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Op Ed # 663 For Nearly Four Years, Domestic Enemies And Their Communist Allies Have Been Numbing The United States, Descending The Nation Into Tyranny

  • Op Ed # 663 For Nearly Four Years, Domestic Enemies And Their Communist Allies Have Been Numbing The United States, Descending The Nation Into Tyranny

By Capt Joseph R. John, April 22, 2024, Op Ed # 663

We have been witnessing the Domestic Enemies of the nation and their Communist “Fellow Travelers” working since January 2021, to numb the nation, to destroy the nation, to create a civilization crisis, and descend the nation into Tyranny!  The numbing of America has been purposefully driven for four years, it has been carefully planned with a never-ending series of actions, executed by Obama and his Communist Allies.  Millions of Americans understand that something has been woefully wrong since January 2021; they have been having difficulty understanding why the Tyranny and lawlessness has become commonplace, or why new conflicts keep erupting, eliminating Domestic Tranquility.  

It is difficult for the average American to figure out why the nation has been in free fall, descending into the never ending Tyranny, because the relentless attacks within the United States have been multi-faceted.  The Tyranny involves deception, denial, racial division, the voicing hatred of white people, while lawlessness has become commonplace, and the use of terror, chaos, and anarchy has created millions of victims across the nation, paralyzing them because they do not know how to oppose what is happening. 

The Tyranny has been resulting from the action of Domestic Enemies and their Communist Allies who are subverting the US Constitutional Republic.  They have been working to eliminate the Freedoms for all US Citizens that are listed in The Bill of Rights, by working to eliminate those Freedoms.  Domestic Enemies are degrading the Blessings of Liberty, presented by The Founding Fathers in the US Constitution. 

Domestic Enemies have created new systems of government surveillance that censor and warp actual news releases, that Biden and Obama try to suppress.  The Biden/Obama administration has been attacking traditional marriage, the nuclear family, Judaeo/Christian values, and labeling white males as toxic, telling hardworking Americans that they are fascists, while corrupting women sports programs by allowing males to compete against them.

In the ongoing War on American Citizens by Domestic Enemies, and their Communist Allies, have been working to eliminate the General Welfare and Tranquility that American Citizens enjoyed for over 244 years.  Obama has eliminated “Equal Justice for All” that The Founding Fathers provided for their posterity and guaranteed for every American in the US Constitution.  Biden/Obama administration’s Justice System has been indicting, convicting, and jailing “political” opponents.  They mobilized mobs to demonstrate in front of Supreme Court Justices’ homes, in violation of US Federal Laws, in their attempt to put pressure on Justices to support decisions on court cases that they agree with.

Supporters of Critical Race Theory, which was created by Marxists, have been successful in defunding Police Forces in major cities in Blue States, and radical Leftist District Attorneys, funded by George Soros, have been elected in those cities.  The Leftist District Attorneys work with incarcerated repeat violent felons, providing them with same-day release without any bail required after being arrested, permitting them to continue to commit massive number of violent crimes, contributing to soaring crime rate and the out-of-control lawlessness throughout the nation.

Senator John Kennedy sounded the alarm about Social Democrats injecting the toxic political ideology of scary Wokeness, sweeping the nation, getting into every aspect of society, endangering lives, and threatening millions of Americans.  The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda has hijacked higher education.  The poisonous DEI ideology has spread beyond the realm of undergraduate education.  Wokeness has taken over the 5 US Military Academies and Medical Schools and beyond.  

Medical Schools have begun to prioritize DEI in training the country’s future doctors at the expense of science and common sense.  The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro uncovered the fact that Duke Medical School – considered one of the best in the country – was disregarding research done by white men and stopped hiring them, to boost opportunities for minorities.  He also found a video conference call from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School where a professor lamented about how many white men were surgeons.  Instead of operating on merit, Medical Schools are giving preference to minorities who would otherwise be unqualified simply because of their race or gender.  Competence is being replaced with wokeness for doctors, and this could have lethal consequences for the United States.  Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America.

