a much larger US Army is required to fulfill the Strategic Mission of the United States, for the US Army to defend the US Homeland, and for the United States to support its allies throughout the world who are being confronted by the Communist Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and Radical Islamic Terrorists threatening the western alliance.  The US should be expanding the US Army’s size from 442,300 to 600,000 troops or more.   For over three years, the Pentagon has not been properly restocking $300 billion in sophisticated weaponry, ammunition, and military equipment that the Biden/Obama administration transferred to Ukraine; some of the sophisticated weaponry like the Javelins, MANPADs, self-propelled rockets, etc. requires, in some cases, a 3-year lead times to be restocked.  With over 500,000 Communist Chinese Military and Radical Islamic Terrorist invaders in the US, the depletion of sophisticated weaponry, and ammunition from the US weapons stockpile has weakened the US Armed Forces.

In the below listed article, Lt Col Roberts reported that Communist China has been purchasing hundreds of thousands of acres of US land, including farms, and ranches throughout the United States; a substantial number of those parcels are near US Military Bases and the US Borders.  Communist China has been delivering and storing large caches of weapons and supplies throughout the United States to arm and sustain the 500,000 Communist Chinese Army personnel, the Radical Islamic Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and Iranian Terrorists, as well as Cuban Communists, and Venezuelan Communist invaders.  The excellent analysis explains how the invasion of 14 million Illegal Aliens into the United States, facilitated by Barrack Hussein Obama’s "Open Border Policy", has been continuing for over three years, with the support of Marxists, Progressives, Socialist Democrats, the UN, and NGOs, who supported the invasion of Illegal Aliens from 180 countries, leading to Communist China’s “END GAME”. 

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  


                       THREAT ANALYSIS

            Current Chinese Military Threat on U.S. Soil

Lt Col. Wm. Craig Roberts, USA Ret.

3 March 2024

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable, when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

                                               -   Sun Tsu  (771-256 BC)


This report is short encapsulation of events regarding the threat from Communist China witnessed by the author from the 1960s to present.  The author is a career law enforcement officer, US Marine Vietnam combat veteran, and US Army officer with a strong background in investigations and intelligence gathering and analysis using methods obtained in training and actual experience.

Some of this report is in First Person due to the actual witnessing of material and and/or events and information received from personal and public sources.  Author’s bio is at end of this report.


At the current time (March 2024) for various reasons, both internal and external, America is facing its greatest threat since the attack on Pearl Harbor.  We are also dealing with a massive failure of Intelligence Awareness of said threat, and failure to investigate the various Intelligence indicators showing exactly what is transpiring in this country.  This report’s purpose is to expose those threats and notify the relevant individuals and organizations to the dangers we are facing.


Amateurs think tactics, professionals think logistics.

                                        Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.

                                        At end of Operation Desert Storm

The hardest and slowest things to move in warfare are logistical supplies. The easiest and fastest is troops. Troops load themselves, cargo has to be manually loaded. It’s best to pre-position logistical supplies in advance of any large scale operation.

                    Lessons learned at Command and General Staff College by the author.

At this writing two main spheres of serious concern regarding the safety of the homeland and the American people are the war in Ukraine and the threat of attack by Communist China.  

Of late we have noted thousands of young Chinese male individuals of military age entering this country from Mexico through all of our border states.  They are unaccompanied, carrying military style backpacks and sometimes even wearing camouflaged fatigue uniforms and boots of Chinese military issue.  Over 37,000+ have been arrested in 2023 alone, compared to 10,000+ in 2022, and according to data over 10,000 Chinese “civilians” currently live in Mexico.

The 2021 US Census reports 5.4 million Chinese are currently residing in the U.S. who are Chinese-born from China, Hong Kong, and Macao. 


The system utilized in Military Intelligence for information gathering and analysis begins with three parts:  Gathering and Sourcing according to reliability of source; putting the pieces of the “puzzle” on the wall; then seeing and analyzing the “picture” it forms.

Field Marshal Lord Wellington stated to an admirer who asked how he would sum up his military career when he retired and he responded: “I spent ninety percent of the time wondering what the fellow on the other side of the hill was up to.”


In 1947 General Chiang Kai Shek’s Nationalist Army fled China to the island of Formosa, now Taiwan.  Communist leader Mao Tse Tung took over as Chairman of the Communist Party in Mainland China, and aligned his government with the Soviet Union, forming a huge Sino/Soviet Communist block that ran from the Pacific in the east to the edge of Europe in the west.  China was almost immediately recognized as a threat to the United States.  This carried on to 1950 when China provided troops and equipment to North Korea (and continues to provide military aid). China was the main supplier of arms and ammunition to the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

The threat of the Soviet Union and Communist China evolved into what we refer to as the “Cold War.”


China developed a plan to expand its boundaries and/or influence to all parts of the world (and continues to do so with its “aid” to foreign countries in all hemispheres). It is now called their “Belt and Road” strategy.

Panama Canal 

China knew that long range planning would involve many aspects of strategic and tactical thinking.  NOTE:  The difference between tactics and strategy are:

1. Tactics are the detailed plans on how to accomplish an objective no matter how small—such as a battle.

2. Strategy is how to employ tactics to accomplish a major objective such as win a war.

1979. President Carter cedes the Panama Canal to Panama.  Control of the Panama Canal (which was built by the United States after France failed) is strategically important as it is the only trans-ocean access between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans for not only cargo ships but naval vessels as well.  It specifically was built to also be able to pass battleships through with their width taken into consideration. Since then our Aircraft Carriers have exceeded that width which is why we have carrier battle groups in both the Pacific and Atlantic.


During the 1980s China began importing more and more commercial items into the U.S.  A significant import to notice was the large amount of new Chinese military and military style firearms.  These included crates of SKS carbines, AK-47 style semi-auto rifles, Tokarev pistols and copious amounts of Chinese and Russian ammunition.  Gun shows around the country had dealers who sold all of the above up through the 1990s.

At the same time, the author received information from his law enforcement contacts in California and Texas that they had discovered Conex boxes and Sealift shipping containers (brought in by COSCO—China Ocean Shipping Company) in various locations in Southern California (San Diego, Long Beach and Los Angeles) and outside of Brownsville and Corpus Christie, Texas.  Some of these containers who were found in the back yards of rented (but not occupied) houses and in storage lots when opened contained military AK-47s, RPG rocket Launchers, machine guns and explosives.  When they enquired about this to federal counterparts they were told that these arms were “probably” for Los Angeles street gangs!

China during this time built up the COSCO shipping container port in Freeport in the Bahamas, 79 miles east of Ft. Lauderdale Florida, where massive numbers of sealift containers are stacked and stored.  The question is what is in those that are not moved—as of yet?

Meanwhile, we received information of a Chinese build-up in Mexico including Mexican sources to stated that Chinese were taking over villages, turning them into military compounds, and raising the Chinese communist flag every morning. (Source: Mexican national lady who related this to an American dentist in Brownsville when she crossed over for dental care)

During the 1990s, specifically after 1995 and the Oklahoma City bombing the Clinton administration became extremely concerned with American militia groups that had been forming due to fear of the perceived Democrat moves to disarm the American public—but paid NO attention to the Chinese threat that had been building for many months if not years.  (The author testified in Congress in front of the Sub-Committee on Crime on April 5th 1995 against the attacks of the administration on the Second Amendment—and when I mentioned the fear in the public and the forming of anti-administration “militias” out here in “flyover land” to congressmen and other government officials no one seemed to know they even existed, yet all of a sudden on April 20th, the day after the Oklahoma City Bombing these militia groups came under fire from the media and the Clinton administration).

It was also during the Clinton administration that we “discovered” Chinese spies here in not only our educational establishments and government, but even in our most secret locations such as the Los Alamos Labs.

It is also extremely interesting to note that the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1994-95 (precursor to the Patriot Act) included such items as hiring Hong Kong Police to become US government police officers, and this: Anyone who kills a foreign national on US soil who is here on official business, if found guilty, will receive the death penalty”!