Massive Voter Fraud has again been planned by Obama and his Communist Allies to steal the 2024 Presidential Election.  The Dominion Voting machine that count the votes in 31 states permit the tabulated vote totals to be changed remotely via the internet.  Blue States who issue drivers licenses to Illegal Aliens, use their driver license information to register millions of Illegal Aliens to Illegally vote.  Progressive organizations are aggressively registering Illegal Aliens and deceased people, using special online access technology implemented by Social Democratic election officials in Blue State, cheating and politicizing national elections. 

A survey has discovered that 1 in 5 voters who used mail-in ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election admitted to committing Voter Fraud.  In the 2020 election where about 43% of voters used mail-in ballots, the highest percentage in U.S. history, and 21% of them told the pollsters that they “illegally” filled out a ballot, in part or in full, for a friend or family member, which is not permitted and is a violation of Federal Law.  More than 20% of voters who used mail-in ballots in 2020 say they engaged in “Voter Fraud” by inserting fraudulent information, and/or by not signing or not dating duplicate ballots- Washington Times

Socialist Democrats have initiated a massive Voter Fraud campaign to again steal the 2024 Presidential Election.  A year-long research project led by an Election Integrity Investigator from Utah, Sophie Anderson, and communications engineer, Dr. Charles Bernardin, had uncovered the mechanism that was being used to connect all US election equipment systems at every single polling place across the nation.  Anderson and Bernardin met while working together in overlapping election integrity efforts. 

After submitting countless public document requests from multiple federal, state, and local governments and collaborating with other grassroots researchers, the team realized that the Biden and Obama, employed the federal government to create a nationwide network that can “collect and change real-time voting data at every state, county, and local polling place” across the country, from one central location, controlled by Obama.  The private network tool was called FirstNet, and like so many things that have proven detrimental to American Liberty – it was sold to every state, as a tool to ensure public safety.  It must be challenged and dismantled by filing lawsuits filed in federal courts, to restrain its illegal use!

The reckless spending, driving the national debt to $35 Trillion, approved by the Biden/Obama administration has driven the worst inflation rate in 40 years, up to over 18%; the inflation continues to increase.  Another source of the runaway inflation has been the prevention by the Biden/Obama administration from drilling for US sweet crude on US government-controlled land for 4 years.  They have eliminated the US’s former energy independence and requiring the US to purchase expensive foreign sources of crude oil, which has further driven the inflation rate upward.  The runaway inflation for four years has destroyed millions of small and medium-sized businesses, has forced over 4,000 branches of operating businesses in the US to close, and is oppressing low income and elderly Americans.  

Intelligence sources confirm that Obama has approved the hiring Iranian agents to work in the Executive Department and the US State Department who recommend Foreign Policies initiatives favorable to Iran, to be approved by the occupant of the Oval Office and by the US Secretary of State, despite the fact that Iran has been at war with the United States for over 40 years.  “The enemies of the United States are inside the wire, the Oval Office, and the State Department.” 

Extreme Antisemitism, at Ivy League and other colleges is out of control, making the lives of Jewish students matriculating at those colleges, dangerous; Ivy League and other colleges allowing antisemitic students and demonstrators to oppress Jewish students must have all Federal Aid to Education Terminated.  Violent antisemitic demonstrations have been erupting in hundreds of major cities across the nation, contributing to tyranny and “Eliminating Tranquility” in the US.  Radical Islamic demonstrator, Tarik Bazzi, in Dearborn, Michigan, openly led the large Muslim crowd’s chant calling for “Death to America.”  Bazzi and those Muslim demonstrators are being catered to by Obama, who is sanctioning a battalion in the IDF. 

Obama has been trying to prevent Israel from continuing their attacks against Hamas Islamic Terrorists who slaughtered, beheaded, and burned alive 1200 unarmed men, women, children, and infants on October 7th.  Hamas still has not released many of the 240 hostages they captured on October 7th, including American hostages.  Anti-Israeli, pro-Hamas students rage at Columbia, and praise the October 7th attack on unarmed Jewish civilians by Hamas Islamic Terrorists.  Antisemitic students rage on campus, leveling hatred against Jewish students and support violence against them, and state their campuses are "training grounds" for "fighters" to attack Israel and have been chanting "Hamas we love you.  We support your rockets too!"  