In 1997 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee considered the Hong Kong Chinese construction firm Hutchinson Ports PPL, who was busily “improving” the Panama Canal, not a direct national security threat.

2000 on…

Mexican Military Bases in Mexico 

2006: A close personal friend of the author, a recently retired colonel in Special Forces who did two tours in Afghanistan visited the author.  While here he asked me if I had Google Earth. I responded I did. He then proceeded to bring it up on my computer and locate an installation in Mexico that was of extreme interest.

We zoomed in and I saw what appeared to be a large military-type facility complete with warehouses, barracks, parade field, motor pool, paved roads and training areas.  He explained that there were at least one more that we know of via satellite imagery.  I managed to take a couple of screen shots, and it was well I did because at a later date, when I tried to show them to a colleague, Google had greyed them out! 

Having some experience while working Intel in the military with satellite imagery what I could NOT see were people.  No troops—yet—at that time.  Only a few vehicles. They were like the unoccupied cities in China that were built but not occupied.  To me, in my opinion, they were built to house troops that would arrive at a later date.

2022-23: Canada

We received reports from western Canada that a Chinese regiment was in Alberta to “receive cold weather training.”  This is ridiculous on its face. China does not need to travel this far for cold weather training. They have Siberia, Mongolia and North Korea to name a few including northern CHINA! So why were (or are) they there? In Canada, just across our northern border?

When I heard this it reminded me of my last battle map exercise I had from the US Army Command and General Staff College in 1994.  I had to pass this detailed phase to graduate.  The exercise consisted of maps and overlays. Overlays are semi-transparent sheets the size of the large maps with all the information on friendly and enemy positions without actually making marks on a map itself. They are easily destroyed if your position is abandoned in haste. The maps alone without the overlays were useless to the enemy.

The scenario in the exercise was a“threat” force (we had to say “threat” and not Russians) invaded the U.S. by coming over the north pole in the middle of the night and establishing airborne positions in strategic positions in our northern mid-west stated (airfield, rail heads, interstate highways, bridges etc.).  They were followed by more troops and equipment as the lead elements proceeded south using the plains as high speed armor approaches and the rivers for boat and barge supply traffic.  Their objective was to link up with forces from the south that invaded across the Rio Grande.  The Rockies and eastern mountain ranges served as blocking forces to friendly reserves and flanking by our forces on the coasts.  A real “Red Dawn” scenario.

My task was from a FEBA (Forward Edge of the Battle Area) starting at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas west to as far as an infantry battalion could man, to conduct a defense, retrograde under pressure, battlefield re-constitution, and counter-attack, and write a paper on each and what and how I’d do it.

I didn’t like the exercise. I thought it was too unrealistic, as I, like so many of my officer colleagues, had been trained for the Soviet invasion of Europe through the Fulda Gap in Germany.

I decided to call my PMO (Personal Management Officer) to request a different problem. When I explained that I “could see the “battlefield” from my office—“hell, it’s in Kansas!” he did some checking on his computer at ARPERCEN. 

After a few minutes he said that I was selected because of my rating in my class and only a few were given that particular exercise, and my location as an infantry officer in the actual location of the scenario.  And he said: “Major Roberts, it’s the most realistic scenario we have now at this time!  I can’t explain more on an unsecure line. Just study it well!”  That ended the conversation and I completed the exercise as ordered.


Chinese consortiums CHEC and CCCC were awarded a $1.4 trillion contract for a 4th Panama Canal bridge which will be the 5th most important project in Panamanian history.  This bridge will facilitate large movements from the south as well as the north 

May 2021 

China-based Landbridge Group acquired control of Margarita Island, Panama’s largest port on the Atlantic.

Hutchinson Ports PPL now manages Balboa and Cristobal, controlled by Hong Kong-based CK Hutchinson, which are two major ports in the Pacific and Atlantic.

Wuhan Biowarfare Lab and the Covid “pandemic.”

The only way the average person will except change that he or she would not normally accept is to create a threat, fear that demands a solution to the problem. Such was the case of the Wuhan lab release of the bioweapon known as the Corona Virus that according to the media would kill most of the world’s population if a vaccine was not rushed into production.  The media made sure it was constantly played over and over on the television stations, causing near panic in the population.

Some mainstream TV channels even showed horrific overhead video of mass graves and men in white suits lowering wooden coffins into the strip trenches on an island in New York City.  Chinese TV showed people just falling over dead in Beijing while standing on the sidewalk. As it turned out later, the mass graves were actually pauper’s graves for unclaimed bodies on an island off New York City and has been in use since the Civil War. In my opinion the whole affair was an exercise that was twofold: develop a vaccine and other “treatments” that would reduce the world’s population, and make certain companies and individuals extremely rich—no to mention seeing how obedient a frightened population would react when told to behave certain ways such as wearing masks (not effective), washing hands, and distancing ourselves.  We now know the “vaccines” didn’t stop or cure anything, the masks were useless, and doctors and hospitals were making a lot of money by reporting any death as Covid, including car accidents or other accidents as long as the patient had had a Covid vaccine. We also know that Ventilators caused more deaths than they saved, Covid patients were moved into nursing homes to infect the elderly and susceptible, and the military, including Academy cadets and midshipmen were forced to take shots that actually affected their health in the form of heart and brain issues and other serious health conditions—and still does. The bottom line with Covid is that millions died world wide, our military was seriously affected, and those that questioned the safety of the shots were vilified, with doctor’s often losing their practice or license to practice.  All together, a serious exercise for China.


China sends a massive spy balloon across the U.S. that “coincidentally” crosses over major military bases and airfields and is NOT shot down until over the Atlantic after relaying its information and imagery back to China.

February: Biden administration scales back our ground surveillance balloons on the southern border, making it easier for cartels and border crossers to avoid observation, detection and apprehension. 

During the above time periods since the Clinton administration the Chinese have purchased numerous American farms and ranches, everything from cattle ranches to chicken farms, and many just happen to be on the edge or close to our military bases.  Some reports have recently circulated (which are unconfirmed) about some farms being sold to Chinese wherein the barns were stocked with military supplies including arms, ammunition, medical supplies and rations. 


Under Obama over 75,000 Muslims were admitted to the U.S.  Over 29,000 settled in Michigan alone.  Since then some sources have reported actually seeing Muslim military training in various areas/states with live fire, military drills, communication training and training in explosives. This has been reported in New York state, Michigan, and other Muslim enclaves (including southeastern Oklahoma by sheriff’s in those counties).  Our southern border has experienced many actual instances where Texas sheriff’s have encountered Muslim males of military age running away from them when approached often leaving behind evidence of what and who they were.  Sheriff Sigi Gonzales sent me photos of Islamic military patches his deputies found in one house near the border when it was approached and four males ran away. They were from a Syrian Commando Airborne brigade. They also found a Koran, prayer rugs and backpacks with notes in Arabic.

Prior to 1995 there was a huge combined Hamas and Hezbollah rally in Oklahoma City.  Little media attention was given to that as few knew what either organization was.  But on April 1995, after the Oklahoma City Bombing occured, it was discovered on Day One that there was an Islamic connection.  The investigation, of which this author was part of, led to Nichols trips to the Philippines, to Cebu City and Manila, to meetings with Abu Sayef, the Muslim terrorist group there. Nichols was there to learn bomb making, and met with such individuals as Mohammed Wali Khan (right hand man to Osama Bin Laden, Edwin Angeles (leader of Abu Sayef) and Ramzi Yousef, the 1993 World Trade Center bomber!  Yet when presented with all the evidence of the connections between the bombing, the Abu Sayef and Osama bin Laden, the FBI refused to investigate and later even refused to take any evidence that they were presented.  (see my book “The Medusa File II: The Politics of Terror and the Oklahoma City Bombing” and “The Third Terrorist” by KFOR TV reporter Jayna Davis).


What does it all mean?