According to The Daily Signal’s calculations, Iran has been enriched by approximately $70 billion more under Biden/Obama over the past 3 ½ years, than Iran would have received under President Donald Trump.  Despite that, Obama had Biden transferred $10 billion to Iran to help fund the October 7, 2023, brutal massacre by Hamas of unarmed Israeli civilian men, women, children, and infants.  Obama ignored the world’s condemnation of the October 7, 2023 massacre by Hamas Terrorists, and had Biden extend a sanctions waiver that allowed Iran to collect an additional $10 billion in 2024, that was used to fund Iran’s April 13th military aerial attack, launched from Iranian soil by the Iranian military to strike Israel with 170 armed drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 100 ballistic missiles to strike the Israeli homeland, in violation of International Law.

It was Reuters that reported just days ago that a diplomatic source said that Iran told the Turkish Government about plans to attack Israel on April 13, 2024, and "Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be “Within certain limits."  That was the caution Biden relayed from Obama which they gave to Iran just before it attacked Israel with drones, missiles and more, allowing the “Act of War,” defined by the United Nations, with mounting evidence from a number of sources is revealing.  To allow Iran, which has been at war with the United States for over 40 years, to attack an ally of the United States for over 65 years, with over 300 armed drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles, was an act of “Treason” by Biden and Obama. 

The Turkish source confirmed, "Iran informed us in advance of what they planned to happen.  Developments also came up during the meeting with Blinken, and they (the US) conveyed to Iran through us (the Turkish Government) that this reaction must be “Within Certain Limits.”  "Reuters said that a Turkish source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that "Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had spoken to both his U.S. and Iranian counterparts… discuss the planned Iranian operation, adding Ankara had been made aware of possible developments.  The report noted Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian also confirmed Iran gave neighboring countries and the United States 72 hours’ notice that it would launch the attack on Israel.

Since January 2023, the Biden/Obama administration authorized the Secret Illegal Alien flights program in violation of US Immigration Laws.  DHS reports that it has approved the flights of more than 450,000 Illegal Immigrants, who do not speak English, departing from foreign airports flying directly into 43 US cities without Congressional authorization, in violation of US Federal Immigration Laws.  The flights are coming from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Columbia, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemalan, Belarus, Russia, Dagestan, and Kyrgyzstan.  The Republican controlled Congress should be filing lawsuits to halt those flights.

For over 3½ years, the Biden/Obama administration has been providing millions of Illegal Aliens with free personal credit cards (whose limits are renewed each month), free cell phones, free hotel housing, free food stamps, free medical care, educational benefits, and free airline flights.  While struggling Veterans, retired elderly, and low-income Americans are having difficulties paying for groceries, for gas at the pump, and for the increasing cost of housing.  Combat Veterans who are sleeping on the street are not receiving hotel housing, free cell phones, free medical care, free credit cards, food stamps, and free airline flights.  Struggling Americans dealing with the runaway inflation do not receive the billions of dollars in financial aid that the 14 million Illegal Aliens receive each month from the Biden/Obama administration.

For over the last 3½ years, “Obama’s Open Border Policy” has been encouraging the invasion of 14 million Illegal Aliens from 180 countries, including over 400,000 Communist Chinese military personnel, cyber security hackers, and drug dealers.  Thousands of heavily armed Mexican Drug Cartel members have also been entering the United States establishing distribution drug networks within the United States.  The invasion of the United States is being coordinated by the Communist leaders in the UN, working with the governments of 180 nations.  The UN is bringing in an endless stream of Illegal Aliens invading the US, eliminating peace and domestic tranquility within the United States.  Invading Chinese Communist drug dealers have been working with the Mexican Drug Cartels smuggling fentanyl into the United States, killing 300 young Americans “every day”, resulting in the death of over 100,000 of America’s youth each year.  To date, over 600,000 young Americans have been murdered by Communist China’s fentanyl.  What would Communist China do if the United States were killing 600,000 of Communist China’s youth?

On April 18th, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that the Communist Chinese government-linked cyber hackers have burrowed into the US critical infrastructure; they are waiting "for just the right moment to deal a devastating blow."  Wray said that an ongoing Communist Chinese hacking campaign known as Volt Typhoon has successfully gained access to hundreds of American companies in telecommunications, energy, water, and other critical sectors, with 23 pipeline operators targeted.  Communist China is developing the "ability to physically wreak havoc on our critical infrastructure at a time of its choosing."  At the 2024 Vanderbilt Summit on Modern Conflict and Emerging Threats, Wray said, "Its plan is to land low blows against civilian infrastructure to try to induce panic."  He said China's hackers operated a series of botnets - constellations of compromised personal computers and servers around the globe - to conceal their malicious cyber activities.

Since 2009, Obama has been working to emasculate the US Armed Forces by politicizing leadership, dividing military personnel by race, cutting the defense budget, and by intentionally refusing to restock depleted high-tech ammunition.  By requiring the indoctrination of all personnel in Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Diversity, Equity Inclusion (DEI), Obama has destroyed “Unit Cohesion” in the US military.  By vilifying and driving out senior white conservative enlisted leaders, the US Military has lost thousands highly trained military personnel.  Every service branch has been  unable to recruit the number of white personnel who they traditionally recruited in the past.  All the above listed information has degraded the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces.  The American people no longer believe the leadership of the US Armed Forces is unbiased and color blind.

The Biden/Obama’s US Department of Agriculture has been sending taxpayer dollars to a Communist Chinese Army Lab to fund Gain of Function Research to create the “Deadly” Bird Flu Viruses, to be even more dangerous and contagious for humans.  Cong Nick Langworthy (R-NY), who serves on the House Agriculture Committee, sent a letter to the US Department of Agriculture in which he states: “We are disturbed by recent reports about the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on bird flu research.”  The CAS is the parent organization of Wuhan Lab of Virology that has previously been prohibited from receiving US government money for “blatantly violating grant and biosafety policies (doing Gain of Function Research that created a worldwide COVID pandemic injections).” The 8 countries that took a toll of the deaths that occurred from the injection of the unapproved gene therapy COVID shot, determined it the injection killed 15 million people.

At the end of May, Obama intends to have Biden supplant the US Constitution and the Freedoms guaranteed by it, with something called “Global Governance.”  Their plan, which has been stealthily negotiated for the last 4 years at World Economic Forum is to have the World Health Organization (WHO) take control of the United States’ Public Health.  Obama and his Communist Allies are also working to eliminate the United States as an independent nation, trying to place the Republic under the medical control of WHO, “bypassing” the Constitutional requirement that all International Treaties/Agreement requires approval by 2/3rd vote of the US Senate.

Obama is not permitting any informed debate – let alone allowing a 2/3rd vote of the US Senate to approve turning over the sovereignty of the United States to the hard-core Communist, Tedros Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s Director-General. 

The agreement will give the Communist Tedros the exclusive responsibility to decide when the United States will have a “public health emergency of international concern,” that only the Communist Tedros can decide what specifically the United States “must” be required to do about “A Public Health Emergency that only the Communist Tedros Declares.”  Tedros would have the authority to require an injection of a “God Only Known Vaccine”, masking, closing schools, closing businesses, canceling church services, forcing the US Armed Forces to be forcibly injected, require an injection passport in order to be able fly, preventing Americans arriving from overseas trips to return to their US home, requiring that unless they allow themselves to be injected with a dangerous unapproved vaccines they cannot reenter the US.   

Americans only need to read the Preamble to US Constitution to understand what Obama has been changing, to numb the nation, descending it into Tyranny: 

       We, the People of the United States, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

                                     -Preamble to the United States Constitution-

Obama and his Marxist allies do not want a perfect union.  They have been working to divide the American people by race to create conflict.  They do not want “Justice for All,” they want a two-tiered justice system.  They do not want domestic tranquility.  They want to create terror, chaos, and anarchy by allowing 14 million Illegal Aliens from 180 nations to invade the nation and create lawlessness.  They do not want to promote the general welfare; they only want to promote their own selfish welfare.  Obama and his Marxist allies do not want the Blessing of Liberty for future generations; they want to end it by obtaining and expanding their own power.  They have been numbing US Citizens into tyranny!

Only “Treasonous” members of the US Government, who are trying to destroy the US Constitutional Republic, would be initiating, and supporting the above listed destructive policies destroying the US Constitutional Republic. 

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.