The author, who has been watching the above events unfold, paints the below possible, if not probable, scenario:

The Chinese, whose doctrine is to wait as long as it takes to achieve political goals, have been positioning their readiness to, at the proper time, take Taiwan. Then to move on to occupying more real estate in not only the South China Sea where they are building islands to serve as unsinkable aircraft carriers and gun platforms, but to other countries around the world as well to obtain first, raw materials, and second proxy political control of entire governments. 

They have purposely over a period of time moved arms and equipment to this country via Mexico and our sea ports, military personnel to bases outside the U.S. such as Mexico, Canada, Panama, Central America and South America.  They also have waited until they could weaken this country, including our “leaders” in Washington—with the help of certain Marxist anti-American politicians and bureaucrats.  This is Phase I of what may be coming as Phase II.

Phase II:  The actual attack on America.  This phase would begin by utilizing Chinese and Muslim insurgents to disrupt our communications, transportation, food supplies, fuel supplies, power grid, water supplies and many starting riots and attacks on our bases, television stations, and civilian populations, possibly including an EMP event that would shut down our grid, which in turn would shut down all energy production, communications and food supplies to populated areas. (EMP: Electro-Magnetic Pulse cause by detonating a nuclear device in our atmosphere sending disruptive radiation to knock all microchips and computers including those in vehicles, water treatment plants, banks etc.)

Phase III:  The Chinese invade Taiwan, and North Korea invades South Korea.

Phase IV:  Actual Chinese divisions arrive as “peace keepers” at the invitation of the United Nations.  The Constitutions is suspended and we find ourselves under martial law. 

Playing this out one has to ask “what about the armed American population and our military? 

Our military has been neutered to the point to be combat ineffective on any large scale event.  The Clintons shut down many military bases, reduced the sized  and number of our Air Force squadrons and Army Divisions and naval vessels.  Obama fired all of the loyal war-fighter patriotic generals and admirals and only kept the politically correct Globalist-leash lap dog political sycophants.  One example is the current Commandant of the Marine Corps who has removed tanks from our divisions, along with artillery and certain air assets! Biden left a huge stock pile of our military equipment in Afghanistan, now being used to arm our enemies, and ceding much of Afghanistan to China for mining Lithium and other precious metals. Then he and his administration have depleted much of our arms stock and reserves by sending our ammunition, missiles and tanks to Ukraine to the tune of billions of dollars.

We now have males in uniform who have decided to be females and wear makeup and female uniforms in our top ranks; our service academies are compromised and “woke” now, and our training is infected with socialist and globalist woke classes more concerned with being politically correct than doing the job of the military which is to when needed go places, take real estate, break things and kill the enemy.


The way the dominoes are lined up at this writing it is very feasible that the above scenario could begin at any time, and certainly possible to happen before the election.  The globalist unseen hand behind this administration can’t afford to lose ground after coming this far.  Trump could disrupt their entire plan.


Our only hope is the Second Amendment.  Our First Amendment is gone.  Free Speech has been shackled by so-called “hate speech,” and there is now an Orwellian law against it. (Soon to follow will be “hate thought” and Orwell’s Thought Police.

Our law enforcement forces are decimated and more undermanned each day thanks to the current administration and their “defund the police” cities and weaponization of our federal justice systems from the DoJ down to activist “woke” puppet attorney generals, then to the local federal judges who were Democrat appointees. 

Unless we close the border, expel ALL of the illegal “immigrants” who entered unlawfully, shut down the cartels and their massive drug operations (with drugs supplied by China), and face down the Chinese with a bolstered and well-led military, we are reduced to facing dire times with massive loss of American lives.  Unless the average American is willing to defend our land against all enemies Foreign AND Domestic, America as it was designed my our founding fathers will fall into the dust bin of history.

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said that “It is folly to try and invade America. There’s a rifle behind ever bush!” 

At least there was…at one time…

“If you know the enemy and yourself, you need not  fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself and not your enemy, for every victory you will also suffer a defeat.”

                                        Sun Tzu “The Art of War.”